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Girl, be as salty as you want to be!! I'm sure am. I meant to say that your a calm ichiruki shipper and so comforting. Don't hold back on your salt, let it all spill.

ahahahahah thank you, anon. believe me, I’m being pretty damn salty in this chapter liveblog. it’s definitely gonna be out tomorrow now, I can’t get it out tonight. I just have way too much to say and since it’s my last liveblog ever, fuck it. I’m gonna say it. This shit is going to be LONG. 

But honestly, the saltposting has been on POINT today. I can’t count how many times I literally laughed out loud in the library at something one of y’all have posted :’D Stay viciously witty, IR fandom. I love you for it. 

It’s not that I don’t want to dance with any of the guys! It’s just that I’m too busy staring at that girl over there who looks really good in her homecoming dress. Not because I’m a lesbian! Just because, I, um, appreciate the color. And the way she smiles. And laughs. Like, in a straight way. In a totally non-gay girl friend way. Not girlfriend! Girl SPACE friend! You know what? Sure. I’ll dance with a guy. As long as we don’t have to touch. Or make eye contact. Or dance. Yes. Fun.

I remember this one time I fell asleep with my lil Red and Chuck plushies and when I woke up I was so worried I’d screwed up Chuck’s black feathers because of the material they’re made of


the fuq

Alright, so @lapillus-the-gargoyle-gecko sent me this! I’m god-awful at tagging, but since this one is “pass it on to the next 10 people in your notification! :)” that’s fairly easy to do!

Anyway, the thing was to list five things that make me happy! Probably other than laughing at Krona’s face, which brings me endless joy for reasons I really do not understand. Okay, serious time, in no particular order:

  1. Painting, of any variety! Especially doing art collaborations! It’s been way too long since I’ve done one of these, though. I like other mediums, too, of course!
  2. The Happy Mask Salesman, hell, I have a tattoo of him. He’s important to me, okay. My fave.
  3. Makeup, whether looking at others’ makeup, or doing it, I just love makeup. It’s fun to do, and it looks cool, it’s really fun to find ways to convey personalities through it!
  4. Kirby, like, just everything Kirby-related. The designs are cute and happy, everything about it is cute and uplifting. Meta Knight is 10/10 okay.
  5. Making music!

Tagging the last 10 folks in my notifs, who are: @alicetheowl, @halnotharold, @sadincae, @wickedwix, @chenisthebestkitty, @indenialofthanatos, @doesthismakemelookhuman, @snizzypi, @irljaybird, and @lordxeras
You don’t need to do it if you don’t wanna, if you wanna do it and aren’t tagged, go ahead!

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i just don't date/have any crushes because i've known everyone at my school for way too long... how can i like someone when i remember he ate sand in first grade? that's why *laughs nervously when someone mentions that it doesn't stop anyone else*

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His smile <3 I have a thing for men with characteristic smiles. Yoongi and Rap Mon too. Mark Tuans laugh and Kim Yugyeoms smile. Mingyu has this smile that is at first awkward and then super bright. But Gukkie Oppa's smile is so gummy sunny and ugh *presses Vincent to my face to muffle the squeals*

I feel you, I got over 200 gifs of Yongguk and 90% is him just smiling

Rap Monster’s smile is a real killer. If I look at it too long I can’t breathe
And Yoongi’s smile just fills me with joy because that boy’s laugh is the purest form of perfection

Mingyu’s smile is just adorable. He looks so innocent, I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like he’s a little sheep when he smiles =w=
What is this cuteness!?

Sorry, I can go on describing smiles for way too long

i have a playlist for her. its 21 songs long. its not even done and im.

god. shes so wonderful. shes so understanding and caring. shes sweet and funny and im so at ease talking to her. weve been friends long enough that i dont really worry if anythings going too far bcus i know where the lines in the sand are. i love talking to her she sounds so cute and hearing her laugh makes me feel the same way spring does after winter. i trust her so much and i love her and shes so pretty and lovely and wonderful and i just.

god. god. i got so damn lucky.

