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One of my favorites freddie moments has to be the video that Briana posted (i believe?) where the little ball of sunshine was laughing and his little tummy was going up and down. Honestly the cutest baby i have ever seen, Louis and Briana are extremely lucky

Do you mean this one?

I love every single second of this video, but this part is my favorite:

That look just kills me. lol And while we’re here, we might as well go ahead and talk about my other favorite Freddie face:

Gah I adore him. 

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Just curious. What are your Eddsworld ships?

To be really honest I don`t have them.

I`m a person that never ships anybody ever romantically, I`m weird like that. If it isn`t stated outright it always stays in the friendzone for me. And I love the friendzone because it`s filled with hugs and fluff.

But I love Paul and Patryk for starters. It`s canon and them being adorable together, I can stand behind that!

And I just love the way Tom and Matt interact? I can`t explain but just the way they take stabs at eatch other is so cute to me, and people kinda overlook that. Them interacting is just a back and forth of being mean and having fun. Edd an Matt are cinnamon rolls, while also having these little moments of mocking the other and Edd and Tom have just that calm friendship where you just can`t say anything against it. It`s just there, the chemistry is there.

But to be honest I just love Tord and Edd interacting from the whole crew the most.

Matt doesn`t remember him, but he tries and he likes him. Tom is just like meh, whatever, if the others tolerate him I can as well. But Edd missed Tord and he was glad he came back and it just shows how much he cares that all of his friends are together. Tord went through a lot and Edd is so accepting, whatever happens he forgives, so I just really like their chemistry as well.

I just want the six of them all safe in a blanket to be honest… Also the Tord, Paul and Patryk parents-son, we-will-look-after-you dynamic is the cutest thing ever and I love that that`s a thing.

I don`t ship anything, but I`m invested in them being friends as you can see…

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TOTALLYYYYYYYYYY. AND HE WOULD JUST LIKE MENTALLY NOT COMPREHEND Y/N'S BEAUTY IN THAT MOMENT. I feel as if it's the little things he would care about most. Almost like your little ticks would you so much more amazing towards him. ANd he would be extremely wanting to see you concentrated like that all the time and the lot. He would mentally put it into his mind. Have you look like that all the time to him. WAIT OH MY GOD WAS I JUST SENSATIVE!?!?!? :O


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Can you rec a Drarry where Harry comes into Draco's life after Scorpious? I love the family fics that show Harry being wooed by the little guy.

Ohh, I love this idea so, so much! I was so happy to make this list, and found plenty Dad!Draco for you. I hope you enjoy these, darling! <3

Two and a Half Men by @dracogotgame (PG, 7K)
Summary: Little scenes from the life of Harry, Draco and an adorably evil little Malfoy. [This fic is marked as incomplete but it’s an on-going series of scenes, of Harry falling in love with Draco and Scorpius’s little family. You can absolutely read it and there are not cliff-hangers, just moments of their lives.]

Fireworks by panicparade (PG, 15K)
Summary: It might have been years since he had last seen the Slytherin, but Harry knows he can easily spot that head of hair in a crowd. That’s definitely Malfoy. And he seems to be Harry’s new neighbour.

A Year on the Wizarding Convention Circuit by @eidheann (R, 14,9K)
Summary: Being Savior of the Wizarding World isn’t enough to get Harry the interesting assignments. That gives him plenty of time to focus his energy on something else…

Un Noël très parisien by @femmequixotic & @noeeon (NC-17, 14,3K)
Summary: When Draco crossed paths with Auror Potter at a political function in Paris, he was not expecting their former animosity to change into something rather more intriguing. But he could be certain their casual flirtation would not last more than the night, couldn’t he?

Precioius Things by charlotteschaos (NC-17, 15,2K)
Summary: Scorpius Malfoy has been kidnapped and only one hero can save the day.

Delaney by RurouniHime (R, 6,4K)
Summary: Harry takes a sip from his blue-striped (and quite hideous) mug and addresses the eyes that have attached themselves to his table.

Time Heals All Wounds by playout (R, 17,9K)
Summary: Harry is a Healer with a savior complex. Draco is a newly-widowed single father. And Scorpius is the child who will bring them together.

The Strongest Affinity by @eidheann (PG-13, 17,6K)
Summary: Trouble finding a wand for Scorpius leads Harry and Draco to something they never imagined.

