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Hey, so it’s my last day of freedom (so to speak) and I just wanted to give a big HUGE thank you to everyone who has listened to me bitch and moan and freak out. And also to everyone who gave me space to geek out to them too!

I’m going to have limited internet access so I’m going to miss chatting with ya’ll and endless scrolling my dash. But send me messages so when I do get online I can have something fun to look at!

First off thanks to @brightgreenencouragement and @edit-nameredacted for being the bestest friends ever in the “real” world and know that it’s your fault that I have this stupid tumblr thing and that I ever started watching this show called Supernatural. It’s YOUR FAULT. Yeah, that one fanfic about rat!Dean and Cat-stiel and the mac-n-cheese condom and TERRIBLE cat puns? That’s your fault. I’m blaming you. I mean, I regret nothing. But know that the internet has terrible content partly in thanks to you.

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Then a huge thanks to @unforth-ninawaters for being my first tumblr friend and not being scary and weird. Well, for being weird in many of the same ways that I’m weird and therefore awesome. And that thank you also extends to @ramblingandpie and their little potato who is the squeakiest. You guys rock!

Also a shout-out to my LotR homies @snovolovac and @fragiledewdrop. You guys laugh at my terrible jokes that no one else gets. I love it!

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Then of course thank you to all the folks that met me in the non-cyber world. @dragonpressgraphics, @eriquin, @trekchik, @kitkatcabbit, @buffenator, @braezenkitty, @doctorwhoberateduberdriver (I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL! I OWE YOU A NIGHT ON THE TOWN WHEN I GET BACK USING THE PEACE CORPS STIPEND), @formidablepassion (I know we didn’t technically meet up, but it was close enough), and @lshank017! I can’t believe you trusted that I wasn’t a super secret serial killer.

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THANK YOU TO THE @spncoldesthits crew! @dreamsfromthebunker (i can’t tag?), @whataboutthefish, @mayalaen, @rabidbinbadger, @reaperlove77, and everyone else!

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And to everyone sitting there thinking … she forgot me. You too! Yes … YOU! Seriously! Just know that I have like 3000 more things to do before I head to airport tonight and my brain is just too full to work appropriately right now.

Now to stop shitting around on tumblr and to go finish packing those bags!


I officially have the bestest friend in the world! Thank you so much @thelittlegogo 😍😘❤️ this CD has been on my wish list for months 😄 it has all the soundtracks from The princess and the pauper, the Nutcracker, swan lake and rapunzel and it comes with a little leaflet full of these beautiful artworks 😍 i love them so much💜 thank you so much my love for being one of the most amazing, selfless, caring and loving people I’ve ever met 💗


I’m so excited! I thought I was outta luck but one of my friends snagged up some tickets and boom! I can’t believe it.

I just wanted to make a super emotional best friend forever post saying @weasley-detectives really IS the best friend EVER because not only did she FIND ME A BEAUITUFUL MERMAID LAMP FOR ALL MY READING PURPOSES but she’s now painting it AT THIS VERY MOMENT (because she’s super dorky) in the colours of the bisexual flag! I’M GOING TO HAVE A BISEXUAL MERMAID READING LAMP, YOU GUYS. *shakes you all and fangirls everywhere*

*wipes tear*

All my dreams are coming true today…. 💙💜💖

(PS. Hali, try not to set yourself on fire at any point, okay? I don’t know how painting could ever result in flames BUT I KNOW YOU!)

I found his jumper 14 || D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part, Fifth Part, Sixth Part, Seventh Part,Eighth Part, Ninth Part, Tenth Part, Eleventh Part, Twelfth Part, Thirteenth Part

A/N: This is a huge jump into the future of Rose and Dan. There is a big chance that next chapter will be the last. (oh no) But now enjoy this one. 


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Shortly before Dan started his first year at kindergarten we had the move to the US because of his dad’s job. I was a bit worried that he would have a hard time getting used to the new country and I was afraid that he wouldn’t find new friends. When I picked Dan up after his first day at kindergarten his face was glowing and when I asked him why he answered : “I have found the bestest friend in the world.”

It turned out that his new friend was actually the little girl who lived next doors. Her name was Rosie and the two of them spent every free minute together. They were the loveliest kids and a lot of things have happened since they were that little. Daniel and Rose are both young adults now and they grew up so nicely. Looking back I think we all knew from the start that the two of them shared a very special bond, but I never actually thought I’d speak at their wedding one day.”

Dan’s mum was close to tearing up, just like my mum and I.

