Have I mentioned...

…that this process sucks? 

I do not want to work 6 days per week. I do not want to work 60-80 hours/week and also have to study – like, kind of a lot – on top of that. I do not want to get up at 4am every day. I do not want my body to hurt because I’m not giving it enough care. I do not want to say ‘no’ to people I love over and over and over again.

I really like this rotation. Internal med is super interesting, medicine people are great, I like the hospital I’m at, I’m learning a lot…but it’s really ruined by the context of constantly being so tired.

A majority of my close medfriends have started taking antidepressants while in med school. Which is good, they should take them if they need them, but…the proportion of people who need points to a deep systemic pathology in this profession. Two folks have had to take a leave of absence just to get out of the pressure cooker for a while. I took up distance running to burn off med-school crazy, basically, and now I don’t have time to do it anymore. There is no time to cope.

There’s also nobody to talk to about it. Practicing docs are like, “suck it up, it was way harder in my day!”. Yeah, and it clearly broke your heart and made you into an asshole, sorry about that. People who haven’t done this don’t understand. My classmates try to talk to each other about this stuff, but we don’t have time to see each other much. We check in on Facebook, which is obviously not enough. The school offers mental health care…and when would I make an appointment, exactly? 

I want to enjoy what I’m doing and actually feel grateful, but not as much as I want to sleep. I have a kind of intellectual gratitude – I still want to do this work, so I’m glad I’m here, and I’m really glad that I’m at the end of MS3 with so much of the struggle behind me. But fuck, intern year looms and it’s hard not to dread it. I’m rationally grateful, but I don’t actually have any positive emotions about this. Sometimes when patients say I’ve helped them I guess it feels good for a second, before I go back to the computer to crank out their note. Their approval should matter, but what actually affects my life is what my attending thinks of the note. They don’t see me with the patient much.

Med students, hang in there. Non-med-students, give your doctor a hug, they probably need it. 

I’m calling it now that the forehead touching scene with Pythagoras and Icarus will be one of the most intense scenes of the entirety of series 2. We have two phenomenal actors here, Robert Emms and Joseph Timms, who will be absolutely bringing everything they possibly can to the scene; all of that feeling of betrayal and regret, all of that sorrow and all of that deep, raw, unimaginable love that Pythagoras and Icarus clearly share.

No matter how the scene turns out I cannot wait to see these two actors - actors who have beautifully interwoven their characters in so little time - pour every ounce of their characters’ emotions into this scene, this one scene that has had us all enraptured since before we even knew that the character we were falling in love with was Icarus.

and we argue about spending money on bullshit
and u tell me im just like my father
thats my one button, u push it
now it’s ‘fuck you, i hate u, ill move out in a heartbeat’
and i leave out, and u call me
u tell me that ur sorry
u love me, and i love you
and ur heart hurts, mine does too
and its just words and they cut deep
but its our world, its just us two
i see painkillers on the kitchen counter
i hate to see it all hurt so bad
but maybe i wouldnt have worked as hard
if you were healthy and it werent so bad

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One insecurity: my skin
Two fears: dark and dogs lmao
Three turn ons: deep voice, suits and lingerie
Four life goals: becoming healthy, having a job i love, living in a big city and having looots of money :)
Five things I like: cities at night, my town, the sea, watching trees sway when its windy, summer
Six weaknesses: i get angry easily, i talk TOO much, im lazy, i procrastinate idk i cant think of anything else rn 
Seven things I love: byun baekhyun, exo, my irl friends, my tumblr friends esp osln, l—lawliet, sehunvevo, 4toori, food, coca cola, make up

Eight people I tag: the cuties i mentioned in the 7 i love and also ksooing, hoseokeke, blondnana, jungguk

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Name of Your Muse: Naphtali

One Picture You Like Best of Your Muse’s FC:

I’ll just give a screenshot of him without his glasses.

Two headcanons that you have for your muse that you never told anyone. (I’ll give one thing I never plan to implement, and one that I’m not sure how to how to implement. You must figure out which is which.)

1) Naphtali has a very deep love of the sylvari people. Even though he doesn’t fully understand their empathetic abilities, he finds their culture, mentality, and sociology to be very intriguing. He also finds their physical appearance to be very attractive, vastly superior to asura and human in his own opinion. Female charr being a close second, human/norn following close behind in third, and asura being fourth.

2) Many people assume that Naphtali is an innocent little asura that rolls with the punches and rarely ever plans out his actions. In actuality, he has a contingency plan for almost every possible variable for everything he does. From the time his friend, Daegal, was accused of theft, to when he was taken by Pierre, he thinks out everything that he does before he does it.

Three things that your muse likes doing in their free time:

1) Research. Naphtali loves researching anything he can think of in his spare time. From blood magic to the psychology of various social circles to studying the races, he adores it all.

2) People watching. You can learn a great deal by listening to and watching people who don’t even realize you’re there. You don’t need to be sneaky, all you need to do is stay silent and look like you’re minding your own business.

3) Learning secrets. Even if he doesn’t plan on doing anything with the secrets, he likes using his skills as a therapist to discover secrets of an individual’s life that they wouldn’t tell anyone else.

Two things your muse regrets:

1) He feels that since he’s shown up, his friends’ lives have become chaotic. Even though he’s helped a lot of them a great deal, he feels like a bad luck charm because everywhere he goes people are unhappy and getting injured.

2) He regrets using logic rather than relying on his gut instinct at times. He had a bad feeling about Vifill and Pierre and did nothing about either of them.

Two phobias your muse has:

1) Thalassophobia, the fear of the ocean and large bodies of water. He panics and can’t think straight when he’s on a boat of any size. If you want to incapacitate him, stick him on a boat in a lake

2)  Autophobia, the fear of abandonment. He fears that one day his friends and loved ones will either grow tired of him, or no longer need him and leave him.

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i love how you can literally ship any of the nordics with each other like

SuFin: hell yeah they’re married and have a kid and a dog

DenNor: do i even have to explain this? DO I??

