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So, since Ravnica, I have been really tired of gold themes/subthemes/build around me cards (It's felt like every block is built around some sort of multicolored factions since Innistrad, and I dislike the forceful shove in deckbuilding. This is, incidentally, why I loved core set drafting). Am I going to be disappointed in the future? I know you say things ebb and flow, but you've also said that the philosophy around gold has changed and that you wanted to include it in every set.

One of our goals is to make each block have a deep draft environment which means we need to have more deck archetypes than just five monocolor ones. Opening up two-color options adds ten more deck possibilities.

So I need to give God some praise

Through my battle with depression things are actually starting to look brighter and my outlook has begun to shift into a more positive mindset. I still have my battles to fight but they are getting easier because I’m beginning to trust in God again with my full heart and have finally found medication that works best with me.

I filled out my FASFA for this fall semester and found out that I am eligible for a Pell Grant that will pay for my first year of school. This is a very big deal to me because I was so scared to start back with school again because I didn’t want to to end up being eyeballs deep in debt with only the possibility of a job.

I have two job possibilities that will get me full time work and couldn’t be more excited yet nervous at the same time because one of them is with the company my dad and sister work for. (would love to have some prayers behind that one please!)

I am moving out of my dad’s house and into my mom’s to help pay bills and etc. This is a scary, but necessary all at the same time and will be a new chapter in my life as I haven’t lived anywhere else but my dad’s (except for the 3 months of living with jonathan-the-poet‘s family lol). 

Lastly I am in such a happy relationship with plainandsimplejeanine. It’s crazy that it will be 2 years come July because I never would have thought that I would be in a relationship and in love with such and stunning and outstanding woman of God! She challenges me to be closer to God than I ever thought possible. The fact she can see through all the depression, anxiety, and shame and see me and love me still blows my mind to this day and I consider myself so lucky. As always you should follow her if you haven’t already!

also riley-taylor-martin, elvish-goddess, and iammountain-iamdust are some really rad blogs and I love them even though we don’t talk to each other though that needs to be rectified!


For the first time, that I am at least aware of, I have two guys interested in me at the same time.

And sigh, I don’t know.

One of them is the type of guy I would want to want me. He’s the type of person I’d want to be in a relationship with, because I can see it being deep, and passionate, and loving. I also see it being incredibly polarizing - either it’ll be really great or really..not..lol. And I feel like I’d be the most challenged and grow a lot through the experience. But perhaps I’m just projecting a lot of my goals and wishes on him, and have way too high of an expectation.

The second one is maybe “safer”? Of the two, he just feels safer. He and I already run in the same circles, and he’s pretty well liked. Also one of his roommates is dating one of my close friends, so that would lead for some really fun moments. I think a relationship with him could be really fun, but I don’t know how substantial it would be. I’m worried that after a while, “fun” is all that it will be, and it might fizzle out quickly. But I could see it being really relaxed and chill, and we could take it at a slow pace that would be comfortable for me.

With Guy #2 I feel pretty natural and comfortable, so that’s nice. With the first guy I’m just completely fascinated by him. What made my interest in him really pique, I suppose, is when he remarked that he just loves being in love. And it was like my heart gave a sigh. I’m such a hopeless romantic, and I immediately latched on to the idea that I’d found a kindred spirit. I fall in love with people with whom I can talk freely about love.

I don’t know, I really like both for different reasons. Who knows, both of them could just end up getting tired of me and I’ll end up with neither after all.

The best days are days like this: Sam comes home from soccer practice and finds Dean waiting, back from his hunt, unscathed.


Who the hell do you think you are?

Hawkeye Annual #001

No but Zayn and Liam as individuals are just so cute. Take, for example Zayn’s scrunchy nose

look how bright and cute and just lovely.

And then you’ve got Liam who is the king of crinkly eyes

the most beautiful darling cutie on earth honestly.

But now, take those two cute, happy, joyful faces and have them react to each other. Zayn’s nose is never as scrunchy as when he scrunches for Liam

And Liam’s crinkles are never as deep and as happy as they are when they crinkle for Zayn

otp: crinkles and scrunches 


Charlie, Connor & Monroe | 2.13

"So what’s this Duncan look like?"


aidan waite in every episode → turn this mother out

"No matter what you freed yourself from, you only get so far down the open road. Car windows down, music blasting, before you are forced to take a turn. Make a choice. And sentence yourself to the next adventure."


