Where is my content of Keith being affectionate??? 

  • Keith would be so affectionate to Lance he would probably just come up to Lance sometimes and link their pinkies and look over and smile and say “i love you" 
  • Keith totally always tells Lance how amazing he is? Like he criticizes him where he deserves it but if he loves something about Lance he tells him. That he’s kind and funny and handsome and wow Keith just loves him?? And loves to tell Lance??? 
  • And Lance gets super fucking flustered and giddy like his cheeks get a lil pink and he giggles and grins because his boyfriend is so good and sweet
  • Good Morning and good night kisses!!! 
    • Lance will come in late to breakfast (as always) and Keith will just shoot out of his seat and wait (impatiently) for Lance to come over so he can give him a peck on the lips and a “good morning”
    • The good night kisses are a little longer because one of them walks the other to his room and neither of them wants to leave yet so it’s usually many good night kisses at the door
  • Keith doesn’t understand pet names at first but eventually he loves using them.  His favorites are handsome, love, and honey.  (whenever he uses love Lance LOSES HIS SHIT)
  • After every intense battle Keith and Lance are so excited that they are both alive that they just launch  themselves at each other and they are tired and dirty and sweaty but they are alive  and safe and they still have the other so they melt and just sink to the floor holding on to each other.  And Lance rubs Keith’s back and Keith hold on to Lance so tight and they are just so happy because they are together.
  • When Keith has nightmares he cuddles into Lance’s chest.  Lance kisses the top of his head and tells him everything is going to be okay.  When Lance has nightmares he cuddles into Keith’s back and buries his face in his neck.
  • Keith is smaller but likes to be the big spoon because he likes to hold Lance in his arms.  He likes the feeling of Lance, loves his smell, loves feeling like he can protect him holding him there.  Lance loves being the little spoon because Keith hums when he’s the big spoon and it’s adorable.

I’m like 100% positive that when Jack visited Georgia for the 4th of July both Mama Bittle and MooMaw fell in love with him, and not because of the charming accent or his slammin’ hockey bod but because of his ability to just inhale food.

Like after Jack finishes his first generous helpings of potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, and burger complete with all of the fixings, Mama Bittle and MooMaw plop themselves across from Jack in the shade. They both fuss over him, telling him that there’s plenty of food for seconds and thirds and to help himself.

So Jack stands up with his festive red, white, and blue paper plate and disappears for a few minutes before returning with an extra plate in his hand. Both women look over his plates with a wide smile; one plate was piled high with all of the different sides, and the other plate was holding three burgers and two hot dogs.

The two women chatted eagerly as they fanned themselves and sipped at their sweet tea, watching Jack with lovestruck eyes as he tucked into his plate quietly.

When dessert time comes around everyone serves themselves but Mama Bittle fixed up a plate especially for Jack with extra helpings of everything, which he absolutely demolishes in minutes.

After Bitty finished helping clean up dinner stuff he found Jack rocking on the front porch swing, his head tilted backwards, and his eyes closed.

“Mama get to you?” He asked with a small smile, sitting down next to him.

All he got in response was a soft, “Mhm”.

Steven [Yeun] has become one of my favorite people on this earth. He is so kind, so funny, so sweet, so thoughtful, and watching him grow as an actor from season 1 has just been phenomenal. I love his sense of humor, we have a similar sensibility, we’ve got to hang out a lot, and I just look forward to knowing him for the rest of my life.
—  Melissa McBride on Steven Yeun (in Talking Dead UK)

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How do you feel about Sherlock wanting to crawl into bed next to John because he wants a cuddle but he doesn't want to disturb him so he just kind of lurks at the edge of the bed, watching him sleep until John stirs and is like "just get in, you're staring is creeping me out" and Sherlock jumps right in, curling around John like a vice. John kisses his forehead and nuzzles into his neck and whispers goodnight and falls back to sleep with Sherlock's fingers drawing patterns into his head.

I have been ready for this moment since series 1 tbh.

Send me your flufflock or cuddlelock headcanons!

Now that Oswald is in love with Ed (which I’m guessing is because Ed was such a kind person to him and saved his life) Do you think Oswald legitmately started noticing how pretty Ed is? He just looks at him now and a messy strand of hair makes him all flustered. Or like just thinking about the bathrobe around Ed’s strong shoulders must make Oswald so happy when he wears it. I just love smitten Cobblepot.

Time & All That Transpired

It was muttered at the end of his laugh. “Oh man, I love you.”

