So I was daydreaming and suddenly this song came up, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how the lyrics matched to Adrien’s feelings.

The lyrics show someone who feels unloved and lonely, sorrounded by happy and lucky people. Adrien may be rich and have anything he wants -materially speaking- but deep down he’s empty since the two people he loves the most -Gabriel and Ladybug- don’t love him back.

Gabriel acts like he rose Adrien just to wear his designs and show them in front of a camera, he doesn’t care about his feelings or his life or even his fucking birthday what kind of father are you. And Ladybug has frienzoned him (ladynoir shippers may differ, but this is what I see on chapter 18). This relationship is surely better than the one he has with Gabriel, but the sad reality is that he truly loves her and she doesn’t feel the same yeeeeet.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t end up here. He can see the relationship Nino is developing with Alya -the one he wants with Laybug-, he can see the relationship Marinette has with her parents -the one he wants with his own father- and none of them even know what he’s suffering. He’s surrounded by his friends’ happiness, unable to feel the same.

But we have to remember Adrien is also Chat Noir, the bad luck hero. He’s been cursed to be unlucky as long as he wears his miraculous. So I can imagine him, looking jealously to Ladybug’s Lucky Charm and hoping that, at some point, he will be able to be lucky too.

That he’ll be the lucky one.


Krysta: Really excited this week. Guess why?

Kit: It’s “peach week” in your Fruit of the Week club?

Krysta: How did you know? I’m excited about that but I’m really excited about Fire Emblem Fates!! We started Fire Emblem FEbruary last week on Nintendo Minute and we’re doing a month of videos dedicated to this amazing game. So, since it’s occupying our hearts and minds, why not talk about it today too!

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In an effort to get some emotional truths out of them, I ask them to face each other, look deep into each other’s eyes and say one thing they love about the other.

“I like this game,” says Alex. “You realise you’ve never let it out.”

“I tell him I love him all the time,” replies Miles. “You have to go through the pain threshold. I love you because you’ve got a very strong pain threshold.”

How about you, Alex?

A long pause. Are we about to hear something from the heart?

“A halo just appeared around Miles’ head while I was staring into his eyes,” says Alex finally. “I swear. No kidding. Just as I was about to respond, a halo appeared and now he’s levitating about four inches. He’s floating.”


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i know people are gonna think im pairing these two. yes and no. i see it as two very lonely people who only have each other. and sometimes in stressful and heartbreaking situations, you need another person to fill that gap, physically or emotionally. they’re not in love, but all they have is each other for comfort. i haven’t seen anyone touch on this yet with these two. i just hope i can do this some justice :T

It’s so much better for your sanity and life if you’re not too overly involved in Kpop. Personally, I’ve been into Kpop for two years now and BTS is my bias group and the only group I’ve been genuinely interested bc I love their music. But getting involved in the fandom and the drama is not my thing. Whenever I see myself getting in too deep I take a step back bc there are more important things. Remember that the next time your bias group has a scandal, take a step back. You have you’re own life

5sos Preference: Disconnected (2/4 with visuals)

Requested: No


“I love this”, Calum whispered, looking into your eyes. He had his head on your lap, and you stroke his hair gently over his forehead. His fingers tugged on a strand of your hair as you smiled back.

“mm what?”, you murmured, feeling a soft breeze on your bare legs.

“This. This moment. It makes me feel safe, like nothing can harm me”, he said, tapping his foot gently against the ground.

“I’m safe when I’m with you”, you replied, pecking his forehead lightly. He grabbed one of your hands and kissed it softly. You took a deep breath, savouring this moment.

The boys were laughing and having fun around a little bonfire, just behind the two of you. You heard Ashtons joke and couldn’t help but chuckle a little.

“Yes love, you are. Always will be”, he said, sitting up. With his right hand, he gently stroke your cheek, pulling you in. His lips were pressed against yours, and you felt how your heart melted. You’d been with this boy for over a year, yet he still made you fall in love, every single day.


“And then I have a math test tomorrow. And on tuesday I have to write an essay in English class. Oh, did I mention the two chemistry assignments that are due thursday?”, you sighed and looked up the ceiling in your room.

“Yes pumpkin. Three times”, Luke mumbled as he held in a laugh.

