Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel - Behind the Scenes (Part Six)

From the DVD commentary with Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), and Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler)

[talking about climbing the rope ladder to the zeppelin]
Noel: Now, how high did you guys climb on this ladder?

Shaun: It was high!  It was very high.  It must have been about 20… 25… 30 feet

Camillie:  Really?  And you were hanging on at 25 feet?

Shaun: It was on a crane in the middle of this runway, with a massive fan blowing on us, and we’re swinging around.

Noel: I love how your hair blows in the wind as well

Shaun: Thanks, mate.  We had harnesses on, so we couldn’t actually fall off.

Camille:  Oh!  What are you moaning about then?

[talking about the TARDIS landing in Jackie’s flat]

Camille: How much do you love the TARDIS?  Wow!

Shaun: I love the fact that the TARDIS comes back - into your kitchen!

Camille: Yes!  It’s in the lounge

Shaun: Oh, is it the lounge?  Brilliant! Has it done that before?

Camille: No.  Look!  It’s sitting in the lounge, I love that!

Shaun: It’s just like - there it is!

Camille:  It’s great, isn’t it?

Noel: Did it break the coffee table or something?

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Roses Are Red, Foxes Are Too (Part 1/2)

Fandom: Zootopia
Pairing: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps
Rating: K+
WC: 2586
Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day at the ZPD, and love is in the air! Judy’s arranged a rose exchange, giving her partner-in-solving-crime the perfect opportunity. Nick just might summon enough courage to tell Judy how he really feels about her…

…Or maybe he’ll just get Clawhauser to do it for him. A short, fluffy, two-shot fic for the holiday!

[Part 2

If there was one thing Nick’s best friend loved, it was holidays. While the fox himself was hardly festive, Judy Hopps was more than enough for the both of them.

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so we see a lot of zircon content (zircontent if you will) making references to the ace attorney games which is great and cute

but imagine the zircons actually playing it themselves…

we know steven plays animal crossing from some minor details in the show along with some other games i can’t remember but he could most certainly could have a hold of other DS games including AA

so if zircon/s end up escaping to earth, imagine steven teaching them about games to help relax/relieve stress and.. “Oh! I think you’ll like this one :D”

chances are they may want to be nowhere near lawyer business as theyve spent the last thousands of years working for tyrants but heY

Writing this book is so damn painful!  Why do I have to wrench out my heart so?  I have stuff like this

The image that they painted in Montesecco’s mind was almost too gruesome to bear.  He had seen countless corpses strayed valiantly across the battlefield with swords still in their hands, and many others lying peacefully beside the altars of churches – but when he considered the two young men, their throats slit like sheep and their limbs splayed out about them, he began to feel bile burn in his throat and a heaviness settle behind his eyes.

and then this

He looked aside, his gaze settling somewhere between the wall and the chair in which Lucrezia sat.  As he heard the steps patter above them again, he thought of his own son one day coming to him with glee in his eyes as he begged him to stroll through the gardens – and he promised himself that he would not be quite so busy as his brother always was.  But it seemed to distant, as though it would never come to be.

and I just … agh kill me


Behind the Scenes of Evolution of the Daleks / Daleks In Manhattan (Part Four)

Excerpt from the DVD Commentary by David Tennant, Nick Briggs (voice of the Daleks), and Barney Curnow (Visual Effects On Set Supervisor)

[talking about the Tenth Doctor screaming up at the Daleks]
Nick Briggs: Now this was incredible, David, you doing this.  You had to do so many takes and so many different shots of this, and every time you were working yourself up. Of course, I do hear everybody’s mics on my headphones

David Tennant: Oh, all the radio mics get sent through to you

Nick: Yeah, I get that all the time, so I could really hear you going through agony to get yourself to the right pitch <tries to mimic David’s heavy, fast breathing noises> …and it’s really quite disturbing, actually.

David: We did do a lot of coverage on this, didn’t we? Because there’s so many people to cover, I suppose. You try to give it your all each time, but unfortunately I think I slightly overdid it because there’s a scene that we filmed the next day, which we’ll come to later, where I sound a little bit vocally worse-for-wear, frankly.  That will come ‘round in about 20 odd minutes time.

Nick: I think it paid off, because you just have that fear that… It’s like with me doing the voice, because it’s never about the shot for my voice. Every time I have to do it at the big pitch just in case they decide to use that bit for technical reasons.

David: Right.

Nick: And likewise for you - it would be Murphy’s Law, as it were, that the one take you weren’t happy with and up to pitch that for some techinical reason that should be the shot

David: Exactly

Nick:  I was very impressed

David: Well thanks, Nick

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Ritual for Yule.

Starting at sundown on the 21st, I keep a candle lit on my altar. I consecrate the candle with Saint John’s Wort oil and homemade incense. Before it burns down completely, I light a new candle from the wick of the old one and switch them out, keeping the fire alive throughout the longest night and into the day of the solstice.

The next day, just before sundown on the 22nd, having kept the flame lit for almost 24 hours, I take my candle and my supplies out to the forest.

I find my ritual space, pouring out some holy water on the ground and lighting incense for the local forest spirits. 

