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I would be very disappointed if I saw acephobia on my dash too; I would hope that the people I follow are better than that. >.>

It’s not frequent fortunately 8T I can safely say though that most people I follow seem to be positively lovely from what I’ve seen. When bopping about in your day to day, casually hearing family, friends and aquaintances coming out with… unpleasant things, it’s nice to have a place you can go where people are chill and cool. 

MAN speaking as someone who was tHERE when the onceler thing happened i gotta say that

“[x] is the new onceler” rarely even touches the scale that the onceler had.

it was more than a bunch of people thirsting after a fictional character in good harmless fun that made the onceler the onceler.

it was the fact that a character from a really unremarkable movie became such a phenomenon overnight in such a bizarre way.

that people started drawing him fucking alternate universe versions of himself. because there was no one else attractive enough in the movie to make him fuck, maybe. i still dont understand why oncest ever became a thing.

it was 800 different ask blogs for 800 different AU versions of the onceler and then those versions of the onceler would fuck. 

it was 15 year old me unfollowing half my dash because i was sick of seeing onceler cock everywhere

and it came and went so suddenly i have never seen anything like that in all my years of interneting

if any of my four thousand followers aren’t aware, there was a major incident in london yesterday. people have died. a police officer. civilians. an unnamed man drove on the sidewalk on westminister bridge, crashing into the railings outside parliament, then stabbed a police officer before being shot just inside the grounds of westminister.

i was out in liverpool at the time and saw an increased police presence at the train stations and on the ground around town. i don’t have the words required to express how i feel about all of this, but i haven’t seen anything on my dash about london (not one thing) and i don’t know how i feel about that when i see plenty about attacks in france and germany and so on. but regardless, please don’t act violently or harshly to any minority for this. single persons or groups are responsible, not everyone in a minority.

don’t let the ones who commit horrific acts win by giving in to hate and prejudice. please don’t

Hi could everyone stop reblogging @eclecticwitcheryafoot‘s pirated books bullshit post and actually support the authors in our field? Maybe even call out this sort off asshole behavior in our community instead of rewarding it with copious notes? She knows she’s doing something wrong and does it anyway, don’t reward someone who’s ripping off authors in our community when you could get these books through a library, seek them out used, contact people for book trades, etc.

I’ve not bothered saying anything about it before and just helped authors report content theft but I have seen this post cross my dash multiple times, now with her complaints that tumblr keeps deleting it. Gee I wonder why. Like come on, I know at least one of these authors in person, and he’s not rich, these authors are not all dead and they’re not mythic figures who get money and food from fairies and ghosts.

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I've seen long posts on my dash saying you're a TERF if you don't like to use the word queer. This is pretty disgusting talk to me seeing as how there are still plenty of people who have had negative experiences with the word, and I think they have every right to be uncomfortable with it being used to describe themselves (though obv I think it's totally cool if other ppl like it and want to use it for Themselves). Have you seen this phenomenon? Do you think there's any credibility to it?

i have never seen anything like this. i have, however, seen a lot of posts talking about how terfs & exclusionists take advantage of the fact that queer was once, and is still in some places, used as a slur, in order to attack and marginalize people who ID as queer. especially when, according to these exclusionists, many queer-IDing people are ~*~actually cishets~*~ (a term which exclusionists will use to describe everyone from het aros/aces to lgbt aces to nb people to bpq people & even lg people who disagree with them). and you know what? i think that the people pointing this phenomenon out are telling us all the god given truth.

you know what else i’ve seen? a lot of exclusionists, terfs included, who are trying to convince us all that the mogais or whatever are trying to COERCIVELY APPLY THE WORD QUEER TO LGBT+ PEOPLE!!1! you know what i haven’t seen? anyone actually trying to do that. in fact, what i do see, are self-identifying queer people talking about a self-identified queer community, and getting dragged through the mud for it. i see people who don’t fit neatly into exclusionists’ ideas of what the community ~*~should be~*~ getting attacked on this hellhole site. and i see a lot more people getting shat on for reclaiming the word “queer” than i do people who reclaim other slurs. (literally. i once saw a user with the word dyke in her url saying that people shouldn’t use the word queer because “it’s a slur!!1!” no shit, sherlock!) i have seen people vehemently deny that queer was ever used as an umbrella term before THE TUMBLR KWEERS or deny that it has been mostly used in a positive way since the 80s/90s, which, i’m sorry, is a blatant, donald trump worthy falsehood.

now, i don’t know what you’ve seen anon, because i probably don’t follow the people you do. and i don’t know that you’re one of those people who are purposefully starting shit for no good reason. if you aren’t, i’m sorry. i too fluctuate on how comfortable i am with the word queer. i grew up in a small town in the southern u.s. where a large proportion of our population was 60 or older, and i had never heard the word queer used in a positive light before i went to college. i know there are people out there who are legitimately uncomfortable with the word, i know why, and i don’t think we should be calling people queer if they’re not comfy with it.

but let’s get real. i follow a lot of fucking awesome people who ID as queer, and i have seen the smear campaign exclusionists are waging against them. and i am a little more fucking concerned that none of the “queer is a slur!” inclusionist crowd seems to think that’s a problem.