“I’m done with school. I just want it to be over”, you said and put your arms over your face.

“No hey, come on”, he sounded very serious all of a sudden. ‘C’mere babe’, he grabbed your arms and pulled you into his chest. He held you tightly against it for a while, not making a sound. Everything in that moment felt so peaceful, so quiet… so perfect.

“I know you have a lot on your shoulders right now, but can you please let that go. Not completely, but just let it go for a few minutes, and just be with me in this moment”, he said, sending shivers down your spine. He was pretty much the only one who could make you relax in a situation like this.

You nodded, pressing your lips against his neck. He turned his face at you, kissing you on the nose ever so softly, before turning his whole body over so he was facing you. He then embraced your body with his long arms, turning you around cuddling you from behind.

“I like the summer rain…”, he hummed quietly, causing your breathing to become heavier as well as your eyelids.

A Sleepless State (Bucky x Reader)

Note: This was not my idea it was sent in by anonymous so thank you this was a brilliant idea and I loved writing it <3
Word Count: 911
Warnings: A tiny bit of swearing (nothing too bad)
Y/N= Your name
E/C=  (your) Eye colour

Bucky’s lack of sleep was finally getting to him. The nightmares had returned, every time he closed his eyes a horrific graphic image would appear reminding him of his time spent enduring the torture that was given out by heartless HYDRA agents. This sleepless state had made him paranoid and he was convinced you were cheating on him with no other than his best friend, Steve Rogers.

‘I am not cheating! How many times do I have to tell you? You are the only man that I love!’ You screamed at your boyfriend of two years. You knew you shouldn’t shout and hoped that deep down he knew that you would never cheat and it was the paranoia talking. You had tried to help him in every way you could think of but nothing would help him fall into a deep sleep to escape the horrors of the real world. You had wanted to take him to see a doctor yet to no avail he had refused and you weren’t strong enough to physically force him.
'Don’t lie to me Y/N! I have seen the way you look at each other! … You used to look at me like that, but now it has gone!’
'Me and Steve are just friends! If you don’t believe me, ask him!’

Bucky stormed out of your room. You knew where he was going. You Steve and Bucky were the only ones in Stark Tower and you knew that when Bucky was in these mental states he was violent and would fight till the last breath had been beaten out of his body.

You grabbed hold of the hem of his dark navy green t-shirt in an attempt to stop him because you knew if Bucky tried anything Steve in the end would win out.
'Bucky please just stop!’ He kept going, nearing the end of the corridor that led to the living room where Steve was. You dodged him going around the side of his body so you were now a few paces in front of him, blocking his path.
'Stop this now!’ You said sternly. He stopped right in front of you.
'Y/N I swear to God if you do not move’
'You’ll what make me?’ That was exactly what he did. He wrapped his metal arm around your waist easily lifting you. Still being careful to not to physically hurt you he moved you to the side so he could get past.

This time, he ran to the living room.
'Steve you bastard!’ He screamed, Steve stood up from his comfortable position on the sofa holding his hands up so Bucky knew he wasn’t being threatened.
'What’s up Bucky?’ He innocently asked trying not to wind Bucky up.
'You and Y/N eh? I must admit Steve I thought you were better than that!’
'What? Me and Y/N? Bucky we are just friends…’ You had run to them both and was now standing next to Steve.

'Liar!’ Bucky screamed lifting his metal arm into the air getting ready to strike. You jumped out in front of Steve hoping that the thought of you being in danger would snap Bucky out of this psychotic episode. You felt a gust of air as the metal arm swung down with brutal force you flinched and closed your E/C eyes, bracing yourself for the pain and damage it would course you if it made contact with your skin.

You opened you E/C orbs, you knew that the metal should have made contact with your skin. You looked to the side Bucky’s metal arm had stopped just inches from the right-hand side of your face.

Bucky’s expression softened.
'Y/N’ he mumbled. He looked at his clenched fist then at your worried expression and realised what he was about to do. You weren’t worried about being hurt but how Bucky would react to the thought that he could have coursed your pain.
'I’m … I’m a monster!’ he said stepping back, he wanted to get as much distance between you and him so that there was a small chance of him hurting you.
'I-I’m so sorry’ He was now standing still waiting for your response. He knew what you was going to say. You’re a parasite Bucky no good for any of us! I can’t believe I ever trusted and loved you. Just go I never want to see you again! he imagined you saying.

