Alright so I don’t have this literature capability of knowing if Ella has like this weird special death where it is only described as “temporary”, but the Entity told her she would soon be restored to her physical form, and she’s all like “what if I wanna stay dead?” And the Entity tells her that <i>she</i> would want to stay alive, meaning that Ella is in charge of whether she wants to stay dead.

So what if this 2% chance Pittacus applied the same situation to Eight when the Entity took over his body? That would mean he asked the same thing as Ella did, except he fought to stay dead. So the Entity obviously knows what Eight wanted, and granted it. Which also means that Eight, not the Entity, is in charge of whether he wants to come back or not.

Now back to the “You’re so warm” scene. From what we can tell, it’s clear Marina wants Eight back. And if the same situation above was applied, Eight feels he’s better off dead. As Marina is still living, I don’t think the Entity can get in her head and see what she wants. If this is true, then it was Eight who wanted to see her, even if it meant being alive. (Even if it wasn’t true, Eight would probably still have to agree to it.) Also note that when Eight was brought back he landed straight in front of Marina, and then opened his eyes.

So basically, in other words, if Pittacus wasn’t so unbiased towards Eight, <b> Eight would give up life or death to say that goodbye to Marina.

Some KPop Tag

got tagged by the lovely koreabooa thank you ~~~
I have the feeling that this used to be an exo tag but who cares right ?? :D

1. Who is your bias and why?
Noo I have so many. So I will pick my first bias ever, back when I didn’t even know what a bias is and when I first started with K-Pop: G-Dragon. Yes. Why? This will be too long, he’s just great, okay?

2. Is there an idol in your bias group that you don’t like?
No, of course not and that goes for every group I like.

3. Would you like to live in South Korea?
Nah I’m fine here, but I would like to visit it someday.

4. Would you like to be the leader or the maknae of a group?
Eh somewhere in the middle, but if I had to choose, leader.

5. What are your feelings towards the people who left EXO (Tao, Kris, Luhan)?
eeeeh idk. I’m not really into exo and the only thing I heard is that s.m. has been really shitty to them and everybody got mad and idk I can only wish them the best

6. Would you marry your bias and why?
“Yes, because he’s rich!” It was my dream when I was younger. Today I am much rather a supportive fan.

7. Which idol would you choose as your sibling?
An older brother and younger sister, so TOP from BigBang and Junghwa from EXID.

8. SM, YG or JYP?
hmm YG.

9. What is your favorite song?
Changes everyday. I just write down the last one I listened to: The Weeknd - Can’t Feel My Face

10. If you could have a MAMA power, which one would it be?
(I had to google what this is I’m sorry) Teleportation and Fire looks really cool.

11. Call Me Baby or Love Me Right?
hmmm Love Me Right~

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You know, I loved Edward Scissorhands when I watched it. I thought it was funny,slice of life, bittersweet, tragic realistic, quirky and quite amazing. A Werewolf Boy is in some ways comparable. It’s ET, it’s Edward Scissorhands, it’s Frankenstein. 

Maybe that’s why I wish the story was different here. Call me the eternal romantic, the wimp afraid of tragedies, but I wish we could have had a different take on humanity. Maybe the mum could have been spunkier - she was pretty cool for starters bringing in that feral boy into her home. Maybe she could have protected him? Maybe we could have seen the simple folk of the village coming together to protect the family even more? One of their own and all that.  Maybe Suni could have come back much earlier…maybe maybe maybe. 

I know…I know. It wouldn’t be ‘realistic’ then. Movies like these are after all mirrors being held up to society to show that there are more monsters among us than out there in the fantasy world. It’s just me being the eternal romantic and wanting a positive reaffirmation of our humanity.