Why Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the Crown Jewel of Modern Television

The joys and perils of binge-watching are clearly defined. You can enjoy the hell out of a show for hours on end but eventually, you too must go on hiatus and wait out the long cold night until your next dose of TV watching goodness.
And it’s always more painful when it’s something you adore, something that you’ve laughed and cried with, something that touched you in an unexpected way. I can wait half a year for another season of The Walking Dead but I’m practically bereft at the fact that I have to wait just two months for the return of one of my favourite shows.

Yes, I know, Season One finished last year and it’s only because I’m late to it that I don’t have to wait so long but this isn’t any normal show. This is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a show that I hadn’t even begun a week ago and now with very little introduction or hello I’ve become completely obsessed.

Apt really, but I’d move across America to stalk this show.

I loved Stranger Things, I loved Bojack Horseman, but this, this is more. In a pure golden age of TV (has it become a cliche to say that yet?) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the crown jewel, the cherry on top of the cake, the peak of peaks. And I can’t stop thinking about it.

Don’t worry, I’m a rational human being, but I also frickin’ love TV. I love shows that are deep, nuanced character studies that weave sharp social commentary amongst incredible toe-tapping musical numbers and gut-busting jokes.

I love the grey between the white and black of good and evil and I would rather watch somebody so achingly human stumble through failed relationships then spend one minute with something that’s as empty as Reality TV.

I love pathos, I love juxtaposition, I love when music and drama make a perfect match and crescendo together and I love that within a few seconds a show can move me from tears into laughing so hard that it hurts.

And when a show really, truly does all of these things, I’ll never be able to get it off my mind.

So many shows know how to hit all my buttons that it’s a testament to the genius minds behind Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that they have produced a show that within such a short space time has given me one of the best experiences of my TV watching life.

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The story of a woman who moves across the country to live near her ex-camp boyfriend doesn’t sound like genre defining Television but by the end of the pilot, you’re hooked. Particularly because the main character regularly turns her life into a musical giving us a minimum of two songs every episode. That’s just one reason to love it.

The cast is one of the best on TV, they’re broadway charisma a joy to behold, their singing voices incredible. Rachel Bloom is the star and co-creator whose talent for creating spoof songs on her YouTube channel, now greatly serves the show. She’s a gift from god, from singing, to songwriting to comedy and drama, she nails it all and though the show revolves around her, it’s not just the Rachel Bloom show.

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Everyone shines on a regular basis, from Vincent Rodriquez III as the kind but dim object of Rebecca’s affections Josh, Donna Lynne Champlin as Rebeccas best friend, confidant and schemer Paula to the wound up yet loveable barman Greg as played by Santino Fontana (Hans from Frozen).

The cast is phenomenal and I want to say something about every single person (because there’s loads more) but there’s only so many hours of the day. Their sheer talent sells every song and I must say this is one of the catchiest, funniest soundtracks out now.

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I was overjoyed to see it available on Spotify and I’ve been playing the Sexy Getting Ready Song on repeat for days now. These aren’t just songs haphazardly thrown in for the sake of it, these are real artists making real songs for real singers and though they’re pastiches and parodies, they’re fantastic and individually different.

But It’s not just the cast and the songs and the jokes that are great, the show is also highly diverse, tackling subjects of depression and mental illness with aplomb whilst never taking its seriousness for granted. It honestly portrays relationships, whilst subverting cliches and tropes, the mixed race cast transcending notions of sexuality and gender.

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How refreshing to see a piece of media that can have an openly bi-sexual character, a strong message about women working together against the patriarchy or a main character with depression and not undermine it by belittling the core messages of the show.

All this considered it’s no wonder Bloom won a Golden Globe, it’s just the beginning for a show that deserves all of the awards.

God, there’s so much I could go into depth about but I am so passionate about this show that I would literally wear my fingers down to the bone. I just want everyone to go and watch it right now because there’s nothing quite like it anywhere.

It’s not just my favourite show of the year but quite possibly, come October, my favourite show of all time.

