Troubled Mind
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troubled mind - marina & the diamonds

it’s for the kids who have low self-esteem

they’ve got no concept of reality

living their lives inside a fantasy

‘cause they have troubled minds

“Do you remember this song?” He asks, “we listened to it often.”

“How could I forget? This is the most overplayed song on my iPod. This is that one I can’t stop repeating. This is that one tune, where every time I listen to it, steals all my air and resuscitates me.”

“We danced to it,” he says.

“You spun me round and round, until I was too dizzy to stand alone.”

“And then I had to hold you close until your head stopped spinning,” he swiftly brushes his hand against mine.ย "Once in a while, I play it over and over again too, and it takes me back.“

"I’m still there,” I whisper. “I’m still there.”

—  Excerpt from the letters he left behind #19 by Ming D. Liu

                                              ★ You seem to replace
                                          ★ Your brain with your heart
                                           ★ You take things so hard
                                            ★ And then you fall apart ★

                                                 ☆ You try to explain ☆
                                            ☆ But before you can start ☆
                                              ☆ Those cry baby tears ☆
                                              ☆ Come out of the dark ☆