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Things The Signs Need To Hear Right Now

Aries~ It’s okay to feel defeated and exhausted, just don’t let it demolish the amazing character you have.
Taurus~ You are so strong! But even people who are strong need a break, okay?
Gemini~ Honey, I believe in you, and so many other people do too, because you have so much potential.
Cancer~ Have fun, work hard, because you can have it all.
Leo~ That thing you’re worrying about? Try and worry about it less, there are lots of things that will turn out great for you, this is just a hiccup, if that.
Virgo~ Don’t keep everything so bottled up, because one day you’ll explode. You can ALWAYS message me if you need to talk about anything.
Libra~Yes, people really do like you. Want to know why? Because you’re so incredible.
Scorpio~ Damn, how do you do it. You are so inspiring, keep up the good work.
Sagittarius~ I won’t tell you not to stress, I know you’re already doing that, but hey, you’ll be okay.
Capricorn~ Hey, enjoy the small aspects of life, just take a second and smile about one good thing.
Pisces~ Hey, you can get through your problems. Keep your head up and stay strong.

Here’s what I learned today about tarot!

• it’s very tiring and makes you want to take a nap if you do it for too long.

• it takes so long to recharge your energy after so many readings.

• my readings ( as a whole ) are at least 80% of the time correct. It’s okay to have misinterpreted readings.

• tarot is time and energy consuming.

• tarot goes well with tea.

• it feels like heaven when you get good feedback.

• you feel closer to your cards after doing multiple readings for other people.

This is a bit silly but I don’t really agree that Tumblr is a waste of time. Yes, my desire to block everything else out by going on here is probably a bit too much, but it’s definitely not pointless.

Tumblr is a source of inspiration for me, and so much more. I’ve learned so much on here as well, and I think that it might have made me a better person too. I also have much more confidence in voicing my own opinion and I can even openly speak to an audience now and sometimes even to strangers. I know it’s a popular belief that the Internet makes people antisocial, but I find myself having the guts to speak up even in real life now, and that’s really wonderful. I feel better about myself too. I’m more at terms with my appearance, and my personality, and I’ve met some amazing people that I can be myself with openly, no matter how many miles away they are. I feel completely comfortable with them, and while it’s a bit sad that most of my friends are so far away, it’s nothing compared to knowing that there are people who support me, and whom I support as well, living so far apart, knowing that we care about each other so much despite the distance, feeling that I matter. It brings up a desire to make others feel the same, to make them as happy as they make me.

So for this, I want to thank all of you. 601 followers, and 1539 blogs (more or less, a lot of them are inactive and some were even when I first followed them), they’ve all affected me a great deal, in a positive way. Thank you.

Giriboy - 그 정도 쯤이야 (That Should Be Easy)

intro & verse 1:
I’m still the same,
I still eat well and I live well
I even gained a lot of weight
So I have to watch what I eat
That’s the thing that makes me suffer the most
So it’s okay, forgetting someone like you should be easy
Are you still the same, ooo ae oooohh
Do you cry sometimes because you’re sad? yeahhh~
I just heard stuff about you from someone else
So I’m just feeling a little down
And that’s really nothing to me
It’s okay, someone like you is really nothing to me
Someone like you is really nothing to me
I’m actually feeling sorry, I have so many fun things to do
When I have too much time on my hands,
I can just read comics and play by myself
And my mom does enough nagging for me
Rain comes, snow comes, and the sun shines
The seasons change, but I’m still the best
You have no place in my life, my schedule is packed
I’m just feeling a little down
I’m still the same

Don’t feel bad for me
I’m really okay
Don’t make that face at me
I’m usually like this
I just want to complain
I just want to act like someone I’m usually not
So I’m just a little hurt today
I’m okay, someone like you is really nothing to me

verse 2:
He’s really cool, that guy next to you
He looks like me, he fits you really well
I wonder how you can go around smiling like that
I can’t imagine with my stupidity
Actually, I’m jealous
Of your house that guy is in
I don’t even have any lies that I can tell anymore
I keep imagining with me as the guy next to you


It feels like I have so many things to do
But I don’t know what to do
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m still an adult
I don’t know what to do
I don’t know what to do x2

