After taking with my mom I found out that she’s totally excepting of me being gay and she said that she’s looking forward to my future and… I honestly needed that so much I’m so thankful for this ,, it’s been really rough and this made my day man


hey guys! i’m back with another video. i decided to do the bias vs bias game and well….it turned into a giant mess but i got a good laugh out of it and i figured you guys would too, so i decided to upload it. it was almost 30 minutes long and i wasn’t going to spend time editing it so i just cut it into two parts, which is why the first video ends really abruptly (you get to see me in all of my unedited glory). i also apologize it looks like i just walked out of bed my hair was such a mess and it just gets worse as the video goes on. also i speak really quietly at some parts and i mumble so if you can’t understand me i’m really sorry TT_TT

note: this video is unlisted bc i don’t want them public on youtube but they’re too big to upload straight to tumblr. just in case there’s any confusion ^-^

i guess since it’s already on the site, here’s my piece for the 2017 homestuck calendar (i’m october!)

at once point there were 29 characters on this piece but my computer was already yelling at me and i was running out of sanity

this was really fun, i got to draw my alpha children, thanks @welovefinetees for asking me to do this ^^


Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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#cat wants affection so badly #so so so badly #but she has no idea how to ask for it #even with kara she has to start with the pretense of criticizing her hair #pull a face so that kara doesn’t know that cat just wants to be close to her #to reach out and touch her friend while she can #which she does until she realizes what she’s baring in the action #flattens her hand and jerks back when she meets kara’s eyes #and what makes them so perfect #is that kara doesn’t just know what cat’s doing #she understands #kara knows what it’s like to be hesitant to touch someone you care about #cat is scared because of how vulnerable it makes her to show how she needs someone #needs /kara/ #and kara used to be afraid because of how vulnerable other people were to her strength #and so she barely makes cat wait a moment before she pulls her in for a hug #one cat falls into #closes her eyes and breathes out in relief and comfort and connection #and twice now when kara’s squeezed cat tighter with those too-strong arms #cat’s tightened her grip right back

I know almost everyone has talked about Minami’s reaction, him being flustered and blushing at our ice skating boyfriends and his face basically represents the fandom:

But has anyone noticed this girl/woman?:

Look at her! Omg she’s blushing. She’s also BLUSHING!! Lol she clearly knows what’s going on between these two, heck it’s crystal clear that everyone in their surroundings knows XD Bless this show!!