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67 75 80 with bucky

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Prompt(s): 67. “Oh my god. You’re jealous!” 75. “Prove it.” 80. “I love you! OK?!”
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omg this is my last prompt! hope you all enjoy. its been a wild ride and i really enjoyed doing all of these things to celebrate all my lovely followers! anyway, enjoy some Bucky :3

also this kind of ran away from me in terms of length…

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Bucky sat on the bench where he was meant to be lifting weights with the Avengers Tower. From across the room, he could see you talking to Steve, and smiling at his every word. 

      Just as he had about to start his morning routine, you walked in and completely distracted him. At first, he hoped it could be an opportunity to talk to you more and spend some time alone with you, but this dream was quickly wrecked as soon as his best friend and resident Good Guy™ walked it behind you. Bucky, of course, had no problem with Steve -or in fact Steve hanging out with you- but lately he seemed to be more on edge whenever you would spend time with the guys of the Avengers.

       The soldier sighed.

       He knew it was ridiculous to feel this way but he couldn’t help it. That’s just how he felt. Recently, as you began to spend more and more time with him and became increasingly affectionate towards him, Bucky grew attached to you. And, the thought that someone could replace him in your life terrified him. 

       Instead of staring at you and Cap any longer, he tried to focus and began lifting his weights. He put his headphones in and listened to music (that you had of course recommended) in a vain attempt to forget that you were laughing at Steve’s jokes and enjoying the pleasure of his company. Ur… How could he be so stupid to think that you were being anything more than just being nice? Really, after his past he should’ve known that he could’ve never be loved- let alone by someone was pure and kind as you… You needed someone good and whole in your life- someone like Steve. 

       At this thought, he snapped. Bucky ripped out his headphones, discarded the task of working out and stormed out of the gym. As soon as he had gotten out of the room, he knew he had overreacted but he didn’t regret it. There was no way he was staying in there and watching Steve dote over you. 

     “What was all that about?” you asked, turning to look away from Steve and towards the door still swinging back and forth on its hinges.

     “I have no idea…”

     “I better go check up on him- make sure he doesn’t do anything reckless. See you later, Steve!”

      You ran out of the room before he could reply, and made short work of finding Bucky. Carefully, you approached him as he sat on his bed. He was leant over, his hands clasped together with his elbows resting on his knees. His gaze was downcast but you could tell he noticed your presence.

      “Bucky? You okay?” you asked, sitting down beside him, “You know you can talk to me.”

     “It’s nothing… Just go back to Steve.”

     ‘Steve?’ you thought, confusion being the only emotion you felt at his statement. Although you were unsure of Bucky’s meaning, you said nothing and didn’t question it. For now.

     “Seriously, Y/N, go join Steve. I’m sure you miss him,” Bucky muttered, his jealousy seeping through in his tone.

     “Why are you acting like this?” you ask, and paused just as you realised why, “Wait… Wait, Bucky… Are you jealous? Of me and Steve?”

     The lack of response said it all.

     “Oh my god. You’re jealous!

     “Yes! Fine, I’m jealous!” he cried out, making eye contact with you, “I’m jealous because I love you! OK?!

      “Really?” you asked surprised at his outburst.

      “Yeah,” he breathed, calming down as your hand touched his, “I’ve loved you since I first met you. You’re so kind to me and you never once pushed me to talk when I didn’t want to. You’re patient and affectionate, but no when to hold back. And, you’re funny and smart… And…”

     Bucky blushed realising that he had been talking for too long now.

     “I love you too, James,” you murmured.

     “Prove it,” Bucky teased, his confidence renewed when he heard your genuine confession.


     You pressed a kiss to his lips and began to lose yourself in the kiss and the feeling you had been wanting to give into for so long. Bucky’s heart was racing but everything felt so right. So damn right.

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I was wondering if you could update packmom!stiles and calling stiles mom sections? I love those kinds of pics! ❤️❤️❤️😊


I’ll be good by Sterekslays (1/1 | 2,624 | NR)

Stiles is taken by a Serial killer for almost three weeks now. Derek and the pack finally know where he is, but will Stiles be okay ever again? Or is it to much for him.