Jonathan felt it when Evan said it. That sudden twist of nerves in his stomach. That painful beat of his heart as it kicked into overdrive. It probably meant nothing, he probably had no idea what he’d just done. A slip of the tongue, a simple statement that was only meant to be kind and jesting. It probably wasn’t serious.

Evan probably didn’t really love him. More than likely just as a best friend, because guys definitely loved their friends, but they didn’t fall in love with them.

Not like Jonathan had fallen in love with him and the way he changed his tone with him when it was just the two of them. He loved the way Evan looked for him no matter how many other people were playing. He loved the way he’d tease, speaking in that low tender tone of voice that he never used on anyone else. It made him feel special. At times he felt wanted and once he felt that, he was spoiled on it.

Evan never let up. He’d actually started doing it more and Jonathan didn’t know what had changed or why he’d done it in the first place but he never wanted it to end. He started to want more and that was the most terrifying moment of his entire life. Knowing that he was beginning to fall for someone so far away and out of reach. It kind of hurt, but he couldn’t stop. Because every time he heard Evan’s voice, it made his entire world light up and he couldn’t let that go.

So there he was, heart pounding as Evan kept laughing at whatever Jonathan had done in their game, he couldn’t remember. He couldn’t even tell you what his middle name was right then. He was frozen, hands rigid on his mouse and keyboard, eyes glued to the screen.


Jonathan didn’t hear a thing until Evan opened the door to his room and flicked him upside the head with a finger. He finally snapped out of it and looked up him. He grinned and sat back.

“Sorry, I spaced out there for a second.”

Evan laughed, “Yeah, I know. You good?”

“I’m good.” Jonathan nodded and brushed it all off and they kept gaming until they both were too tired to play anymore.

Evan finally flew back home two days later after they had cooked each other meals and then went out to dinner and the arcade downtown. Every time Evan was there he treated him like he was his date, buying him ice cream, driving him up to his favorite hilltop to watch the meteor shower. The first few times he’d visited they weren’t like that. They had ordered pizza and watched comedies, played games like normal guys. But the past two times, Evan was different. He was so sweet and laughed so fucking cute at all of his stories and he’d watch him in a way that had Jonathan’s face feeling warm.

He didn’t understand why he treated him differently because Evan wasn’t the kind of guy that was into other guys. It was confusing.

Jonathan pried a few weeks later while they played online. “Do you have a best friend?”

It was an out of the blue question, he knew that and he also knew that Evan wasn’t expecting it by the silence he gave him before he finally responded. “I used to call a lot of people my best friend. Like the guys I grew up with who are big and successful now, too. I still hang out with them, but deep down they’re just friends. Good friends, but not bests. But then this one guy came along, just planted himself in my life and I couldn’t get rid of him if I tried because I care about him a lot and he’s the funniest person I know, an idiot, and someone that gets me.”

Jonathan was messing with the edge of his shirt anxiously. “Yeah? Who?”

“It’s you, dumbass.”

Jonathan broke into a smile, giggling. “I was going to be so sad and disappointed if you didn’t say it was me.”

“I know.” Evan said with that goddamn tone that was so gentle. Jonathan could hear the smile in his voice when he added, “I would never do that to you.”

“I know.”

It confirmed a few things for Jonathan, but it didn’t settle the want he still felt or the pure rage and jealousy that consumed him the moment a picture of Evan was posted of him at a party, surrounded by beautiful women. Women that didn’t know him like Jonathan did.

He swallowed down the hopeless feeling he had grown used to when he thought of Evan or being with Evan or Evan possibly wanting to be with him too. It was an empty dream and he had accepted the fact that his life was going to be filled with pining and just barely holding onto what ever Evan would give him. It made his chest hurt and sometimes he wanted to lock himself in the bathroom and never come out.

But he didn’t.

They took turns visiting each other once a month as they had been for the past year. It was Jonathan’s turn to fly to California and he hated it so much. He hated planes but Evan was the only motivation he needed to get on the death bus with wings.

Once he was there and falling on his couch exhausted, Evan was leaning over him holding something behind his back.

“I made you something.” He grinned sweetly when Jonathan cracked his tired eyes open.


Evan pulled a teddy bear from behind him. He had him made to look like Jason Voorhees, tiny mask and all. Jonathan felt his heart swelling in his chest and refused to let the tears collect in his eyes. He wanted to cry but he also wanted to bust out laughing at the thought of Evan in a Build-a-Bear workshop surrounded by kids as he made his own bear. It was adorable.

