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what's the elite gc?? are u in it?? I'm so confused

an ironically named gc between me and some friends that. really isn’t a big deal but apparently is to a lot of other people

How the phone call could have lasted 1 min instead of 3
  • Molly: This better be important, I’m having a rough day.
  • Sherlock: It is, it is. Molly, I have something to tell you.
  • Molly: Sherlock, I’m not in the mood for jokes or experiments.
  • Sherlock: I know I’ve been cruel in the past-
  • Molly: You have.
  • Sherlock: -but I consider you one of my closest friends. One of my only friends, actually. I trust you completely. That’s why, I-
  • Moriarty: Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.
  • Sherlock: I need to tell you something. Something I’ve never told anyone before.
  • Molly: Sherlock, are you…?
  • Sherlock: I’m gay.
  • Molly: You are. [Pause.] Oh my god, you are!
  • Sherlock: I am, yes.
  • Molly: This really isn’t a joke? Why wait until now to tell me? We’ve known each other for years! I hit on you, for god’s sake. [Quietly, to self.] I hit on you...
  • Sherlock: I’m telling you now because, I- [Pause.] I need to know you won’t think any less of me.
  • Molly: Oh Sherlock. Of course I still love you.
  • Sherlock: What?
  • Molly: I love you! [Pause.] Not like that, of course! I mean, I did, but now I understand why that never went anywhere. Not to say you would have gone for someone like me if you were! Straight, I mean. I’m rambling…
  • Sherlock: Thank you, Molly. It means a lot to me. I have to go now, I’m in the middle of something time sensitive.
  • Molly: Oh yes, of course! Go tell John!
  • Sherlock: Tell John-
  • [Call ended.]

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Could you do a match up for me? I’m 5'5" and fairly chubby, and my family says I dress like an old lady or a hipster. I have depression and anxiety. I’m bisexual. I’m pretty timid, I usually stay quiet and talk to people I trust/like; I love to talk about weird facts or story ideas I have. I want to be either an art or kindergarten teacher, but I know I want to publish some books too. I love jokes and puns, but I act really mature. but I can curse a lot.

Your partner is Jaehee Kang

She would love to talk to you all day about random facts and stories of when you guys were little kids. She would understand your quiet ways and she wouldn’t mind because she is comfortable with your silence c: You guys can go to museums together to look at artwork and she would ask you why do you want to be a teacher. She would be genuinely interested in your hobbies and well being.

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Opinion on luxesugarbb's "joke"? I get where she's coming from but that shits really creepy like you had that much time on your hands to fuck with innocent people??? And her friend that let her use the pics too? Bitches are crazy

I have no idea what you’re talking about, anon. :(

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I'm actually more shocked that the anon took the joke seriously. Ps: touka is really important, REALLY important. I have my theories over the illustration and it's not so pretty.

lololol, I remember when we saw that illustration for the first time, we were all so happy because Ishida drew her until we found weird things and it wasn’t funny anymore 😂 I agree with you, anon, I also believe that Touka is really important. I don’t know if she will be important to the plot itself, like, someone who will change everything or something like that (I’ve always believed that in a story each character has their own place and task) but I’m 100% sure that she’s important to Kaneki’s development, a character that brings humanity and unites people as family? pretty much like Yoshimura, but in a different and personal way. And of course her relationship with her family (Yomo, Ayato, probably Arata in the future i hope so?) she has her own place and job in the story, not every character has to be a revolutionary like Eto or someone super important like Rize due to her kagune or her past with V. In the first TG she helped Kaneki a lot throughout his ghoul process and helped him adapt to his new lifestyle, she basically killed Mado so that will play a huge role once Akira wakes up, I think many good (or bad?) things are coming for her character and i’m excited to see what’s next, especially after the last illustration, i refuse to believe that the art is not prophetic lmao

jyn3rs0 replied to your post “why are people acting like johnlock was the only potential lgbt…”

I think it wasn’t so much that it was the only one. I think it was more that it was very aggressively queerbaited from episode 1. Some people went really overboard in their fanaticism for tljc but I think the biggest issue for a lot of queer fans was that the show really treated queer people terribly. It had no queer representation other than to make gay jokes and then, and I don’t really think it can be denied, grossly queerbaited fans and then made fun, ridiculed, and rude to fans who were (1)

Upset. I think tljcers often go too far with their shipping. They can be gross misogynists and aggressively fetishize queerness. But I think there are valid reasons to be angry. It’s not that Sherlock was the only possibility of queer rep. It’s just people were really hoping they weren’t being queerbaited and also it was a super popular show that really could have brought a major gay relationship in that would have been seen by huge numbers of people. I don’t know. Not trying to fight (2)

That’s just what I think people are coming from and I know I am. (3)

I don’t disagree with anything you said. I thought it was fairly obvious how homophobic the writing on the show was, and so the shipping that came out of that just blew my mind. The way tjlcers were convinced that the show was full of positive clues pointing towards Sherlock and John’s eventual romantic entanglement but somehow managed to explain away all of the obvious queerbaiting while ignoring the central premise of the show (Sherlock’s growth as a character), I mean it was just mindboggling to watch people come up with wildly detailed metas about scenes and moments that I (and many others) found to be innocuous.

BBC Sherlock was not about Sherlock and John becoming romantically/sexually involved. It was never about that, and the writers said so. There are plenty of other shows that do have positive representation and I hope queer tjlcers will find some to watch with characters in which they can see themselves in a positive light.