NorIce: is this brotherly love or something more

DenIce: you go girl they lived together imagine norway’s reaction to this though

FinNor: i bet they’re like besties and hey HEAVY METAL and coffee

NorSu: they lived together like how does this ship not have more sailors. adorable

FinIce: the babies omg deep down they’re so alike

SuIce: these two are so awkward but like super cute

DenFin: the heavy drinkers (don’t tell me nothing ever happens those nights they go out)

DenSu: cute tall gays (ps. Øresund bridge)

‘Robert Frost‘ Quotes; sentence starters
  • “Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.”
  • “The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”
  • “Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”
  • “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
  • “Freedom lies in being bold.”
  • “The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.”
  • “Forgive me my nonsense., as I also forgive the nonsense of those that think they talk sense.”
  • “The best way out is always through.”
  • “I’m not confused. I’m just well mixed.”
  • “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”
  • “By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.”
  • “It’s a funny thing that when a man hasn’t anything on earth to worry about, he goes off and gets married.”
  • “The middle of the road is where the white line is - and that’s the worst place to drive.”
  • “You can’t get too much winter in the winter.”
  • “I’d just as soon play tennis with the net down.”
  • “What we live by, we die by.”
  • “Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice.”
  • “Education doesn’t change life much. It just lifts trouble to a higher plane of regard.”
  • “The world is full of willing people; some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.”
  • “You don’t have to deserve your mother’s love. You have to deserve your father’s.”
  • “Nothing can make injustice just but mercy.”
  • “Thinking isn’t agreeing or disagreeing. That’s voting.”
  • “Most of the change we think we see in life is due to truths being in and out of favor.”
  • “If society fits you comfortably enough, you call it freedom.”
  • “I never dared to be radical when young for fear it would make me conservative when old.”
  • “We love things we love for what they are.”
  • “The only certain freedom’s in departure.”
  • “The artist in me cries out for design.”
  • “You have freedom when you’re easy in your harness.”
  • “To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.”
  • “A successful lawsuit is the one worn by a policeman.”
  • “To be social is to be forgiving.”
  • “They would not find me changed from him they knew - only more sure of all I thought was true.”
  • “Humor is the most engaging cowardice.”
  • “Pressed into service means pressed out of shape.”
  • “One aged man - one man - can’t fill a house.”
  • “If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.”
  • “Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee, and I’ll forgive Thy great big one on me.”
  • “I’m not a teacher, but an awakener.”
  • “I hold it to be the inalienable right of anybody to go to hell in his own way.”
  • “Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.”
  • “I’m against homogenized society, because I want the cream to rise.”
  • “Poetry is what is lost in translation.”
  • “The first thing I do in the morning is to make my bed and while I am making up my bed I am making up my mind as to what kind of a day I am going to have.”
  • “I had a lovers quarrel with the world.”
  • “Good fences make good neighbors.”
  • “One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.”
  • “Nothing gold can stay.”
  • “Never cut what you can untie.”

My mom always gets mad at me whenever I fan girl and get really excited over my ships or otps. One day she said “can’t two men just be best friends” I took a deep breath and told her “Yes, yes they can. And they most likely are just best friends. But I think they have the potential to be a cute relationship. I’m not tweeting them and saying make out or some shit. I just ship them from a far and love their adorable friendship.” She was speechless. Then rolled her eyes and told me to stop smiling and giggling over two adult grown men with ones arm around the other. Thanks mom.

how i view the signs
  • (from personal experience + zodiac posts)
  • Aries:kinda rude, ready to bite your head off, but also the biggest sweethearts and also really cool.
  • Taurus:quiet, passive-aggressive people who have a wicked sense of humor if you give them the opportunity.
  • Gemini:everyone loves them, but they're very two-faced. they can be either really fake or the realest people out there.
  • Cancer:shy af, and they seem really deep and they seem like they're secretly judging everyone (which probably isn't true)
  • Leo:proud, flamboyant, you either hate them or love them.
  • Virgo:they're very laid-back, and they can be really fucking weird sometimes, but other times they're the most practical people ever
  • Libra:they're very confident in everything they do, but they are also really fair and kind
  • Scorpio:they are really intimidating, and they can be really rude and you kinda hate them, but if they like you than you are blessed
  • Sagittarius:free spirits, they have a wicked sense of humor that borders on inappropriate a lot, but they have the biggest hearts
  • Capricorn:they're so upbeat, but also laid-back at the same time? very self-possessed.
  • Aquarius:they share similar traits and ideas, but no two aquarians are the same, like their temperaments and personalities are all across the spectrum
  • Pisces:emotional wrecks who cry a lot, but you love them so much because they are so cute and sweet

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For kids with drinker parents: Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with you, it's the alcohol talking, I had a mother who was a alcoholic, she loved me dearly but I saw her drunk more then sober, so she was very abusive towards me since she wasn't mentally prepared to have two kids and raise both kids to adulthood. You might think they hate you but in reality? Deep down they love you but just couldn't deal with their problems the right way, costing them the happiness(1)

(2)of their child, understand what is happening right now won’t last forever, one day they’ll wake up and understand they have a problem, sadly, my mother didn’t get that far and passed on last year, but I know you all are strong and can get through this, you one day will be strong enough to get pass your past, you will be able to help others with what you went through and be successful, it’s hard right now but soon you’ll be ok

I took the savage pain out of my life,
And buried it into the ground outside.
You came, and to that ground you took a knife,
And resurrected what I thought had died.
You have exhumed a pain I wish was dead,
Unfortunate it is to have it back.
I fear the pain could grow and then could spread,
Infecting all our love with its attack.
But now I must arise to save our fate,
As destiny could not predict this war.
For it’s in you I’ve found my one soul mate,
And I could not have asked for something more.
  Of thoughts of pain this one will be my last,
  And buried deep into the ground it’s cast.
—  Sonnet 20: The Burial (Part 2), © 2015 Sarah Marie Pardy

This is part two of a two-part ending to what is kind of the first chapter or section of my sonnets, and it’s also kind of my final cap on all the relationships and baggage from the past. More sonnets soon. :)   

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Do you think you can do some Midorima and Aomine angst? I don't have anything particular in mind just if it can be utterly heartbreaking please ^^

Of course :3 aLL THE ANGST

Midorima //

Three years and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get the soft scent of you out of his sheets. The sudden raps of his alarm startled him awake, pulling him from what happiness his dreams were giving him. Slowly his body rippled beneath the sheets to kill the annoying chimes. His hand tapped the off button before grabbing his glasses and pulling them to the bridge of his nose. Blinking, his vision adjusted to the dimly light room, “ Morning, dear.” His eyes moved from the framed picture of himself and you to the floor that then turned into the tile of the bathroom. 