Instead, you slowly walked toward him and cupped his face in your hands you examined his features he had bags under his eyes as dark as the night he failed to sleep in, he had slight stubble. However, worst of all his once bright piercing blue eyes were dull and tired.
'You are no monster. I knew you would never hurt me and if you were a monster you would have done’ You leaned in softly placing your lips on his and gave him a small kiss. You laced your fingers through his and started to lead him towards your bedroom.
'We are off to the doctors to see if there is anything they can do for you tomorrow. I don’t care if you say no it’s what you’re doing. So try to get some sleep now.’ You said softly to him as you both entered your room.

The Awkward Phase (Sam x reader)

Imagine: Dean knowing that you and Sam have feelings for each other and constantly putting the two of you into awkward situations.

Word count: 1461

You were nose deep in a book on Djinn when Dean finally came back into the room carrying a tray of coffees and…most likely donuts. Hopefully he’d gotten you a bagel. 

You didn’t really understand why he needed a pound of sugar first thing in the morning. 

He gently closed the door behind him and his heavy footsteps pounded the floor as he made his way to sit on his bed.

   “Morning, princess.” Dean scoffed, sitting down on the mattress. You looked up and gave him a mock smile and he threw you the smaller of the two bags. With your cat-like hunter reflexes, you caught it before it could hit the floor.

You opened the warm brown paper bag to see your usual breakfast: a toasted bagel with butter. Finally, Dean had learned from his mistakes. The last time he brought you something chocked full of sugar first thing in the morning, you’d dyed all his underwear pink.

From what you’d heard from Sam in a fit of laughs, Dean didn’t get laid for two months after that. That still made you laugh when you thought about it.

   “Where’s Sam?” Dean asked, biting into his own food and sipping his coffee. You sighed, looked back to your book for a moment, then stood up to make your way to the older Winchester.

   “In the shower.” You said through gritted teeth as you yanked your coffee from the tray as Dean had “forgotten” to give it to you. 

You weren’t particularly a morning person. And if you didn’t get your coffee, it would just be a bad time for everybody. He returned your mock smile and sipped from his styrofoam again.

   “Well, tell him to get a move on. I think I heard something on the scanner this morning.” Dean told you, looking up to meet your gaze with a grin. 

You knew you shouldn’t have told him about your crush on his brother. Damn the end-product of alcohol. 

You rolled your eyes and stepped over to the bathroom door reluctantly, hand in your back pocket.

   “Sam!” You called, hearing the running water. You yanked your hand out of your pocket and glanced back to Dean who was smirking wildly at you.

   “Sam, we got a lead!” You hit your fist three times on the door and you heard the water shut off suddenly.

   “What?!” Sam responded in confusion.

   “Get out here, Sammy!” Dean stood up from the bed and took a step towards the door. You heard incoherent mumbling behind the door and stepped back as you heard Sam’s hand grasp the door handle.

   “Dean, what is so imp-” Sam cut himself off when he realized you were closer to the bathroom door than his brother was and his face flushed.
You were caught staring at him. And you couldn’t help the blush that crept on your cheeks as well when you glanced down at his toned stomach. 

You noticed that he was wearing nothing but a towel and you suddenly wondered what he would look like if the towel were to just drop-

   ‘Y/n, get a hold of yourself.’ You thought, making your eyes go back up to Sam’s.

   “Y/n.” Dean cleared his throat with a chuckle. It had been silent before then.

That snapped you out of your trance. You awkwardly walked back over to where your book was sitting and sipped your coffee nonchalantly.

But you didn’t notice that Dean had crossed the room and gone straight into the bathroom; leaving you two alone…Sam in just a towel.

You buried your face in your book again as you sat down on the couch, trying to avoid Sam’s nervous gaze. Sam was clearly annoyed at his brother and he looked back to the bathroom door to bang on it with his hand.

   “Dean, c’mon my stuff’s in there!” Sam yelled, you heard Dean chuckle. You looked up carefully and got another look at Sam.

