i love incredibly platonic affectionate ren//ruki like pls give me these two having deep conversations about life pls give me them going out on lunch dates to catch up w/ eachother pls give me renji being the obnoxious friend that breaks her out of work to drag her to do something fun for the day pls give me them having long meaningful hugs pls give me them having movie nights and renji just flops on top of rukia pls give me them casually sleeping over at each other’s houses pls give me them kissing each others foreheads pls give me them being super super protective over eachother and beating up any asshole that makes the other sad pls give me platonic affectionate ren//ruki

Welcome fellow Gilmore Girls fans! Now, let’s get straight down to business. Literati aka Rory/Jess is actual perfection and we are all sad that they were supposed to end up together but didn’t, it’s one of the biggest tragedies in television history tbh right?? Anyway, it’s been a while since these two have graced our screens with their hotness and deep love so Kara and I have decided that we need an outlet for our feels until a movie comes out and they’re reunited *prays to the amy sherman palladino gods that it happens* 

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5sos Preference #3 You miss him

Calum- Calum and you have only been together for five months, the public though thinks three. The both of you hung out often, you were aware of his hectic life but it still left a decent amount of time for the two of you. That was until though he went on tour. You knew it was going to be difficult, but you never expected it to be like this. Calum left a month ago and you still had a month left to go before you would see him again. Neither of you have told each other I love you, even though you both knew it deep down. It was a newer relationship and you really didn’t want to turn into the whiny, clingy girlfriend, but you missed Calum more than anything. You tried to hide it from him, even though at times it was very difficult. Usually Calum called you every night and the two of you would text back and forth some throughout the day. When you woke up this morning you sent Cal a good morning text and got ready for work. All day at work you were constantly checking you phone, but still nothing. When you got home, you texted him again “Hey babe, how’s your day?”, still no reply. You didn’t want to admit it but this made you very upset. You were trying to distract yourself but it just wasn’t working. It was now one in the morning and you were still waiting for your phone call. Calum called every night around ten, tonight though he was a little late. Your mind was racing with all the possibilities of what he could be doing, who he was with, was he getting tired of you, was he cheating? It seemed like you were rolling around for hours when your phone finally started ringing at two. You were trying to strain yourself, but you couldn’t control picking it up on the first ring. “Hey Cal! I missed you! How was your day?” You blubbered out in excitement. Talking to him was your favorite part of the day. “Yeah hi babe, it was a rough day. I’m just going to call you tomorrow. Night Y/N”. You couldn’t even get out a reply, before the line disconnected. You stared at the phone in your hand, as a single tear rolled down your cheek. You waited up hours just to talk to him for a couple minutes, and you got ten seconds. You tried to be as supportive as you could toward his career and his life. You didn’t get much sleep that night, as your fears before were doubled.

Ashton- Ashton and you have been going strong for two and a half years. You honestly believed you would never get sick of this boy. You were never one to believe in love, but when you met Ashton that all changed. You got use to the crazy work hours, award shows, jealous fans, invading paparazzi, and the dreadful tours. You have been through five tours with Ashton and most of the time your relationship has always come out stronger. It was always a relief to get him back to yourself for a while and live normals lives, even if it was only for a few weeks sometimes. The last tour ended about two weeks ago. The tour lasted three months and you weren’t able to visit him at all during that time. Usually when Ashton would return from tour, a very nice reunion would be in store. This time wasn’t the same. Every night he has been out with the boys, coming home at the earliest three in the morning. You hated the constant wrapping up of home cooked meals you prepared for him, only to have them heated up later. You hated all the nights you stayed up a little bit extra, just hoping maybe this once he would arrive back a little early. You craved his attention and time, but who wouldn’t in your situation. Most mornings when you woke up he was gone, and when he arrived home you were sleeping. Tonight you were waiting up, no matter how long it was. He walked into your bedroom at 4:16, you were sitting in the middle of your bed. “Oh hey babe, your up!” He looked surprised. “Yeah you know I wanted to actually see your face for once.” You told him sarcastically. “Excuse me for wanting to relax a little after I worked my ass off for months!” He yelled at you throwing off his clothes. “I understand that Ashton, but why can’t you relax at home with me!” You screamed back, standing up. “Oh just shut up Y/N!” He snarled at you. He knew everything you were saying was true, and he didn’t want to cave into it. “I barely see you at all! You haven’t told me you loved me for over a week now Ashton! You haven’t even touched me in over three months.” You whispered, the tears coming down. Now you were starting to realize just how much he really wasn’t showing to you. “You can sleep in the guest room tonight, go find yourself a new girlfriend too.” You said wiping your tears. You threw his pillow at him and shoved him out the door. You locked the door and fell on your bed. You were sprawled out crying hysterically, and that’s how you stayed all night.