“Are you serious?” He said and the smile stretched across his face. Evan nodded and started to laugh but it was cut short when Jonathan pushed himself up and hugged him tighter than anyone ever had and Evan knew.

He knew that everything after that moment was going to hurt.

And it did. It hurt to hear him laugh, to see him smile. It hurt to catch him drifting off in thought while he stared at him.

It hurt and there was something about it that was so addicting. Therefore he couldn’t let it go. He wouldn’t and it was so selfish of him but Jonathan was a flame and Evan was burning. Evan knew it was wrong to let him get so close, so he kept him at arms length. He never let it slip that he wanted to be even closer.

He never let it slip, until the day he invited Jonathan up to Canada to see the Northern lights. In the night as they walked out onto a frozen white plain, Evan saw what they could be, what he wanted them to be. The green and turquoise ambient light of the Aurora Borealis was shining down on Jonathan as he looked up in wonder. He was so pure and full of possibilities and Evan wanted to see how far they could go, but he knew he would never let it get past this point. He tried to convince himself.

Evan stood by his side and caught his cold fingers as he watched him smile at the universe. Jonathan looked over at him, smile gone, a question poised on his tongue as his hand twitched in his.

Evan knew he shouldn’t have but he knew he was going to break his heart no matter what he did. He almost leaned in but he let his hand go instead and moved away. He could see the hope fade from Jonathan’s eyes.

“You’re scared.”

Evan’s breath faded into the air. “Of what?”

“To be with me.”

“I am.”


Evan shook his head and looked up at the lights. “All I’m going to do is hurt you. Just like I’ve hurt everyone I’ve ever been close to.”

“You hurt me every day.” Jonathan said softly and he grinned sadly before he walked past him. “But I guess you know that, if I’m like everyone else.”

Evan caught his arm, “You’re not.”

Jonathan shook him off, “Then stop pretending I am. Or is this what you wanted? To get as close to me as possible, make me want you? Because, mission accomplished, Evan. Like, a long fucking time ago. But if that’s just what you do, push people away that have any sort of feelings for you instead of taking a chance because you’re scared it’s all the same, then I’m gone.”

Evan wanted to stop him because Jonathan was different, but that scared him even more. Because he knew that it would be the best thing he’d ever had or experienced, but he’d never had something that lasted. With Jonathan, he didn’t want to mess that up, he didn’t want to be happy for once just to have it all torn away from him like it always was. He always let people slip away before they had a chance to make themselves permanent.

Jonathan was the first person he wanted to be permanent. But he let him walk away under the lights that were almost as beautiful as he was. Nothing could compare to that smile, those eyes, or his laugh. Nothing or no one ever would.

Jonathan stopped visiting and Evan stopped watching his phone for his texts. They drifted, not too far but he felt it deep down. The guilt multiplied tenfold and he’d never hurt as bad as he did when Jonathan posted a video with old footage from months ago when Evan was at his house. He was confused at first and then he almost panicked when he heard himself laugh and it trailed off before he said nonchalantly, “Oh man, I love you.”

He paused the video and put his head in his hands and he didn’t know what to do from there. Evan couldn’t think about anything else after that. Nor could he sleep properly. He tossed for two weeks until a con came up and he was sitting at the panel with some guys he barely knew and they were answering fan questions that were coming through on Twitter.

It was repetitive and he wanted to leave until the guy at the podium said, “This one just in, it’s for Vanoss. This is, well I’m not quite sure what this means but maybe you do, Vanoss. This is from user ‘NnorthernLightss’ and their question is, 'Did you mean it?’”

Evan felt his fingers wanting to tremble with the uncertainty that had put itself upon him in the crowded room and the heat flooded his face. But he let the truth roll off his tongue and he took a chance for the first time in his life.

Evan looked straight ahead at a camera and said with finality, “I meant it.”

“Do you wanna elaborate on that one?” The guy asked but Evan just shook his head and faked a laugh.

“It’s an inside joke kinda thing.” He lied and left as soon as it was over. There was no one in the crowds that he was looking for, no one prettier than the Northern lights. So he went home and tried to call Jonathan but he wouldn’t answer. Was it even him that sent that question?

Evan fell to his bed and he hated himself more than normal. A voice interrupted his brooding and he sat straight up looking up at Jonathan in front of him.

“Do you still want to hurt me?”

Evan slid to the edge of the bed and pulled him closer until his face was buried in his shirt. He shook his head and pulled back, “I never wanted to. Let me make it up to you.”


“I love you and I’m going to love you for as long as you let me. I’m going to give you everything I have to offer and I’ll try to make you the happiest person in the world.” Evan looked up at him and sighed. It felt so good to finally let him in. He knew it would.

