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🔥 let's start with the cannest of worms, cc shipping ?? :0

Oh man … I’ve already bitched so very much about shipping, so I’m not sure I’ll cover any new ground. So instead of giving a singular unpopular opinion, let’s just try several because I do so love screaming into the void:

  • Daniel should not be in any romantic relationship ever. Except maybe with Dirty Kevin, but Kev’s still kinda too good for him. And Kevin sold meth to children.
  • I don’t get Max/Preston even a little bit.
  • Bonvid is (was?) adorable and kinda made sense
    • Tangentially related: I don’t hate her for dumping him, even though she did it in a kinda shitty way.

There. That should cover a couple bases. No real revelations here, but that’s okay.

today i was studying math and the subject was lines and the book reminded me that, by definition, lines are infinite - which i totally forgot until now

so, of course the first thing that came to mind was stucky’s quote “i’m with you til the end of the line” 

guys, lines have no end so it’s literally about being together forever and not just their “end” cause lines are infinite and so is steve and bucky’s love for each other and i’m just

noct loves prompto so much you guys

(So I was going to attach this to this post but everything spun wildly out of control. I have too many feelings about this okay.)

Noctis has spent his whole life surrounded by people who have simultaneously babied him and pushed him to the limits of his abilities. Just look at Gladio and Ignis–always there to support him in his daily life at the same time that their job is, literally, to mold him into a flawless leader above any reproach.

And more than that, Noctis is never around anyone openly vulnerable. He grows up around war heroes and politicians and people whose response to failure or trauma of any kind is to shrug it off or grin and bear it. Even his own father has to be stoic despite pain and strife; he’s so endearingly awkward when he bids farewell to his son at the start of the game, unable to offer any comfort or show any grief beyond a small plea for Noct to remain strong in the face of adversity.

You can see how Noctis has internalized all of this; how he becomes emotionally remote whenever catastrophe occurs. When his father dies, when Luna dies, when Prompto is captured, he doesn’t allow himself to cry or seek comfort from anyone. He distances himself, puts up a front. Turns inward.

But then there’s Prompto.

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My favourite thing about ridiculously tall!Bahorel is just imagining Bahorel randomly picking up and carrying around various Amis for whatever reasons like:

  • Enjolras and Grantaire are arguing and at one point Bahorel just stands up, throws Enjolras over his shoulder - who will later deny that he totally shrieked there a little - and puts him back down at the other end of the room to calm down.
  • Bahorel carrying Joly on his shoulders when he’s having a bad day with his leg, Joly using his cane to poke people from Bahorel’s back giggling into his ear
  • Courfeyrac as the smallest of the Amis being picked up by Bahorel whenever he wants to shout at some bigoted assholte two heads taller than him
  • A drunk Bossuet can usually be found on Bahorel’s back, arms stretched out shouting ‘EEEEEAGLE’
  • During boxing training with Grantaire Bahorel just sometimes grabs him around the waist and throws him over the shoulder and ‘This is not how it works Bahorel, we’re not wrestling, let me the fuck down!’ ‘You wanna wrestle? I can let you down if you wanna wrestle.’’Shut up, asshole.’ ‘Aww.’
  • Jehan having writer’s blog and Bahorel just walking over and picking them up by their feet so they’re upside down and Jehan’s just like, ‘Oh, new perspective, good idea, thanks Bahorel!’
  • Feuilly falling asleep while they’re watching a movie and Bahorel silently turning off the tv and carefully picking him up to carry him to the bed with a soft smile on his face
  • Combeferre is actually the only one who’s able to pick up Bahorel because they’re about the same height, he does, once, when Bahorel is drunk and not really able to walk anymore (Bahorel starts crying because ‘It’s so beautiful up here, oh my god’, the stars are like, in my face! Hey Feuilly! The sky has freckles too!!)
The Sherlock Fandom - Shipping
  • Jonlock: It’s totally canon. Here, have some Meta on why we're right.
  • Shermolly: Molly deserves all the happiness in the world that’s reason enough.
  • Molliarty: Molly deserves all the happiness in the world and we’re somewhat crazy.
  • Sheriarty: They are two sides of a coin end of discussion.
  • Mystrade: I just have too many Mycroft feels, okay?
  • MorMor: Yeah, we’re insane. Any other questions?

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*Kicks down down door* did someone mention Poly Chloe?? Because I'm all for that. I'm mostly p5 in that regard, but with so many people any branch of that is wonderful and wholesome and I just... Lhfoysodyody I have too many feelings for this okay??