 I wanted it to count. And you do count… and you left.

"Just try to rest."

"To rest? Or to feel redundant?" 

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I was fine with everything Peter added to the story with the exception of Tauriel and Kili. It felt like a rehash of Aragorn and Arwen and it never seemed to flow as well. I didn't see the chemistry and their 'relationship' detracted from the brotherly love of Fili and Kili.

I was fine with Tauriel (and I understood why a female character was added) but like you, I was disappointed that PJ let it “get in the way” of Fili/Kili’s development. The “love triangle” bit was unnecessary. They should of been able to introduce a badass female character without having to place her in a love story. 

It would of been just as poignant if she (as an elf) had grown a (non-romatic) relationship with Kili (a dwarf) to show that the two cultures could get along. It would’ve really reinforced Legolas and Gimli’s friendship and even Gimli’s deep admiration towards Galadriel in LOTR.

But still, I don’t take part in the rampant Tauriel hate that seems to be ever present on TUMBLR! It is not Evangeline Lilly’s fault (as she was quite magnificent as an Elf), it just had to do with PJ’s OBSESSION towards Elves!

Thanks for the ask!

Does anyone else just wanna ever sit down with that person they’re in love with and just have a sleepover? Like can you just imagine laying down with them in your pajamas, getting competitive while playing Call of Duty together and eating candy, then you lose so you grab a piece of candy and flick it at them? Or trying to solve jigsaw puzzles with them and you two are racing to finish? Even just playing scrabble with them, and whenever they make a word you reward them with a kiss? Just taking stupid selfies together? Going on a Netflix marathon while cuddling under a blanket? Cause I sure as hell do, I mean I dunno if it’s just me but I’m like addicted to all the fluffy parts of a relationship

What I like about your sign

Aries: you are some of the most cutest things ever not to mention how good of a friend you are!!! Always will be there for people and go out of your way and when you get super angry and say a billion of cuss words in under six seconds is pretty funny u make me laugh I wish I had ur confidence I like u

Taurus: I love how easy you are at making friends, you always come up to me and compliment me and then we become good friends and always have something in common I like our random deep conversations late at night and I can always eat so much around you w/ out you judging

Gemini: I haven’t had a lot of gemini best friends in my life only a few and man I hate it so much bc you guys are some of the most intelligent funniest people hands down, no conversation is boring with you, people think you’re two faced but really you just joke around a lot and don’t mean half or even any of the shit you say and some people don’t get that and that’s why guys get misunderstood a lot and I wish more people knew bc you guys aren’t dickfaces or two faced bitches ur just the queen of all zodiac the other jealous signs are just peasants 👑👑

Cancer: you make such a good friend and you don’t steal your friend boyfriends bc that’s how good of a friend you are, you always know how to make me laugh I can always have a good time with you people love you cancer I know I do

Leo: man where do I start with you? You are the most brightest (obvi bc ur the sun of all planets) and funniest people I know gosh you have splendid taste in music and you give straight up advice I’m always smiling cheek to cheek when I’m with you and I love how I can call you bad names like hoe and you won’t get offended you’ll call me a hoe right back w no problem

Virgo: man you guys are super funny and SO FREAKING NICE and have pretty good taste in style shit I like how clean you are, you might get shit for being “too clean” like who wants to be dirty??¿¿ you give good advice stop being shy! Bc u guys are so nice and I wish more people knew how nice and cool you are too <333

Libra: you guys have THE most best smile, I wish I had your good taste in style and I love how you make people feel comfortable and how you always give compliments, I love how much you love love also stop trying to make people like you lil’ libra bc your amazing and don’t let people tread on you, throw them out you are the balance symbol for a reason

Scorpio: you guys are actually really cool af you behind the whole bitch face you put on to protect yourselves, I met soo so so many nice Scorpio gals and guys at some edm concerts and you have always been so outgoing and kind to me and you guys are always laughing love u guys stop hiding behind the bitch face bc you guys are actually genuine fun and nice people