Luke- This time around you decided to go on tour with Luke. It fit with your schedule this time and you figured things would be much easier. Luke and you always had a difficult time with the distance, so you couldn’t wait now to watch him do what he loves every night and be with him. Everything was going great with the both of you being on tour together, once in a while though you guys would have some difficulties. With being able to see Luke everyday now, you easily missed him more than ever before. You had no clue how you would go back to him just being on tour by himself next time and without you. Luke was either on stage, in the lounge with the boys, or with you. This morning you got a lovely surprise from mother nature, which was sure to make your next week a living hell. You were never one to handle your period well and to be honest it didn’t treat you very nicely either. Today Luke had a show to play and you told him before you probably weren’t going to make it, due to your “thing” that’s what he would call it. The boys left around an hour ago and you knew they wouldn’t be back for a while. This is the part you hated, when you were away from Luke. You decided to sleep some and hopefully get rid of some of the pain in your stomach/pelvis. You woke up about five hours later and couldn’t believe you even took that long of a nap. Your stomach still hurt greatly and you had a terrible headache. You figured Luke would be back by now, but he wasn’t in the bunk with you. You slowly rolled out of the bunk and followed the boys voices towards the back. You opened up the door and saw the boys gathered around playing games. Luke looked up at you as you pouted at him. You sat down beside him and practically wrapped yourself around him. “I missed you.” You whined, burying your face into his neck. “Come cuddle me.” You nudged him, peppering his face with kisses all over. “Okay, okay let’s go.” He lifted you up and took you both to your bunk. Where you laid for hours.

Michael- You were a very busy girl. You were currently enrolled in photography school, have a part time job at the local cafe, and maintained your own blog. You never saw yourself having a boyfriend until after graduating college, to stay focused. That clearly didn’t happen though, because once Michael came along there was no getting rid of him. You both had busy schedules, his daily tasks just a little bit more unique than yours. You both were very hardworking and independent people, so you both fully understand the need/want for working. You didn’t mind Michael’s work really at all, he loved what he did and that made you happy. The only thing that did bother you though were tours. You hated not being able to see his face next to yours for months and so did he. Lately though with all the stress from school, work, and the daily drama occurring in your life everything was getting a bit too much to handle. Usually Michael and you thrived in these situations, you always leveled each other out and helped each other. You wanted Michael back home so badly at this point and today was just a terrible day. You missed him like mad. When he told you he could skype tonight, you’d figure that would be a good idea. You didn’t get to see his face often. About ten minutes into the Skype call your voice started getting quieter, your eyes looking down more, and they started getting watery. You were wrong, seeing Michael’s face just made things a hell of a lot worse. It wasn’t fair for him to be thousands of miles away from you. “Are you okay babe?” Michael asked getting as close as he could to the screen. “Yeah Michael don’t worry about me.” You said trying to smile. He saw the real emotions behind your eyes, he knew you way too well. “What’s really wrong Y/N?” He asked you concerned, almost like he was right there with you. But he wasn’t. “I just really miss you Michael.” You told him whispering, a few tears now falling down freely. This killed him, it always did. “Oh baby, don’t cry about missing me. You’ll be out here in a week!” He told you trying to lighten up your mood a little. “I can’t help but miss you though, I love you.” You cried full on now. “I love you too sweetie, but you have to calm down okay?” One thing Michael didn’t want was you going to sleep crying for him. You were on Skype with Michael for another hour before you got and went to bed a little happier than before.

hear our hearts beating in time // a malum playlist

a playlists for two best friends who’ve been through everything together, and have fallen in love along the way.

tracklist: my best friends hot by the dollyrots // you are in love by taylor swift // never be by 5 seconds of summer // head to the ground by neck deep // i’d do anything by simple plan // 18 by one direction // jet pack blues by fall out boy // northern downpour by panic! at the disco // all of me (cover) by MAX ft. zendaya // i’m only me when i’m with you by taylor swift // a daydream away by all time low // take shelter by years and years // ribs by lorde // friends by ed sheeran // sleeping with a friend by neon trees

Listen Here

The best days are days like this: Sam comes home from soccer practice and finds Dean waiting, back from his hunt, unscathed.