His shoulders were, by far, the most attractive part of his bare upper body. At least, that’s what you thought. In your mind, you could tell a lot about a man by the way he carried himself. 

If his shoulders were hunched forward, then the guy wasn’t very out-there and he didn’t feel good in his own skin. If his shoulders were rigid and held back, then the guy was confident and full of pride in what he could do.

And Sam definitely had his shoulders held back...

Your curious y/e/c eyes trailed down the rest of his upper body. His biceps were as toned as his stomach was and his chest still glistened with water.

When Dean didn’t answer Sam’s call, Sam turned and began walking over to the second bed where his duffel was. That gave you enough time to whip your neck back around and act like you were still reading.

It was silent for at least five minutes with the occasional shift of fabric and then you heard a throat clear.

   “Y/n, you can turn around now.” Sam’s voice was quiet and shy. But you obliged and put your book down on the couch. Your face was still warm from the sight you’d been met with earlier.

His hair was still dripping onto his white button up shirt, but at least now he had pants on.

There was something different about the way you looked at him now. It was like he was…

   “Sam, c’mere.” You said gently, staring at him as his face heated up visibly. His jaw clenched but he slowly stepped around the couch as you stood up to meet him.


   “Shh!” You cut him off, not able to take your eyes off of his lips. They looked soft, warm.

You pressed your hand to his chest and felt the muscles clench underneath it. You were close enough to his face that you could feel his warm breath fan against your skin, and you could feel his eyes glued to you in confusion.

   “Y/n, what are you-”

Cutting him off, you slowly closed the small space between you and kissed hims slowly.

Yup, your theory was confirmed, there were sparks.

   ‘Y/n, what the hell are you doing?!’ You screamed at yourself as you felt your eyes close.

Sam’s hands rested on your hips and yours went to rest on his still damp shoulders as your lips moved in sync. You stayed there for a few minutes and when you pulled away from him, Sam kept his eyes closed in bliss.

Your brow was furrowed slightly when he opened his eyes, he had the same look of confusion on his face.

   “What was that for?” He asked, his hands still resting on your waist. You pulled away a few inches so that the warmth of his skin was lost to you and you looked up at him with a small smile.’

   “I don’t- I just wanted to try something…” You whispered, not able to take your eyes off his lips anymore. You wanted them back on yours…

There were butterflies in your stomach as he took your hand suddenly and pulled you back to his chest. He kept his eyes locked on yours and you craned your neck up to meet his lips again.

   “Finally!” You abruptly pulled back from Sam and the momentum made you topple over to sit on the couch.

It was Dean. He’d opened the door of the bathroom and had been watching. That…that jerk.

   “You know how long I’ve been trying to get the two of you together?!” He laughed, rushing around the room to grab his gun, suit jacket and car keys, as he was now in his FBI uniform.

You glared at the older brother as you felt blood rush to your cheeks. Dean seemed pleased with himself as he backed towards the front door.

   “I’ll give you kids some privacy…” He grinned, opening and slipping out the door. You kept your glare situated on the door as Sam let out a scoff.

   “I am so going to get him back.” He smirked when you looked up at him from the couch. His face wasn’t as red as yours was. Sympathetically, he pulled you up with his hand and you hugged him tightly.

He smelt amazing. You’d never noticed before since you were usually always closer to Dean because he was protective of you like a brother would be. 

You smiled at your thought and looked up to be met with Sam’s gorgeous hazel eyes. They sparkled even in low-lighting situations.

It wasn’t really a wonder why you developed a crush on him.

   “Dean deserves some payback, Sam.” You smirked, rubbing circles in his forearm as he held you. 

   “I think I still might have some pink dye left…”


This one is so badly written, oh my god, I’m sorry.

Better things to come, lovelies.

GOT7 As Types of Boyfriend

A.N. This is my own opinion and just by seeing the way they act in interviews, and how they present themselves anybody can sense the way they would be in a relationship.

Jaebum: Protective Boyfriend. OMG I can so picture it, he would do anything to keep you safe. He makes sure he knows where you’re wither it’s with family, friends and especially when you are by yourself, just so he doesn’t worry so much about you. He wouldn’t show much emotion when it’s in front of people, yes he’ll show you some PDA like holding hands and small kisses but when the two of you are out on dates he’ll hold you, have his hand around you, and give you deep passionate kisses but he’ll constantly remind you why he loves you and constantly brags about you to everyone he knows.