“Are you nervous?” Hayley asked.

She was wearing a pastel pink dress and together with her still green hair she looked like a Monet painting.

“Very.” I admitted and checked my hair and make up for the 15th time. I obviously wanted today to be perfect. In less than a minute I’d walk down the aisle and become Mrs. Howell.

I was curious about how Dan was doing at the moment, but I obviously wasn’t allowed to see him before the ceremony. Phil, his best man, probably had a hard job calming him down. My heart was racing as I waited for the ceremony to start in my dreamy white dress. It fit perfectly and my mum and Hayley, my maid of honour, helped me pick it out.

My hands were trembling when the huge church doors were pushed opened and revealed Dan waiting for me at the end of the aisle. All eyes were glued on me. Our guest awed when I started walking, my dress stopping only centimetres above the marble floor. Hundreds of roses in huge vases bordered the aisle.

Dan’s face was glowing, crinkles had formed around his eyes and his smile was so big that his adorable dimples were showing. The way he looked at me reaffirmed that shouting ‘Yes’ after he proposed was the only right decision. I smiled back at the man I loved since I was a young teen and continued walking until I finally stood next to him. He looked better than ever before in his formal black suit. His hair was the perfect length, not too short and not too long. His face matured a little since we got together in college. Dan gently took my hand in his and squeezed it tightly.

“You are breathtaking.” Dan whispered and was interrupted by words we have only ever heard in movies.

“We are gathered together here to unite this man Daniel James Howell and this woman Rose Mary Edwards in the bonds of matrimony.

Do you Daniel James Howell take this woman Rose Mary Edwards to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in heath, in good times and woe, for richer or poorer, keeping yourself solely unto her for as long as you both shall live?
If so, answer “I do."”

Dan looked at me in the eyes and then he said 'I do’

His words were loud and clear and filled with love.

I was asked the same question and without having to thinking about it I answered 'I do’.

We then put the rings on each others finger and finally we got to kiss. Our first kiss as a married couple was sweet and way too short for our liking, but we were interrupted by our guest cheering and clapping.

Back in high school I’d have probably called you a rude name if you had told me that I was going to marry Dan Howell the person I despised most at that time. Even in college I would have laughed it off, saying 'nobody knows what’s going to happen.’ But when I was still in elementary school I fake married Dan in the woods because we thought it was fun. Actually marrying him now felt like a fairytale come true.

At the party after the ceremony Dan’s mum held an amazingly beautiful speech. After her Phil, Hayley and Caleb rose from their seats.  

“I have never seen two people who love each other that much.” Phil smiled, raising his glass. Hayley was stood next to him and although she was quite tall she still looked small next to Phil.

“I have to admit that I didn’t like Dan that much at first but then I noticed the way he looked at Rose and I immediately knew that he loved her. I then saw how Rose hugged his jumper that he gave to her when she couldn’t sleep at night and in that moment I knew that she loved him.” Hayley spoke and made all of our guest swoon. I looked up at Dan as he smiled down at me. He gave me a quick peck on the lips before we returned our attention to Caleb.

“Dan and Rose showed me what love really means.” he said and those words coming from him meant a lot.  

We had all come a long way and ending up with Dan was the best thing that could’ve ever happened.

We cut our wedding cake and danced the first dance of the evening. Hayley introduced us to her girlfriend and we celebrated all night. We danced and ate and everybody congratulated us.

“Can I steal the bride for a second?” Dan asked, interrupting my conversation with Hayley and her girlfriend Gemma.

Both of them smiled at me before nodding their heads.

Dan took my hand in his and lead me away from the ballroom and the celebrating crowd. We ended up on the balcony of the building. The sky was jet black but dotted with stars. It was quite windy and cold especially because my dress was strapless.

“I barely got to talk to you all day because we were always so busy. Did you like today, Mrs Howell?” he asked and my heart started jumping in my chest because he called me that and it was actually true.

“I loved it.” I replied and absolutely meant it like that.

“Good.” he said and started to lean in. Our lips collided. It was slow and soft. His hand rested below my ears, his thumb caressing my cheek as our breaths mingled. I ran my fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between us and I could feel the beating of his heart against my chest.

Our kiss was interrupted by sudden rain drops landing on top of our heads. We broke apart and looked into the night sky.

“I can’t believe it is raining on our wedding day.” I laughed as Dan wrapped his arm around my waist and I rested my head against his warm chest

The Lion of Skyhold

Omg, I have the bestest of friends! @im-not-great-at-making-up-names commissioned @feylen to make me a picture of Paile and Cullen all done up in their Sleeping Beauty counterparts outfits! I love it so so so much, you guys! You both are seriously the sweetest and I am so surprised!