About Anon.

You know? I wasn’t really sure how to start this. I’ve been toying with the idea of it in my head, but really, i can’t say anything that someone’s not already said, and probably in much better ways than i can.

There’s been a prompt going around… You know the one.

This one.

Now, it goes without saying, but not all responses are going to be kind ones. Not everyone likes everyone, and that’s completely okay!

What -isn’t- okay, however, is people telling other people to die, spewing hate at them, and otherwise just sending messages that are just… Without such gentle wording? Vile.

Never have i seen my dash so filled with hate, and honestly? It saddens me, to see that. The person you’re sending hate to? They have a life to lead, just like you. They are a person, sitting behind their keyboard. There’s enough negativity in the world without people throwing all these horrible words around.

But… You guys knew that already. That’s not really what i’m here to say; there’s a bunch of well written posts out there saying exactly what i just said, and kudos to all those who wrote them. What i’m hoping for, is to do something about it all.

Every day, we see a lot of things in or out of game that make us smile. Doesn’t have to be a lot. It could be a beautiful piece of artwork, a wonderfully written piece of writing… Even a line of description. Anything!

But… Saying something about it, that can be hard. A lot of it seemingly goes unnoticed, when really? People haven’t spoken up about it.

I know social anxiety is a hell of a thing for a lot of you, myself included, on occasion. There’s probably a hundred reasons whizzing through your mind as to why you shouldn’t send a message, or say something. Maybe you think the person is too popular to talk to you? Maybe you think they won’t appreciate the comment? Maybe you’re worried it will come off as creepy?

These are a few of the reasons i’ve seen floating around, and it’s understandable. But for every one person who might think this, maybe someone thinks it about you? You’ll never really know, unless you speak up.

So… What i propose, is this. Start sending some love, to the people you think deserve it. You like someone’s character? Tell them. Really love that one edit they did? Say so! It can be something really small, and it will mean so much!

Tiny little things like this can -really- make someone’s day, and spread a whole load of much-needed positivity.

Tell people. Maybe you’ve never met them before? Maybe you’ve always wanted to tell them something, but never quite found the courage. This is a little nudge for that!

Tell ten people. Tell one! Whatever you’re able to manage, just…

Please. Spread some positivity. Because people -always- need it.


Stop being a butt.
Say nice things instead.

Demis! send in requests for edits and stuff :)

Hey guys! @demi-romantics has just brought to my attention the lack of content for demis lately! (Though the moodboards and edits I’ve seen today do look lovely!)

So! I’m going be accepting requests for demiromantic/demisexual-related doodles, edits, flags, shout-outs, supportive posts, etc, to hopefully sprinkle a bit more demi positivity on our dashes! Really, anything goes! (Send them through my askbox, anon is enabled!) If you don’t have requests, please reblog so others can see this!

Here are a few examples of some things I’ve made:

(To those of you thinking “Is she still taking requests?”–Yes! Yes I am! I will try to get through all of them! The time it takes to get to yours just depends on how many I get :P So ask away!)

christmas shopping

A/N: A little blurb about Simon+Baz spending the day at the mall. Song inspiration was Everglow by Coldplay. It’s so much better to read this while listening to it. Anyways, hope you like it!

December 21st, 2015

                                                       B A Z

Never in my life have I seen anything as hilarious as Simon Snow Christmas shopping.

He dashes about the mall, practically dragging me from shop to shop. He’s got such a long list. It shouldn’t be that long considering that we don’t have many people to buy presents for, but I swear it just about reaches the floor when he holds it. I can’t read his bloody writing, so I can’t even tell what he’s got on there.
Apparently I have no say when it comes to presents, beyond holding bags for him. He also made me try on a leather jacket because apparently I’m the same size as Micah. And apparently he wants to buy Micah a leather jacket for Christmas. Because apparently that’s what you buy for your best friend’s boyfriend.

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Hi! I'm a very casual watcher of Steven Universe, so I haven't seen it in a while. You said how they got rid of Amythest's fat? I haven't seen anything about it, so if you could, would you show me what you mean? I'm genuinely curious what they've done to the characters. Thanks, love your art, and I hope you have a wonderful day!!

i dont even watch su anymore, ill just sometimes see su critial things on my dash so i dont even know if they even talk about amethyst anymore

all i know is apparently she looks like this now even tho she used to have hips and breasts

Okay listen all you fuckers.