Katie placing Oliver’s playbook on the bedside table when he falls asleep reading it

Oliver buying Katie a quaffle from each town he has a game in

Katie making him mac and cheese before a big game because it’s his favourite

Oliver kissing her for good luck before each match

Katie sleeping in his old Puddlemere shirts when he’s away 

Oliver proposing to her by stopping in the middle of a match because she’s the only girl he’d walk away from Quidditch for

Second Chances: Prologue

TITLE: Second Chances

ONE SHOT / MULTICHAPTER: Prologue –Multichapter 

AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: fluff / romance /

FIC SUMMARY: Ten years ago, Cara Hart spent an amazing night with Tom Hiddleston. She thought she was on top of the world until she realized his hidden secret that made her flee the scene. Now, stronger and with much more to lose, will Cara fall in love with the man she left so many years ago?


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Okay, so hear me out. I have plans for this fic to not be too long so expect a little over 5 chapters maybe. And to stop myself from adding another fic to the incomplete list, I think I’m going to flush out as many chapters as I can and not post them until I feel comfortable. Here’s the prologue to the story I’m working on. It would mean a lot if you told me what you thought of it. :) It’s good to feel the need to write again.

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Custom CAS Trait: Fibromyalgia

Hi. I’m Drew. There’s nothing clever to write here today(well, this second, wow it’s 4 A.M.) and this will most likely be an unused/undesired trait because of its nature. And that’s 100% okay. If I could get rid of it or avoid it too, I would have a long time ago. This was my first personal trait ever created for my own use. When you play the sims, sometimes you like to make it personal. You make yourself. And when I taught myself to create traits, I wanted to give my game a personal feel. Deeper than feelings, and my house and looks and more. Too bad I’m not able to make my ol’ dog. But maybe some time soon with Pets!

Anyway, I’ve never really seen too many serious or realistic conditions pushed through custom traits. I’ve made a Narcoleptic and Insomniac(coming today 8/21. and boy have I got it bad). The sims for a lot of players is to become everything they never could be or what they want to be. They want to ignore their real life problems and escape. I tried that but it doesn’t work so well for me. Don’t worry, I won’t give you my life story and how things came to be. No one wants to hear that unless they tune into a medical channel on TV or a documentary. Or hell, maybe you do want to know but I’ll never know that. I don’t want to really, “be noticed” for that. I’m a simmer just like all of you but I’m human too.

Sometimes people forget that there are living, breathing, struggling and sensitive human beings behind these pixelated faces and screens. No, this isn’t some sort of “gift”. It’s just a personal piece of me that maybe someone else holds as well, unasked for. But it’s something that is real and what plays a part in my life every day. I’ve learned to cope and manage. I saw a lot of people today get bashed for opinions or even some are seen as Custom Content machines and not people. Come on guys. Creators work hard for you. Never be ungrateful. Thank them for their time and effort. You never know what they are dealing with.

I never thought I’d ever get a single follower. But I have almost 200 of you! I want to make something special(no this surely isn’t it) I hope you never forget that I’m a person and not some trait factory. But I do love making them. You’re all so sweet and funny and unique and kind. I’m thankful for every single one of you. If you have some sort of idea for one, hey, toss it my way. I’ll try to make it or revolve it around your ideas in time. Peace n’ love. -Drew

Sims With Fibromyalgia:

  • Uncomfortable by default
  • Learn the Bartending trait 100% faster
  • Learn the Guitar trait 50% faster
  • Learn the Video Gaming skill 100% faster
  • Learn the Writing trait 100% faster
  • Bladder need decays 10% faster
  • Hunger need decays 20% faster
  • Social need decays 20% slower
  • Energy need decays 70% slower
  • Hygiene need decays 10% faster, and replenishes 35% faster
  • Autonomy includes that of the Hot Headed, Gloomy, Self Assured, Insane traits, and the Uncomfortable, Playful, Sad and Happy emotions
  • Whims include those of friendly interactions, love interest, musical desires, playing video games and self mood boosting

*DOWNLOAD: Simfileshare

*DOWNLOAD: Mediafire


Oh no I’m having Seiya feelings again.  I didn’t intend for this to happen! I’ve been doing Stars photosets for a few days now and then this moment came up and….  Okay, the anime and the manga aren’t the same, of course, but they’re similar enough that looking at these caps has set off all kinds of feelings bombs in me.