Who the hell do you think you are?

Hawkeye Annual #001

#218 - Love Making.


Toes curling against the sheets, soft music playing from Michael’s iPhone sitting in the dock beside the bed, palms sweating and the blinds closed due to privacy, this was a perfect moment for intimacy. It was 1 am, both of you enjoying the buzz from the alcohol you consumed earlier and the joy of not having to share a hotel room with the others. Your nails ran down Michael’s back, reaching the flesh of his bum, squeezing in hopes to push him even deeper inside of you. Your thighs quaked as his hand reached between the two of you, rubbing sloppy circles over your clit. “Fuck Michael.” With a smirk he looked deep into your eyes, his thrusts slowing to nothing and then speeding back up, only to slow down again. What a tease this little shit was. “I love making love to you baby.” He whispered, capturing your bottom lip between his teeth, tugging it gently only to enlighten another moan from your throat. He rolled his hips harder, jerking your body with every thrust. “I’m gonna come.” You whimpered, taking his hands and lacing them with yours, his groans becoming louder. “Me too, let’s come together okay?” With a nod, his forehead plastered to yours, he started to count. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” Your legs trembled as you released onto his throbbing cock, his juices mixing with yours as he gasped, dropping his head to the crook of your neck as you clamped down on him, as if you were milking every last drop from him. “H-holy shit,” With a chuckle he laid on top of you, not too much so he wouldn’t be crushing you. “I think that was the best sex we’ve ever had.” He finished, pulling out as the both of you winced. “I agree. Now I just need cuddles and sleep.” “Sounds good to me.”


Making love with Luke was always a sensual and sweet moment, you actually preferred this kind of sex over the going at it like rabbits when you see him after he’s been gone for a long time kind of sex. The boys agreed to go out to give you two the privacy, Luke setting up his playlist as the door to the back room of the tour bus was sealed shut, the only noise heard was the soft sounds of his music and your moans. Grabbing the back of Luke’s neck you brought his face down so you could kiss him with vigor, nothing but lips and tongue, something about that was just so sexy to you and it sent shivers down your spine. Luke decided to have you on your side tonight, his sweaty body sticking to yours as he held your leg with one hand, his other hand under you to intertwine your fingers as he continued to pound into you at a slow pace. Deep purple marks scattered your breasts, below your belly and one on your neck as a few littered along Luke’s collarbones. Your back arched away from him as the tip of his cock touched your g-spot, a moan leaving your lips. “Yes Luke, you fuck me so good.” You whimpered, throwing your head back as he began to kiss on your neck again. “You feel so good wrapped around me. So tight and so warm, all for me yeah baby?” “Yes yes yes baby, all for you.” The two of shared a kiss again, teeth clashing this time as he started to speed up his thrusts. The fire in the pit of your belly stirred up, signaling your orgasm was vastly approaching. Reaching your hand down to your clit you began rubbing in fast, sloppy circles to bring yourself to the brink. Luke grabbed your chin to capture your lips again as he began to speed up his thrusts, jerking your body and causing your breasts to jiggle as you whimpered into his mouth. A minute later you came hard causing you to see white behind your eyes as he gave you a few more thrusts before pulling out, flipping you on your back. “Wanna come on you,” You only nodded, watching as your boyfriend jerked himself in front of you, before his seed covered you, his eyes trained on you as he smiled. “I love you.” You said, kissing him again before going to take a nice shower.