Everything seemed like a blur now. At least it was better than two years ago. Two years ago it was just… darkness. Nothing really mattered. Get up, Eat, Work, Eat, Go home, Sleep, Repeat. 

“Good Morning Dr. Midorima.” 

Green eyes glanced down to the receptionist before they went to the folder of his appointments for the day. He didn’t know how obvious he could make his expression to notify others he couldn’t care less if they spoke to him or not, but it seems it had no effect on his annoyingly happy receptionist.“ Morning…” His voice trailed off as he saw the name. 

“Sir, we can have them transferred to ano–”

“Don’t be stupid. Please sit down and do your job.” Midorima tucked the folder under his arm as he made his way to his office. “ and I would appreciate it if you gave your pity to someone who deserves it.”

The receptionist quickly looked away in embarrassment, “Y-yes sir.”

Each appointment went by painstaking slow. A sinus infection, a six month check up, a head cold. Each appointment meant that name growing closer.

“ The doctor will be in in just a moment,” A nurse smiled before closing the door to the exam room. 

“ Thank you,” Midorima took the examination folder from the nurse’s hand before they could even react causing them to jump in surprise.

“Sorry Dr. Midorima I didn’t know you were…” She merely gave up on her apology as she realized she was being ignored.

Midorima opened the door and gently closed it behind him, letting out a slow breath. He could do this.

A pair of bright eyes greeted him along with a growing grin. “ Good afternoon Dr. Midorima.”

Of course, you looked beautiful as usual. Midorima could feel his throat was growing uncomfortably dry. “ Good afternoon _____. I’m sorry the other doctor couldn’t see you this afternoon, they’re on vacation.”

“It’s alright. I think you’re just as qualified. I hope you don’t mind taking me on for the day. I’m quite a mess you see.” You gave a soft chuckle as you rubbed the back of your head.

Midorima merely gave a soft smile, “ You’re quite alright.” He pulled out a light and began his examination. The talk stayed small, asking about how you were feeling, the weather, what you were planning to do for the weekend. “ Do you mind if I check?” His grin eyes trailed a place on the side of your head.

“Of course not, you’re the doctor after all.”

“Yeah, I am,” Midorima had to mentally time himself as his fingers moved your hair to the side, making sure his touch didn’t trail uncomfortably long for you. Then there it was, the deep jagged scar making its way from your ear to the middle of the back of your head. “ It’s healed very nicely _____.”

“ I’m just happy the hair can cover it.” You giggled and earned yourself a small grin from the usual cold doctor. 

“Well it looks like you are all checked out well. Would you mind if I spoke with who you came with? You can tell them just to come to my office. I’d like to discuss what we went over today.”

“Yeah of course!” You gave a warm smile that you had no idea was breaking down the man before you.

The click of his office door pulled him from his paper work. Your childhood friend stood awkwardly at the closed door, “ Hello Shintaro-kun.”

“ I just….” The usual cold demeanor Midorima hid behind had now crumbled. “ I just want to ask how they are doing and I’ll let you go on with your own business.”

“ They’re… They’re doing well.” Your friend new exactly what he was asking for and it was obvious they didn’t want to share it.

“ Please… Please tell me.”

Your friend took a slow deep inhale before releasing it, “ Nothing. No memory has been recovered since the crash.”

“Then how can she remember you?!” Midorima was standing now. “ How is it she can remember you and not…. not her own husband.” He felt like the air was being squeezed from him, milking every last bit of oxygen out from his lungs.

Your friend’s hand immediately went to the door. “ Midorima, look thay’ve known me since childhood. Her long term memory is there but everything else died in that crash. Look, you said yourself you didn’t want to put stress on them. You said you would do anything and eventually you pulled yourself from their life. Now maybe it’s best you.. you move on.”

“Get out,” Midorima’s words came out more than a growl than anything before he maintained his calm expression. “I’m sorry, just… please just do one thing. Their lucky charm today is a glass etched vase.” Midorima’s hand went to his wallet as he cross the room. “ Please… just go and buy it for them.” Midorima held out the cash while your friend glanced down at it then back up at him with a broken expression. 

After a bit of hesitation they took it before opening the door, “ You know,”

Midorima could see you down the hall chatting with the receptionist from earlier. Your smile was lighting up the whole room.

“ You know Shintaro-kun. They listen to Oh-asa every morning.” Your friend squeezed his shoulder before leaving through the door and shutting it behind them.

As he heard the click, his knees buckled beneath him and sending him to the floor. Behind that closed door he was able to shed the tears that seemed to still flow after three years.

Aomine //

“Large cup of coffee”

“and would you like room for cream and sugar?”

A sigh escaped from the officers lips as his eyes rolled to the concrete ceiling then back down to the smiling barista waiting on him,” _____. I come here every morning and order the same cup of coffee.”

The barista’s smile turned to a teasing smirk,” Black like your heart, got it. Number thirty five Aomine-san.”

Aomine couldn’t help the smile pulling at his lips as you turned and continued to take orders before stepping behind the steaming espresso machine to get orders out. It was a small little mom and pops cafe his supervisor and seniors had took him to when he first joined the force and the coffee has had him coming back ever since. Well and other things as well…

“Number thirty three and thirty four caramel mocchiato and a egg croissant and a tall green tea with a bran muffin.” You were full of smiles for each eager customer who was ready for a pick me up to carry them to their jobs. You were so caught up in the business that you hadn’t even noticed the dark blue eyes admiring your abilities.  

“Number thirty five, a large black cup of coffee and lunch.”

Aomine blinked as a small paper bag was handed to him. “ ____ I didn’t order this.”

“ Yeah, well I did. You’re always coming in here looking like you haven’t ate anything in a week. Have a nice day officer, stay safe!” 

Before the tall police officer could say anything in retort you were off collecting orders and filling them. He merely shook his head with a smile and made his way out to his motorcycle. “ Tsk, _____, who the hell does she think she is?” He straddled his bike before opening up the little sack. A turkey and cucumber sandwich took up most of the bag along with a tangerine and a water bottle. “Bakaa~,” He crumbled the bag up and tossed it into the small compartment on his bike before securing his helmet on. What was he five? He heard a command about a traffic incident a few streets over through his helmet. “ I’m on my way,” he grumbled into his mouth piece. With the engine roaring to life he revved back the handlebar and sped off. Really? a bag lunch?

