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see this is why i’m fucking pissed. people blog about random events that happen in america and it gets TONNES of attention but when something FUCKING IMPORTANT happens in australia, nobody knows what is happening. fuck this. but i’ll give you a brief description of what i know:

  • innocent people were going about their day in a chocolate cafe in sydney, australia. pretty normal, everything is all good.
  • a gunman pops up at around 9:45 am and then makes everyone in the cafe a hostage. around 50 or so people are hostages.
  • claims that there are four bombs around the city somewhere. we don’t know if this is true or false but it’s fucking scary and it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • the entire city is on lockdown.
  • subways are closed off and people are rerouted. everyone is evacuated.
  • police try to reason with the gunman. have done so for hours, but we’ve gotten nothing.
  • we haven’t found a motive yet, but i think that they want to talk to the prime minister about something?

i don’t know all too much but this was basically it without all the complex shit. but UGH IM SO FUCKING PISSED MAN??? literally everyone blogged about what is happening in ferguson and people are still blogging about it but shit man this is literally on a scale as close to ferguson as it can get and i have barely seen anything about sydney on my dash fucking hell