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Dunno if you've already answered this, and it's probably a stupid question, but why not use your phone for RP? Unless you just don't like the way it looks, which is totally understandable. I hope you guys can get a working computer again soon <3

Andy: it’s EXTREMELY hard to make gifs on a phone that are quality :/

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i hope you and pau get the dream daddy thing and make a stream

we’re planning on streaming soon!! but tbh i kinda wanna play dream daddy just w her??? like chill and stuff and talk in polish, so we’ll just prolly play some flash games and make a chill stream

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I don't know, i just got so down that I don't want to do anything anymore... I'm getting super tired and anxious more often too... ops, said too much, sorry to bother

Is there someone you can talk to in order to help you? Do you know when this started at all? :((
I hope you can get someone to help you.

We are always here for you *hug*

It’s anon hour time!

To participate in the inbox games, simply reblog this post or post a link to your character’s inbox. Afterwards send as many asks to other players as you like, anon or not.

Inbox Game 1:  For every 😉 I get, my muse will be edged - Let’s see how long you can keep them from orgasming! 

Inbox game 2: Send me a 🌟 and I will generate a number for what my muse will say to yours.

  1. “If you buy me pizza I’ll do your laundry for a week.”
  2. “Sometimes I think we should make out – ya know, as friends.”
  3. “You ate my icecream?! Well I hope you get the worst icecream headache.”
  4. “I got so drunk last night I fell asleep in the shower eating Chinese food.”
  5. “I’ll give you fifty dollars for your underpants.”
  6. “Is it wrong that I was totally aroused by that?”
  7. “Why did I find your backpack full of food, water bottles and some cash?”
  8. “Lets get naked and wrestle.”
  9. “I tried to build some drawers from IKEA, I’m pretty sure I made a desk instead.”
  10. “Have you ever had a coffee so strong you could feel your heartbeat in your eyeballs?”
  11. “Okay, I admit it, I was just trying to sleep with you.”
  12. “The pillow still smells like you… oh that’s a weird thing to say holy shit!”
  13. “Whipped cream or chocolate sauce?”
  14. “I don’t need you, I’ve got Netflix.”
  15. “You’re not acting like yourself, is there something you need to tell me?”
  16. “Come sit on my lap.”
  17. “I don’t have a gag reflex.”
  18. “I’m gonna leave so many hickeys on you… show everyone that you’re taken.”
  19. “Would you prefer lingerie or a collar?”
  20. “I can’t even look at you right now.”
  21. “I’m just saying you’d look way better naked.”
  22. “D-don’t make me moan, I don’t want anyone to catch us…”
  23. “I promise I won’t draw dicks on you if you get so drunk you pass out.”
  24. “Something smells absolutely delicious!”
  25. “Start searching for secret doors. It’s a dungeon, there’s always a secret door.”
  26. “Everyone thinks this is so intimate, being in bed together… I just want to sleep.”
  27. “I don’t even know how to hold this thing, how do you expect me to use it?”
  28. “Is that blade just for show, or can you actually use it?”
  29. “We should probably hold hands or something. In case the floor gives way. Can’t be too careful.”
  30. “C’mere – I am an amazing big spoon.”

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((I'm tryin to convince my mom to take me to the rerun of BMC in November and I'm like so freaking anxious rn hhhh Your ART IS AWESOME, BTW! i dunno how you manage to draw the bois i cant figure out how))

(( Yooooo!! I hope you get to see it!! And thank you!! (honestly I dont know how to draw them I just wing it and hope people know what character I drew ;u;) ))

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I hope you get the tampon out soon bbg😘 ilysm!!!

I’m gonna save this ask and show it to ppl out of context lmao

I hope I get it out too bc I had plans to fuck this week and now it doesn’t look like that’s happening - also I don’t want cotton soaking up my juices for days UGH this week is not going my way

I love you too bby!!!!

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Hi! I heard that you've been playing Dream Daddy, can I ask how much it costs? I've been wanting to buy it from Steam and currently am not able to check Steam but would like to know so I could perhaps get a Steam Card or something. Also love the work that you do! Keep it up!

Hey thank you so much! And the game costs $15 on Steam! So pretty good for how much detail is in the game and how much work went into it!

I hope you’re able to get it~

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Have you thought of buying or partnering with your old owner?? I hope you're out looking for another job in the meantime, and I hope you get one that's amazing and perfect for you!!

Mmmmmmm I really don’t want to be a cafe owner.

As much as I…don’t mind it as a job, it’s not something I’d like to make a career, and that would really just trap me there forever.

Thankfully we have a lot of savings and hubby technically makes enough to support us through until I figure something else out. He supports me leaving too based on a bunch of other things I’m worried about (new owner asked if it was legal to rent out the place for poker parties. Nope. Nope no no NOT.)

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PLEAAAAASEEEEE post the recipes for the jap food you've cooked they look INCREDIBLE and i'd love to get back to cooking > < i used to cook for myself in uni but now i can't be bothered but seeing the things you've made made me want to cook again!!

Ahhhhhh what a compliment thank you so so much!!! I will, and I hope that I help you get back into making some yummy food for yourself!

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Omg i forgot the swears in spain: que te folle un pez (i hope you get fucked by a fish) me cago en tus muertos (i shit on all your dead ancestors) me cago en la mierda(i shit on the shit) WTF SPAIN



“The Boltons are dead. Jon Snow came down from Castle Black with a wildling army and won the Battle of the Bastards. He’s King in the North now.”