“Merlin, FINE. You can be Harry Potter for Halloween” by 606 (PG-13, 2,6K)
Summary: That one where Draco and Scorpius run into Harry Potter (rather literally) in a London convenience store and their Halloween takes an odd turn.

The Trials of a Malfoy Manchild by nattish (NC-17, 18,5K)
Summary: Draco’s bachelor lifestyle is interrupted when Scorpius is sent to live with him in his London flat. He’s no good at being a dad, but starts to cope with advice from his son’s new schoolteacher – Harry Potter – who is, frankly, not just good with his books.

Muggle Beasts and Where to Find Them by ashidndk (R, 8,1K)
Summary: Two single fathers choose the same day to take their children on an outing.

Like a Real Family by Queenie_Mab (NC-17, 10,8K)
Summary: Harry thought he had all he wanted in life, raising Teddy and being the parent he’s always wanted to be, until he experiences what life with a partner could be like. Now if only Draco wasn’t straight.

Little Talks by @femmequixotic & @noeeon (NC-17, 11,3K)
Summary: Draco’s been shagging the Head Auror for months now, and he’s sure it’s just a fling. Until Harry asks him to a Quidditch match, that is, and things go horribly wrong.

For Love of a Family by icicle33 (NC-17, 30K)
Summary: A series of attacks by a group of neo-Death Eaters causes the Ministry to implement a new set of restrictions on former Death Eaters and their children. When Scorpius falls ill, Draco decides that he will do anything to save his son, even if it means marrying Harry Potter.

Looking Like Harry Potter by @niakantorka (NC-17, 9,5K)
Summary: Some times after the war Harry has started to work as his own lookalike at birthday parties for children. His next appointment: Scorpius Malfoy’s seventh birthday at Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire. Bugger.

Dance by the Light of the Moon by @writcraft(PG-13, 13,8K)
Summary: Harry is miserable and living like a recluse at Grimmauld Place and Draco retired from Wizarding society after his divorce. One day a misdirected owl from Scorpius Malfoy finds its way into Harry’s hands. Harry hasn’t lost his desire to save people but Draco has a secret sand it is one he doesn’t want to share.

Black Coffee on a Lonely Night by @femmequixotic (R, 21,6K)
Summary: Draco owns a café in the city. Harry’s a MP who comes in every morning, newspapers in one hand, BlackBerry in the other, and orders a triple espresso macchiato.

The Sun Will Come Out by momatu (R, 36,7K)
Summary: Six-year-old Scorpius Malfoy needs a tutor. Several witches and wizards with the best credentials and impeccable background have been hired–then rapidly fired. Enter Harry Potter, who immediately hits it off with Scorpius. It takes a while longer for the Lord of the Manor to come around.

The Little Marauders Nursery and Day Care by @digtheshipper (NC-17, 9,8K)
Summary: Harry Potter is the proud owner of The Little Marauders Nursery and Day Care and his favourite student is Scorpius Malfoy. Scorpius’s dad might be okay, too.

Family Of Sorts  by @julietsemophase (R, 10,5K)
Summary: Draco Malfoy is struggling to balance life running his father’s company and time at home with his son. Can Harry Potter, his new au pair, do anything to change this?

As always, don’t forget to leave some love for the authors. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Really random question but do you remember when/why you first started shipping narry?

Okay so, I was a bit late coming into the fandom – like, mid 2013. My friend had introduced me to Little Things, which happened to be a song I actually really liked that would play on the radio at my work literally every day, so I watched the video…and then I watched a few other music videos, and some funny moment videos and suddenly Niall was my favourite. And through watching videos of Niall, I sort of just fell into the Narry thing – mostly because I could just tell how much they adored each other.

So, naturally, I started to watch Narry videos and, to me, their chemistry as friends was palpable. Like, their friendship was just so pure and adorable, and you could tell that they truly enjoyed each other’s company, and that they had their own thing going on. And then I saw this:

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Day Two: The Moment You Knew You Were Trash

1x20- Girl Meets First Date

Their first kiss is one of the most special moments to remember forever, between them. And for me too. It wasn’t necessary the kiss itself that made me trash, it was their faces after it. The way Lucas stayed still for a little second, not quite believing that just happened. The way Lucas’s lips slowly started to form until there was this huge and beautiful smile on his face. The way his eyes shinned with so much love and adoration. That cute little chuckle Riley did when she saw his face. The way they both simple smiled and looked at each other with their stupid, stupid eyes after it. Also how Lucas looked at her lips. The whole moment is what truly did it for me, when I knew I was trash for these two.