Hell yeah poly Chloe is best Chloe give her all the boyfriends and girlfriends  hell YEAH

Modern Spot

  • the boi
  • tbh if you know me you know I have too many Spot hcs
  • very smart
  • very pretty but only Race could ever say that out loud
  • very gay
  • had a hard time admitting that 
  • grew up in Brooklyn
  • accent only comes out when tired or emotional
  • (accent was fully out while proposing)
  • grew up in abusive and very homophobic home
  • younger sister who died
  • very smart
  • taekwondo boi
  • roundhouse kicked somebody for pushing Crutchie once
  • won Jack over with that one
  • will fight anyone for messing with his friends
  • loves to debate
  • really bad at expressing emotions
  • had a rocky start with Race because of that
  • anxiety
  • bonded with Crutchie of anxiety attacks caused by similar things
  • being touched with no warning
  • lots of yelling with no purpose
  • actually a romantic but pretends to not be
  • depression
  • hates chocolate with a passion
  • super good with kids but doesn’t want his own
  • completely terrified of being anything like his parents
  • only goes back to Brooklyn to remember his sister
  • considers all of his friends’ kids nieces and nephews
  • loves them all to pieces
  • is the coolest uncle to Race’s biological nieces and nephews
  • which is impressive since there are so many uncles
  • notebooks full of handwritten poetry only Race ever has or will see
  • very good lawyer
  • deals with stupidness very well
  • fear shows as anger
  • anger shows as focused, quiet intensity
  • angry Spot is terrifying because he doesn’t get angry easily
  • really hard for him to say “I love you” and he hates it
  • but he really, really loves Race
  • very loyal to his friends
  • went through a period where he dyed his hair different colors
  • Race loved it but he stopped when he got an internship at a law firm
  • also loves their dog, Marbles
  • Marbles is a sheepdog and he’s big and dumb but loveable
  • Jack and Crutchie’s daughters love sleeping over so they do often
  • at work is tough and strict, with kids is loving and listens
  • never hesitates to tell a kid they’re perfect the way they are
  • knows how much it hurts to be told otherwise
  • is a lawyer because he gets to help innocent people
  • keeps five pictures on his desk at work
  • Race, his sister, all their friends, his wedding day and Marbles
  • very proud of his life because he worked hard for it
  • seems rough and mean
  • is actually the nicest person you could ever meet if you make friends

He said “I am the devil, boy, come with
me and we’ll make many storms”.
He offered me the universe, but inside
my heart there’s a picture of a girl.

Let me talk about Monty Green for a second.

I know everyone’s excited about all the Bellarke and Clexa shipping, but there’s something a million times more important to me than romance: character development. 

First and foremost, he finally got his mother back. And from the looks of it, Monty’s disturbed by his mother’s now-violent tendencies (assuming that she raised him to be the peaceful person who can’t even watch someone who tortured him dying aka Tsing). I’m really happy that Monty’s got someone in his life who loves him regardless other than the delinquents, someone who knew him from the Ark, when he and Jasper were inseperable. 

(Jasper and Monty’s relationship is something I’m not even going to focus on because that’s a whole analysis for another day.)

He’s been through the same thing as Bellamy and Clarke. If anything, he’s been through worse psychologically, at least in terms of Mount Weather. He was the first to be brought to the mountain, alone. He was captured and forced to watch Harper get drilled for bone marrow. He watched the people who wanted peace die while hiding him from the guards. He was the one who made it possible for Clarke and Bellamy to pull that lever. 

Monty lost his best friend in that mountain, along with part of his humanity. 

But he’s still trying to help. 

He takes part in the missions to search for the other stations. He does his best to take care of Jasper- “he needs this”- even though his childhood best friend spits venom whenever he tries to help.

I still believe that Clarke told Monty that she intended to leave Camp Jaha before breaking the news to Bellamy, telling him that it’s all on her-what she did. But I’m sure that Monty still feels responsible, guilty even, for not finding a better solution. When Pike (I think, I’ve only seen the episode recently and I’m still overwhelmed) says that it’s kill or be killed, Monty’s face falls. 

He’s not a killer. He’s still beating himself up over everything that’s happened.

He wants to find Clarke, he wants to be there for the girl, for his friend, who bears the whole burden of destroying Mount Weather on her shoulders. Just like he’s there for Bellamy and the other delinquents. 

I think Monty’s making amends in his own way. He’s being strong, not because he wants to, but becase “[he has] to be”.