Drown Me with Kisses by LadySlytherin (1/1 | 19,428 | NC17)

When a rusalka in the preserve nearly kills Stiles with a kiss, Stiles is in grave danger any time he’s near a source of water - not just rivers, lakes, and oceans, but pools, bathtubs, the shower, a sink full of water - you put water in it, and it could probably kill Stiles now. Deaton’s advice? Break the rusalka’s magic with a kiss of opposite power - love to beat out death.

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I love the thought that Bruce is the one to initiate affection with Clark a lot. Nothing overtly obvious, but hugs, small kisses, being in his personal space, sharing food with him and being talked into trying some weird midwest dish or watching some tv show Clark loves and Bruce just can't get the appeal of for the life of him.

Bruce would totally be the kind of subtle affections. Leans on Clark’s shoulder, brushes fingers together. Initiates kisses, but ONLY when it’s just them/they KNOW no one’s looking at them.

TV time is totally they’re favorite, since Clark is the only one Bruce feels safest around to fall asleep near, and Clark KNOWS that, and his soul fills with such love he doesn’t know what to do. He’s cried about it before. Totally. 

I almost feel sick that a movie about barack and mivhelle obamas first date is being made. An imaginative movie about a tyrants first date. Could anyone imagine this kind of thing coming out just before that bastard bush left office? But bush 2.0 gets one and people love him. Imagine how much PR clot and manipulation that requires. Hes a lying, killing, thieving, spying, manipulative piece of shit authoritarian who only ever uses people. But thats just what and how politicians are.

How my boyfriend putting down Kyuki-do made me realize he was putting me down.

I never thought I’d find  myself in an abusive relationship again. I thought after having an abusive, forceful, manipulative relationship when I was 18 that I knew all the red flags and I’d never allow it to happen to me again. But the red flags were different this time, and I missed them.  

I started dating J nine months ago. He was shy, sweet, geeky, and kind. When I asked him why he went into law enforcement he told me it was because he wanted to help people and make the world a better place. I feel in love just like John Green said “Slowly, and then all at once”.

He was so understanding at first, I had a busy schedule between going to college full time, my darn near full time job (34-36 hrs a week), bridesmaid obligations, Kyuki-do, and finding time for friends and family. We got to see each other about once or twice a week.

After about a month or so he wanted to spend more time together. I couldn’t give anything up so he suggested that he help me study and come along to the occasional Kyuki-do class with me. At first it was great, he taught me a couple different study techniques and was excited to see how I trained.

But then after he came to a couple classes he started making comments like “At my school that whole thing would be a workout, but as long as you like it there..” and of course our study dates turned into study for 20 mins then go do something together.

I started having trouble in class because I wasn’t studying enough. I would up dropping two classes and barely passing one. I was so upset, I started to blame J. But I told myself that I was just lashing out and I was just trying to place the blame on him. It solidified more when I went to see J and he would literally cry about how he ruined my semester. I kept telling him that it was my fault, I took more than I could handle, or I didn’t balance my life well. I believed that.

I became very sad and upset with myself that I did so poorly. J suggested that I should go to his school and train with him so we could spend more time together and get myself some extra endorphins so I’d feel better. J does MMA it’s a completely different style from mine. I have traditional sparring gear and J told me to bring the gloves I have. This was a gym that used boxing gloves, obviously my gloves didn’t cut it. They’re designed differently/for different purposes. 

J told me that my gear was “cheap” and “not the best” and that I should get new gear if I was serious about my martial arts practice. So I went to Master S. and asked if I had to buy new gear at the school or if I could buy it elsewhere. He said I’d have to buy it through the school but I didn’t need new gear. I told Master S. that J has said my gear wasn’t very good and Master S. told be to think about buying new gear for a bit, because J saying that it wasn’t great wasn’t a good enough reason to buy new gear. I didn’t buy new gear, I stuck with the gear I already had.