The street lamps had flickered on hours ago before Aomine finally had a time to come to a stop and actually take a breath. Who knew Tokyo was so reliable on their law enforcement. Peeling his helmet off he drug his forearm across his damp forehead, “ I hadn’t even ate lunch yet.” That’s when the memory of the mom lunch bag popped into his mind. He glanced to the compartment nestled behind him before he sat the helmet on the motorcycles gas tank and pulled out his hand made lunch. Pulling out the sandwich and water bottle he abandoned the sweet fruit with the other contents of his compartment. As embarrassing as it was to be handed a bag lunch like a primary school child he had to admit you had a way with making a sandwich taste like a gourmet meal. Cleaning off the sandwich he slipped his helmet back on to hear any reports through his ear piece. He sat still as he started his motorcycle up and let it idle beneath as he waited for any sign of a new command or reporting. How many times had you done that over the years? at least fifty… sixty times. Maybe he should make it up to you. A movie? Nah, that’s way to obvious that he wanted to take you out. Aomine blinked at the passing thought. The small thought suddenly turned into a explosion of internal thinking. Did you like him? What should he wear when he asked you out? Were you even single?

“ We have a report of a robbery in the 3rd district on the corner of fourty-second and fouth.”

Why did that vaguely familiar. “ I’m on it,” Aomine’s lips grazed against the mouth piece as he gave his response.

“ Patching you into EMS twenty-two. There’s been reported gunshots and they think there is injury. EMS is fifteen minutes out you’ll be the first on the scene.”

Aomine was already making a turn onto a new street, “ Yeah, got it. I’ll let you know any details when I see it. Over.” His mouth piece clicked out, allowing him to focus on dodging the cars in front of him. This way he was riding was beginning to click together like an unsolvable puzzle. Right turn, click, go straight through the light, click, and it will be on the corner there on the left, click.

His helmet was ripped off and motorcycle barely turned off as a loud crack echoed off the pavement, startling the onlookers that were kept behind a yellow tape.”Move aside, please move aside!” His eyes scanned the group as he walked up and bent under the tape. 

An underling met him at the door, “ We have a suspect that’s in persuit now. We have one injured, how long until EMS can arrive?” 

Aomine nearly didn’t respond as he saw the body on the floor, “ Get the EMS on the phone now!” He moved, shoving tables and chairs out of his way. 

“Mgh, I did it this time huh?” You let out a soft groan as the pain seemed to press against your lungs. 

Aomine’s eyes were wide as he knelt down and grabbed where your hand was pressing, feeling what he was dreading.” M-Move your hand I’ve got it.” His panicked eyes went from the open wound on your side to your eyes. His other hand moved to support you, cradling you up as he could hear the underling outside on the radio. “You stay with me, you got it _____?”

“Did you eat the sandwich? Was the coffee okay?”

“_____ save your breath! damnit! Just stop! Just stop talking and relax!” Aomine could feel your pulse pushing blood through his fingers. His hand pressed more into the organs that were threatening to spill out on the blood stained tile.

“ Just answer the question Aomine,” You leaned your head against his arm as the room was starting to spin. 

“WHERE’S THE EMS?!” Aomine roared back toward the door. His eyes went back to you as he felt your face against his arm. “ It was perfect okay? Fucking perfect like always okay?”

“Good,” You gave a toothy grin to reveal blood pooling in your mouth.” Cause I spat in it.”

Aomine felt tears beginning to burn the back of his eyes as he let out a soft chuckle, careful not to shake you. “ That’s probably why it tasted so great.”

“Look, Aomine….” You winced as a sudden sharp pain shot up your spin. 

“Daiki _____.” He couldn’t hold back the tears now as they dripped onto your shirt with a small taps.

“ If I pull strings with the big guy upstairs and get back here. I would love to… maybe… go see a movie or something.” Your voice was straining on each syllable.

Aomine could hear the sirens now, “ Stop talking _____. EMS is here okay? and We’ll do something else. Movies are too cliche.”

You gave a weak smile up to the crying officer that was craddling you and holding your wound.

His pencil rapped against his desk at an alarming rate. Desk duty was the bane of his existence, but since he had punched a fellow officer the other day this was his punishment.

It wasn’t his fault, the guy was asking for it and he had been on pins and needles since that night in the cafe. It’s been a week and he had heard nothing from you. He wanted to give your family and friends space, you needed to be around them more than him.

The sudden ringing from his desk phone nearly sent him to the floor.

“ This is 22, Aomine Daiki speaking.”

“ Ah, good I’m glad I got the right number. Aomine right?”

Aomine glanced to the caller id to see an unrecognized number. “ Yes sir?”

“ I… uh, well I ….” Aomine could hear the man struggling over his words and the lump growing in his throat. “ I want to call. I’m ____ father, I owned the cafe that you visited daily.” 

Aomine was now standing, “ How are they doing?” He could the uneven breathing that came from tears.

“ You made them really happy. They spoke a lot about the officers that visited but your name seemed to come up the most.”

Aomine could feel his legs going numb, resulting in him falling back in his chair. “ No… please no.” Your father on the other side of the phone was now obviously sobbing.

“ They, they were a good kind. You were always so nice to them and seemed to make their day when you came by.”

Aomine placed his face in his hand as he felt a wave of sickness overtaking him. “ This is a dream. This can’t be real.”

“ I’m sorry Aomine.”

hear our hearts beating in time // a malum playlist

a playlists for two best friends who’ve been through everything together, and have fallen in love along the way.

tracklist: my best friends hot by the dollyrots // you are in love by taylor swift // never be by 5 seconds of summer // head to the ground by neck deep // i’d do anything by simple plan // 18 by one direction // jet pack blues by fall out boy // northern downpour by panic! at the disco // all of me (cover) by MAX ft. zendaya // i’m only me when i’m with you by taylor swift // a daydream away by all time low // take shelter by years and years // ribs by lorde // friends by ed sheeran // sleeping with a friend by neon trees

Listen Here

Thank You, Alfie // Joe Sugg

“Morning, gorgeous.”