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Ok how about a top-five "I want to hug a character so damn bad!" moments on Shadowhunters? (Happy or sad is up to you)

My Top 5 ‘I Want To Hug You So Bad!’ Moments

1. Max, when he turned up and made pyromaniacs adorable.

Don’t know about you guys, but I wanted to hug the little man, too.

2. Magnus, when he lost his best friend.

Centuries of life spent together, gone in an instant. You’d think the immortal would learn not to feel so deeply, but I have the impression they feel more.

3. Jace, when the hits just kept on coming.

He’s smirked and strutted his way out of a lot of things. Doesn’t mean the man don’t need a damn cuddle and a decent cry. Poor thing.

4. Alec, realising the error of his ways. And that he had no way out.

Alec needed a hug all season long and no one was offering. So misunderstood by people who have known him his entire life, and no one thought to ask ‘You’re not being your usual self. Is everything okay?’ I would have. Just sayin’.

5. Luke, as he remembered his lowest point.

Our favourite alpha dad should never, ever have to feel that way. Had I been there, I would have snuggled on up until that big beautiful smile of his was back where it belonged.

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What if everything we're seeing is actually canonly in the future, and Garnet had actually just given baby Steven a little future vision kiss


I like to imagine that Garnet used to tell Rose stories of Steven before he was born. Like, they’d just spend quiet time together, and Rose would beg Garnet to tell her about Steven, and Garnet would. And that’s sort of what the show was like. Or that Rose asked Garnet if she should go to listen to the human play at the concert, and Garnet saw lots of visions at that moment, which is the show.

But this… this is adorable and lovely. Gotta say, though, these are some really detailed visions, lol. 

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Look at little Kazui he's got his father's spiky hair but it's smoother and more like his mommy's. His eyes are like Orihime and Ichigo's combined. His hair is his papa's color. He's got that big smile like Orihime. Gah he's perfect!!!!! <3 *tears up* I'm so happy right now! Let me join in this big moment!! We get to see their kid and he's just so precious.

YES!! He is so adorable like I’m just tearing up from looking at him- Kubo did such a good job with making his design that of a legitimate child from his parents (what with having inherited both their genes) rather than the mini versions of the parents you’ll typically see in manga epilogues. He is literally a tiny little angel- too cute for words ;;;; I’m so happy for them!!

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I just bought the cutest pyjama bottoms ever! I imagine the missus have cute pyjamas when they first started dating. Nothing too revealing just pretty patterns and combinations and Harry would just wrap his arms around "his cute girl" and just squeeze her so tight. Never wants to let her go 🤗

Oh, my goodness! I have a pretty adorable pair shorts that I sleep in and their turquoise with little white dots on them and I love them so much and they go so well with my tan at the moment - it looks so good, haha. ;) But, can you imagine this, when his missus stays around his house for the first time and she’s nervous and worried that her pyjamas are too weird for him, but he loves them so much on her. 

Y’so cute, y’know that?


You just look so adorable dressed down in your pyjamas. S’the first time I’ve ever had a girl be so comfortable around me.

And it was true - all the girls he’d have been with in the past would always make sure they had the perfect styled hair and the perfect make-up on their face as they cuddled, but, you were different and he loved the way you wouldn’t feel the need to dress up for something that didn’t require anyone to see. They would always have light make-up on their face whereas you were completely different and dressed down to your pyjamas with no make-up on or nice and styled hair.

And you’d be curled up in the corner of his big sofa - a place you’d taken a liking to over the last two times you’d stayed over - with your head directed towards the TV hanging on the wall as an old episode of Friends played out around the room, a conversation between Monica and Rachel subsiding as Harry turned his attention to you. 

M’lookin’ so tired and awful, Harry. I’ve had such a busy day at work.

Kids at the nursery runnin’ you ragged again?

So much. It’s nice to just relax for a little and have some downtime with my boyfriend.

And he’d blush and grin widely as the word ‘boyfriend’ left your lips because he still can’t believe that a month into the relationship and you were still there beside him, enjoying his company and agreeing to dates and not being scared of the lifestyle he lives in. He still can’t believe that someone as adorable and pretty and stunning as you decided to be in his hectic, chaotic and busy life.

I love your pyjamas, you know?

That’s weird but thank you.