Mark: Geeky but Sweet Boyfriend. Mark is already labeled the quiet one of the group but I personally feel that he would be a total geek/nerd about a certain topic that you both share in common. For example let’s say you both are into Marvel Comics, he would plan this whole movie marathon day of you watching every Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, etc. movies. He would also be super sweet and do little things for you around your place just so you wouldn’t have it. If you had a pile of dirty dishes he would do them for you and go out and buy you some flowers so just in case you were having a bad that could cheer you up. I need a Mark in my life

Jackson: Reasonable and Passionate Boyfriend. Much like JB Jackson would protect you but he would always want to discuss many things, like ways on making your relationship better but always want to know your opinion/views on a lot of topics and try to make you feel comfortable with being in a realtionship. Cause we all know how much this boy can talk. Yet Jackson would do so many cute romantic things just to make you feel special like he’ll buy you your favorite flowers and food just because he wanted to or buy something that would reminds him of you.

Junior: Sensitive Boyfriend. OKAY WE ALL KNOW HOW JUNIOR IS THE MOM OF THE GORUP AND HOLY SHIT HE WOULD DO SO MUCH FOR YOU! He would show you how he loves you and treat you like a fucking princess!! He would cook with you, watch your favorite tv show or movie even though he might not like it, read you his favorite book and just cuddle all the damn time. He would constantly tell you how much he appreciates you and never let you doubt he doesn’t want to be with him. Brb I’m going to go ugly cry

Youngjae: Reasonable Boyfriend. Much like Jackson I feel that Youngjae and you would have a mutual understanding in what you both want in the relationship, and the both of you will learn more from each other from the way you both do things you like, from sharing your thoughts on certain things. But he would do things just to make you happy as well, for example if you wanted to go to a roller coaster he would complain a lot but he would still go on it because it would make you happy. He’ll do anything to show he cares even when he’s being super awkward and nervous around you.

BamBam: Fashionable and Adventurous Boyfriend. Clearly we all know BamBam is a little diva in the group and will always take the longest to get ready. He would make sure that the both of you look bomb af and also spoil you with nice clothing, even though you protest against him buying you things he wouldn’t listen and still keep doing it. He would also want to try to do new things with you. There’s a new foreign restaurant that just open? Be prepared to go out that night because he’s taking you. He would also take you to the new art exhibit that’s in town or would have this spontaneous day all played out for you. 

Yugyeom: Sweet and Funny Boyfriend. Okay we all know how Yugyeom does those little pranks to his band mates but for you he’ll most likely hide things from you and give you those cheesy clues for you to find them, and at the end he’ll give you a kiss. Even though you’ll be annoyed with him, he’ll make you smile and you’ll get over it because he’s such a precious cinnamon roll! He’ll also make sure every week you’ll have your favorite flowers every week even if he doesn’t see you because he’s on tour, having a fan meet up, or having long practices, he just wants to you to know he’s still thinking about you.

BTS Learning you had slept with another member before dating

Originally posted by ayoyoongi

Namjoon: Namjoon would probably be one of the most relaxed members about this, however he would definitely proceed with caution when talking about the subject and the incident that occurred, and I think what he would care about the most was the fact that you were being honest with him. He would probably want to have a talk with you and that particular member, just to clear up any awkward feelings and ensure that there isn’t any attraction between you two any longer.

Originally posted by hugtae

Suga: I feel like Suga would initially have a bit of a problem with this just because I think he really seeks deep and unique relationships, especially ones involving romantic love. The fact that you and one of his closest friends had sex and you (and his band member) neglected to tell him until you and Suga were dating would really irk him and he would need a few days alone to digest the new information. He honestly wouldn’t want to hear from you or the member, and when he finally came back to earth he would probably have a serious talk.

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

Jin: This is something that would probably break up a relationship for Jin to be completely honest, he simply wouldn’t be okay with the fact that you and one of his band members used to be friends with benefits. Jin is someone who wants to settle down with a partner, he’s not looking for a quick hook-up or to waste time with someone who won’t see their future with him. He would understand if it happened once and was a mistake, but you would really be pushing it if it was a common occurence. Also he would hate that you happened to tell him now.