Chapter 1

Rating: Explicit (eventually)

Relationship: Female Inquisitor Lavellan/ Cullen Rutherford

Tags: Romance, Angst, UST, Slow Burn, Bodyguard

Link: AO3

Summary: Commander Cullen has disappeared, and Inquisitor Paile Lavellan is determined to find him. Little does she know that a spell gone wrong has transformed Cullen into a cat, the same cat who has appointed himself her personal bodyguard.

A world of Thedas retelling of Sleeping Beauty!

(Inquisitor’s name is pronounced pale, like the shade!)

A slight glow of red pulsed in the dark room. It did little to illuminate the small area, but the fire in the dank fireplace threw off enough light to cast shadows.

“The Inquisition is of no match for one such as I,” a strangely hypnotic voice spoke, “The Anchor may be set, but it is of no matter. This ‘Inquisitor’ cannot hope to stand against me. She is but a mortal; nothing to a God.” He turned toward the ex-Templar in the room with him, looking down from his height. “She will fall when next we meet. Continue your mission.”

Samson bowed low, “My lord, I know that this Herald is not a rival to you. We all know it. However, there is something that I would discuss with you.” When Samson’s words did not provoke a whiplash, only a slight nod, he proceeded. “The Inquisition has become popular with the ants. Its army, though filled with peasants, has grown quite large.” Samson straightened, his tone sliding into a sneer, “Command Cullen,” the consonants came out sharp and mocking, “Is someone I know. Although his is a fool, he is not an idiot. He is capable of training a strong army, one that could rival ours.”

Corypheus looked into the weak flames, watching them snap and writhe. “We have assassins for such events.”

Samson licked his lips and spoke once more, “He is a Templar; he has the addiction.”

The misshapen head turned slowly towards the red eyed man. “Then turn him.” A sickening smile spread across Samson’s face, and he bowed low once more, placing his hand on his armor as he backed away.

“Your will be done.”


Cullen Rutherford, Commander of the Inquisitions armies, leaned back in his chair, rubbing his neck with a grimace. Not only was it late, but he could feel the itch under his skin, the pull for the box that sat in one of his drawers. He resisted the urge to pull it out; to lay it on the table and stare. On those instances, it felt like the lyrium won. Even though he hadn’t ever succumbed, sometimes he wondered if it wouldn’t be the wiser decision. Sometimes he just…

Cullen pushed away from the table, rolling his shoulders beneath his armor. Dwelling on his addiction just made things more difficult. Besides, it was late, and he was tired. The rest of his reports could wait until after tomorrows morning’s drills. Cullen started towards the ladder that led up to his makeshift bedroom. He and the Inquisitor Lavellan would be drilling tomorrow. A small smile quirked the scar on his lip, softening the tension in his forehead. She had said she wanted to spend more time with him…

No sound was made, but Cullen froze, all his senses on sudden high alert. Something made him stop with one foot up on the ladder rung, his eyes snapped back and forth. Nothing was out of place that he could tell, but something was wrong. Slowly, Cullen backed into the corner, dropping his hand to his sword pommel, slowly drawing his sword. His instincts had gotten him this far in life, through Ferelden and Kirkwall. A warrior does not ignore them and last long.

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Gimme a matchup. I a gay boi who like music too much and denies his gayness. I'm an INFP and an Aries. I am usually very chill unless you talk about my bias and then I'm gone. I have the bestest friend in the world named Amber and I love her to death.

lolol hey, babe💛 I love you to death as well~

hope you like ittt!

I match you with…Yoosung!

  • ok babe listen, hear me out
  • this boy. will do anything for you.
  • you guys would play video games together all the time
  • and he would help get you motivated for classes!
  • he tries so hard to make sure there’s never a dull moment for you guys
  • will listen to literally everything you need to talk about
  • and you get him into so many of your interests
  • all those kpop groups? and kdramas?
  • and anything else?? you guys talk about it together
  • he appreciates it! he knows so much more about popular culture
  • is amazed every time you speak Japanese
  • also TH E  MOST  SU PP ORTIVE of you
  • like, more than me, damn boy.
  • lowkey gets jealous of your biases
  • can you blame him?
  • however, he has his own so…
  • anyways, he also loves cooking for you can you believe
  • be his taste tester please 

So I went to go watch Free! Timeless Medley Promises with my friend yesterday (it was super good). They give you this little packet with a drawing of a random character inside. I got Haruka and my friend got Makoto, but she gave me Makoto because she knew how much I love him! Basically what I am saying is that I have the bestest friend ever.