My ritual for the darkest day and the end of the year is one of healing, growth, and recovery. This year has been a good one for me, overall, a year of accomplishments and new journeys. But no year is without hardships or failures, and now at the end of the year, I am burying my struggles and pain and greeting the new year without them.

I take the heart of an animal, previously cleansed and consecrated for this ritual (it is paramount, when using remains of the dead, to ask permission and give offerings to it’s previous owner) and after my invocation, I cut it in half. I rub the inner chambers with salt, purifying the any wounds. Then I stuff the heart with bittersweet berries, rosemary, thyme, bleeding heart flowers, and dried peony petals. I speak my incantation, pouring all my intent into the work. I ask the spirits and the land for closure, for healing, to help leave my struggles behind me, and to join me in the new year. I thank them for their guidance and protection this year.

I sew the heart back up with kitchen twine place my wreath of holly around it. The wreath was made on the day of the autumnal equinox, the start of the dark half of the year, and I have kept it on my altar all fall. Holly, being an evergreen hedge plant that lives throughout the winter, has been my protection and warding plant of choice. Now, at the solstice, the days will start to grow longer, the sun will get higher, and I’m returning my wreath to the land.

I pray over my offering in the dark woods. When I’m ready to close my ritual, I pour Saint John’s Wort tincture, Saint John’s Wort oil, and dried Saint John’s Wort flowers over the wreath and heart. Saint John’s Wort, one of my oldest plant allies, is the most holy herb of the sun. It is phenomenal for protection and exorcism and I use it in three forms to honour the return of the sun. When I have finished my prayers, I take the candle from my altar and light the wreath.

I keep vigil over the fire as it quickly circles the heart. The dried holly burns quickly and the wet meat of the heart is relatively untouched by the fire. After the wreath is ash, I dig a pit in the earth and I place the stuffed heart and ashes of the wreath inside it. I leave a final offering of holy water before burying them.

Now my ritual is done. Afterwards, I thank the forest and land spirits, I release my circle, and at last, I blow out the candle flame that I have kept lit for an entire day now. The longest night is over and my vigil is complete. 

more dive into the heart stuff

I really like the idea of learning to meditate and come to this place that represents one’s metaphorical heart as a skill that you can learn after you reach Master

and there are tricks to it, like learning to open doors to your memories and speak with parts of your subconscious maybe (or whatever other hearts might be inside yours, in riku or sora’s case)

sometimes, when the bond is strong enough, you can even get your heart to resonate with other people’s and let them see your thoughts and memories by letting them into your station of serenity

tbh the idea of my tc finding my blog isn’t that bad to me
because whatever I post here is honest and comes from my heart
I always post stuff saying that he makes me happy and that he is my favourite person in the world (also it’s the easiest way of him finding out that I have feelings for him)

Sometimes I even imagine him reacting to every single one of my posts,
like the ones that mention how much I appreciate that he is in my life and how one smile of his can make me melt and the fact that talking to him brightens my whole day

seriously go to your blog and imagine him/her reacting to your posts

downwarddingo  asked:


1. Summer or Winter Enbian?

Summer B)

4. Horror movie or comedy Enbian?

Neither? I dislike most mainstream ideas of comedy and diligently avoid it, I tend to just watch cartoons or sci fi/ action movies instead. Both horror or comedy elements are cool tho if done well! I do prefer light-hearted stuff.

6. Birds or Reptiles Enbian?

I mean, birds are technically dinosaurs, yes? which are technically reptiles, yes?? (Don’t make me choose…. I love birds. I love snakes and geckoes and lizards and crocodilians toooooooooo !!)

13. Tux or Vest Enbian?


20. Green or Blue Enbian?


I am terrible at this but I mean I’m nonbinary I just default to chosing both or neither if confronted with any either/or question  I just……… what did u expect………….. /ollies out

anonymous asked:

dO KAREZI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR DAVEREZI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or rOSEMARY???

Anonyme a dit : please do rosemary Anonyme a dit: ROSEMARY

Rosemary then :)

Send me a ship…and I’ll tell you who holds what

The umbrella, when it rains - 

The popcorn at the cinema - 

The baby, when it cries - 

The ice cream cone, when they share - 

The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - 

The basket, when they go shopping - 

The door, on dates - 

The other’s hand, most often - 

Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - 

lycanthropoyremade  asked:

i'm not sure if you'll see this tbh but i just wanted to thank you ?? like this kind of weird lmao but stuff has been really tough for me lately and i've lost a lot of people in my family over the past 4 weeks and sitting down and watching your streams while i draw or do whatever has really helped me!! it's really good distraction and you're hilarious and literally always make me smile so thank u so much for being you!! you make a lot of people happy and we all appreciate what you do ;w;

Thank you so much for this ask, it really warms my heart when I see stuff like this. Sometimes babby joel has days when he’s down too, but knowing that people enjoy my streams and make them smile puts a smile on my face back. You and so many others matter the world to me, thank you.

anonymous asked:

so i'm equally eXCITED for season 3 to start as i am each approaching day when u post a new drawing. question is: will u still be updating new drawings once the episodes air or will u be like me/all of the fandom dead/recovering from death? either way i heart your purdy stuff :)

I’ve survived 10 months of hiatus, I’m not going to die now… I hope so :D

I have few tips for you:

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