okay but what if 

what if what vriska just said to jake was what made him break during the fight with caliborn. What if while Caliborn was smacking Dirk around Jake was just thinking about all that bullshit Vriska just shoved down his throat and he’s just like no!! no i’m not a loser!!! 

Reasons I Will Never Stop Loving Sam:

  • His self-control
  • His intelligence
  • His ability to see the bigger picture
  • His grace (not angel-grace, just straight up beautiful human gracefulness)
  • His loyalty
  • His determination
  • His honesty
  • His ability to forgive
  • His inherent goodness and perpetual innocence
  • His humble nature (though it be heartbreaking)
  • His selflessness
Just another reason why Hakyeon is amazing and needs protection

Despite the amount of teasing and stress he endures for his skin tone (which is gorgeous btw), he never ever joins in when someone else’s insecurities are being made fun of.

Hakyeon has to deal with constant comments about his darker tone, whether they’re from fans, interviewers, or ((especially)) the VIXX members. They never miss an opportunity to point out that he’s darker skinned, and there are too many times Leo has drawn a large black dot on paper and labeled it “N.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with his skin tone, but others have targeted it because it is not up to the Korean beauty standard. Hakyeon usually finds a way to declare his pride for his beautiful tan and stick up for himself, but I’m sure there is a lot of hidden insecurity and sadness we don’t see. He is an incredible person for smiling and enduring so many attacks on his physical features.

But what makes me admire Cha Hakyeon the most is not his ability to brush off the rude questions and comments. It’s the fact that despite his victimization, he never attacks other people. I just watched VIXX’s commentary on Error that they did with Fabien, and the topic finally came around to Ravi’s odd Tin Man-esque hat. That hat got a lot of attention and ridicule as soon as the MV was released, and I’m sure Ravi recognized that people were laughing at it. When it popped up on screen he immediately said “oh I hate that” and began trying to explain himself. After letting him sputter for a bit, Hakyeon just stated “I like it. You wore it very well! He looks very stunning in that scene” and turned around to fist bump Ravi. He recognized that Ravi was getting poked at for something he was insecure about, and he made sure to make Ravi feel good about it. He could have easily laughed and joined in but instead he supported Ravi, complimented his embarrassed member, and effectively ended the uncomfortable discussion.

So please please please protect this man. He deserves so much love.

I’m so happy to see Justin acting like a cute dork again and being his happy self because in a lot of ways we really lost that in 2013 and seeing him in a good mood recently has made me feel so