i can’t breathe (without you as mine)

by togetherwecouldbealright

|| harry/louis || 2k || [ao3] || 

It’s slightly strange that Harry doesn’t recognize him but Louis doesn’t really mind because for some reason that’s a mystery to him, Harry still somehow seems to be smitten with him.

or, the one where Harry just had surgery and is at the mercy of anesthetics and Louis is having far too much fun video taping Harry’s initial reaction to seeing Louis.

[2010]Kicker: Your story as football players is almost the same. Did that make you friends? Badstuber: No, we’ll never be friends! Müller: Exactly. Badstuber: Just kidding. We’ve known each other for eight years and we didn’t suddenly realize in the ninth year that we should be friends. That happened much earlier. Müller: And we’re very similar too, character-wise! We used to share a room at the amateur team. You can certainly talk about friendship here.

“this is what happens when you give shidgit pizza …”