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A relief

Anonymous request: This ones a bit weird but could you possibly do a PhilxReader where the reader is Dans girlfriend but Phil and she are in love with each other so they start sneaking around behind Dans back but Dan finds out just starts laughing because he felt that his relationship with The Reader was just way too unnatural and forced so he’s fine with the reader and Phil being together? ************************************** A/N: hey thank you to the anonymous who sent the request. I promise to work on all the other requests this weekend. Keep sending requests so I have something to do on the hour long bus ride before and after school. Thanks guy! Also; YAY ALMOST 70 FOLLOWERS ! LOVE YOU ALL!!! ************************************** I love Dan so much, he has always been my best friend. I felt that just because he and I had an amazing friendship that we could be in a amazing relationship. Well that didn’t work out. I fell for Phil, Dan’s best friend. He had confessed to me about two weeks ago that he liked me more then a friend, so me being me I did what I would normally do in situations like this; We kissed and snuggled until there was a text shot from Dan saying he was on his way back to the flat. We agreed to keep our little “thing” a secret, and it stayed like this until one Friday night… ______________________________________ __Dan was over Casper and Joe’s apartment filing a video, and Phil and I were left at the flat together. Just us. I came out of the kitchen and plopped myself right next to Phil. “Hey philly” I said in a jokingly sweet tone. “Hey y/n, wanna watch something?” He asked as he draped an arm around my shoulder “Or play a game?” I nod “I’ll play a game” he kisses my forehead “hmm…okay…” He lingers his lips on my forehead longer then normal “you okay?” I look up at him and he turns his head towards the TV “I dunno, I love being with you, I love you, but I hate doing all this behind his back…you know?” His blue eyes meet mine and I nod “yeah…I know… Can we like… Tell him? Because like…he’s your best friend and my…best friend…but um…would he be mad at us?” Phil shrugs “longer we wait, the worse” I nod “… Do you want to tell him when he gets back?” I question cautiously, trying not to rush anything. He takes his time to reply before saying; “let’s do that, just nod waist any time…just…tell him, both of us.” I nod and bury my head into his chest “okay, I’m scared” I laugh nervously and he hugs me tightly “it’s okay, whatever happens, I’m still here” ______________________________________ “hey guys!” Dans voice came from the kitchen. I instantly sprang out of Phil and I’s cuddling and went to the kitchen, Phil followed. Dan was hunched over in the refrigerator, digging around for something to eat. “Hi Dan!” I tried to sound as enthusiastic as I could as I walked over to the cabinet to poor myself a cup of water “hey y/n…” He mumbled closing the fridge with a bottle of water in hand. I shared a look with Phil as if saying “you ready?” Phil took a deep breath “…hey Dan?” Oh my gosh that dork sounded so awkward, I couldn’t help but to smile a little bit.and I think Dan noticed, because he looked between the two of us for a long time before saying something “what did you guys do? Is my laptop broken? Becuase I know how you guys make fun of how over protective I am of it.” I laugh a little bit “no Dan, your laptop is fine.” He lets out a dramatic sigh of relief “good, then I’m sure it’s all fine” he says sarcastically. “Um actually Dan…Its about…um…me and you…” I manage out so little I’m so uncertain he heard me “what about me and you?” He looks at me oddly sipping his water, spacing each word out into its own sentence. “I think um… I… I-I miss being best friends… I um… ” Dan just stairs at me with his water bottle to his mouth. He obviously is not understanding.“I love Phil and I wish we could go back to friends…” I force myself to say and I close my eyes not wanting to see his reaction. “What?” Dan spuds more confused then hurt “ me and y/n may have been hanging out a lot…together…behind your back…” Phil squeaks quieter and quieter with each word. What happened next I was not expecting; Dan bursted out into laughter. I look at Phil and shoot him a confused look. “Daaaaaaannnnnnn?” Phil looks terrified “oh my god sorry, it’s fine guys.” What? He’s “fine” how? “With us?” Dan nods still laughing slightly “yeah, it’s fine. I felt like our relationship was to rushed anyway. You two are better off together and me and y/n are better off best friends.” I sigh “okay thank god…” Dan nods “yeah it’s fine,Alright I’m headed to bed.” I roll my eyes “and by that I mean lay in bed on tumblr for three hours.” And with that Dan was in his room and Phil has grabbed me into a big bear hug “I love you y/n!” I hold him back “I love you too Phil.”