“How do you want me to take you?” Ashton whispered, sitting up on his knees on the bed as he lazily stroked his cock, the veins wrapped around it were beating blue and he looked painfully hard and you loved every second of it. Thinking for a minute you smiled, rolling onto your belly, resting your cheek on your folded hands as he smirked. “Daddy’s favorite.” He gave your cheeks a duo swat, a giggle leaving your lips as he knelt down, kissing a line up your back before kissing your cheek, smirking before spreading your cheeks with his hands, sinking in as the both of you let out moans. He rested his hands on either sides of your head, bottoming himself out as you could feel his balls hot on your ass. “Holy fuck, give me a kiss baby.” He stilled himself as you lifted up on your elbows, giving him a nothing but a tongue and lips kiss before he smirked, beginning to grind himself slowly, making love to your trembling body. Finally after 9 months of not having sex, the baby asleep and you two were clear, Ashton pounced on you as soon as baby Graham was fast asleep in his bassinet. “You’re so fantastic. You went through 16 hours of labor, giving me a precious little boy, now I get to make love to the sexiest woman on Earth. God I’m so in love with you.” His tip grazed your g-spot as you yelped out, looking over your shoulder. Your cheeks rippled every time he pounded into you, his biceps bulging. “A-Ashton fuck, god this feels so good.” The bed creaked lightly under the two of you, Ashton pulling out so he could flip you over onto your back, pulling your legs onto his waist as he plunged back in, putting his forehead on yours as the two of you locked eyes. “Do you know how much I love you?” With a nod you moaned, arching your back so your chests touched. “I do and I love you so much more.” He kissed you passionately, continuing to pound into you before you two climaxed together minutes later before falling asleep.


Pumpkin scented candles littered the bedroom, rose petals on the bed, sweat rolling down Calum’s body, your hair wild and sticking to your forehead, lights dim and soft R&B playing from the corner of the room, Calum sat on the foot of the bed, feet on the floor as you sat in his lap. Your hands held tight to his sweaty neck, his hands glued to your waist to keep you secure as you rocked your hips slow, savoring your last night on tour with your boyfriend. It was a good two weeks on the road, seeing new sights, tasting all the different foods and meeting the fans, it was truly a good time. But you were so sad to leave Calum behind for yet another 4 months before your college schedule allowed you some more time off. Calum began bucking his hips up into you, going the same rhythm you were, creating a delicious friction that made your stomach churn and your head to fall back between your shoulders. “S-shit Cal, just like that babe.” “Like this?” He continued, moving his head to suck on your neck as you let out a series of moans any porn star would be proud of. “God baby you spoil me with this fucking amazing pussy of yours. I love watching you moan for me and to see you stretched out for me, god it turns me on.” His hand wrapped in your hair, pulling your head back farther as he continued to assault on your neck. “I’m gonna come baby, I’m gonna come.” You whimpered, scratching at his shoulders as he nodded. “Let go, I’m right here baby girl.” He pulled your clammy bodies together, grabbing at your cheeks as you sped up only a little bit. Letting out a groan you came all over his cock, looking down with your mouth slightly ajar. Calum let out a shout as well, breathing heavy through his nose as you felt him release inside of you, his seed filling you fast as you giggled, grabbing his chin to lock eyes with him. “I’m really gonna miss you Cal Pal.” “I’m gonna miss you more.” With a few kisses he sighed. “One more time in the shower?” “I’m in.”


Charlie, Connor & Monroe | 2.13

“So what’s this Duncan look like?”

anonymous asked:

Two of my main characters are male and I want to drop little hints that they have deep feelings for one another (one is aware of his feelings whilst the other is not as he is in love with someone else at the time in the book) Any advice~?

(I’m making an assumption that by ‘deep feelings’ you mean ‘kissing feelings’ which is informing my advice.)

When people write about characters who are in feelings, sometimes seen writers handle the attraction side of feelings very fully, while neglecting the affection side of feelings. 

(Attraction: A wants to kiss B, Affection: A thinks that B is a beautiful cinnamon roll). 

Relationships can and do function in any combination of attraction and affection between those involved. Because your characters seem to start out as friends and then figure out the ol’ hand holding later, I think that in your case, taking care to establish the affection between your characters in the beginning will make the other feelings seem like they belong as well. 

