The Scorch Trails trailer vision by me

I don’t now how many time I looked this trailer today. But it is at the end of the thousandth time I noticed the man who plays Jason (Rat-Man) was the one who played this m***** f*****  Lord Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger) in Game of Thrones. 

This man will be known only for these manipulator’s roles.

I can’t even say enough. He’s an amazing, amazing, amazing person on and off set. As an actor, he’s so giving. This very easily could have been the Iron Man movie. He’s so capable of just dominating a scene. He owns the oxygen in every scene. He made sure to spread the wealth and made sure that everyone had a plot and purpose and everyone had substance. There were a couple of scenes we had to work together and I was nervous, just because it’s Downey and I have to chew him out, which is not easy to do. But he just has a way of giving you a thumbs up and you go, “God, that felt good. Thank God.” He’s just so supportive. It’s so nice when you meet people you respect and they’re great in person because it’s such a letdown when they’re not.
—  Chris Evans re: Robert Downey Jr. [x]

My muse has recently been in an accident that has left them blind. Send me ♖ for what they would say to yours when our muses meet next.

Takao had made it a game by now, eyes sliding closed like as if that would help him concentrate better on the faint sounds surrounding him. It kind of did, helping him forget for a moment. So… Two nurses chattering out in the hallway, someone in the adjacent room watching… A serial drama? Someone just died, whoa. Hmm… Quiet footsteps approaching his bed. Someone unassuming, and Takao could think of the perfect face to match those steps.

“Oh. Hey Tecchan!” Takao smiled, opening his eyes to darkness. Oh. Right. No sight and all. Man, he was really going to miss basketball… Running, weaving past his opponents, matching up crazy quick passes with Kuroko until the ball was literally whizzing down the court like ping pong. Damn, he really was going to…

He hiccuped for a moment, smile faltering. Shit, he couldn’t play anymore, he couldn’t keep his promise, he couldn’t—God, what use were his eyes anymore? Why did he even have organs in eye sockets if all they could do was drop these damn tears?! Takao scrunched the bed sheets in his hand, trying to keep up a smile he had no doubt Kuroko saw through.

“I-I’m sorry Tecchan. Guess you, w-well, heh, anyone… Guess no one’s my light anymore.”