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i love love ur voltron hcs!! would you have any about hunk? i feel like he deserves more attention from this fandom,,

thanks bud!! have some hunk o’ burning love

  • that friend who’ll draw on your face in sharpie if you fall asleep near him but also get you a blanket so you don’t catch a cold
  • things hunk would take a bullet for: 1. his friends 2. duct tape
    • he’s an engineer, duct tape has saved his grade and his life on multiple occasions 
  • has Opinions™, will make sure you hear them whether you want to or not
  • he and allura are the squad gossips
  • yes he can benchpress lance, they established this very early on in their friendship
  • Anxious and Annoyed
  • shit: *goes down* hunk: *determinately adjusts headband*
  • is continuously blown away by how normal he is compared to the rest of the team. aliens show up and everyone else is like “business as usual” meanwhile hunk’s like?? we’re in a robot cat the fuck?????????
  • the kind of guy you’d want to play barbies with
    • he lives and breathes drama
    • he could write you an entire soap opera (based in part on lance’s life) if he wanted to
  • lance: “dude you read my diary?!” hunk: “okay to be fair, I didn’t know it was your diary at first. i thought it was just a very sad, handwritten book”

I hope the people at the post office enjoys my drawings as much as my mailman does because I always hear him go “awwwww” whenever he picks up my mail.

Two things

1. GG may be well loved and lovable, (and I don’t care that it’s not part of his job) but if he doesn’t support WestAllen publicly, or support CP publicly especially on twitter or IG where he has millions of followers it ain’t right. It just isn’t right. People can keep babying him and saying he can do whatever he wants, and he can, but as someone’s friend and as a co-star you have to acknowledge each other. That said, I don’t think he has to all the time, but a once in a while shout out or a sign of appreciation or respect JUST to CP, or a retweet would suffice. I don’t check his twitter though, so I dunno for sure, but I just hope he doesn’t act like WA doesn’t exist, that’s not okay.

2. Grandice was definitely happening bts for episode 3 I don’t care what anyone says. The bts pictures we got shows that GG and CP were acting way beyond what was actually filmed. The pointing of their hands interlocked was GG (and Barry) but GG really because that wasn’t shot. And it’s possible that they didn’t know that part wasn’t going to be in there but when you think about how the camera was positioned, it would give that away.

Also, in the scene where they kissed, like the papz said that they did the scene over and over again, and that they were DANCING. The final cut was like 1 minute (exaggeration don’t know how long it was), and the kisses looked a lot less passionate than the pics (though still so so so great!). Idk, but I do know that there was a fancy table set up that wasn’t even SHOWN in the scene. This is all very tea worthy stuff. Just sayin’. What did they do after filming? What did they joke about? How did the dancing start? ☕ Anyways just my two cents, I love WA more right now (because GG wylin) but thought I’d point out some interesting stuff!

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Fate and Airplanes

This is for @a-court-of-throne-of-glass who oh so nicely asked for an AU Elorcan fic. I hope you like this (it came to me at 2 AM and I couldn’t stop it)


Elide Lochan knew one thing: she was completely fucked if she missed this flight. Her uncle had caught up with her and she could hear him chasing her as she ran towards the terminal. She ran as fast as her injured ankle would carry her, pushing people out of the way and hoping they blocked her uncle from catching up. She didn’t stop the apologize, she didn’t have time. She needed to beat the plane and she needed to get the hell out of Morath.

She got to terminal A and made her way to the front of the line. She collided with a brute of a man, his dark hair hung at his shoulders. He turned to glare at her. She could feel the anger and hostility roll off him in waves. But that didn’t intimidate her. He had a good foot or two on her. She didn’t even think twice she grabbed his massive arm and pulled him around in front of her. She successfully blocked herself from view as her uncle raced on by.

“What the hell?” His voice was deep and full of annoyance.

Only then, after he growled the words, did she realize she had actually done it. She would never see the inside of her tower again. Her breath caught in her throat as she realized this was freedom. A laugh bubbled out of the back of her throat. She had somehow gotten away. She wouldn’t go back, she refused to let her uncle marry her off, or worse, sell her to the highest bidder. Elide stopped and looked up at the man who had just saved her

Her dark eyes found an incredibly handsome stranger staring down at her. He was very tall, taller than any man she had ever met before. His eyes were as dark as his hair. But it wasn’t his looks that made her breath catch, or stop the laughter from falling out of her mouth. Instead it was the hard muscle her hand was still touching. His body seemed like it was modeled from stone.