That was the first time J said I should change something. And it stayed small at first, ex: I had this hot pink coat, it was covered in ruffles and buttons and ruching. It was hyper feminine. I loved that coat. It was my favorite. J started saying things like “That doesn’t really go with the rest of your wardrobe” (I have a capsule wardrobe and everything is the same couple of colors) and “You’re so sophisticated that coat doesn’t reflect your personality” “You seem cold, that coat isn’t warm enough for you”. And after a couple months of this I got rid of the coat. He sent me links to coats he thought I’d like to replace it with, they were plain puffer coats, in varying neutral shades. I didn’t buy any of them.

J kept making small comments about how I should quit Kyuki-do and join his gym. I kept telling J I was happy where I was; and joining a gym that was half an hour away, and a style I wasn’t interested in was illogical. 

Back in July we went up to visit my family in Wisconsin. My family lives in a small town in the north woods. There is nothing around, we go up to visit my aunt and uncle. The whole time he was bored. Whenever we were alone he’d ask if we could go hiking somewhere, or into a bigger town or if there was anything else to do. I said I wasn’t sure and add to ask my aunt and uncle if there I was anywhere I could take J.

They suggested a place called Copper falls it was over an hour away. I needed gas for my car and while we were at the station I suggested we pick up snacks. He said there wasn’t any healthy options and I said we were on vacation we should indulge. He wasn’t having it though, so we left without snacks. When we did get to Copper Falls there was an ice cream stand. I was so excited, I love cheap soft serve. It makes me very nostalgic. I turned to J all excited, saying we should get some ice cream. He said that it was healthy and we should skip it. I said that I was hungry and we were about to hike for miles so it’d be no big deal.

He then told me that he thought I was getting chubby. I was so hurt, I had gained about 5-10 pounds since we started dating. I asked him how long he thought I was chubby suddenly recalling him mentioning how much fat something had whenever I wanted to eat anything. He’d been doing it for weeks and he admitted to it. He said he didn’t mention it because he didn’t want to fight. I was furious, I couldn’t even bring myself to look at him the whole time we were there. When I was driving us back to my aunt and uncles house he cried and begged me the entire hour and half to forgive him and that he was sorry.

When I pulled into my familys driveway I told him I’d lose the weight, but doing so was compromising my morals, and beliefs. He thanked me for being understanding.

Later that month I had a Kyuki-do presentation at a local festival. J and my mom came to watch. I asked them how I did and my mom said I was great, and J said “Ehhh… it was alright honey”. I felt so demoralized. When we were driving back to his apartment I even told him he said “so you want me to lie to you?” I said no of course not but what he said made me feel awful I spent hours outside of class practicing and he knew that. He said he’d be more supportive next time.

He kept planning events for us to go to with his friends and family on nights that I had Kyuki-do class. When I would tell him that I had class he’d always say how he forgot but I couldn’t miss the dinner/party because so and so would be so upset and they were looking forward to seeing me. So I always went to the event and Kyuki-do suffered.

When I did get to class everything was harder, and I felt like I was awful at everything. When I would talk to J about it he would say things like “I don’t think your instructors are very good” or “Maybe that just isn’t the style for you and you should stop trying to force it”. I always came to the conclusion that I needed to come to class more often.

Six weeks ago I got kicked out of my parents house and lost my job. I moved in with J and liquidated the retirement account I started when I was 18. I didn’t have a lot to bring I have capsule wardrobes one for Spring/Summer and one for Fall/Winter each consisting of about 30 pieces. I only brought the Spring/Summer one because the other one was in storage and some toiletries and financial documents. After a day J starting freaking out about how much stuff I had and how it couldn’t stay in the living room I told him I’d put it away if he made room for it in the closet and dresser. He gave me about six inches for hanger (in a walk in closet) and two dresser drawers. I was able to fit all my clothes but I had to spend a good chunk of my savings on organizational things for the bathroom to make my stuff fit.

 We calculated my bills to see if I had enough in my savings to live off of, and when he found out how much I was spending on Kykui-do he went off on a rant about how expensive it was and how the education I was getting there wasn’t worth it. I told him he didn’t know what he was talking about, that his style was totally different. That I like my school and I didn’t want to change it. He said that it was half an hour away now and that I wasn’t going to it. I told him I wasn’t going because I had to reorganize an entire apartment by myself, and cook him dinner every night.

