ahaha thank you friends!  (if i’m being realistic, I honestly have it so much better than Feuilly it’s not even funny, i have no right to complain even once, much less as much as I actually do.)

but i have to admit that I made it through a lot of the past 15 months by constantly repeating under my breath “what would Feuilly do?”

anonymous asked:

Just to say you and your blog make me laugh, without fail, everyday 😃 in a brilliant way, I should clarify (what with all the unnecessary anon hate) you're honest and own it.

OMG.  This is so sweet.  It really touches me when people understand the way I am. I’m happy I make you laugh on the daily, as I think I am quite hilarious.  Laughing is IMPORTANT people.  

 I’m not mean and malicious to be funny or for no reason, because my goal is not to hurt people.  But you are right about the honesty part.  I am unapologetically honest.  Sometimes people just don’t know how to take it.  

Thank you -You made me smile on this lazy summer day.  Love to my followers.

Under the cut you’ll find a list of #10 websites where you can find images of art pieces to use for roleplaying purposes, such as character inspo or pieces to pretend that your artist character made. Remember, when using an artist’s work for roleplaying, you have to give proper credit! This list also includes tips on how to credit an artist properly and other etiquette for art use. 

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I’m at home, sick with a stomach bug, and now I don’t even have company anymore to watch animal documentaries with me.

I honestly can’t stand the commute between Gig Harbor and Seattle that I have to deal with every single morning for work. Traffic through Puyallup is an absolute nightmare. The only plus side is I get to jam out every morning to whatever CD my boyfriend has left in the car. Thank god he has stellar music tastes.

So I was at work the other day...

…I work in a restaurant and for some magical reason my manager allowed me to play my kpop playlist because she was feeling inclusive and NEVER BEFORE have I seen my fellow Utahns so confused out of their minds. I noticed that many hesitated in conversation, made nervous glances to the floor, or frantically looked about the room for an explanation. It amused me at how baffled some people were. Some of the adults pretended not to notice. Some teenagers looked at each other and laughed nervously.

“HA, HA, THIS isn’t Taylor Swift…. ha…..ha….”

And I just stood behind the counter cackling quietly to myself. Those poor souls…

So, we moved this weekend, pretty suddenly - which is a good thing, it means I don’t have a 45-minute commute before needing to be at work at 7 a.m.!  (I was dying.)

Buuuut, it means all my Phantom stuff is in transit, in boxes.  And, shockingly, I’m having to fight to try to keep it on the preciously small shelf space we have at the new place - John, treacherous snake that he is, wants to put it in storage!

So we’ll see how all that pans out, but in the meantime, not much Phantom stuff out of my collection, sadly.  I’m working on a different secret project instead… but you’ll have to wait until it’s finished to find out what.  feel free to make wild guesses

i just got back from having drinks with work folks and we were really tight on space since there were so many of us so costumer susan joked that when her husband got there he’d have to sit in my lap. of course i got fake flirty and pretended to offer my body and she said “actually you’re just david’s type.”


Let’s just pretend even for a second
That we can have a glorious moment
Yeah there’s a gap of time between us
But I know I can have you feel the happiest
I mean what’s there to lose
Just cause it’s different and not what you’re used to
It’s all good but come on, who cares as much as I do
You deserve the best no doubt about it
That’s why I’ll step to the side and not say shit
But if you’ll let me be there whenever
You’ll won’t regret it and I can promise that beyond forever
Yeah I’m young and I have a hundred more paths than you
But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be down and true to you
You know I’m real and beyond my years
So why not let me be the one to wipe those tears
I hate knowing that deep down you’re not happy
I try beyond my efforts to have you smiling
I talk big for someone my age but that’s just a number
And you know that I’m beyond this label and can be a true lover
Yeah, yeah you’re right I’m just being silly
I’m just talking out of my mind cause of how you make me happy
But I’ll promise forever I’ll always be there
Even if we just stay employee and employer


This was his fate. To rot in his old workplace, alone and afraid, with only the splicers to keep him company. Their senseless gibbering did little to calm his nerves, which had been in knots since Sofia’s last visit. It must have been months ago, but Gil didn’t pretend to know. In the pitch darkness of the ADAM laboratory, he had no way of telling the time. Part of him was thankful for that.

Whimpering, the mutant curled up a little tighter. His tank was far too small for him, but there was no way he’d survive outside it. Not unless Sofia found it in her to let him out into the ocean. Something that, at this rate, seemed highly unlikely.