A few years back (especially when most of the fandom I was a part of was on livejournal) it was really difficult for me to be a fan of Seiya’s character, because I ran into too many people in the fandom who pitted her against Mamoru, that it wasn’t just about shipping Usagi/Seiya but about tearing down Mamoru and Mamoru/Usagi.

Fast forward to a few years later, when the manga is now more easily available, when we have a more faithful anime adaptation of the manga, and more active UsaMamo fans, I’ve lowered my defensiveness and can actually look at Seiya’s character more objectively.

And I really, really hurt for her sometimes.

Because she can’t help who she loves and both times she’s fallen for the wrong person.  She loves Kakayuu, who clearly cares about her in return, but has her own special person that she’s still in love with.  And then Seiya’s feelings get tangled up and she starts feeling that way about Usagi as well… who also has her own special person that she’s still in love with.

That’s twice that Seiya’s fallen for someone who just can’t love her back, that it’s nothing she did or any fault with her, but that they simply love other people. And it’s hard for me not to feel for her, because both situations are ones where she wants to protect her princess (or the person who fills that role) when their loved one isn’t around.  Kakyuu’s loved one was killed by Galaxia, Usagi’s loved one was killed by Galaxia, and they’re gone, they’re not there for this wonderful, brilliant, special person that Seiya loves and I can’t help thinking of her wanting to help them, wanting to give them love, wanting to be there and support them in a much more personal way.

She sees them lonely and sad, she sees them “abandoned” by the ones they love and wants to fill up those empty spaces, because her loved ones shouldn’t suffer when she’s there and she could be that for them!

As much as I don’t ship either Kakyuu/Seiya or Usagi/Seiya, they were never meant to be (and that’s fine, there’s often value in just having feelings for someone, without needing them to be returned!), whenever I really think about Seiya’s character these days, I start to feel a lot for her.

Too Many Complications

Prompt: Okay so I don’t know if you take requests but can I have one where you’re 16 and fall for Derek but he says you’re too young then shit happens and he confesses his true feeling for you! Thank you xxx *Y/N is your name and y/e/c is your eye color, for future reference*

I’m such a troll, the ending was not as expected. But i hope you guys like it xx :)

The pack was currently at Derek’s loft, discussing what we were going to do about the Oni. But my mind wasn’t on the conversation, it was on the tall, muscular, brooding man across the room from me. It didn’t matter if i paid attention, it’s not like i was some supernatural creature that could help. I was a human, Scott wasn’t going to let me do anything, if he even lets me accompany them.

I watched Derek, running his fingers through his hair, eyebrows furrowed, as he crossed his arms over his chest, revealing the veins going down the length of his biceps. The way his dark eyes would watch over everyone, and would sometimes meet mine, made it feel like there were butterflies in my stomach. 

“Y/N!” the sound of Scott’s distraught voice snapped me out of my haze.

 “If you’re not going to pay attention we won’t let you come. It could cost you your life.” The imagine of Scott McCall scowling immediately made me apologize, and i felt heat rise up to my cheeks.

A few minutes later, my mind started to wander once more. I started thinking about the time I had gotten close to Derek, and he tossed me away like i was a piece of garbage. But that’s not what he did with Erica. He liked her, but not me. Ridiculous anger started bubbling inside of me, and i had to resist the urge to go over there and slap Derek, well, try to slap Derek. 

“Y/N!” Scott snapped at me. 

“Hmm?” i mumbled, confused and embarrassed.

“I’ve been shouting your name for the past minute and you didn’t even notice” he said, eyes softening at how harsh he realized his tone was.

