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What are some blogs that post only/almost entirely gintama? I just joined the Fandom so I'm not sure who to follow, thanks in advance! ^^

Oh, I am so happy to know that you are now in the Gintama fandom (it’s an amazing one anony)! You can check these blogs here: x. Also I will increase this list by including these blogs that I discovered that have amazing posts of Gintama too: @bertholdts, @dongwoonn, @kamuisyato, @mukoros and @toshihiji! And to make this list more complete - for fanarts/fanfictions I know of these ones: @akelyokikagu, @desuzee@ikesoji, @jejesart, @kotomaru0306@late-nightlove and @tsukimiyo! Also you can check my blogroll! :D

Someone hit the light 
‘Cause there’s more here to be seen 
When you caught my eye 
I saw everywhere I’d been
And wanna go to

You came on your own 
That’s how you’ll leave 
With hope in your hands 
And air to breathe 

I won’t disappoint you 
As you fall apart 
Some things should be simple 
Even an end has a start 

-“An End Has A Start” the editors



These fashionable boys would love to hang out with you! Pick between Suga, Oikawa, Kuroo, or Bokuto. They’ll charm you with their fashionable style :D  

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“I expect that the more intimate the place,” Cas suggested, “the longer the afterglow.”

Based on whelvenwings’ amazing colour!verse.


Gintama + favorite episode “The Bathhouse, Where You’re Naked in Body and Soul”

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