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Aesthetic for a Kirumi Toujou who was in love with Shinguuji Korekiyo and misses him a lot, with black roses!

I hope this is alright! If you need any changes, just drop an ask right by, alright?

Hey, Toujou! I know how hard it is to miss somebody, but you shouldn’t worry your head for a moment! You’ll find him, you will!! Keep your hopes up!! Put out canon calls, look through tags, join discord groups and skype groups, and anything else you can do, and you’ll find him! Like a bird being given a push by the wind under her wings, with a little effort, luck will shine your way!! Good luck, Toujou!! - Mod Komaeda!

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If Richie goes to hell in Kate's place you know tumblr will spin it like 'he did it so Seth could be happy with Kate and made the sacrifice for his brother to be with his true love' I am calling it now.

Ugh they better not spin it like that anon. I can’t bare the idea of the writers sending Richie out of S3 like that.

He better go out a hero and we better get those emotional scenes between Kichie and the Gecko brothers in that finale. I WANT TEARS AND PAIN!! I WANT PHENOMENAL ACTING MOMENTS! However regardless of how its portrayed on the show you know certain people are still going to make something else out of it because you know favoritism.. xP

I just hope Richie’s story ends on a high note setting up amazing things for S4 between him and Seth as well as with Kate. That’s all I want anon. I just want my favorite character to get the love, respect and appreciation he deserves. And I really want Richie’s relationship with Kate not to be disregarded/devalued anymore because its just as important as his relationship with Seth. 

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i just show video on news of teenage boy body slam a young girl and knocked her out, like wtf, if i was there i would knock his block off, form what i heard there was a agurment but then he attacked the girl, so sick how people rise and let boys like this do harmful shit.

same anon told you about the teenage boy knocking out young girl, also found she had a seizure after waking up, the argument happened because she wanted him to apologise for calling her an b*tch and c*nt.

So she tried to stand up for herself and get him to apologize for being an asshole to her, so he attacked her. And people have the nerve to turn around and say that we should just speak up when other people are being rude to us.

I really hope she’s alright. If you have any further information on her, please let us know, okay? Maybe she has a fundraiser or something we can help out with.

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character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Lavellan, also Merrill (I think he would find her fascinating)

brotp: Cole

general opinions: He’s my problematic fave. I love Solas so much but … I also want to shake him and wake him up because his plan is so bad, really, and will hurt so many people. But he’s also so very interesting and, yes, FRUSTRATING. I hope we can save him from making another terrible mistake but I really don’t have too much hope. 

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if you kill toredd make torm feel it's his fault it happened because o how he made toredd feel even worse for what happened to jodd

People are getting mad at Torm and I feel the need to defend him

Heres a list of things Torm has gone through in his 2 year life span:

-split himself in half and watched a part of himself die

-take care of a 1 year old child and deal with the stresses of being a parent

-realize that the clones being made are being raised for an army, and all friendly relationships made will most likely be torn apart by death

-Made friends anyway in hopes of a happy ending

-freaked out and struggled to figure out how to break it to said friends that they are clones, struggled with being the only one to know the truth

-went on a harrowing escape that took him away from the only home he’d ever known, dealing with he stresses of a familiar robot and the fact that he screamed out that they are clones

-watched one friend get stabbed by another friend for no apparent good reason, tried to save said friend, and then had said friend die in his arms, melting into nothingness moments later

Torm doesn’t know why Toredd did what they did, he only knows what they did.  He’s hurt, and angry, and from his point of view he’s being kind because he’s allowing Toredd to stay around.

It’s only been a day since Jodd died.

Yall need to chill

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As a fan of Knuckle Puck, and someone who hasn't watched Jarrod Alonge in about a year. He's definitely in the right here. Knuckle Puck doesn't understand how fair use works. He's not plagiarising them, he made a shirt that is a parody of the band, and is a reference to one of his own videos. It's 'transformative', which is why it's legal and fair of him to do. It's also why people like Weird Al,Yourmoviesucks, and I Hate Everything can do their job. I hope they realize that sooner than later.

1. it’s not about fair use, its about respect. KP asked jarrod alonge to take down the shirt, he didn’t. and that’s when it got wild. there has been long standing issues between jarrod and KP and i’m very certain jarrod knew this shirt would set it everything off. 