Jonathan grabbed his face and grinned down at him crookedly. Before he leaned closer and pressed their lips together he said, “I’m already halfway there.”

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What if, in Merlin, more of the Knights found out about Merlins Magic (not just lancy) and they were just "ok" and were completely fine with it bcuz Merlin uses it for protection or they were freaked but couldn't tell Arthur bcuz HOW DO YOU TELL THE KING HIS BEST FRIEND AND SERVANT IS THE THING HE HATES MOST? Idk just the Knights knowing and then assisting Merlin in hiding it from Arthur

First and foremost, I just want to say “lancy” is the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever read. 

Onwards, let’s be real here, Gwaine knew. I know they didn’t say that he knew or showed us the scene where merlin told him or more likely, Gwaine worked it out but he knew (come on). And the others would be so amazing about it, they all loved merlin so much because although Arthur was their king and friend, merlin was compassionate and human and full of so much kindness. I doubt any one of them would think him malicious after seeing him make doe eyes at Arthur every bloody council meeting and quest they went on. So yes yes yes to them knowing and assisting Merlin. After all, assisting merlin in looking after Camelot and Arthur is just them performing their role anyway. 


















//I’m probably going to regret putting my two cents in, but with the thing regarding LGBT+ characters in RW//BY, they’ve been promising that they’re there since season one, but we still haven’t seen any.

I’m not saying they had to show up immediately or anything, I’m just saying we’ve had lots of het coded interactions. Examples include Pyrrha liking Jaune, Jaune liking Weiss, Weiss liking Neptune, Neptune liking anything with a skirt, etc. But we haven’t had any LGBT+ characters with casual interactions like that. (And I know any of those characters can be bi but without being told the majority of people will assume they are straight)

I know they’re at the age where you find yourself, but there are kids at 17 who know they like the same sex. I just need casually flirting like we got above with 2 girls or 2 guys. We’re not asking a lot. Just the same sort of casual representation that straight people get.

ok but…as someone who is currently diagnosed with depression, panic disorder, agoraphobia, please know that yes…kind words help a lot. showing support helps a lot. but it can also be overwhelming and have a negative impact if it’s too much, because one might feel even more guilty for suffering when x amount of people love them so much. i think sending him love right now is a good idea, but i also think we should respect his space here and there too and not bombard him round clock until we see him again. 

guilt is a very prominent thing i feel whenever i get support, and knowing how yongguk is, i think that there’s a chance the same thing that happens with me will happen with him.

just be careful!! let him breathe too. 🙏🏼

Well I’m back ~

I would like to apologize about the very long hiatus, I felt I needed it.. my mind wasn’t in a good place. I just want to say thank you all for your very kind thoughts and words, as well as your continued patience with me.

I feel I can share a bit over what’s been going on, it’s still a sensitive subject and ask that you please be understanding.

A loved one of mine committed a crime, and sadly that’s putting it very lightly. If you knew him like I do, this would come at a violent shock. I can’t tell you the times I sat staring at him seeing the little boy in the pumpkin costume I took trick or treating. The upcoming months aren’t going to get easier for me once the pending court date is settled, I ask that you continue to have patience with me.


I LOVE ERWIN super shitpost #1

do you ever just. get randomly struck by how great erwin is. this is all old news that’s been said a BILLIONTY times before but it’s still!!! So Much!!! & there’s no reason to bottle up the Feeles so y’all are just gonna have to suffer through idiotic rambling shitposts about erwin or use tumblr’s mute function

so today is erwin’s issues w selfishness (w bonus levi bc i am that kind of trash)

i love his “selfish” side. it’s not just a token trait, it cuts him to the quick but he is also such an idiot about it tbh? makes me cry AND laugh, wow many complex, much interesting. like, everyone has their own dreams lol wtf erwin but anyway

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“Just call me ‘hyungnim’. You’re the only one who has the right to.”

Wang So has had so little love in his life and it’s only these two people - Hae Soo and Baek Ah - who he has by his side, after so long on his own. So has worked so hard to protect the people he loves and has reached his desired goal of becoming king.

The irony is that it’s that same coveted seat that’s distancing him from them - first, it’s Baek Ah who’s bowing and scraping, calling him “Your Majesty” at every turn. Soo eases the tension with her antics and it’s so nice to see Wang So laughing and smiling, really rare! This just makes me think that Wang So, precious cinnamon roll that he is, is way too lonely and kind and loyal to be king.

