this has made my entire day

I seriously can’t decide which part of this entire thing is the funniest. The fact that I’m called out for (shklance) shiro/paladin, the fact that there is 0 mention of the nsfw/abo, or the fact that “shows up in the klance tag” is part of my problematic tag???

This is truly a momentous occasion.

some super cute (and canon) things about max and chloe:

  • the toothbrush thing
  • at the ages of 18 and 19 ″splish splash” is still a part of their vocabulary
  • the entire pool scene
  • shortly after max admits that she’s never had her first kiss, chloe dares max to kiss her
  • “drink up buttercup”
  • when they were kids they literally drew a picture of them holding hands running off into the sunset with a rainbow in the background
  • chloe keeping the pirate cd max made for her
  • remembering each other’s birthdays even after five years apart
  • “fuq that shit elope”
  • partners in crime and time
  • max stands on her tiptoes to kiss chloe
  • october road trips
  • childhood best friends to GIRLFRIENDS
  • they’re both each other’s heroes