2. even if it was about fair use, there’s more than to a fair use evaluation of a parody. knuckle puck could easily sue and very easily win if they could prove that jarrod’s design cuts into their market for their own merch, then it violates parody law. it could easily be mistaken for an actual KP shirt and someone could easily choose to purchase that Alonge merch over authentic KP merch. 

jarrod is 100% in the wrong here, knuck definitely overreacted but jarrod alonge is a dick and always has been a dick and continues to profit off of people who are actually creating authentic content. 

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if they really wanted to enforce delena's "consuming" love, they should've had other people point out to elena that she was consumed rather than her saying it all the time because it just sounded so awkward and forced whenever it came out of her mouth. i like when tvd has themes about hope and never giving up but i think the whole 'consumed' and 'choices' themes were overdone. also show us that damon consumes her, how they showed us how stefan let her make her own choices. stop just telling us!

And even then it should be used sparingly. Like when Blair tells Chuck how much she loves him in season 2, she’s making a point, her hands are on his face, her voice is trembling, she’s crying and she says, “I love you so much. It consumes me.”

And that is actually earned because you see all the shit that Chuck and Blair went through and put each other through where it’s like yeah, that shit is consuming as fuck, girl.

With Cesare and Lucrezia in The Borgias, it’s incest, man, and you see how much it fucks up their lives that they’re in whatever the hell they’re in, there are some moments that are just too much to handle because Francois Arnaud who plays Cesare did an exceptional job showing how much he hates himself for being attracted to Lucrezia while also showing how much he’s attracted to Lucrezia, like it’s sinfully well-done, I was messed up about it EVERY TIME. Anyway, there’s a scene where they’re hugging and they look at each other and it’s a charged moment so Cesare backs away because he’s like nope, nope, we’re not, nope and Lucrezia has this speech in response:

It’s not the word ‘consume’ but it’s the same idea; they don’t go around telling each other how consumed or overwhelmed with sensation they are, we see all the shit that they deal with and then they have this moment where they actually talk about it!

Buffy has stopped seeing Spike and he’s trying to make a case for their relationship and he says this:

It’s always to make a point, it’s always a sense of revelation and it’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS devastating, it’s never a flippant remark, it’s never breathy, gaga school girl eyes, it’s factual almost in how unbelievably weighty it is and the to say the word, it’s ALWAYS earned because with DE when, Elena? When were you consumed by Damon? When was this? When you kissed him at the motel, that shit was thirst and that’s not the same thing.

If they wanted to underlie the consuming aspect next to the fact that we need to see how Damon consumes Elena, people need to get mad at Elena for how she acts in response to him and not because of a sire bond and not just Jeremy being snarky on the phone for a second. A consuming love torpedos your entire life, guys, I ain’t seeing that with DE.

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Why does Yixing not like being called cute?

He doesn’t mind being called it every now and again, especially if he is actually doing something cute (i.e- aegyo, playing with babies, etc.); but he believes he’s grown out of simply being just “cute” (he first said it last year right around his birthday). He wants people to see him as a man who is multifaceted and dynamic, not just “cute” and simple.

Hope this helped!

–Admin Lily

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I was hoping for John Winchester to return but instead we got Mary :( I mean .. it's a good thing that Dean will feel some sort of happiness. Because he deserves to be happy. But I wanted John back.

I’d love for John to be back too, but I don’t think that’s going to happen unfortunately because of how busy JDM is with The Walking Dead (I mean, he’s like the biggest bad to ever bad on there). It sucks though, cause I would LOVE to see him back too.

Okay so since I’ve been on a major roll with my posts lately I’m just gonna add another thing about Rafe that I really hope people will take note of because I see this way more than I would like: Rafe isn’t psychotic and he isn’t a psychopath.

Like okay so lemme make it clear. Rafe doesn’t have psychosis that is obvious. And while Rafe has obvious social disorder (I relate super well to his behavior when he interacts with people) but believe me he lacks lots of key stuff for being a psychopath. If you really want to pin point a potential mental illness and social disorder, sociopath fits him better. Please look up the differences.

Like I support people thinking of headcanons but psychopathic qualities are very different than sociopathic qualities and I think if people read the difference they’ll understand that Rafe falls more into a sociopathic personality if it HAS to be one of those two.