adfja;lsjdflakjd;jsdf Against the Rest of the World just gained FOUR new bookmarks today and I’m basically having a heart attack of joy over here!!! Bookmarks are the BEST!!!!! I don’t know why I care so much more about bookmarks than kudos (kudoses? kudi? I don’t know), but I do. This is all your doing, @librarylock!!! *hugs you gently to death*

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"Jan... I have to make a trip to my relatives... My Grandpa had a heart attack and I'm his power of attorney... Which means I have to pull his life support. I'm sorry I can't make our date tonight..." Charlie keeps her gaze down to hide her tears.

“Yo. Charlie. Don’t you know who I am?”

story time. i first saw this movie with two guys at the same time, not realizing i was on half a date with each (their idea, not mine), and by this point the both of them are trying to pick up on subtle clues to see who i’m more into, while meanwhile i’m just completely busy having a heart attack because thor’s about to be dropped out of a ship at 30,000 feet

funny story

about 2-3 years ago, i was just at home chilling and watching Netflix. i was home alone and heard the doorbell ring. so i look out the window and it was some guy that i had never seen before and he looked pretty sketchy. i would have just ducked back, but the guy already saw me. still, i hid back and hoped he would just go away. however when he knocked and rang the doorbell several more times, i knew that wasn’t happening. so instead I tried calling a neighbor but they didn’t answer the phone. i spent another minute pacing the living room, having a mini heart attack, really not wanting to call 911, before I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I rush upstairs into my parents room and grab a machete that was hanging on the wall that my dad had got while we were on vacation one year. i take it out rush back downstairs, open the window, which gets the guys attention, but the first thing he sees is little me pointing this decent sized knife at him, and I ask him in the firmest voice I can muster: “who are you and what do you want?”. the guy’s eyes bugged out and he put his hands up responding frantically: “your dad sent me here to check out the boat in the backyard.” then he quickly pulls out his cell phone and says: “if you don’t believe me, i can call him for you if you want.” so he does and sure enough, I’m outside (still holding the machete) and my dad’s on the line. as it turns out, he was just some guy my dad hired to check out the boat to see about getting it back into the water and my dad neglected to tell me that he was coming and that I should expect him. when the call ended, i immediately apologized to the guy and we were all good from there, but I swear he probably still tells people about me


Super Junior-D&E_너는 나만큼 (Growing Pains)_Music Video Teaser

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I am a Larry of 2.5 years. And I work at the restaurant that Louis supposedly went to last night in Venice. I worked last night. And trust me, if he was there I would have not only a heart attack but a damn selfie with the King. #2, I did not work the 21st but my friend did. She saw them there and said 'that was the most awkward thing I have ever seen' & that 'he was glued to his phone' & 'they barely talked to each other' & 'only got an appetizer then left thru the back'. So...go Larry.

Grain of salt but LARRY IS REAL™

look at his lil’ smirk