Last Monday I was fed up with him and I skipped making him dinner to go to Kyuki-do. It blew up into a huge fight and he was just super disrespectful. He said that what I did wasn’t real martial arts and that what he did was better. He said I was too weak and my personality was wrong for martial arts, that I’d never be a good fighter because my goal is always to avoid a fight. I was so angry and it went against everything I believed about martial arts. I realized decent martial artists don’t say that about other styles. 

It just opened up my eyes I realized he’d been trying to get me to quit for months and that he thought that I was weak, because I embrace my femininity. I realized my life became unbalanced a couple months after dating him and that he was the person taking up all my time. That I had straight A’s in school until he started to help me study. That he had planned the rest of my life out for me and expected me to follow his plans for me. I talked it over with my friends and they told me that I didn’t seem happy with him and that I should dump him. I went to my mom and she said that I could move back in.

So I packed up everything I owned in the apartment that night while he was at work and broke up with him when he came home. In my rush I forgot my bridesmaid dress. The wedding is next month and for the past two days he’s been rearranging the time, place, and who to get the dress from. I told J if he was having such a hard time getting around to it I could call the chief and ask him if he’d let J come in late so I could get my dress back.  My dress was on my doorstep a half an hour later.

I never thought I could get to this level of corny, but martial arts saved me from an abusive relationship.

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I'm looking for this modern AU fic where Steve is a nurse or works in a hospital and Bucky becomes his new roommate. Bucky is kind of quiet/stays in his room alot and I think he'd just come back from the army? Steve pines for him. I think it was a oneshot. Any ideas??

I love this story!

Love Stories for Tedious People by kristophine

The emergency departments of hospitals are all alike. Some are small, just a couple of rooms, a bathroom, a harried nurse who greets the frequent fliers by name, and some are huge, with dozens of rooms and a team of people who don’t even know each other’s names, let alone the patients.

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If you're still taking prompts, maybe Jerevin where Jeremy looks up to Gavin so much thinking he's so great and amazing and would never like him, being COMPLETELY oblivious to the fact that wow Gavin has been trying to seduce/date him for months? Any kind of au I just really love those two

Jeremy tried his best to be realistic. Yes, he was somehow able to ascend from a fan to an actual employee at Rooster Teeth, but that wasn’t magic, it was just because he worked hard. And he was able to become friends with some of his coworkers, but that was just because they were genuinely cool people, and they happened to mesh well together. Things worked out for him, sure, but it wasn’t fate, or even luck: he had the talent and personality that the company was looking for, plain and simple. 

So when Gavin started making comments - playful, friendly comments that could have qualified as flirting if they happened over drinks at a bar and they were strangers and, you know, Jeremy was a supermodel - he did his best to remain grounded.

Keep reading

“Look! There is a shop. Should we buy a sunscreen?”

It should be just a sketch ;_; I haven’t drawn any fullarts in a long time so here it is. This was my first try when it comes to painting this kind of background and I had no idea what I was doing X’DD

Anne in crop top, what a time to be alive! I have so many ideas for his outfits that includes crop tops! He has a shorts on him too, but legs looked awful so I cut them XD

Last days before school starts, so Anne went on a little trip to the beach. Anyone wants to join him?

having a little amusement park/carnival day with nathan would be so cute. partly because he knows how much you love those kinds of things and he’d want to make sure the two of you get the full experience. Rides, games, everything. You’d keep asking him if he was okay with waiting in such a long line for something like the carousel and he would just smile and say “of course” because he knows how happy it makes you and that makes him happy. omg and you would spend so much time watching him try to win you a stuffed animal from one of those carnival games that everyone knows is completely fixed. He’d be there forever, spend so much money and keep asking why he can’t simply throw the ball to knock down the milk jugs. “i’m an olympian for goodness sake!” and you would say it’s okay that he can’t win one, but he says no and finally after what feels like hours and hours you’re walking away with a big white bear named “mr. beary” something which nathan deemed as “quite original.” and ugh he would have practice the next day but he doesn’t really care because he’s out with his girl so he decides to eat the gross, greasy fair food with you even though he knows he’s going to feel terrible the next morning. so you both share some fried oreos together, nathan taking more of his fair share bc he realizes that maybe just maybe this stuff is “kinda good.” and the end of the night! omg the end of the night would of course be you, nathan and mr. beary sitting together on the ferris wheel, watching all of the people below you and all of the lights from the fair and the city in the distance together. nathan making sure to kiss you every time you both got to the very, very top. :’)

