Hey guys, if you don’t know me, my name is Pelumi and I live in the Netherlands.

I hope to become as sassy and confident as Tyler Oakley one day.
I’m thirsty for Troye Sivan, and I cried when I heard #TRXYE is gonna be an EP.

I’m all up for making new friends, soo tell me something about you?


videos >> the 100 >> clexa >> clarke griffin & commander lexa

Clexa - I hate you, please love me

“I hate you, don’t leave me. ‘Cause I love when you kiss me. I’m in pieces, you complete me.”  


Hey I’m here as a total ns fan (it’s my otp) and I really want to apologize if it happened to you that you in whatever kind of way it may be got offended by a ns fan in your joy for your prefered ship. It is disrespectful to insult ones ship and definitely stupid and wrong. We should all respect each other and stop this silly nonsense named pairing war. I hope you can enjoy your future pairing moments at fullest and that we can accept the ships of one another. Of course we have contradictionary opinions but these can be kept in each fandom and shouldn’t be rubbed in the other fandoms face. SO please let’s just become peaceful and mature people so that everyone can enjoy this manga.

Okay, guys, announcement time:

So, I have made a decision. And I’ve decided to tell you all this decision in the hopes that it will actually hold me accountable to this decision because I’ve told Leda but we both agree we are enablers who will let the other get away with literally anything.

But, I digress. Basically, I’ve decided to give up tumblr until I am actually done writing this original novel I’m supposed to be writing. Because tumblr takes up way too much time and just gives me too much Teen Wolf input into my brain. I keep seeing great gifsets of sterek or sciles and then interesting posts about stiles character development and all my creative energy just swings in that direction and suddenly I am planning out fic in my head instead of writing. It’s AWESOME, but not what I need right now.

(Also, not even just teen wolf. Yesterday I started writing a stucky fic? I’ve never even written that before??)

I will still be on to post the SASO Character Sheets as we finish them and when I’m logged in to do that, I will answer any asks/messages that I have but if I don’t get back to you right away, that’s why. Also the queue is set-up so the blog won’t be 100% dead. But in general, I’m disappearing for a bit!

Though, I should note that I do tend to have the self control of a small sea creature, so if you catch me on here reblogging or liking your posts- PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE AND YELL AT ME!

I love you all and shall miss you and I should be back in full in two weeks (you can write a novel in two weeks, right?)