Originally posted by hopejungs

J-Hope: J-Hope would be so grossed out because it was his girlfriend and his best friend and neither of you brought it up to him or considered his feelings, he wouldn’t even want to picture such a scene in his mind. He would cringe so hard and shake his head, demanding to know why you hadn’t told him and insist that honesty and trust were such important attributes in friendships and relationships. When he demanded to know which member and you told him, he would roll his eyes and sigh, demanding to know why him of all the others.

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Jimin: Jimin would probably get emotional because of this and he would want to take a break from your relationship because no one ever told him and he accidentally ended up finding out himself, and he would feel so incredibly betrayed and hurt. It would honestly leave scars on his big heart, and he would have such a hard time getting back into the relationship and in order to do that, you would have to be begging him because Jimin would be really badly affected by this. 

Originally posted by pokpokchikchik

V: V would just be in shock in all honestly, it would never occur to him that you could ever be attracted to any of his best friends, much less have sex with them and then never tell him until much later. It would practically be impossible for him to digest this new information, and he would get slightly sick to his stomach at the idea of such a strange situation playing out in the bedroom. It would take a few minutes to shut his mouth and swallow, successfully coming back to reality as he contemplated what to do.

Originally posted by pangguk

Jungkook: Jungkook would honestly find it so, so incredibly weird that he would be like Jin in the sense that he would want to end the relationship. They’re practically his brothers and he’s barely of age, and the fact that you two had been hooking up behind his back would make him really uncomfortable and that would simply be something that he wasn’t comfortable with. Jungkook would probably break up with you shortly after that and stay distant from that member for a while. 


I don’t talk about it a lot, but I have a bone-deep, uber-intense love affair with beans. Black beans in particular. Though I’ll take a bean in many forms, black beans Mexican style are a particularly keen obsession. Once, when I confessed to my friend Kira that I haven’t ever gotten sick of eating beans, she asked if I’d ever really tried. Touché, I said, and proceeded to eat beans almost every night for the next two weeks straight. I never got sick of them. Perhaps I’m Blood Type B(ean)?

The thing is, I find beans to be the perfect food. Musical fruit jokes aside, they’re fiber- and protein-rich, filling, creamy, and feel decadent even when they’re simple. Paired with all my favorite burrito toppings and wrapped up in a Flatout whole grain wrap? BEAN SWOON.

These wraps feature black beans my favorite way: Spiced with chipotle, cumin, and garlic, and paired with creamy chèvre goat cheese. I threw in some crispy cumin shallots fried up in olive oil, fresh avocado, bright cilantro, spicy crema, and jalapeños for an optional extra kick.

Read more and get the recipe here.

“You never gained LOVE, but you gained love”

I’m deep neck in this ship, and I don’t find enough fanart. Might as well do it then ~ 

A lot of people think it’s strange that I ship these two, but it’s for a very good reason. Of course I don’t ship them when Frisk is a kid, but it’s the fact that Sans has lost faith, he doesn’t have hope anymore…until Frisk arrives and changes everything. This kid changed his life and I think this admiration/friendship would blossom eventually into love.

I have two moods:

  1. EVERYTHING IS ART! Everything has such deep meaning. I feel one with the universe and all the people in it. I love you all. I love everyone. I am going to understand as much as I possibly can and I’m going to make it all better.

  2. Life is uninspiring and meaningless. Also logically speaking we humans will never really know anything we think we know so why do we bother with all this existential crap. Humanity sucks time to go skydiving.
A little rant

Do some of you guys even know the definition of abuse? How is Clexa “abusive”? For one, Lexa has not once lifted a finger against Clarke. She has protected her from their first meeting, I could say. When Gustus drank from the poisoned cup he put to break the alliance, Lexa could have easily have all of the Skaikru killed. But no, she didn’t. Though she could have, for the safety of her people. Why? Because she’s the commander. Because their safety comes first. Would you want your leader to only think of themselves? I mean, all you have to do is take a look at the politicians out there.

Frankly, I don’t think the two are IN love yet. I think there’s very deep feelings that are going to be explored further in this season. And I like that fact. I like that it’s a slow burn. I like that there’s chemistry and tension building up.

