reading fic
  • character:*asking people they respect what being in love is supposed to feel like, not understanding explanations*
  • me:...aro???
  • character:i don't understand - you're in love with me? how does that work?
  • me:ARO??????
  • character:i know you're in love with me but it just makes me kind of uncomfortable so i'm pretending i don't see it
  • character:i want to love you, but i don't think i can
  • character:i don't really get your explanation, but i guess i can give it a shot...? idk it still sounds weird though
  • me:ARO?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??
  • fic:and then, they kissed
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:

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* okay kel on Twitter I told sheut to '/suck it' because of his typing and I noticed it came off as mean and not playful so I am very very sorry about that when you do see it, Kira alerted me about it aswell so I am saver very very sorry

You’re not sorry:

You’re only sorry because Kira ( @bunny-virus​ ) said something to you on Twitter!

If she hadn’t said a word, you’d have never apologized!

Just because he doesn’t understand technology or keyboards, doesn’t give you a right to go and insult him for doing so! Fictional or not!

And you insulting him is insulting me, because you’re not thinking about my feelings about this. I put a lot of time and effort putting together this particular oc, which I never thought I would, and he’s gotten a lot of depth and development put into him. Insulting his disability (because he’s never use technology until just recently) is sick and wrong, and you need to get your head screwed on tight.

And I know it’s become a reoccurring thing, not only to me, but to other people as well.

And I also don’t believe you like him, and if you do, it’s only because of how much of an ass he is. 


So I hope you learn not only from myself, but for anyone else you keep doing this to for you to stop this.

Also, I’m making it public, so everyone can see your poor behavior.

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I do see your problem!! Unfortunately you can’t change people’s orientations, so you’ll have to start practicing seeing her just as a friend. it’ll be hard for a while but I’m sure you’ll be able to pull through <3

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Rules: Name ten favourite characters from ten different fandoms. Tag ten people & repost.

1 - The Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen

2 - Game of Thrones: Margaery Tyrell

3 - Harry Potter: Minerva McGonagall

4 - The 100: Bellamy Blake

5 - The Maze Runner: Minho

6 - Vikings: Lagertha

7 - Divergent: Christina

8 - Graceling: Katsa

9 - The Avengers: Natasha Romanoff

10 - Paper Towns: Angela

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i'm kind of afraid that someone's gonna yell at me for this but i really wanted to get it out and i hope you don't mind? basically i know that ace attorney originally was set in japan and so almost all the characters are technically asian i guess, but i've always especially strongly linked kurain and all the mediums with asia, specifically with japan, as their history, culture, and symbols (like the magatama) are really heavily referencing japan. (part 1)

so out of all the characters, i’ve always linked the fey family with having an asian heritage and just like, being asian. as an asian person myself it’s really nice to have characters like that as we tend not to really be represented as much in mainstream media, and usually we’re some sort of scientist or nerd or we’re stereotyped or made fun of somehow. so it’s really nice to have the feys. there are a lot of other characters in the series that i link with other cultures (part 2)
for example, i’m totally behind apollo and trucy being hispanic (apollo speaking spanish gives me life). but for some reason it kind of upsets me when i see people giving maya or mia some other race? it’s pretty irrational on my part to be honest because obviously people can headcanon characters as whatever they would like and that’s their right, it just makes me a little sad to see asian characters being erased and assigned to other cultures because i feel like we don’t get that many. (part 3)
i dunno like i said it’s pretty dumb cos people can see characters however they would like and there’s really no harm in it, it’s just something that i think about sometimes. sorry for spamming you with messages i really hope i didn’t upset you or anything i just really wanted to get it off my chest. i hope you have a really nice day :) (part 4)

i don’t talk about race a lot on here if ever because if you’ve ever seen my selfies you know i’m super white passing but i am part asian so i’m gonna talk about this one

so i totally get you on this i mean obviously from what we’ve seen from AA6 it appears that the Kurain culture does come from Asian (unless Capcom tries to pass that off to their western audience as like Florida or somewhere lmao) so i would think it would be obvious that the Fey family is asian but i’m sure there are people who don’t agree

we’ll definitely get more background on Kurain in AA6 and hopefully some more on Maya specifically if she’s evEN THERE some maybe we can get a little more info on the Feys’ race

my main problem though is people that whitewash the Feys like,,,,,, they Feys are not white i can’t even express how much this peeves me

  • Interviewer:are you dating anyone right now?
  • Troye:essentially, I wanna be making music my whole life, it's my first love, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon
  • Interviewer:what is your relationship status?
  • Troye:you should check out my new single YOUTH, it's an absolute hit, in my opinion and it's all about my childhood and freedom etc.

i will never understand why some people constantly try to tell us that we shouldn’t want to ship friendships romantically

like, what is so bad about shipping two people 

  • who trust each other? 
  • who respect each other?
  • who apparently have already been proven to make a great team? 
  • who care for each other very much? 
  • who have stood by each other’s side when times were darkest?
  • who have each other’s backs?
  • who are loyal to each other?
  • who developed into a better version of themselves because of each other?
  • who had an actual development through time and have grown closer and got to know each other better?
  • who simply had ACTUAL DEVELOPMENT instead of a simple “love at first sight” or an instant sexual attraction?
  • who have known each other at their best and at their worst - and yet still love each other?


not all platonic relationships have to turn into romantic ones, but healthy romantic relationships often root in friendship. they are often just expanded friendships (with sex, kisses and butterflies).

I am only in this skin for so long and you should see
what I’ve done to it already. I make myself fat, thin,
fat again; my wrists the only true pretty thing on me. 
Brenna told me something the other day, 
something that resonated but I can’t write it here,
I can’t make myself sound out the words; 
only that she’s got part of it right. As for the other half:
you don’t know the good, gentle things we exchange
in the dark. But everything has a pulse to it, 
everything bruises, even the softest moments.
Is this intense enough? Someone teach me. I’ll pay.
I like the subway at night, like crawling down deep
into the belly of the city and ride her hard,
like emerging from her womb smelling like oil,
metal, darkness. A boy stopped me on the street once,
asked whose skin tone he matched better: Mariah 
or Jennifer’s? He wanted to wear makeup and didn’t
know his foundation shade, let me hold his face
in my hands so I could see his undertones under
the light, his clouded blue heartbeat fast in his throat. 
He squeezed my wrist hard when he said goodbye,
thank you. I think about that a lot. If you tell me
to look at the moon, I’ll look at you instead.
—  Kristina Haynes, “I Hope You Get What You Deserve”