I do. They’re so cute. A cute something for a cute girl.

Ew, shut up.

And you’d both emit into giggles and he’d tug on your legs and pull you onto his lap and wrap his arms around you as you cuddled together, your front pressed against his bare chest as you wrapped your arms around his neck. 

So cuddly, y’know that?

It’s a perk of being with me, didn’t I tell you?

Eugh, just stop being vain for one second, will you, Harry? And just cuddle me. I’ve had a tough day with kids.

And his fingers would tickle at the small dip at the base of your back, before settling nicely under the waistband of your pyjama shorts. His warm pads soothing as they rubbed and massaged at your skin, his lips pressing kisses to your neck softly as you purred and gave out soft moans in delight. And when it goes quiet, you’d let out a soft whisper.

They’re new pyjamas, by the way. Thought you’d like ‘em.

And he’d smile because he didn’t think you could get any cuter. xx

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can i just say i love whenever jeremy brings up moments in videos he watched of the guys on off topic (like the face michael made and dance gavin did) i just think it's rlly cute and it shows he still watches their videos and he's still a lil bit of a fanboy. it's just cute he's cute

yES!!!! honestly when jeremy pointed out that stuff and when he was able to remember little things about the play pals songs i was dyin,g,,, hes so precious!!! I am 200% with u anon

Okay, but this scene… Spock is so fighting just passing right out here.
He’s clearly in pain and this is just before he laughs and if McCoy had looked at him during this little moment, he’d have seen that Spock wasn’t with it at all but he’s busy being adorable himself and making Spock laugh.

I just love the little things Zach does in this film.

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Just curious,suddenly i remember during the end of music show, why hyesung suddenly walked to andy and passed the trophy to him? Andy not even near to him

That’s because Hyesung loves and cherishes the maknae like his own little brother, he wanted Andy to get the chance to hold the trophy too. He always adores and takes care of the younger ones in the group on a usual basis, so it’s no surprise really, to see him walk over to the other end and pass Andy the trophy, not forgetting his knee was still injured at that time. That winning moment remains one of my fave moments of all time too.

Next we have @amber-acrylic

Oh man so many awesome people I’m waiting for the moment that I completely stuff up XD

Ok so you’re really super cool first off? I mean in general you just seem like a super nice person and with an awesome sense of humour and I appreciate that in a person.

You also just have a brilliant talent for art and I adore Soul so much, oh my goodness. He’s just so freaking cool and badass and I love him (and itotallyshiphimandblueberrysssshhhhhhhyouheardnothing

I know you feel a little bit stressed right now? Because you haven’t been able to draw quite as often and I just wanted to say that it’s perfectly fine. You’re an awesome person and we wouldn’t want you getting sick or anything from stress. Just know that you’re really cool and we understand that sometimes things can be too demanding :D

Anyway, I hope you have a nice day/night, you’re awesome!

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ochako for the character meme

First impression: omg she’s so cute……..



Idea for a story:  …… she makes it a life goal to become friends with Bakugou for Izuku’s sake, whether Bakugou wants it or not

Unpopular opinion: uhhh idk????

Favorite relationship: i love her relationship with Izuku, Iida, Tsuyu, and Bakugou. her, Izuku, and Iida are just so sweet ok…… (and i especially love how Bakugou, mr. i-don’t-remember-anyone’s-name, remembers hers b/c he respects her after their fight)


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Robin was nothing but "Regina's pain". His wife actually comes back from the death and we never saw his reaction about the fact that Regina was her original murder. He was literally in love with the killer of his wife and didn't care or didn't notice that "little" detail. Poor Marian. A plot device to another plot device. So sad. Even sadder the fact that she was a woc. Even sadder because Roland. Even sadder the fact that she was adorable in flash backs. Just sad, sad, sad, sad.

I really don’t get how Robin didn’t react in the slightest when he found out Regina executed Marion.

Moment of silence for all the wasted potential in Marion and Robin

VIXX Reaction: When you are really mature but love glitter

Thank you to anon for the request! I feel this on a personal level tbh. And yay my first VIXX request! VIXX need love!


He would be really surprised, but he would find it so adorable. When you were using it and you were just engrossed, he would watch you with a grin because of how happy and cute you looked. He would definitely use it in the future, just so he would able to see the look on your face when you saw the glitter. He would use it just to see you being cute and it would work every single time. 