2. Childhood best friend AU 

“Tag, you’re it!”

Enjolras glared up at the grinning dark-haired boy who had just tapped his shoulder as he ran past. “I’m not playing,” he said haughtily.

The boy rolled his eyes. “That doesn’t matter,” he said, impatient. “It’s tag. When you’re it, you’re it.”

That kind of logic would perhaps not have made any sense to an adult, but to children, this was irrefutable. Enjolras heaved a sigh and got to his feet, reaching out to shove the boy’s shoulder. “Fine. You’re it.”

“No tag backs,” the boy said, sticking out his tongue, before adding, in the casual, off-hand way of a child, “M’Grantaire, by the way.”

“Enjolras,” Enjolras said, glancing around. “Is anyone else even playing?”

Grantaire grinned. “No,” he said. “You just weren’t doing anything so I thought maybe you’d want to play.”

Enjolras’s eyes narrowed and he huffed, “Don’t you have any friends of your own?”

Grantaire pouted and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Course I do,” he said, a little haughtily. “Got lots of friends. You’re the one who’s sitting by himself at recess.”

Enjolras scowled and looked down at the ground. “I was put in time out,” he muttered.


“I was put in time out by my teacher,” Enjolras said, louder, glaring at Grantaire as if daring him to make fun of him. “She said I was misbehaving because I was trying to explain why not allowing some students to stay inside if they want to read or just don’t want to play outside wasn’t fair, so she put me in time out.”

Grantaire frowned. “That’s not fair,” he said. “My best friend, Bossuet, he broke his arm so he has to stay inside and he’d love to have friends to hang out with so he’s not by himself.”

Enjolras nodded. “Right. And my best friend Combeferre wants to stay inside ‘cause he doesn’t like playing outside and the library won’t let him bring books outside with him, and I think he should if he wants to.”

Grantaire considered Enjolras for a long moment, his head cocked slightly to one side, and then he grinned. “We should be best friends,” he declared, apropos of nothing.

“I already have a best friend,” Enjolras said automatically, staring at Grantaire.

“So do I,” Grantaire shot back. “Two of them, actually, Bossuet and Joly, and we’re the bestest friends ever, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be best friends, too.”

Enjolras frowned but nodded. “I have two bestest friends, too, Combeferre and Courfeyrac, but I guess we could maybe be best friends.” He looked at Grantaire hopefully. “Is it because you want to help me change the rules for recess?”

Grantaire grinned and slung an arm around Enjolras’s shoulders. “Nope,” he said cheerfully. “It’s ‘cause I want to be best friends with anyone who gets themselves stuck in time out for something so stupid.”

Enjolras let out a squawk on indignation. “It’s not stupid!” he half-shouted, and stomped his foot. “And now I don’t want to be best friends with you!”

“Too late,” Grantaire said cheekily, darting away from Enjolras and shouting over his shoulder, “See you later, best friend!”

Enjolras scowled after him. He had a feeling he had just become best friends with the most annoying kid on the planet. A few weeks later, a kid named Marius Pontmercy would transfer into his class and prove him wrong because not even Grantaire was more annoying than him, but for now, he could do nothing but sit back on the ground and glare at Grantaire who was destined to be a thorn in his side for a long time to come.

Loud yelling and even louder screaming!!!! I have the bestest best friend in the entire world!!!!!!!! @seejay-through-life made this for me as a Christmas present and I fkn love it!! He even got it signed by Cecil and @dylanmarron at the live show earlier this year. Honestly this makes me super emotional I’m so happy 😍😍😍 (original art by @shiningarmorgraphics)

Wishes on Dandelions

Title: Wishes on Dandelions

Pairing: AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire (platonic because they are children. You’ll see what I mean)

Length: 1500 words

Genre: I’m not really sure. Angst kinda? Not really fluff. They are both children. I don’t know how to classify this

Trigger Warning: Diagnosing schizophrenia

Summary: Phil has a best friend that no one else can see or talk to, Bear. Bear has been his best friend since he was 3. Phil is now 11 and still best friends with Bear. His parents have started to worry and takes him to a therapist. But what will happen to Phil if Bear is forced away from him?

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Do you ever get just… randomly overwhelmed with love for one of your friends out of nowhere?


Yeah, me too. ♥