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"She has no one, Kat. We can't let Azula keep her- an asylum is no place for a baby. I think… I think we should take her- the way my uncle took me," Zuko whispered to his wife, rocking the baby Topaza in his arms as his niece cooed. (TOPAZA ORIGIN STORYYY)

Katara looked at the baby in his arms and thought of their own daughter, Kya, when she had been born. She was so tiny, and fragile and needed love, just like the baby in her husbands arms.

“Zuko… is this a good idea?” she asked, eyeing him nervously. But, then the baby cooed and her heart simply melted. She was just an innocent baby; she didn’t deserve this kind of fate. “She’s beautiful,” she admit.

“I think Kya would love to have her in the family. I would like to think she would adjust well… I just worry.”

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Was dylan an animal lover?

I think Dyl loved and respected animals. Just..I don’t feel like he was a passionate, emotionally attached animal lover.  If that makes sense?  Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think he was apathetic about animals or an animal hater. Just middle ground with them.  He respected them and gave them space but just not an animal gusher. That’s probably why cats worked well for Dyl. When he was a kid, he probably didn’t pick up kitten Rocky and squash him with kisses or squeeze him with hugs.  He’d be respectful and kind and gentle. The animal enthusiasm was more a Rebby thing. wearing his heart on his sleeve specifically with animals - was an instant ‘in’ to opening his heart chakra.  Dylan could sometimes forget to feed his cats whereas Rebby would suffer personally if his dog hadn’t been fed in hours. 

His yummy little birthday sandwich; happy slices of life. You’re not actually happy are you?  No, you’re fine.  You are happy.  Maybe slice it into triangles.  Pretend he’s a child, the fucking child you’ll never have because he doesn’t actually love you. I can just see you wistfully humming away as you gleefully twist your supermarket pepper grinder you fucking pot-plant-in-a-vintage-wheelbarrow cunt, fingering yourself over your assorted peppercorns that don’t even matter. Fucking idiot - cracked pepper on pre-sliced ham is like showering before you have sex with your cousin. The sweetest justice is that the kind of piece of shit men who get off on women being this fucking submissive kitchen-sandwich slave wind up on the receiving end of this mediocrity. I can just see him opening his lunchbox at work:
“Happy birthday Darren Leigh[that’s his name I reckon] - what’s for lunch?”
“Why, the missus whipped me something special *opens lunchbox* PHWOOOAAAR a sandwich! Hold my tools while I stick a fucking drill in my skull”

A ham sandwich as a birthday present? Fuck off - give me a hock of ham, three bottles of wine and a bucket and lock me in a room for 36 hours.  Hose me down when I’m done - there’s a fucking birthday present.

request from @recon1000: Scorbus going on a date together but they dont know where to go incase they get caught (not out to everyone yet) and they find the room of requirement and its all set up for them romantic and stuff! that would be nice!

Albus walked into the Slytherin common room to find a very upset looking Scorpius in there alone.

“Scorpius? Everything alright?”

Scorpius sighed quietly.

“Yeah, fine. It’s just, I kind of hate that we’ve been dating for six months and we still can’t even act like a couple.” 

Albus sat down on the couch next to him and took his hand.

“I’m sorry, love. If you wan to tell everyone, we can.”

“No, I’m not ready to tell people yet. It just sucks, you know? Anyway, I’m kinda tired, so I’m gonna go take a nap.”

Albus released his hand and watched him ascend the stairs. He sighed. He hated seeing Scorpius upset. He had to figure out some way to make him at least a little bit happier.