What’s killing me is that I know he’s going to lose Soo next and become unbearably lonely and my heart can’t handle it.

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I feel like Larry gets more hate than he deserves. Sure he's a goofball, but it's not like he means to be a womanizer. He just wants to fall in love and have a good relationship. Plus his two best friends are both highly successful lawyers, so he feels desperate for some kind of validation due to being practically a nobody. He's emotional and loyal to his friends, and a good guy at heart, but just unlucky, naive, and never thinks things through.

i have always found him very annoying, even more now that i’m older

So many people on Tumblr seem kind of nervous about Matt’s takeover today that I’m seriously considering participating –when I can, going to be unavailable for part of the day– just to be part of the #positivitysquad.

I get the concern though, some people can be a bit overboard, either in asking too many questions about Malec or in being spiteful about how popular he is. Like he doesn’t have any control on how much people love him much less why they love him? He’s still human, you know. There is no reason to make him feel bad for things outside of his control. 😒

Anyways, has there been a particular time when these things start? With the others, I mean. 

Also, thinking of making a list of Alec-related questions to ask, lol.

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i have been thinking a lot about jonathan and literally the only headcanon i hold close to my heart is: he has MAJOR praise kink, so his s/o makes it a challenge to send jonathan through multiple orgasms until he is seeing WHITE with soothing and dirty words only, maybe even some grinding lmao either way. i can just imagine seeing jonathan red down to his chest and his body shaking from orgasms t b h and i'm so aH



jonathan MELTS whenever you praise him, like he literally loves any kind of praise but if you tell him what a good boy he’s being HE’LL COME RIGHT ON THE FREAKING SPOT! HE! CAN’T! TAKE! IT! 

he can definitely come from words only, like the guy doesn’t even need to use his own hands, if you praise him AND ESPECIALLY IF YOU RUN YOUR FINGERS THROUGH HIS HAIR WHILE YOU TELL HIM HOW PRETTY HE IS AND HOW PROUD OF HIM YOU ARE HE’LL FREAKIN BUST A GODDAMN NUT RIGHT THERE

also he craves attention and aftercare when you’re done so fucking much, like, he’s always super needy during sex but once you’re done he needs you to hold him and caress him and if you leave soft kisses on his skin it will take him like 0.0001 seconds to get hard again

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So I just saw the "Draco Malfoy and a Gryffindor GF headcanons" post a few minutes ago, but how about headcanons about Draco Malfoy and a Hufflepuff GF ? I love Draco and I'm a Hufflepuff ;3 Sorry for my bad English lol;;

Hey boo! Your english is not bad at all. <3 

Originally posted by lastwordem

  • Draco prides himself on your kindness and virtue. 
  • Whenever he’s on the brink of antagonizing the trio, he’ll look to you and change his mind quickly.
  • Eventually being with you often, changes him to be more nicer, especially around the trio.
  • They’re bewildered at first, but come to thank you for taming the beast.
  • You being around him, changes you to have a more quirky attitude.
  • You both accentuate each other.
  • Admist the war, you are the saving grace of his. 
  • When he’s on the brink of breaking down, you are there.
  • You remind him that you are always there.
  • He’ll leave flutters of kisses all over your face.
  • Even though Pansy & the others look at you some type of way, eventually they learn to accept you and appreciate you.

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i think ur spot on about bitty, he would never be rude to someone Unless perhaps they were overly rude to him or someone he cares about? but on the other hand im fairly certain he has anxiety and is afraid to get on people's bad sides so he probably just does the passive aggressive southern type stuff (like "bless ur heart" which is canon and great) but anyways i love him and his kind soul

thank u babe i love him too

i have just seen some things where he is mean to people bc they dont know stuff? and i dont think thats something he would actually do? idk

Honestly i love Steve Cortez, but i can’t bring myself to romance him as a mShep for two reasons:

1. The fact he just got over Robert’s death and now he should get over Shepards.
It feels so wrong to make him go through the pain again.
He is so precious and suffered enough, just damn you bioware!

2. He doesn’t need to be your LI to be your Shepard’s friend.
He is so kind and always worrying about Shepard.
Also he was only person who didn’t tease Shepard about their dancing style

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For Legends of Tomorrow, Ray Palmer is asexual and quoiromantic - he was never quite sure *exactly* what he felt for Kendra (or Felicity and Anna in the past), he just knew that being around and with her made him happy, and that he loved her (no matter what kind it was).

anon you should come over here so i can give u a big hug cause this is some Cute Stuff and i love it