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Hi! I just started following you recently and you seem super awesome and nice which is why I wanted to ask you -- I'm new ish to the Taylor side of Tumblr and I really want to make some friends here, but I'm not sure how. I haven't had a lot of success in the past. But I desperately need people who understand my love for Taylor because most of my family and friends just don't get it ahaha. And people here seem like a family. Anyway, I hope you're having fun carving pumpkins! 🎃

Well first off welcome to the fandom buddy! I hope you have fun on here, this place is a blast and the people here are incredible I can tell you that! I met my best friend on here and finally got to meet her in person this past weekend so believe me when I say, you find lasting friendships here! So you will have no problem finding people who understand your love for Taylor, because that’s why we are all here haha! To get you started, follow @stillgotscars @bellepetitemoi @tswiftyaussie @salmeier @tayswiftnation @iknowplaces13 @eightynineisfine @heypay @backtothehouseinthebackyardtree @your-eyez-look-like-coming-home @in-her-wildest-dreams @itsjustinyourwildestdreams @drunkonnjealousy @93emb  @whit-tay13 @13alltooswiftie @megluvstswift @hashbrownswift those are just some off the top of my head quickly! They are all amazing people in this fandom I have come to know and call friends and if you follow their blogs, you will not only come to know these amazing people, but you will find all the other amazing people on here that I have come to know and love! I hope you have an amazing time in this fandom buddy, I won’t lie, with every fandom there can be some tense times and drama, but there are so many wonderful people here that it outweighs all that!


Two preview pictures of the last embroidered Art corset before Ldoll <3 We’re leaving on friday(flying, so it’s only like an hour and a half :D), so the shop will go on vacation then! Of course all sold orders will be shipped out before I leave ^_^ I have made over 50 handembroidered corsets especially for Ldoll, so I can’t wait to show them off and I hope people will like them! <3 And of course, our beautiful Poppedijns in their handembroidered outfits will be there too..so exciting! :D

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according to their logic you apparently dont have the right to get mad over someone using YOUR art which you spent HOURS on and all you ask is for a few words of credit. wow so much work just to credit the person who made your icon!! okay dude whatever. anyways i hope you dont gotta put up with anymore ignorant people like this again. your art is great

i honestly don’t get it…. i always ask nicely whenever i see someone using my art without credit so it’s not like i was being rude to them?? ): 

thank you though! i’m glad people are supporting me, it honestly helps me a lot.

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people are trusting the gays with the cw again yikes yall go love yourselves they're not gonna explicity give them a relationship simply because it's a family show and they're not gonna want piss off the white homophobic moms whose kids are watching. they're gonna make it subtle enough for you to detect the gay and thats gonna be it.

i dont know that it’s gonna go down exactly like that and i’m glad people have hope again but i personally don’t trust the cw with my rep and am gonna wait to see how it plays out to decide my feelings about the show

Hey guys! I’m Victor and I’m 15 years old. This is my first time submitting here so I hope to meet some new people:)

I like reading. Mostly I read YA but I’m trying to force myself to read some classics as well. My favorite book is The Perks Of Being a Wallflower.
Also I like different kinds of music. Mostly I listen to Ellie Goulding, Linkin Park, Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, Hayley Kiyoko etc.
I don’t watch a lot of tv shows although I have some favorite ones: Glee is my favorite show of all time, The Fosters, Faking it and How to get away with a murder.
I’m also into languages. Currently I’m learning German but I’m not very good at it enough yet.

My perfect pen pal is someone who is 14-17 years old, not homophobic or racist (this is important) and not rude. I don’t really care where are you from or what your religion is. Race and sexuality also don’t matter.

You can message me on kik: vic77890

I hope to hear from you soon:)

Major Arcana Inspired Character Asks

Leave a card in my inbox! 

The Fool: When has your character been excited to start a new journey?
The Magician: How does your character unleash their creativity or resourcefulness?
The High Priestess: When has trusting their instincts paid off for your character?
The Empress: Who has been a positive female figure in your character’s life?
The Emperor: Who has been a positive male figure in your character’s life?
The Hierophant: Who has served as a mentor to your character?
The Lovers: Which of your character’s relationships has been the most positive? (Romantic or otherwise)
The Chariot: What goal is your character determined to reach?
Strength: On what issue is your character persistent?
The Hermit: Write about a time your character did some soul searching. What did they find?
The Wheel of Fortune: What are your character’s proudest successes?
Justice: When has your character felt satisfied with the conclusion to a major dispute or concern?
The Hanged Man: When has your character needed to step back and look at things from a different perspective?
Death: When has your character had to let go of something in their life?
Temperance: How does your character balance their life?
The Devil: Does your character ever neglect their wild side?
The Tower: When has your character lost an ideal or relationship?
The Star: When has your character been most hopeful?
The Moon: When has your character’s path been unclear?
The Sun: When does your character sit back and enjoy themselves?
Judgment: Has your character ever been given a second chance?
The World: When has one of your character’s dreams come true?

Bonus: Major Arcana in Reverse!

The Fool in Reverse: When has your character acted recklessly?
The Magician in Reverse: When was your character manipulated?
The High Priestess in Reverse: When has your character felt betrayed emotionally?
The Empress in Reverse: When has your character felt dependent on another?
The Emperor in Reverse: When is your character inflexible or stubborn?
The Hierophant in Reverse: When has your character’s personal beliefs been challenged?
The Lovers in Reverse:  When has your character experienced heartbreak?
The Chariot in Reverse: When has your character’s pride or arrogance been their downfall?
Strength in Reverse: What are your character’s doubts or insecurities?
The Hermit in Reverse: When has your character felt the most alone?
The Wheel of Fortune in Reverse: When has your character felt their life was no longer under their control?
Justice in Reverse: When has your character been treated unfairly or cruelly?
The Hanged Man in Reverse: When has your character tried to avoid making a major decision?
Death in Reverse: When has your character tried to fight change?
Temperance in Reverse: When has your character felt overwhelmed?
The Devil in Reverse: When has your character suffered from refusing to break off an unhealthy relationship?
The Tower in Reverse: When has your character’s actions led to disaster?
The Star in Reverse: When has your character lost faith?
The Moon in Reverse: When does your character mistrust their feelings or intuition?
The Sun in Reverse: When does your character’s goal seem just out of reach?
Judgment in Reverse: When has your character found it difficult to forgive themselves?
The World in Reverse: What is your character holding back? 


Tokyo has become a cruel and merciless city—a place where vicious creatures called “ghouls” exist alongside humans. The citizens of this once great metropolis live in constant fear of these bloodthirsty savages and their thirst for human flesh. However, the greatest threat these ghouls pose is their dangerous ability to masquerade as humans and blend in with society.

→ Imagined Tokyo Ghoul Book Covers


Haikyuu - Criminal AU

This au is thought up by two artists, @nekokat42 and me, we’re not trying to write so the AU is just a bunch of events without an actual plot (for now- we’re open to collaborate w/ writers tho ^^)

The au is very violent and very sad. If you don’t like seeing your favs getting hurt, it’s probably not for you!

the HQ teams are criminal families. The captains are heads of these families.

The characters are aged up to mid thirties, the youngest is Akane at 18.

There are big time gaps between these events:

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