Sagittarius: it’s crazy on how good of a friend you are and how out there and brave you are, I will always see myself in you guys bc how much you love life. You guys are so flippin happy all of the time it’s actually scary, and I love love love how you guys get treated like shit by loser people who didn’t deserve you but you still manage to get up and keep going you guys are beautiful and amazing and have the cutest laughs keep loving life you have many admirers

Capricorn: oh my dear little capricorn friend you are honestly the most funniest person I know hands down you know how to make me crack a joke I love how nice you are to people and how you stand up for people you’re like a big brother always protecting people I wish more people were truly genuine like you are my dear goat you are so beautiful and have an earthy mysterious look to you that attract a lot of people I wish more people got to know you just for a lil’ longer to know you’re not boring and that you’re actually the opposite of that and how funny and sharing you are, stop being depressing I love you so much very dearly stop settling for shitty friends/people

Aquarius: you will always be my favorite sign Aquarius, there’s just something about you that intrigues me and many others. You never ever ever make people feel left out you always want to make sure people feel like they’re comfortable and that they’re feeling apart of the whole experience, you guys are so flippin weird but that’s what makes you YOU, a lot of people might talk crap about how you’re not serious in relationship and you don’t care and your distant but that’s not it at all you guys are actually the most sensitive people probably the most sensitive of all signs you just hide it well you believe in love SO much and you might go through a lot of people but EVERY single one of those people meant something to you and ily Aquarius keep doing you man

Pisces: you guys are so funny and caring but it upsets me and how much you care about what people say or think about you bc you shouldn’t you are so much more than what people think of you, you guys are are SO AMAZING and give the REALEST advice it’s funny how pisces are considered “sensitive” or whatnot but yeah they can be sensitive but they’re HUMAN and have a HEART unlike some people but hey don’t get me wrong if you treat them like crap for far too long to where they can’t take it you’ll see those fishes really snap at you and they will give you their honest opinion more honest than a Sagittarius and Capricorn combined you guys have good taste in clothes and music ilysm pisces keep doing you and don’t care what people say about you

We can feel energy
We can feel how excited you are
And we love you
But before we go, we want you to quiet down for a sec
Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
Count to three
Make sure you are breathing
Picture yourself in front of a mirror
Staring at your reflection
Look at yourself
What do you want to tell her or him
What is your reflection saying to you
Now I want you to talk to your reflection
Look into your eyes and tell yourself
I am brave
I have a voice and I am strong enough to over come my fears
I can stand up for what I believe in and I can stand up for myself
I can stand up for others because I am brave
I am honest
I can recognize the beauty of the world without disregarding the bad
I want to make this world and myself better because I am honest
I am beautiful
My body
Every shape and every scar and every flaw and curve and thing that society tells me is wrong
My mind, my heart, my spirit
I am so beautiful
Now I want you to open your eyes and look around you
At each other
Smile at the person next to you and recognize that they are also brave and have gone through battles in life that they thought they would lose
They are honest
They are hopeful
And they are beautiful
Just like you
And together, tonight
We are all brave
We are all honest
And we are so so beautiful

Fifth Harmony’s Monologue before singing Brave Honest Beautiful

The Reflection Tour

Confession: I have a joking family and it doesn’t bother me because that’s just us, but I’m not cool with my younger sister and my mother always making fun of my natural hair. Now I hit them back with the jokes, I’m not just sitting there taking that shit, but damn enough is enough, my hair is natural. I love every kink and every curl. I love everything about my natural hair from doing the research on products to the two hours it takes me to cowash deep condition and protect my hair. At this point I honestly starting to think it’s jealousy. Like damn our you mad cause my hair is armpit length and thick?; and yours wont grow past your neck no matter how hard you try? *tilts head* I will not allow anybody stop me from loving my hair and my journey no matter if we family or not.

I’m so frustrated at the fact that Solas and Cassandra share both hips and walks, like let a dragon eat me now. That is ungodly how attractive the mere walks and hips of these two characters are, like Maker and Dread Wolf bless my thirst for the wide swaying hips of these two.

Someone slam dunk me in the mother-loving trash can for I have sinned every time I focus in on the fine booties of these characters as we have serious discussions about the Fade and the Seekers.