He left the dorms and walked through the corridors, thinking. Soon, he found himself on the seventh floor. He began thinking as he walked through the hall. 

I need to do something to make Scorpius happy.

Suddenly, a door appeared. Albus stared at it, baffled, but then decided to enter. When he walked in, he couldn’t believe how perfect it was. It must be the Room of Requirement. His dad had mentioned it before, but he had never given it a second thought! The room was set up as a simple coffee shop, clearly the kind of date Scorpius had envisioned. It was simple, but very nice.

Albus then went back down to dungeons and woke Scorpius up.

“Hey love,” he grinned when Scorpius’s eyes fluttered open.

“Hi,” he grumbled sleepily.

“I have a surprise for you.”

“Really?” Scorpius shot up at this.

“Yep. Come with me.”

Scorpius followed him to the seventh floor, and watched as a door, once again, appeared from nowhere.

“Is this…?”

“Yes,” Albus said with a smile and then pushed the door open.

Scorpius gasped when they walked in. This was the kind of first date he had always imagined them to go on.

Albus and Scorpius sat down at the table, and suddenly, what they were thinking about ordering appeared in front of them.

“This is so cool!” Scorpius exclaimed.

“I’m glad you like it.”

“I love it…but I love you more, Albus. Thanks for finding this place.”

Scorpius got up and walked over to the side of the table where Albus was sitting to give him a kiss.

“Wow, that was unexpected, babe. Thank you,” Albus said with a wink.

It was rare that Scorpius kissed Albus first because he was always so shy about it. Albus’s comment, of course, made him blush.

Albus pulled the blond down to sit on his lap.

“I’m sorry we can’t do this in front of everyone, but I love you very much, and whenever you want to go public, I’m ready.” Albus kissed Scorpius again.

Scorpius smiled.

“Okay, but for now, this is perfect.”

Scorpius leaned back against Albus and sipped his coffee, content.

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Witch and wolf au! Leia finding Ben after years of searching, finding out he lives in some woods. When she first sees him, he's holding a small red haired child in his arms. She instantly jumps to the worst idea possible, she knows some dark magic requires the parts of children. Just picture Leia thinking her son is doing some horrid magic, only to find out that's just one of his kids he had -magically- with Hux -and probably Poe-. Just happy granny Leia and her hyper grand kinds.

Ah I love the witch and werewolf au

So she screams at him first, “A baby!? How could you possibly do this? Whose child is this? Who are his parents? What are you doing with him?” Kylo’s looking up at her like she’s a mad woman. Yes, he’s well aware of the horrible spells that include harming children but quite frankly he’s disgusted by every one of them. He could never even dream of harming a child, saying that he had so many now it was almost heartbreaking to think of something happening to any of them.

So he takes her into the forests and calls for Hux and a wolf comes running toward him with a few pups trailing behind him and some other kids sitting on their father’s back. Kylo explains who they are (because if they turn back they’ll be naked and like, how embarrassing) and then they go back inside and into the bedroom where Poe is curled up, peacefully sleeping with five or six little ones under the blanket, snuggled in close to him. “Those are the vampires, my children with Poe,” he points out. “These are the pups, my children with Hux…and the witches….well I’m not sure who their father is.”

Leia looked slightly horrified though relieved. “There’s so many…”

“Yeah, the spells we used gave me more then I bargained for,” he put his hand on his stomach. “Hopefully this litter won’t have as many.”

“You’re…” he nodded gently with a big smile.

And yeah, just her trying to keep up with a dozen kids racing around her, chasing after each other and crashing into E V E R Y T H I N G

She doesn’t know how their parents deal.

