7,000 Followers... what ???

Where do you all come from ?! I… honestly never expected to see so many people to follow my blog, I mean… Yeah, sure I got experience and people admire my work and all but… I honestly never though that I would ever reach such an high number… 

I really want to thank you for everything, the support, the comment, the way you guys treat me and… well… it’s honestly really weird to have so much positive in my life… Without this stupid blog… I would never have been able to meet @Azraeltree and fall in love with her… I would never have meet @alainaprana and experience what it truly is to be part of a loving family… I would never have started my comic neither would I never have find out how much wonderful you guys are…

I would have loved to do something a Kiriban or a livestream, but my health is pretty bad rn, I really hope that I will be able to catch up at the next mile stone… Once again thank you really much… now… I’m just gonna cry in my corner.

It completely baffles me how Eva Green didn’t win any awards for her performance in Penny Dreadful. Vanessa Ives is probably one of the best written and most captivating characters on tv, ever. Eva’s work on this incredible show should have been recognised, not just by critics but also by a wider fanbase. 

Sometimes it truly baffles me and I sit here in awe that a character like Sameen Shaw really exists in the TV landscape. She’s literally like walking representation. I mean a woman of color with a canon personality disorder and canonly likes both genders. She’s all of this wrapped in one smol 5'3 woman like it’s so wild. Plus she’s not some side character either, she was a main and we got to see her grow and see how she views the world and others.

It’s rare to find characters that are that heavily complex. And not only was she all of that but she was never villianized for anything. She was the biggest hero out there tbh. Not to mention mentally strong as hell. That still gets me. Yes she was physically strong too but her mental capacity was just out of this world. I’m still not over her having to endure 7k simulations when the average person wouldn’t be able to even get through one or two. Let alone 7k. Idk I have doubts that she’s human sometimes. But she would’ve done whatever to protect her team and that’s just so admirable.

Plus other little things like the way she eats. It’s amazing; she’ll eat steak off a knife or tear a sandwich completely apart and not give a fuck what anyone thinks. Proper etiquette be damned (actual Shaw dialogue probably).

And also her love of dogs is precious. She’d probably buy ten dogs and would prefer to live like that forever honestly.

What I’m saying is, Sameen Shaw is a fuckin amazing character and catch me still screaming about her 10 years from now. It’s more likely than you think.

2k ! ! ! ! !

I  c a n ’ t believe i t ?? 2,000 people think my blog is worth following !! It’s so surreal omg !! I honestly love each and every one of you, and I’m eternally grateful for all your support and your encouragment!! 

Thinking back to when I first started posting on this blog allll the way back in December, I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought I’d be where I am now !! My time so far in this community has been wonderful, I have met some incredibile people and made many close friends !! I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog for many more months to come !! 

hehehe! I’m going to have to start working on some gifts for you all !!! 

Never Underestimate the pain of a person, because in all honesty, everyone is struggling. Some people are better at hiding it than others.
—  Will Smith

Okay, I’ve just gotta say my piece here. 

When Dean came at Sam with his angry speech about how Sam is using Jack because of what Jack can do, that’s Dean’s own anger and hate(?) towards the kid mixed with his grief being thrown at Sam and how Dean sees the situation.

Does Sam know that Jack can possibly open another rift and maybe get Mary back? Of course. Does that mean Sam doesn’t care about him? No. 

You can see how much Sam cares about Jack in the way he tries to comfort him, in the way he gives Jack a break when he realizes he’s pushing him too hard because he cares about how Jack feels, how he opens up to him about his own past and is emotional and trusting and putting his heart on the table for this kid, how he defends him to literally anyone and tells Jack, as well as Dean, how he relates to the kid, too. 

Sam was literally reading a book about how to parent gifted children, for crying out loud. 

Please don’t say that Dean is right that Sam is just wanting to use the kid and doesn’t care. Dean is hurt and grieving and lashing out; doesn’t make his words true. And don’t forget that just because Sam is burying his own pain and grief deep down by focusing on Jack and trying to stay hopeful that he’s hurting, too.

Please don’t call Sam a liar when he allows himself to open up and be vulnerable to a stranger - he sees himself in Jack, knows in his own way how the kid is feeling, and while yes, again, maybe saving Mom is one of his motives (because you’re allowed to care about saving and/or helping more than one person at a time) that doesn’t mean he doesn’t genuinely want to help Jack and help him to be good. To save him. To fight for him like he has been. Sam believes in him more than anyone right now. 

If you don’t think Sam would die for this kid, then you don’t know his heart, pure and simple <3 

“artemis fowl”, a movie from disney studios, featuring:

  • a 12 year old cheerfully poisoning a sick, ancient creature, blackmailing her into giving up her holy book or he leaves her to die!
  • a 12 year old having a heartwarming bedside conversation with his mentally ill mother about his absent, presumed-dead father! he sure does seem to love his life
  • a 12 year old kidnapping a fairy officer, holding her prisoner and demanding ransom in gold, pretty much going into war against an entire species! Fun Times!

I’m at loss for words because of the attention my blog has attracted these last days. I wanted to say hi to the new followers, and thank you so much!! <3

For those  who sent an ask about the face requests, I’ll be busy this month, but I’ll definitely do them! I have finals and a ton of college projects to do, but trust me, I’ll do them! (just little by little) So I hope you’re patient with me!

Hm, I think that’s all, and again, thank you for taking an interest in this little blog! Have an awesome day!

so waht is the truth


I think Shaw has come around to realize maybe this is the person for her in the world.