Joe trailed kisses along your cheek and neck as he stroked your arm lightly. “It’s time to get up.” You groaned, burying your face deeper into your pillow. “Five more minutes, Joe…I was having a dream where you were about to be sacrificed to a monkey God. I really wanted to see the outcome…” You mumbled, your eyes still closed. Joe laughed, his voice gravelly and deep from just waking up. He put his arm around you and kissed the spot just below your ear.

“Sounds like a great dream, my love, but we’re meeting the YouTube gang at the park in like,” he leant over and checked the time on his iPhone. “Two hours.” You sighed and rolled over, finally opening your eyes and looking at him. How he always managed to look so adorable in the mornings was beyond you. Joe smiled down at you. “I’ll go and run a shower for us, you lazy arse.” He teased. He got up out of the bed, stretching as he did. He was only wearing a pair of grey sweatpants, so you took the chance to admire his half naked back. Nobody could deny, your boyfriend sure was attractive. He walked sleepily into the bathroom and you soon heard him turn the shower on. You remained in the warm bed for a few more seconds besides you lazily got up and followed Joe into the bathroom to take a shower.


“Hello everybody!” Zoe greeted her vlogging camera. “Look who we’re here with!” She pointed the camera at you and the rest of the gang, and you all waved and cheered. Zoe, Alfie, Niomi, Marcus, Tanya, Jim, Joe and yourself were all having a big catch up. You had decided to go for lunch and a nice walk in the park, as you hadn’t seen most of them in far too long.

“We have Alfie, of course, Marcus, Nimbob, Tan, Jim, Y/N and Joe!” Zoe turned the camera back to her. “Basically, we’re all having a huge day to just catch up and have a good time together.” She smiled. “It’s so lovely to see everyone again, isn’t it Alfie?” She turned the camera to her boyfriend who nodded enthusiastically with a grin. “So, we just finished lunch at a nice little café, and now we’re just having a little wonder around this beautiful park!” She panned the camera around the park. “We’re going to try and vlog as much of today as we can, because I know you love seeing these beautiful faces,” Zoe giggled as she panned her camera disturbingly close up to Joe’s face. “But we’re also just going to be, y'know, just enjoying each others company and hanging out. So yeah, see you all in a bit!”


Everyone wondered around the large park, vlogging and laughing away with each other. You and Joe were standing at the back of the group, holding hands and swinging them back and forth as you went along. You made sure that you weren’t in shot of anyone’s vlogging cameras, as you and Joe hadn’t quite announced your relationship to any of your viewers yet.

You and Joe had been dating in secret for almost a whole year. Obviously, you had done quite a good job of hiding it. All your friends knew about your relationship, and they had also promised not to say anything until the two of you were ready.

“Joe,” you turned to your boyfriend, your hand still in his. “When do you think he can, y'know…announce that we’re a thing?” You asked, biting your lip. “I mean, look at Zoe and Alfie. Look at Jim and Tanya, and Marcus and Niomi! They’re all so happy and open together on camera. I honestly envy that.” You chuckled lightly as you looked at all your friends. Joe smiled at you and put his arm around your shoulders as you put yours around his waist. “Well, if you’re ready to tell everyone…then so am I.” He said, bringing your body closer to his. You looked up at him. “…Really? I mean, you don’t have to do it for me, I want us both to feel comfortable with it. You don’t have to say you-” Before you could finish your sentence, Joe pressed his lips to yours, effectively shutting you up. He pulled back and grinned at you. You blushed. “Y/N, I promise you, I am definitely ready if you are. We’ve got this. Okay?” He said, removing his hand from your shoulder to take your hand in his. You nodded, grinning back at him. “Okay, Joe.”

“Good. Ah, I can’t wait for all the snogging sessions we’ll be able to have on camera! It’s going to be wicked.”



You laughed and shoved him slightly. “You’re a twat, Joseph.”


The next morning, you woke up to Joe cuddling you from behind. His arms were around your waist and his head was nestled in your hair. You smiled sleepily, stroking his arm lightly. Nothing could beat waking up like this. You reached for your phone on your nightstand to check your social medias and stuff. I mean, what else were you to do when you’ve just woken up? You turned it on to see your phone absolutely blown up with notifications from every social media site you had. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr…everything had hundreds, maybe thousands of notifications. “What the fuck…” You mumbled, opening up your Twitter to see what the bloody hell was happening. The first thing that you saw was a tweet from your good friend, Tyler Oakley. It read:

@/tyleroakley: Omg, I literally almost died at the level of cuteness of @Joe_Sugg and @Y/T/N in @/Pointlessblog ‘s newest vlog. I think I’ve found a new OTP… #yourshipname <3

There were hundreds of other tweets from other  YouTubers, Joe’s fans, your fans…everybody. In every singe tweet, there was an attached photo. It was a screenshot from Alfie’s newest vlog. It must have been in the very corner of the shot, but of course someone would have spotted it. The photo was where Joe had his lips on yours and his arm around you. Your eyes widened.

“Oh my god…oh my god…Joe, Joe wake up! Joe, you need to see this…

You shook Joe awake, and he jumped up with a start. “Whoa what’s happening- Y/N? What’s wrong, love?” He asked sleepily, watching you as your eyes were glued on your phone screen. You bit down on your lip as you showed him your phone. “Joe, we were in the back of the shot of Alfie’s vlog…everyone saw us.” He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked closely at the photo.

And he smiled.

Honestly, you expected him to be upset. Maybe even embarrassed. But no. He was happy.

“Yes, finally!” He cheered, laughing at your shocked expression. “Now everyone knows! That’s a huge relief. Aren’t you happy?” He grinned, giving your cheek a kiss. “That photo is really cute, by the way. I think I might set is as my homescreen.” He said, saving it to your phone. You snatched your phone back from him, grinning to yourself.

“ …Yeah. Of course I am happy, you idiot.” You giggled, pressing your chapped lips against his. Your phone suddenly buzzed, alerting you that you got a text. It was from Alfie.


“Aw, poor Alfie.” You giggled, showing Joe the text. You sent him a text back, leaning into your boyfriend as you typed.

Aww Alfie, don’t worry about it! You know, me and Joe and actually quite grateful, mostly because we’re too lazy to know how to announce it ourselves ;p Don’t feel bad Alfie :D It’s quite an adorable screenshot, am I right?

Also, be prepared for lots of snogging in the back of your vlogs from now on ;)

Thank you, Alfie.

