Arumika Rant (spoilers ahead)

While several fans prefer Eremika or Eremin out of the Shinganshina trio pairings, I personally love Arumika. Their relationship is subtle and a bit different. Whether you ship it or not, this relationship is strong, just like the bond between Eren/Mikasa and Eren/Armin. 

I just adore the little moments that showcase their relationship. It truly reveals the strength and passion in their friendship. 

So far, Armin is one of the only people that can calm Mikasa down when it comes to Eren’s situation. 

It’s very subtle, but it shows that Mikasa, despite being very overprotective over Eren, trusts Armin’s judgement over Eren’s safety. And other times, Armin is just that type of person that can soothe her down when she is distressed over Eren :) 

Don’t get me started with her reaction when she saw that he was critically injured. 

Even her head was throbbing 

Not only does she show her murderous glare for Eren, but for Armin as well! 

And oh my goodness 

The way he looked at her when she was playing in the water. Now that is the look you have when you see someone you love all happy and giddy. 

I ship Arumika to death (platonically but romantic is fine too).  It’s sad that not many can see the beauty of their serene relationship. Their bond is full of trust, support, and love. 

Btw, of course Eremin and Eremika are amazing relationships, but I think Arumika deserves a bit more appreciation :)