If everybody could just tag their US politics that would be GREAT.

I feel like this election has been going on for two years and all I want is a couple months or even weeks of peace before I finally have to vote. Just… I need it out of my head for a while. Some safe space where I can pretend my country hasn’t lost it’s damn mind. Just for a while. And obviously FB isn’t that space. Post about it to your heart’s content just please tag it so I can blacklist it and breathe for a goddamn minute.


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Thank you.

Adventures in running a fandom news blog.  Or rather my adventures.  I started the EFNS about three months ago now and having survived my first SDCC posting weekend I want to talk a little bit about why I started it, about the kinds of messages and treatment I get for the work, and why I will continue to act as I have been for the foreseeable future.

There are a handful of aggregate news blogs in Once Upon a Time fandom.  Some more active than others.  All run by fans.  The most well known of which the Storybrooke Mirror has the trappings of a well designed “neutral” blog except it is very much not.  In the interest of full disclosure I am blocked by the Storybrooke Mirror presumably because I repeatedly pointed out errors in their reporting, errors that were systematically biased.  Depending on when it suited them they would either claim to be unbiased (as they answered asks like the one posted last week about why their ship’s TLK didn’t work in season three) or when called on that bias retreat to the cover of just being fans of the show.  

The finale straw of my blocking was after 5.02 when they answered one such ask about why Emma gave the dagger to Regina by using a “pull the plug” on life support metaphor and attributing the need for Regina to do it because she was less emotionally involved than Killian or her parents.  

My sister is a hospice doctor.  All of her patients are dying by definition and when one of them dies it’s a blessing.  I have sat at nursing stations waiting for one of her patients to die because we were supposed to go to dinner more times than I can count.  I have watched family members pace the hallway.  Make agonizing decisions.  Argue and fight and cry and every last one of them was deeply emotionally involved.  Because the people making an end of life decision are doing so out of love.  And needless to say deep emotional involvement.

I was offended.  The metaphor was careless.  It didn’t speak to the show.  And they were doing so behind the face of an “impartial” news blog.  And so I called it out.  And many many people followed me to the tone of a couple hundred notes.  And then I was blocked.

I am hardly the first or last person blocked by that blog.  In fact all of the existing news blogs had blocked a disproportionate number of SQers and Evil Regals and I understand quite a few Rumbellers as well.  All of them were run by CS shippers.  All of them ran basically the same.  

And yet it took me six months to decide to run a news blog myself.  It’s a lot of work.  It’s a lot of work for them as much as for me.  But when I heared of yet another case of an SQer blocked who had no idea why this time from one of the other CS edited news blogs I decided i’d try my hand at it.

Now I’m an academic and I teach students about evaluating sources and bias.  I have read and studied and am qualified to teach university level classes on the subject of objectivity and it’s history.  So I have taken up this endeavor with that background and one of the things I decided I would do is be upfront with my bias.  I would strive for neutrality but that does not mean that every side is equal.  I would try to report what happened to the best of my knowledge.  Which means that when I post a set report that has some unclear elements I try to give context.  I try to post the set reports with their context (there is a spoiler summary on the blog but the actual reports themselves are single sourced with any issues pointed out in them).  Everything is linked back to it’s original source for the reader to evaluate on their own should they wish.  It also means that when the professional journalists that cover the show write articles with misleading quotes, speculation disguised as spoilers, and blatant bias themselves I will point it out.

Now in the course of running the blog I’ve had many lovely messages from all over the fandom and from some tumblr users not in the fandom at all.  I have gotten specifically lovely messages from non-CSers glad to have an alternative.  I’ve gotten specifically lovely messages from CSers glad to have an alternative.  But I’ve also gotten a series of anonymous harassing messages and call outs from a few loud voices.  There has been a campaign of anonymous messages sent to CSers who reblog from that news blog.  Some have responded by deleting the reblogs, and a few have defended it, but what I found most disappointing has been watching people who have always known who was running the news blog and who were reblogging from it regularly stop after that harassment began.

One fairly well known and loved CS blogger told me after a dust up over a confusing set report that I shouldn’t post any commentary at all.  Even clarification.  Because no one will take me seriously as a news source if I continued.  And all I could think was that as I watched the shift in the way some parts of CS fandom handled news including people who were clearly following links back from material I posted (a perfectly legitimate practice by the way it’s not my original content anymore than it’s theirs) that there is something insidious about this kind of thing too.  I watched CS origin lists of things to follow at comic con that included “blogs to stalk” which included every news blog in the fandom and several personal bloggers except for the EFNS.  Even though I was live blogging faster and more material than most of the blogs on those lists.

People in CS can do as they want.  Reblog or not as they wish.  But I do question… if the way I’m commenting on the news is so egregious that it requires that a fandom resource be ignored, how do you think the rest of the fandom has felt about the existing news blogs for years.

End Editorial.

anonymous asked:

can i roleplay as your gaster on facebook?

short answer:


longer answer:

i’m very, very uncomfortable when other people try to rp my character. there’s so many things planned and in the works, and assuming others would have the same ideas is too much paranoia. I’ve spend a good 6 months making this character, giving him depth and a multi-faceted personality. Letting others take control of that is just not going to happen. There’s an infinite number of gasters and iteration of the same character, but this one is mine, y’know?

so i wanna be as gentle as i can, but there is absolutely no way in hell I’d ever let anyone rp my gaster

Do you ever start writing a piece of dialogue and then realize that somewhere between coming up with it and finishing the first couple lines, you completely forgot where you were going with it? Whatever, it probably wasn’t going to be that funny anyway.

Kept working on that Critical Role fake dating fic, which is absolutely going to be a lot longer than I ever intended, because I have no self-control and also get distracted really quickly. It also features Scanlan falling asleep almost instantly, because I forgot he was still in the scene and didn’t want to go back to fix it. But at least drunk narrators (who are in most regards, really difficult) are definitely allowed to not notice things like that.

“Good boy,” Kima says. “Vax’ildan—”

“I’ve been flicked in the nut by Grog,” Vax says, his words slightly muffled, since he’s face down on the step. “You can’t threaten me.”

“I will pick you up and dump you into your sister’s room, where she is almost undoubtedly having sex with Zahra right at this moment,” Kima says.

Vax picks up his head. “You wouldn’t.”

“I really would,” Kima says. “I’d hate to interrupt her, but they were both so drunk I’m honestly not sure they’d notice.”

“You’re mean,” Vax says. “I’m getting up.”

“Will you marry me?” Percy says.

“I’m obviously marrying Kash, the love of my life,” Vax says, almost falling down the stairs as he gets to his feet, but he catches himself on the bannister. Kash kisses the air in his direction and then burps. It tastes horrible.

“I meant Kima, who’s obviously the love of mine,” Percy says.

okay so I try to only yell excitedly in caps in tags so pretend this is still me, yelling in excitement;

one of my best friends is taking me to the dog beach with her puppy and ohhhh my gosh I’m so hype!! I’ll probably upload pictures of her puppy if she’s okay with it!!!!

edit;; it’s either going to be this week or next week? depends on how our work schedules line up. but ohhhh gosh german shepherd puppy you don’t even know how cute she is.