All the love, Y/N. xx


Heya! Once again, I’m not to sure how I feel about this imagine blah :P I hope you all like it anyway! Remember, feel free to request an imagine in my ask box <3 Hope you’re all having a lovely day :D Love you all x


Head canon for why Clintasha didn’t happen:

1. Clint obviously loves kids
2. Natasha loves kids too (she has great relationship with Clint’s children)
3. Natasha couldn’t have kids and that haunts her
4. Natasha loves Clint too much to rip him off it so she choose to be friends with him but still love him (hence the arrow necklace)
5. Clint carried on like Natasha want him to but deep down his feelings for her are beyond that
6. Bruce and Natasha - two broken souls cling on each other

I’ll use this to persuade myself for now or I’ll bang my head on the keyboard repeatedly until I forget the whole thing even happened 

Joss Whedon, I hope you are satisfied now that I’m traumatised for life

21 Kisses (#1)

1. The Forehead Kiss - The forehead kiss usually means that you are just friends. Depending on how it is planted, it can also be used as a means of showing deep affection to a loved one. Most people use use it as a starter kiss when they meet someone new, to express that they like them.

He might not have been the most outwardly affectionate boyfriend, but you knew that Haruka cared about you. There were little moments, when it was just the two of you, where he would surprise you with a quick hug or kiss for no other reason than he felt like it. This was one of those moments.

You were helping him cook dinner for the two of you, getting the ingredients prepared while he did the actual cooking. “Here you go,” you said as you happily handed off some of the vegetables that you’d been cutting up.

Haru took them with a distracted “Thank you,” most of his attention focused on the food on top of the stove.

You smiled at how focused he was. He always downplayed his cooking and said that he only did it because it was more practical than getting takeout all the time, but you’d always suspected that he enjoyed it much more than he let on. Just as you were turning away to return to your cutting board and the remaining veggies, you were stopped by the feeling of a warm hand on top of your head.

It felt nice, Haru’s hand a little warmer than usual from being so close to the heat of the stove eye, and it made your scalp tingle a little. You were just turning to see if Haru needed anything else when his hand slid towards the back of your head to pull you closer.

His lips were soft and warm as they pressed lightly against your forehead. You closed your eyes, enjoying the closeness as the kiss lingered for a moment before he pulled away again.

Looking you in the eyes this time, he told you again with a small smile, “Thank you.”

The sincerity in his voice, as though he was thanking you for more than just some sliced vegetables, made your cheeks a little warm. You smiled in return, happy at the little show affection and the flutter in your heart, before responding, “Any time.”

Capsule Wardrobe

For a while now I have been dissatisfied with my wardrobe. There has been a distinct disconnect between how I want to present myself, how I want to dress, how I want my clothes to make me feel, and the clothes I actually buy. I want to look put together with a sort of minimalist casual-chic city-dwelling mom-on-the-go sort of vibe. I find it difficult to describe, but I have a very distinct picture in my head. I want my clothes to be sensible and functional. While I love a fancy dress or embellished blouse–let’s face it–spend most of my time chasing kids around at the park and getting boogers wiped on me, so my needs are more along the line of the tshirt and jeans variety. Still, the stylish tshirt and jeans variety ideally.

When it came to shopping I was utilizing one of two strategies, neither of which were a good idea: I was either buying whatever I could find on sale at a deep discount that I didn’t totally hate, or I was buying something I loved but that was impractical for my daily life because it was either too fancy or not machine washable. I also held onto old clothes for much too long, either because they had slight cosmetic issues which I hoped to someday fix (holes, sweat stains), or because I used to like them but didn’t anymore. So the result was a closet full of clothes I stood in front of every day thinking “I have nothing I like to wear.” It all had to go. 

I came to this conclusion–to purge and start from scratch–several months ago, but when I set aside a Sunday afternoon to go through my clothes, I found myself holding back. What if that one shirt that used to look good on me before I had kids suddenly fits me again? I can’t possibly get rid of anything that ever came from Anthropologie, even if it came from the sale rack and never looked that good on me. I got rid of quite a bit, but I didn’t solve my problem. I still didn’t like what I saw when I opened my closet door. I still ended up wearing clothes that made me feel frumpy most days. I still had way too much.

What I needed was a strategy. I needed to know why I was getting rid of my old clothes and what I wanted to replace them with beforehand. I needed rules. I needed a vision! When I stumbled upon the blog Un-Fancy I knew I had found it: a capsule wardrobe. The idea is simple enough. You limit your wardrobe to only a handful of pieces which mix and match easily to create dozens of different outfits. You don’t keep anything as a part of your wardrobe that you don’t absolutely love. The purpose is to take some of the frustration out of the process of getting dressed in the morning. By paring down your wardrobe you are editing out the noise, and when you do that you can truly dial into your own unique style, and feel great in your clothes–all of your clothes.

After browsing the blog for a few days I decided to apply these rules to properly purging my closet:

Step 1: Empty your closet. Seriously, take absolutely everything out of your closet and lay it out on your bed. Don’t cheat–taking everything out at once is the secret to style clarity. As you put your LOVE IT pieces back into your empty closet, your style will practically scream at you. But that won’t be the case if your closet is still being muddied with MAYBE pieces left hanging in there. So just take it all out, mkay?

Step 2: Sort each item into one of these four piles:

LOVE IT AND WOULD WEAR IT RIGHT NOW!! Self explanatory. Put it back in your closet.

MAYBE. This is for items that don’t fit quite right, the color is a little off, have sentimental value, you can’t put your finger on it but you just don’t wear it, or you’re keeping it because you paid a lot for it but you don’t wear it. Put all this stuff in a box and store it in the garage. You can always go get stuff out of it, but you probably won’t. If it’s still in the box at the end of your season, it’s time to say goodbye to it.

NOPE. Self explanatory. Donate, swap with a friend, or sell it to fund new purchases.

SEASONAL. Wool coat in summer? Probably don’t need it handy. But you’d never get rid of a staple like that–come on. If it’s not in season, but you LOVE IT, put it in a nice under-the-bed box and store it. You’ll definitely use it in your capsule wardrobe when that season rolls around.

Step 3: Assess what’s left in your closet–aka your LOVE IT clothes. You’ll want to have 37 season-appropriate items in your closet. Do you need to supplement? Time to plan + shop. Do you need to downsize? Put a few more items in your MAYBE box.