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💋  talk about your crush (even though this was one of the ones that was like “talk to me about your crush i’ll just tell y’all)

i’m just going to be very vague about this becuase i don’t want to #expose myself here. basically i’ve had a minor (maybe no too minor,,,,) crush on one of my best friends for like 2.5 years (yikes has it really been that long?? shit). he’s kind of an asshole but in the same way i am an asshole so it works out. he’s v funny and makes me laugh and i always have fun hanging out with him. basically i see him like 2 times a month since we’re both super busy but me him and my other best friend hang out and play vidoe games and watch terrible movies when we can. that’s pretty much it. (and i still #exposed myself oh well)

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i saw your tags on that yaoi hands post (they were beautiful) and i thought u might appreciate this too grumpsaesthetics tumblr com /post /128759927597/ my-ultimate-personal-collection-of-bad-yaoi (it's pretty nsfw just so u know)

I’m wheezing. I literally cannot stop laughing I keep going back to the tab I have this on and I think I might actually faint oh my god these are absolutely horrifying.

thank you for showing me this

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Just curious but do you have any updates on that guy you wanted to ride? (i read the tags even if they are so long 😂)

Lmao I still haven’t told him I want him to be my mechanical bull! I probably won’t like, I talk so hard like I’m this bad bitch but the last thing we spoke about was political ideologies and their reflections on character….we ain’t there lol. tbh if we ever get to screwin’ I’ll probably nervous-laugh the whole way through and make dumb jokes, and like, make a Napolean Dynamite reference or something. fr he’s just too fine and now it’s all built up in my head


title: dress to impress

pairing: jinyoung/jackson (jinson)

rating: T?? (swearing, sexual jokes kinda)

word count: 2516 (lord help me this was supposed to be a drabble)

prompt (from here): Jackson / Jr. - This dress isn’t mine.

summary: “Holy shit,” Jackson whispers, bringing up a hand to touch his own face. Kunpimook irately slaps his hand away from his newly made-up eyes, perfect eyebrows, and plush pink lips. “I’m beautiful.”


Kunpimook screws up his face as he takes in Jackson’s appearance. Jackson can’t tell if it’s him trying not to laugh or him being disgusted, either way his face is wrinkled like a cotton shirt left too long in a crumpled pile. It’s decidedly not an attractive look, and normally Jackson would tell him so and have a good laugh at his expense. As it is, he just steels himself for the blow to his pride.

“He picked a shit dress for you,” Kunpimook says, matter-of-fact, face relaxing yet still slightly pinched. Jackson relaxes because that’s as close to a ‘you don’t look totally unfuckable’ as he’ll probably get from Kunpimook.

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Than if you need something negative I'll sum up the first time I played DST. When I just got together I made the mistake of going on a PVPworld. It didn't seem bad for the first day but late at night on day 2 a WX came in and killed me. They also took all my stuff and just ran back into the night. Now I have to go back to playing portal or pass out, witch ever comes first! Sorry for the spam on your page!



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((HI FOR THE DATE THE HOG GAME)) Ideal date: Going to a drive-in theater to see an old Disney movie. I'm a bit shy at first, and tend to get flustered easy. Friendly, polite, bubbly, and defensive of friends and innocent people. I'd like the date to end with... I guess a stop for ice cream before heading home? ^^; Sorry I'm bad at this

Roadhog loved it, he was happy all the way as the large screen displayed that classic Disney logo, he was just as shy as you but it didn’t take him too long to start a conversation with you, he loved the stories you told him and your overall personality. It was even better when you slowly and carefully grabbed his hand during the climax of the movie. He enjoyed how peaceful and quiet it was, until he laughed loudly as you tried to be smooth and lean on the car and slipped, a great contrast to the loud and destructive employer of his. He loved eating his ice cream with you and after a hug and goodbye it was safe to say that he bets the second date can’t top the first.