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i fucking love sirius. i mean he's not in the golden trio generation, but i siriusly (got it? hahahah) love the marauders more than anything. sirius has gotten trough so much, especially because of his family. and hes still so kind and lovely an just perfect. i mean look at him, hes a huge teddybear in a lether jacket. how can someone be so perfct. i spend the last 2 years nights just reading some sirius (and marauder) imagines till it's 2 am. i don't know what do with my life lol

bro, I agree. The marauders deserve so much more than what they got. I’m also very proud I came up with a teddy bear in the leather jacket. >:)

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I love it! They were papped arriving, and Louis is walking ahead, and Danielle is like being dragged by him. And on Lottie's snaps you cant see Danielle because she is there with her own friends (her friends posted a instagram story). Meanwhile Louis is with Lottie and his friends. They just got together to be papped arriving ahahah

tbh? im not bothered by it and im actually kind of glad they’re taking this route with the thing. in years past it was always the girl (eleanor) with louis, louis’ fam, louis’ friends. She didn’t exist outside of that bubble when she was with them so it was always so exhausting. but this is like.. it doesn’t seem so bad

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Have you heard if CD had/has any issue with RF? She didn't show enthusiasm when talking ab CQ/Q or R bf S5, not that she does now, but in recent events (at least) she talked ab CQ/Q/R in a more friendly way. Plus they rarely are together in photos and HL events, and CD once in a while talks ab DL, B is dead, let's move on... (not that I want her gushing over RF but her demeanour seems odd to me), if they didn't/don't get along why just not killed off Q already, or maybe I'm seeing too much...

Hey Anon! 

I get the complete opposite vibe from Claire and Rupert actually. They seem super relaxed and goofy around each other:

And Claire said some lovely things about him at the Women of Homeland panel just this past June:

“How beautiful is it though? it’s so wonderful because its so kind of true of Quinn. and Rupert also is - there is part of him that - he’s not immediately available, there’s an opacity, a reservedness - but you go deep and there is just such richness and sensitivity and intelligence. i just thought it was so beautiful.” - Claire Danes

This is one of those weird fandom legends that just refuses to die. It’s like we’re the ones obsessed with Brody and Damian LOL. Let’s hope Season Sex finally puts this one to rest…

I just had this really depressing thought. What when Moffat and Gatiss make Johnlock kind of canon, but not in the way we want it.

Just imagine Sherlock finally confessing his love to him and John is getting a little bit confused and asking “What? “ even though he did hear it, but he can’t belive it and Sherlock is taking a deep breath and saying it again, a little bit louder this time, but he just can’t look into Johns eyes and he’s just staring at the ground. Therefore Sherlock can’t see the sadness in Johns eyes when he’s saying

“I am so sorry, Sherlock, but…It’s just that…you know…

I don’t…”

At this point then John getting quiet because he don’t want to break Sherlocks heart, but Sherlock’s finally looking up saying

“ I know. Nobody does.”


“We’d been working on ‘Midnight Special’ together, and I saw Joel’s handling of his Texas accent. I just kind of closed one eye, and I thought, ‘Oh, if I just give him some male-pattern baldness and bad teeth, he’s getting pretty close to Richard Loving.’"

“That was really important for me, because when I wrote the script I was imagining the actual people, so it’s very hard to go very far away from those people physically. That’s what I had in my mind!”

–  "Loving” writer/director Jeff Nichols on how he came to cast Joel Edgerton as Richard Loving

sadvegetarian  asked:

please tell us about your love for kuroo

OHOHOHOHO IM GLAD U ASKED. R u ready tho?!?!?? Because Kuroo is most definitely the love of my life. I would die for him ngl.
The epitome of the perfect being. A king, a God??? Idk but he’s most definitely the dorkiest.

His personality is so ahdehuhdbehskks u know? He’s such a caring savage. He cares so much it hurts my heart. He is definitely always that kind. Always looking out for others and helping them improve. Kuroo is the kid that listens to u when ur talking while others are trying to talk over u or just aren’t even listening.

Have u taken a look at him? That face is The ∞/10!!! His hair is a mess and I adore it so much. I relate to his hair on a personal level lmao. HAVE U SEEN THOSE SMIRKS THO LIKE DAYUM BOI CHILL TF OUT.

He’s also intelligent AF. Pls talk smarty to me @ Kuroo. Roast me using scientific language @ Kuroo.

Wtf this kid is smart, good looking, and has a great personality? Sign me the fuck up brooo!!!!! The complete package 💖💖💖

LMAOOOO u asked for this my good friend. This is so disorganized and I basically just wrote whatever came to mind 1st 😜