And now, back to the subject of Clexa being abusive. Again, I ask. HOW?

Lexa is a very complex character. She has been through Hell and back for a girl of such young age. Yes, becoming a commander at the age of 16 is tough, people. It’s hard to adjust, hard to keep yourself detached. She made the “mistake” of falling in love and consequently, her love was killed in a brutal way. Yet, she rose above it. After that, she practically devoted herself to her people completely. Shutting off her feelings, focusing on the duty she was chosen for.

Am I defending her actions in 2x15? Fuck yeah. She did what she was supposed to do, and that is to protect her people. Her people have been with her ever since she was born, and now she’s their leader. How long had she known the Skaikru for then? It was a very hard decision, because she had to choose between her blooming feelings towards Clarke (which in itself, was a very big step for Lexa since Costia) and her duty. And she said it herself: she made the choice with her head and not her heart. I do believe that she felt guilty afterwards. I think 3x02 betrayed some of the emotions tormenting her. But still, she made the choice she thought was right. And she didn’t do it for herself, but for everyone else that was counting for her. Her people, her children, her ancestors and descendants. You get what I mean. It wasn’t for her.

Am I against Clarke for being angry and hurt? Absolutely NOT. As much as I understand Lexa’s situation, I do the same for Clarke. Hell, even I felt betrayed by Lexa’s actions at first. Clarke put her faith in the person she was falling for and it turned out to be a disaster. How can one not feel heartbroken? Angry? After all, she has to take care of her people, as well. They both have a duty to their people. It’s hard balancing love and duty when you pretty much belong to the people and not to yourself. That’s what a leader is. The difference between Clarke and Lexa as leaders is that Lexa has had time to “harden”, so to speak. Grounder laws are strict as it is. Harsh even. She has had time to make mistakes and learn in her years of being a commander. Clarke (or any of the Skaikru, I’d say) hasn’t had enough time to understand the Grounders’ laws, their behavior, etc.. It’s not something they’re used to. So of course there will be conflict and difference of opinions between them.

Spitting on Lexa’s face wasn’t abuse. It was a reaction to betrayal. I’m sure we’ve all done crazy shit in a moment of hurt and anger. It was once. And yes, I loved the scene. It was real, it was intense, and it was explosive.

Moreover, except for the occurrence with Gustus, Lexa has also displayed great patience with Clarke and her people after Finn’s death. She has listened to Clarke despite her doubts, tried to understand her and reassured her when needed. She even gave her tips on being a good leader… Well, a good leader by Grounder “standards”. And she didn’t do it with any ulterior motive.

I could write an entire essay about this, but it’s past midnight and I’m tired.

My point still stands.

Clexa is not abusive.

It’s real, and I will always love both characters individually and together.

And the obsession begins // I started #Cinder this morning and let me tell you something: I CAN’T STOP ! Even though I’m not a big Cinderella fan, I’m totally loving this - I can’t even imagine how I picked it up like a year ago skimmed through it and that was it ! I must have been onto something at the time or my brain wasn’t functioning properly.
So at this moment in my life I’m obsessed with two things : #TheLunarChronicles and ALEXANDER FREAKING LIGHTWOOD !! *deep breath*

Born to Die (part four)

Pairing: Dean x reader x a little bit of sammy

Warnings: Language, alcoholism. 

Word count: 1,895

Prompt: Imagine Dean and you fighting and he tells you that you should leave.

Author’s note: In honor of me reaching 86 followers (after only two whole days of having this blog!!), this is for all of you lovely people! I’m so happy that you guys like this series! As always, please do not hesitate to send in feedback and requests! xoxo renny c:

(part one) - (part two) - (part three)

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Same 'ol Mistakes - Rihanna

I can just hear them now,
“How could you let us down?”
But they don’t know what I’ve found,
Or see it from this way round.
Feeling it overtake,

All that I used to hate,
One by one every trait,
I tried but it’s way too late.

All the signs I don’t read,

Two sides of me can’t agree,

Will I be in too deep?

Goin’ with what I always longed for.