“No i-” i started, but he cut me off.

“You’re staying here with Derek. We cant protect you. You need to stay here.” scott stated, his voice much softer, and full of worry.

Under normal circumstances, i would have fought back, but Scott looked at me with those big, dark puppy eyes, and i knew i was a gonner. Don’t get me wrong, i wasn’t complaining. Maybe while Derek and I were alone he’d open up to me, like he did with everyone else.

As Derek and i wished the pack good luck on their little trip to Eichen House, the tension started building up.

“So, what are we gonna do for a few hours.” i asked, qurking a brow.

We’re not doing anything,” he scoffed, before turning around and walking towards his kitchen.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” i spat at him, before grabbing his forearm and forcefully turning him around so he could look at me.

His eyes look at my hand, gripping on to his forearm, and then back at me, with eyebrows raised. 

“Sorry,” i muttered, the heat rising to my cheeks as i detached my hand from his.

“I’m going to make some food, and you’re going to watch some cartoons or go to bed,” Derek answered, a slight smirk playing on his lips

“Its seven thirty Derek,” i said, annoyed, checking my watch. “And i don’t watch cartoons. Im not 7 you know, im 16,” i said, adding the last part carefully.

The fact that Derek stopped in his tracks made me know that i struck a nerve. Oh god we’re doing this again, i thought. 

“You’re still a kid,” he muttered, and continued to walk away, deeper into the loft.

“I’m not a kid. We both know that,” i said, in a barely audible whisper.

I had a feeling we weren’t talking about cartoons now.

“Why do you always push me away,” i asked, the words coming out much more quiet than i wanted.

Derek turned around and his dark green eyes stared deeply into my Y/E/C eyes. “Because you’re too young,” he stated, face stern, clearly done with the topic.

Yeah we definitely were not talking about cartoons. 

“You’re such a hypocrite,” i spat, letting out a harsh, bitter laugh.

“What? No i’m no-” 

“Yes you are. You say i’m too young. But remember Erica. Yeah so do i. I guess she wasn’t too young. Or was it because she was blonde, seducing, and had a figure i could never achieve?” i spat, starting to feel insecure about myself just thinking about the beautiful blonde werewolf.

“Y/N,” Derek reached for my hand, but i pulled away.

“Forget it,” i said, my words laced with venom. “It doesn’t matter anymore. You’ve made it clear that you’re not interested in an average looking, weak, ordinary human.”

“Y/N,” he started, but i cut him off once more by waving my hand.

“Can you stop letting your mind wander and listen for once. That thing with Erica, it was a mistake, i realized that. And its for that reason i keep pushing you away, i never said i didn’t feel for you. Because i do, Y/N, i do feel for you. And i’m sorry i’ve treated you like this,” derek whispered, reaching for my hand, and successfully grabbing it, giving it a light squeeze. 

But i felt different. I felt hurt, rejected. This whole time he ignored me, tossed me away like i was nothing. He needed to know how it felt. It was his turn to hurt.

I pulled my small, cold hand out of his, large, warm one. Confusion was painted onto his face.

“yeah, well it’s a little too late for that, don’t you think,” i said, not waiting for an answer as i walked away, and out of Derek’s loft, leaving him there, looking hurt and confused. 

I don’t regret it one bit. 

Hi! My name is Denisse (Demexo)
Although these pictures seem “okay” some days I do not feel feel okay… Sometimes I feel like my forehead it’s too big, my eyes aren’t the prettiest by color and how they’re “crossed”, I don’t like how teeth are anymore, so many other things I could say but you know what? These are my imperfections, I’m gonna have to live with for the rest of my life and I will. I think I’m going to be 100% once I fully learn how to adore all these things about myself. I can’t expect to wake up one day and love my imperfections either, I have to remind myself that it is important to remember to take it a day at a time. Thanks for taking your time to read this about myself, I hope WE can win the battle with ourselves and accept ourselves as a whole everyday of our lives. 💋