I’m reading Christine’s letter right now

All I’m thinking is:
“Erik is so unprepared for this, he’s probably going to have a heart attack! I wonder if he’ll frame this…..?”

I seriously cannot wait for his reaction!!!

My Uncle just went to the hospital after having a heart attack. I’m sitting here waiting for news with my brothers and I feel so numb and helpless to it. I’m hoping he gets through this and the thought of him dying this time just makes my brain stop processing anything. I’m sitting and waiting and I’m not freaking out, I’m just motionless.

Everyone’s wife | Continued from ask | Closed

“Yeah, an appointment from my doctor because I think I’m having a heart attack.”

He clutched his chest. This was the first time he’s watched her make their breakfast. He’s never seen her move so fast before. Usually he would be deep down in the morning newspaper (which he was currently reaching for but kept missing as he grabbed the air) but this time it was different. He didn’t feel bad or guilty—he should be but that’s not really in his being.

He keeps grabbing at the air until finally he latches onto the morning papers and hugs them to his chest. He takes a deep breath into his ‘invisible’ nose and sighed through his mouth. Should he put her down for trying her hardest? For something she does everyday for them? No. For once he woke up in a pretty good mood.

“Thanks, Sads.” he said and waddled over to her. It looked like he was going to hug her but he just reached for his coffee and toast. “Keep up the good work.”


Me: *has deep chest pain*
Me: *thinks I have something serious like a heart attack or pulmonary embolism thanks to WebMD®*
Me: Well I haven’t died yet so I think I’ll sleep now :)


Super Junior-D&E_너는 나만큼 (Growing Pains)_Music Video Teaser

~Little Goldfish Mermarco.6-3~


Anyway, heeeyyyy guuuyyyssss… remember me? yeah, this is me. And I bring with me the next part of the Goldfish!AU comic thing I kept promising I was working on. And I wasn’t lying. I just never got time to actually sit down and do it. Between being sick constantly and working nonstop, I’ve barely had any breaks to do anything but brief doodles… BUT NOW. NOW I HAVE SUMMER VACATION. WOOHHOOO!! (  ´ o `) / <3

So here are more… s-sads… I-.. I’ll tell you all now that I never planned for it to turn out like this?? The way it was going with this part, I had to add the human versions reacting (FINALLY) in the end so that I can make ONE LAST FINAL PART to bring back the happy ending I was PLANNING to have. YES. YOU HEAD ME RIGHT, THERE WILL BE ONE LAST SHORT BIT TO SPLASH Y'ALL IN HAPPIES AGAIN.

But it’s mostly because I’m so sick of having to draw all these tears and panicked innocent fishbutts… I’m a.. horrible person and I accept my fate of any hate or anger or upset hearts you may have towards me.. *sobs*… I didn’t meeaannn toooo… Angst just happened for whatever reason I cannot explain. I’M HURTING TOO, Y'KNOW?? I HAD  TO DRAW THIS PLUIE. GAH!

Oh! And if anyone is confused about what happened here and want and explanation, read below the cut. Also for the other parts!

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You belong here.
I belong here.

Annnnnd here’s the set! :D A HUGE THANK YOU to Cranor and Finks and the cast for such a fantastically weird little corner of the universe. I truly do adore you guys. Red dots for all of you. <3

WTNV Posters

Live Show - Condos

1- Pilot

2 - Glow Cloud

8 - The Lights In Radon Canyon

13 - A Story About You

19 - The Sandstorm

25 - One Year Later

31 - A Blinking Light up on the Mountain

32 - Yellow Helicopters

36 - Missing

42 - Numbers

45 - A Story About Them

46 - Parade Day

47 - Company Picnic

48 - Renovations

49 - Old Oak Doors - Part A and Part B

56 - Homecoming

60 - Water Failure

63 - There Is No Part One: Part Two

65 - Voicemail

I don’t think you understand the amount of screaming that is happening right now, because I am in love and I will shout it from the mountaintops. I commissioned needapotion to recreate Keela’s dress from What Remains of the Lost and it is literally the stuff of dreams. Seriously look at it ahh and her face is perfect I’m going to have a heart attack help me.

I was going to wait until I decided whether I wanted to write a final chapter for that fic or not, but I am too freaking excited so I have to share this now. Lowenael is so talented, super nice and accommodating and you should totally follow their tumblr and spend all your money there. :)

*flails myself off this beautiful cliff*

You say that you’re no good for me
Cause I’m always tugging at your sleeve
And I swear I hate you when you leave
But I like it anyway.

I tried to teach myself to paint in Sai and now we know that we should probably never ever try that again lolololol.