Affection comes in a lot of different shapes, and is present in most different types of relationships, whether they’re platonic, romantic, familial, etc. Essentially, affection boils down to really liking someone. People can show their affection of a person by seeking out and enjoying their company or attention, being considerate and careful with their emotions, and being invested in their physical well-being. They might express their affection through physical gestures like hugs, and leaning on each other, or favors, like picking someone up from the airport. Affection can range from ‘that person in my morning lecture is a real delight’ to ‘I want to grow old sitting on a porch with you for the rest of our lives’. 

Attraction can stem from affection, aesthetics, or other kinds of interest. There are many kinds of platonic attraction, but in this case I mean attraction in a more sexual context. If you really had to simplify it, you could say that attraction means wanting to touch someone else. Proximity to the object of someone’s attraction might make them self-conscious, nervous, or happy. They might find excuses to touch or be close to their person at a higher level than casual affection warrants. They might find that person distracting, want their attention, or be invested in how that person perceives them. 

My advice is to consistently show that your characters have a lot of affection for each other- give them a believable friendship. Show them taking an interest in the other, and have a level of familiarity that is higher than a casual knowledge. Let them show affection for each other. If it’s clear that they really do like each other and enjoy the other person, character A being in kissing-love with B all along won’t feel like an out of place reveal (or an ungermane open secret if everybody knows it), and if character B requites those feelings later, there will be a decent foundation for that development. 

Good luck out there!



 I wanted it to count. And you do count… and you left.


aidan waite in every episode → turn this mother out

“No matter what you freed yourself from, you only get so far down the open road. Car windows down, music blasting, before you are forced to take a turn. Make a choice. And sentence yourself to the next adventure.”

“Just try to rest.”

“To rest? Or to feel redundant?" 

how i view the signs
  • (from personal experience + zodiac posts)
  • Aries:kinda rude, ready to bite your head off, but also the biggest sweethearts and also really cool.
  • Taurus:quiet, passive-aggressive people who have a wicked sense of humor if you give them the opportunity.
  • Gemini:everyone loves them, but they're very two-faced. they can be either really fake or the realest people out there.
  • Cancer:shy af, and they seem really deep and they seem like they're secretly judging everyone (which probably isn't true)
  • Leo:proud, flamboyant, you either hate them or love them.
  • Virgo:they're very laid-back, and they can be really fucking weird sometimes, but other times they're the most practical people ever
  • Libra:they're very confident in everything they do, but they are also really fair and kind
  • Scorpio:they are really intimidating, and they can be really rude and you kinda hate them, but if they like you than you are blessed
  • Sagittarius:free spirits, they have a wicked sense of humor that borders on inappropriate a lot, but they have the biggest hearts
  • Capricorn:they're so upbeat, but also laid-back at the same time? very self-possessed.
  • Aquarius:they share similar traits and ideas, but no two aquarians are the same, like their temperaments and personalities are all across the spectrum
  • Pisces:emotional wrecks who cry a lot, but you love them so much because they are so cute and sweet

anonymous asked:

For kids with drinker parents: Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with you, it's the alcohol talking, I had a mother who was a alcoholic, she loved me dearly but I saw her drunk more then sober, so she was very abusive towards me since she wasn't mentally prepared to have two kids and raise both kids to adulthood. You might think they hate you but in reality? Deep down they love you but just couldn't deal with their problems the right way, costing them the happiness(1)

(2)of their child, understand what is happening right now won’t last forever, one day they’ll wake up and understand they have a problem, sadly, my mother didn’t get that far and passed on last year, but I know you all are strong and can get through this, you one day will be strong enough to get pass your past, you will be able to help others with what you went through and be successful, it’s hard right now but soon you’ll be ok

I took the savage pain out of my life,
And buried it into the ground outside.
You came, and to that ground you took a knife,
And resurrected what I thought had died.
You have exhumed a pain I wish was dead,
Unfortunate it is to have it back.
I fear the pain could grow and then could spread,
Infecting all our love with its attack.
But now I must arise to save our fate,
As destiny could not predict this war.
For it’s in you I’ve found my one soul mate,
And I could not have asked for something more.
  Of thoughts of pain this one will be my last,
  And buried deep into the ground it’s cast.
—  Sonnet 20: The Burial (Part 2), © 2015 Sarah Marie Pardy

This is part two of a two-part ending to what is kind of the first chapter or section of my sonnets, and it’s also kind of my final cap on all the relationships and baggage from the past. More sonnets soon. :)