I pared a closet chock full of clothes down to this:

I decided not to tackle my cool weather clothes right now (coats, sweaters, long sleeved tshirts), but I plan on returning to those articles after the summer is over to prepare my winter capsule. I didn’t purge things like PJs and “exercise” clothes (you know, the sweatpants I wear around the house). I left a few nice dresses that could be considered cocktail attire (everyone needs a fancy dress to wear out on the town or to a wedding), and I put the best of my work clothes (wool trousers, black pencil skirt, etc) into a storage box to hold on to in case I ever go on another job interview sometime in the unforeseeable future. Even with this little left I could still get rid of a few more, but I’m waiting until I buy some new pieces.

I have always enjoyed shopping, but it is so difficult to do with two little kids in tow, and even on a good day browsing and trying on clothes can be frustrating and exhausting. And this shopping had to be different. It needed to be very deliberate and thought out. I needed to avoid the pull of a sale rack and keep my impulses in check. I decided to do a ton of online window shopping and create a Pinterest board to organize my ideas for my summer capsule. But before I even got started, I took a lot of time to think and strategize. I downloaded the Un-Fancy Wardrobe Planner and found it a very helpful tool to focus in on exactly what I wanted to get out of my new wardrobe. I thought hard about what I reached for most often in my closet, and why I reached for it. I thought about the kind of colors and prints I felt most comfortable in. I thought about the functionality of my clothes–what I want them to do for me, how I wanted them to make me feel. I thought about what sort of silhouettes I found most flattering. I thought about what makes a garment last over many wears and washes and seasons. I came up with a color palette, an understanding of what clothes look good on me, and what I really wanted to wear. I jotted down this list of rules that any new clothing I purchase for my summer capsule must adhere to:

  • Drapey silhouette, loose through the middle. I have had two kids and it’s pretty obvious. I don’t need anything that clings at all to my midsection that could make me feel uncomfortable.
  • Open neck line. I realized that I prefer tops that are low cut or have an open neckline (scooped, henley, etc). They’re convenient for nursing (yeah, I’m still doing a lot of that) and they make me feel more feminine. A regular crewcut tshirt can make me feel frumpy, but a tshirt with a notched neckline and a capped sleeve makes me feel cute.
  • Cute details. My wardrobe is going to be super basic, since my lifestyle requires nothing more than play-clothes, and a top can go from boring to adorable with a touch of lace or a button or a particularly flattering cut.
  • Natural materials. This rule applies mostly to tops, but it absolutely has to be cotton or linen. Nothing synthetic. I’ve learned my lesson. Anything with rayon or polyester (even cotton blends) eventually pills, develops small holes, and wrinkles too easily. 
  • Machine washable. Have I mentioned I have two kids?
  • Not likely to stain. See above.
  • Will keep me cool. California summers have been much warmer than usual, and I spend a lot of time out of doors, so I need sleeveless tops and cute shorts that will look good with my Birkenstocks, but ones that I don’t find too revealing.
  • Neutral and earthy colors. I have an odd habit of buying clothes because I think “this will add a nice pop of color to my wardrobe!,” then I never actually wear them. Turns out I don’t really like color. While purging my closet I realized that, for better or worse, I truly feel comfortable in neutral colors (black, gray, blue, white) and earthy tones (dark green, rusty red, mustard yellow, aubergine). 

As I browsed around online and added items to my Pinterest board I worried that the items were looking a bit too much the same, but then I thought about why. These are things I like. Stripes. Chambray. Navy blue. Sleeveless button-down tops. It’s ok for this sort of wardrobe to be a bit “matchy matchy.” It’s supposed to be cohesive, after all. But to try to make sure I wasn’t ending up with nothing but black and white striped shirts or the like, I made a spreadsheet to inventory what I already had in my closet and what I need. The blogger who writes Un-Fancy keeps her wardrobe to 37 pieces, and while I don’t feel the need to restrict myself to any one number in particular, I definitely think less is more. I only really need one black and white striped tshirt, but I know I’m drawn to them. So by keeping tabs of everything on the spreadsheet I can make sure I’m not doubling up. 

Keeping all of this in mind, last week I ordered a few new pieces for my capsule. When I shop at stores I like to try in multiple sizes to make sure I am getting the best fit out of every garment, and in the past this has kept me from ordering clothes online. I’m too nervous it won’t fit right, and if it doesn’t fit right I’ll be to lazy to return it, so I’ll be stuck with yet another piece of clothing that isn’t quite right taking up space in my closet. I’ve made a promise to myself that I will ruthless when it comes to the fit of clothes I order online from now on. If it doesn’t fit me exact the way I want it to, or if I think a different size will work better I will definitely be returning it.

This is an on-going process that I will be working at for quite a while, but I hope when it is all said and done that I will end up being smarter with my money when it comes to clothes shopping and can totally avoid the buyer’s remorse that often plagues me. Most of all though, I just want to feel cute. I want to like the clothes hanging in my closet. I want feel pulled-together and stylish every day.  I don’t want to have to think too much about what to wear. I want to open my closet door, grab a top and some pants, and head out to the park with my kids feeling confident.

5sos Preference #3 You miss him

Calum- Calum and you have only been together for five months, the public though thinks three. The both of you hung out often, you were aware of his hectic life but it still left a decent amount of time for the two of you. That was until though he went on tour. You knew it was going to be difficult, but you never expected it to be like this. Calum left a month ago and you still had a month left to go before you would see him again. Neither of you have told each other I love you, even though you both knew it deep down. It was a newer relationship and you really didn’t want to turn into the whiny, clingy girlfriend, but you missed Calum more than anything. You tried to hide it from him, even though at times it was very difficult. Usually Calum called you every night and the two of you would text back and forth some throughout the day. When you woke up this morning you sent Cal a good morning text and got ready for work. All day at work you were constantly checking you phone, but still nothing. When you got home, you texted him again “Hey babe, how’s your day?”, still no reply. You didn’t want to admit it but this made you very upset. You were trying to distract yourself but it just wasn’t working. It was now one in the morning and you were still waiting for your phone call. Calum called every night around ten, tonight though he was a little late. Your mind was racing with all the possibilities of what he could be doing, who he was with, was he getting tired of you, was he cheating? It seemed like you were rolling around for hours when your phone finally started ringing at two. You were trying to strain yourself, but you couldn’t control picking it up on the first ring. “Hey Cal! I missed you! How was your day?” You blubbered out in excitement. Talking to him was your favorite part of the day. “Yeah hi babe, it was a rough day. I’m just going to call you tomorrow. Night Y/N”. You couldn’t even get out a reply, before the line disconnected. You stared at the phone in your hand, as a single tear rolled down your cheek. You waited up hours just to talk to him for a couple minutes, and you got ten seconds. You tried to be as supportive as you could toward his career and his life. You didn’t get much sleep that night, as your fears before were doubled.