Originally posted by exottraction


I feel like he would have a little bit of a fanboy moment seeing your face light up at the sight of glitter. He would do that cute thing where he gets a little blushy and can’t help but smile so he puts his head down to stop people from seeing. He would silently admire you. He would keep it in mind i for the future, though, knowing exactly what to do if the two of you were ever bored without anything to do, he would buy glitter paint and canvases especially.

Originally posted by leojuseyo


He would definitely pick on you a little bit for it. He would act victorious, glad that he found something childish that interested you, and he would never let it go. He would use glitter as a bribing tactic in the future. He would use it all the time. He would also use the knowledge that you liked glitter as blackmail, threatening to expose you if you didn’t do something. He would’t be serious though, he would just tease with it. He would love your liking for glitter and find it so precious.

Originally posted by leejaehwan0406


Like Leo, he would sit back and admire the look on your face as you became excited about glitter. He would find you so endearing and cute in that moment, and he would enjoy the change from your usual mature self. He would feel really flattered in that moment, I think. Because, to him, that was you showing that you were comfortable enough with him to disregard your maturity and faun over something you really liked. That would be what would make him really happy.

Originally posted by jestefany90


He would be thrilled to have learned something new about you, even more so because it is such a change from how you usually are. I feel like Hongbin would keep that information with him and use it later. He would absolutely attack you with glittery gifts every day, just to see your face brighten and your smile grow on your face as you saw it. He would love knowing how to make you happy and he would want to see that look all the time, so he probably wouldn’t stop with the presents.

Originally posted by hugbin


He would tease you so much omg be prepared. ‘But Jagi, I thought you were mature? Mature people don’t like glitter, that’s childish.’ He would act serious and take the glitter away from you, watching as you pouted. He wouldn’t be able to keep it up for long before he gave it back to you, grinning at how quickly you became happy again. He would find it really cute, although he would still tease about it occasionally, but not too much, out of fear you would stop acting so excited and cute about it.

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Hope you enjoyed the reactions! Requests are open~

Swan Believer Season 5 Deleted Scene

That little scene was just adorable. I’m sorry. (Really, I’m not.) Even when I was watching the episode I felt like Henry wanting to bring back Cruella to save Emma should have been addressed more. And that little scene should have been left in.

It has been far too long since we’ve had a decent scene of the two of them together willing to do whatever it takes for the other. I love those little reminders and tidbits. Those moments that remind us those two are True Love as strong as Snow White and Prince Charming only in a mother son bond instead of a romantic one.

We already know from Emma’s perspective she’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect her little boy. There’s no villain she won’t threaten no mountain or monster she won’t fight to save him. Nothing she wouldn’t do to keep him safe. And she’s been saying it since Season 1 that she would kill for him. She never followed through until Season 4 but we knew it all along. She’s always been willing to compromise herself and all the lines she wouldn’t normally cross for her baby boy.

I suppose it’s nice to be reminded every once and a while Henry is more than willing to do the same for his mother. That the little boy who believed in her so much he ate something poisonous. He’s still there. Wanting to help her. Protect her. Believe in her. It’s wonderful to see those moments between them.

But it’s also wonderful to see Emma remind him she’s the parent. The compromising of morals is her job. It’s her job to protect him and worry for him and his soul. Not the other way around. And she would never want that for him. She wants him safe. HIS heart pure and good.

I just loved seeing the two of them together. In case you couldn’t tell and wished we could have seen it in the episode itself. 


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3,12,15, for Downton Abbey, of course!

3. Favorite OTP scene:
—-> There are so many that it’s impossible to think of just one. So, I think I’ll go with one of the sweetest. It’s in episode 6.06 after Baxter has readied Cora for bed in Robert’s dressing room. I love how Cora climbed into bed and leaned over him to kiss him good night. This scene always makes my heart melt. I adore the way her hand gently caresses his arm as she kisses him. Also, if you pay close attention, as she leans over him, you see that her feet aren’t actually on the bed, and that she is taking most of her weight onto her knees so as not to risk hurting him by leaning on him too heavily. It’s just a beautiful little scene.

12. Funniest character:
—-> For me, it actually depends on the situation. They’ve all had their hilarious moments. But I’m going to have to go with Violet.

15. Character you’d love to kill off:
—-> Sarah Bunting. I’m glad that we didn’t have to deal with her after episode 5.05. I absolutely hated her.

Thank you for the ask, darling!!!!