I am FUCKING furious. Today I have seen over 10(!!) anon hates on my dash. This is more, than I’ve seen in all the 6 months I’ve been on this blog.

What is up with you? What goes on in your mind that you think ‘oh I’m going to make someone sad for absolutely no reason’?

You not only hurt them, you know. You also hurt me cause I have to see all my friends getting this hate, when they’ve done absolutely nothing bad. It hurts me and it makes me fucking mad.

I want you to write, draw, create anything. Go ahead, spend hours on something, pour your heart in it. Then think again before you feel the need to hate on other people again.

And don’t you dare complain about people closing their inboxes. Cause that’s your fault.

not to rub salt in the fictional wound or anything, but I’ve seen a couple of people reacting to my post with comments like “yes, but they’re saying he wanted to hurt him. they’re not saying kill him” and yeah, no!

If the sheer brutality of the fight doesn’t make it obvious enough for you, here! Have Joe Russo spell it out for you:

JR: He really wants to murder Bucky with his own hands in this scene. And that’s really the thought process we were following. Why he kept trying to get close to Bucky. What he really… He wanted to hear him say that, admit that he did it and then make him suffer.

He says this in the audio commentary just before the Markus and McFeely comments. 

Love Tony all you want, be his fan, support him, I don’t really care. You can argue he was consumed by grief, that had he learned about the truth in any other way he wouldn’t have reacted like that, but let’s not kid ourselves into thinking he wasn’t gonna kill Bucky. And please stop trying to find reason where there’s none. Stop trying to excuse what he did the same way you don’t really wanna excuse Steve and Bucky for what they did.


This is agent Leeland Turbo. I have a flash transmission for agent Finn McMissile.
Finn, my cover’s been compromised. Everything’s gone pear-shaped. You won’t believe what I’ve found out here. This is bigger than anything we’ve ever seen. And no one even knows it exists. Finn, I need backup. But don’t call the cavalry, it could blow the operation. And be careful, it’s not safe out here.

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have you seen bts idol party yet? there's so much hoseok!! and sope moments! there's also this part where they show a video montage of bts and I think Jin? notes that it's like 50% jhope. there's def a jhope stan on that show loll. plus he's top in a lot of the rankings! DANCE/AEGYO KING HOPE! I think he got 'fear' too lol. He got so much love on that show I'm so happy!! 💚

omg that’s sounds amazingggg D”: sope <3 I haven’t watched anything. All I’ve seen are gifs on my dash. haha I’m not even sure where to watch! :P

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Do you know any kylux au's where it's based in small towns or something? Or in a gang?

honestly I haven’t seen anything like that from my casual browsing ( aka not looking for anything and stuff just shows up on my dash )

but I sometimes draw small town au! just because I love to explore places like that and I have ideas in my head how it would look based on what I’ve found

That awkward moment in which the actress uploads a photo of her, but you are debating whether to post it or not since perhaps it’s one of those taken by one of the haters… I have already seen many of them on my dash, but I refuse to reblog anything from those sources.

@ninetyfovr literally tho we’d be broke but that’s fine. i’LL BRING THE WINE!!!! or my preferred drink, vodka with anything.

@boricuamermaid ISN’T THAT WILD THO?!??! like i was just looking through the rest of the voices and raven also did one?!?! like?!? animated things blow my mind. 


My dash be dead!!

If you post anything to do with

Anime in general (always a slut for anime)

Steven Universe (my current obsession)

Stranger Things (and wants to talk about it BECAUSE PLEASE.)

Voltron (any incarnation. I’ve seen a bit of the 1980’s and 2011 ones as well).

Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil (‘tis a cute show and I need more on my dash).

Orrrrrr Gravity Falls (specifically Dipper because I love him so much.)

Reblog this or like it and send me messages or what have you!!! I’m always open to making new friends!!!

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why dont you like yoi or what do you not like about it? curious

I don’t dislike anything about it; I’m just not interested. I haven’t watched enough of it to form much of an opinion bc I’ve only seen the first ep before I lost interest >< 

My only feelings towards it are that it’s a little annoying bc it’s ALL OVER my dash and it kind of drowns out everything else if I don’t have an extension to block it :3 

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Also a big thing I hate larries do is when they say antis only come out when Louis does something "het" like??? When has he done anything "gay" ?? They live for disgusting stereotypes and then have the audacity to call themselves part of the community. The way he dresses isn't gay, the way he acts isn't gay. He isn't "pussy repulsed" god they're fucking gross. Antis have literally never left either. We've always been here enjoying Louis and Harry drama free!

Apparently, Just Hold On and the music video are both het since I’ve seen them all over my dash. Checkmate, larries.