Ashton- Ashton and you have been going strong for two and a half years. You honestly believed you would never get sick of this boy. You were never one to believe in love, but when you met Ashton that all changed. You got use to the crazy work hours, award shows, jealous fans, invading paparazzi, and the dreadful tours. You have been through five tours with Ashton and most of the time your relationship has always come out stronger. It was always a relief to get him back to yourself for a while and live normals lives, even if it was only for a few weeks sometimes. The last tour ended about two weeks ago. The tour lasted three months and you weren’t able to visit him at all during that time. Usually when Ashton would return from tour, a very nice reunion would be in store. This time wasn’t the same. Every night he has been out with the boys, coming home at the earliest three in the morning. You hated the constant wrapping up of home cooked meals you prepared for him, only to have them heated up later. You hated all the nights you stayed up a little bit extra, just hoping maybe this once he would arrive back a little early. You craved his attention and time, but who wouldn’t in your situation. Most mornings when you woke up he was gone, and when he arrived home you were sleeping. Tonight you were waiting up, no matter how long it was. He walked into your bedroom at 4:16, you were sitting in the middle of your bed. “Oh hey babe, your up!” He looked surprised. “Yeah you know I wanted to actually see your face for once.” You told him sarcastically. “Excuse me for wanting to relax a little after I worked my ass off for months!” He yelled at you throwing off his clothes. “I understand that Ashton, but why can’t you relax at home with me!” You screamed back, standing up. “Oh just shut up Y/N!” He snarled at you. He knew everything you were saying was true, and he didn’t want to cave into it. “I barely see you at all! You haven’t told me you loved me for over a week now Ashton! You haven’t even touched me in over three months.” You whispered, the tears coming down. Now you were starting to realize just how much he really wasn’t showing to you. “You can sleep in the guest room tonight, go find yourself a new girlfriend too.” You said wiping your tears. You threw his pillow at him and shoved him out the door. You locked the door and fell on your bed. You were sprawled out crying hysterically, and that’s how you stayed all night.

Luke- This time around you decided to go on tour with Luke. It fit with your schedule this time and you figured things would be much easier. Luke and you always had a difficult time with the distance, so you couldn’t wait now to watch him do what he loves every night and be with him. Everything was going great with the both of you being on tour together, once in a while though you guys would have some difficulties. With being able to see Luke everyday now, you easily missed him more than ever before. You had no clue how you would go back to him just being on tour by himself next time and without you. Luke was either on stage, in the lounge with the boys, or with you. This morning you got a lovely surprise from mother nature, which was sure to make your next week a living hell. You were never one to handle your period well and to be honest it didn’t treat you very nicely either. Today Luke had a show to play and you told him before you probably weren’t going to make it, due to your “thing” that’s what he would call it. The boys left around an hour ago and you knew they wouldn’t be back for a while. This is the part you hated, when you were away from Luke. You decided to sleep some and hopefully get rid of some of the pain in your stomach/pelvis. You woke up about five hours later and couldn’t believe you even took that long of a nap. Your stomach still hurt greatly and you had a terrible headache. You figured Luke would be back by now, but he wasn’t in the bunk with you. You slowly rolled out of the bunk and followed the boys voices towards the back. You opened up the door and saw the boys gathered around playing games. Luke looked up at you as you pouted at him. You sat down beside him and practically wrapped yourself around him. “I missed you.” You whined, burying your face into his neck. “Come cuddle me.” You nudged him, peppering his face with kisses all over. “Okay, okay let’s go.” He lifted you up and took you both to your bunk. Where you laid for hours.

Michael- You were a very busy girl. You were currently enrolled in photography school, have a part time job at the local cafe, and maintained your own blog. You never saw yourself having a boyfriend until after graduating college, to stay focused. That clearly didn’t happen though, because once Michael came along there was no getting rid of him. You both had busy schedules, his daily tasks just a little bit more unique than yours. You both were very hardworking and independent people, so you both fully understand the need/want for working. You didn’t mind Michael’s work really at all, he loved what he did and that made you happy. The only thing that did bother you though were tours. You hated not being able to see his face next to yours for months and so did he. Lately though with all the stress from school, work, and the daily drama occurring in your life everything was getting a bit too much to handle. Usually Michael and you thrived in these situations, you always leveled each other out and helped each other. You wanted Michael back home so badly at this point and today was just a terrible day. You missed him like mad. When he told you he could skype tonight, you’d figure that would be a good idea. You didn’t get to see his face often. About ten minutes into the Skype call your voice started getting quieter, your eyes looking down more, and they started getting watery. You were wrong, seeing Michael’s face just made things a hell of a lot worse. It wasn’t fair for him to be thousands of miles away from you. “Are you okay babe?” Michael asked getting as close as he could to the screen. “Yeah Michael don’t worry about me.” You said trying to smile. He saw the real emotions behind your eyes, he knew you way too well. “What’s really wrong Y/N?” He asked you concerned, almost like he was right there with you. But he wasn’t. “I just really miss you Michael.” You told him whispering, a few tears now falling down freely. This killed him, it always did. “Oh baby, don’t cry about missing me. You’ll be out here in a week!” He told you trying to lighten up your mood a little. “I can’t help but miss you though, I love you.” You cried full on now. “I love you too sweetie, but you have to calm down okay?” One thing Michael didn’t want was you going to sleep crying for him. You were on Skype with Michael for another hour before you got and went to bed a little happier than before.

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what you’ll get:

» ship + why:

out of the two of you:
» the one who says “i love you” the most:
» the one who chooses the movie:
» the one who forces the other to go outside:
» the one who starts deep conversations:
» the one who is the big spoon:

» a fake tweet:

» random gif of ship:

» a blurb only if u give me a scenario.

» a sincere compliment from the bottom of my heart because you deserve all the love.

so like pls do this because no notes and i’ll cry.