Feel like a brand new person, (But you’ll make the same old mistakes)

Well I don’t care I’m in love, (Stop before it’s too late)
Feel like a brand new person, (But you’ll make the same old mistakes)
I finally know what it’s like, (You don’t have what it takes)
(Stop before it’s too late, I know there’s too much at stake)
(Making the same mistakes)

And I still don’t know why it’s happening.
(Stop while it’s not too late)
And I still don’t know

Finally taking flight,

I know you don’t think it’s right,

I know that you think it’s fake,
Maybe fakes what I like,

The point is I have the right,

Not thinking in black and white,
Thinking it’s worth the fight,

Soon I’ll be out of sight,

Knowing it all this time,

Going with what I always longed for.

Feel like a brand new person, (But you’ll make the same old mistakes)

Well I don’t care I’m in love, (Stop before it’s too late)
Feel like a brand new person, (But you’ll make the same old mistakes)
So how do I know if it’s right? (You don’t have what it takes)

(Stop before it’s too late)

Man I know that it’s hard to digest,
But maybe your story,
aint so different from the rest.
And I know it seems wrong to accept,
But you’ve got your demons,

And she’s got her regrets.

Man I know that it’s hard to digest,

A realisation,
is as good as a guess.

And I know it seems wrong to accept,
But you’ve got your demons,

And she’s got her regrets.

But you’ve got your demons,

And she’s got her regrets.

Feel like a brand new person,

So how will I know that it’s right?

In a new direction,

So how will I know I’ve gone too far?
(Stop thinking of the only option)
Feel like a brand new person,

I finally know what it’s like.
(Stop thinking of the only option)

In a new direction

So how will I know if its right?
(Stop thinking of the only option)

and i don’t know how to describe

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Punk!Dan and Pastel!Phil where Phil is usually quiet in public but will whisper things in Dans ear to turn him on (Dom!Phil)

oooh nice nice, switching the usual punk and pastel around, i like.

-People always comment on the contrast between tatted up Dan with his multiple piercings and Phil in his oversized pastel knit sweaters. Dan wants to laugh when they call Phil innocent because they don’t know that Phil is far from it, that he’s actually the kinkier of the two. 

-Phil walking up to Dan when he’s with his tough group of friends and pecking him on the cheek, cupping a hand around Dan’s ear and whispering in a deep voice “I’m going to fuck you so hard later that you’ll have trouble walking,”. Then he kisses his cheek again and skips off, calling “love you babe!” over his shoulder in the sweetest of tones.

-Both of them with a group of friends out for a meal, and Phil is snuggled into Dan’s side, the picture of innocence. Phil has his hand in Dan’s boxers and he’s stroking him slowly, giggling before murmuring against the shell of Dan’s ear “you’re not allowed to come until I say so”. Their friends “aww” at the couple, and don’t realise that the reason for Dan’s flushed cheeks isn’t that he’s embarrassed.

-People at a party call Phil a twink because he’s the shorter of the two and wears lilac skirts and flower crowns. Phil grabs Dan’s hand, politely excuses them both from the conversation and then takes Dan into the downstairs bathroom and fucks him roughly against the wall, making no effort to stifle Dan’s loud moaning.

-Phil cups Dan’s ear to hide the fact that when he whispers “Meet me in five minutes, you know where”, he pulls at Dan’s earlobe with his teeth, knowing how much it drives his baby crazy. 

“What did he say?” one person asks after Phil has left. 

“J-just that he loves me,” Dan lies. “I gotta go,” he tells them seconds later, hurrying off in the direction Phil went. 

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because matty did a top 10 songs of the day could you do one of your own :)


Here are my 10 favourite songs today - 31/01/2016:

[playlist on spotify]

#1 - dvsn - Hallucinations 

#2 - FKA twigs - Two Weeks

#3 - St. South - Get Good

#3 - Mura Masa - Firefly

(had to do two at No. 3) - literally why did he have to do two at 3 it makes no sense im crying i love you matty

#4 - Leonard Cohen - In My Secret Life 

#5 - SOHN - Bloodflows

#6 - St. Lucia - Game 4 U

#7 - Ritual - Too Deep

#8 - Harrison Brome - Fill Your Brains

#9 - Fleetwood Mac - As Long As You Follow

#10 - The Commodores - Easy   (obvs)