My group of players are amazing, but most of them haven’t played before.

I’m running this weird homebrew/Dragonlance mixture of a world, and I sent them down into Xak Tsaroth because the organization they worked for wanted to see what was left. 

So, they get there, things are going fine. They find the ruins of where an old dragon’s lair was, which is mostly caved in. They’re outside of the room, down a hallway. 

“We’re going to send the bards down, they’re going to sneak!”

The two bards (and one rogue, I think) like Parks and Rec. They began to sing ‘Don’t be suspicious’. As they go down the hallway, I make them roll progressive sneak checks.

At the same time, they all roll fails. At least one 1, and nothing above 5. When it had all started, I’d asked how they were walking down the tunnel. They were in a row.

Player 1: Shit!

Player 2: Well, fuck!

Player 3: TITS

The first one falls, and the other two trip over each other. A loud crashing of armour and weapons, making the rest of the group cringe and the enemies start coming.

I’m still laughing over this. We discussed getting tshirts made. 

“For a year I had a crush on someone, but I don’t think he ever knew that I liked him. Actually, I never even showed any signs that I liked him, because I hate it when people drift apart after one of them starts to show that they have feelings for the other… I just really liked him for who he was, so I was scared of us growing apart. Now, I don’t really see him anymore. But I don’t have any regrets.”
“Why don’t you have any regrets?”
“You know… I just liked the excitement of having a crush then. I liked how purely I liked him. I think that time was good enough as it was.”

“한 1년 가량 한 사람을 짝사랑 한 적이 있는데, 걔는 아마 제가 자기를 좋아한지도 모를 거예요. 사실 좋아하는 동안 티를 한 번도 안 냈거든요. 티를 냈다가 멀어지는 게 더 싫어서…그냥 걔란 사람 자체가 너무 좋으니까 멀어지는 게 두렵더라고요. 이제는 걔를 만날 일이 거의 없어졌어요. 그래도 후회는 안 해요.”
“왜 후회하지 않는데요?”
“그런 거 있잖아요. 그냥 그때 그렇게 설렜던 게 좋았어요. 걔를 그렇게 순수하게 좋아했던 제 자신이 좋았거든요. 그 시간은 그 시간으로 충분한 것 같아요.”

Guys, I recently made a post on a Korean forum and I’m crying

So basically the post was about how I’m really worried about all the hate BTS has been getting. Like all the hot posts about BTS are about the plagiarism scandal and some really old behavior issues. And it’s just really heartbreaking to see that and I wanted to ask if BTS was really that hated on in Korea. So with my broken Korean, I published my thoughts.

Here are the translations of the comments:

1) No!! BTS has a lot of popularity in Korea

2) So cute
(you can’t see it but the reply to that comment was “I was also thinking that too ㅋㅋㅋ”

3) It’s jealousy. Don’t worry about it and just ignore it! People really like BTS over here! You don’t have to worry about it~

It was so sweet of the other commenters to go out of their way to speak in English too??
I’m crying brb

Their girlfriend is only 5 feet tall (MONSTA X)

Man I’d love to be 5 feet tall….I’m only 4′11 

Shownu: -the others would tease you about your height but he thought it was the greatest thing in the world- “but at the end of the day I still have a really pretty girlfriend, she’s just shorter than normal”

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Jooheon: -you would like the height difference because it seemed like too much- “love knows no height babe. I love you just the way you are”

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Wonho: -when you called his name he would often times tease you about it when he went to answer you- “what do you need little lady?”

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Minhyuk: -it was honestly his favorite physical feature of you. He just loved it even when you hated it sometimes- “but there’s just so much hotness in such a little package” 

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I.M: -often times you would steal his shirts to wear which made him happy. Seeing your cute little body in them- “you look really adorable dressed like that babe. Do it more often please”

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Hyungwon: -he looked like a giant next to you which he thought was cute. Often times he would ask you to wear his things- “I’m just saying you should wear my shirt to bed tonight baby”

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Kihyun: -you would be teased by people because he would have to bend down a lot to give you a kiss but it wasn’t something you could help- “I don’t care if I have to bend down baby. It’s more of a reward to kiss you that way”

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The thing is, there are people who like Snape because of the Lily thing. But there are also people who see themselves in Snape and empathize with him. And when you go around saying Snape is some sort of irredeemable monster, you’re basically saying that anyone who sees themselves in Snape are also irredeemable monsters. I don’t if people who hate Snape realize that they’re engaging in that kind of toxic rhetoric or if they just genuinely don’t care as long as they get to be Morally Righteous but either way, it’s gross and it needs to stop. 

Okay, real talk? That new ep of Steven Universe hit me. Like REALLY hit me.

When you kinda, hate someone the way they hated Kevin…the way I hate someone who’s hurt me…you kinda get obsessed, and you kinda consume yourself in seeing them fail or teaching them something about how they’re being a jerk.

And the point of this episode? They’re not worth the time of day.

Looking back at this summer? My ENTIRE summer has been spent talking to other people about how bad of a person she was. But why was I doing that?
“Because I have nine years of repressed feelings of how she hurt me and I need to let that be known.”

Well, golly gee, I’m going to college now. She’s not even going to the same college as me. Why should I still be petty about this when she doesn’t matter anymore?

And this Steven Universe ep taught me “Exactly”.

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#Eliza deserves better stans - is the truest shit I've ever read. I hate how she is stuck between 2 ships and doesn't get enough credit as an individual. Apart from being super talented (she can act, sing, and writes amazing songs ffs) she's also so genuine and humble, and extremely funny, too. Yet all people care to know is what she thinks about ships. Of course I'm not talking about everyone, but like you said, these people do exist and it's really frustrating to see.

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your daily reminder that FE14′s Takumi is Ultra Over-rated by fans and is also a poorly written mess of a main character

AU where Lance has a crush on a guy who lives in Room 42. Despite living in the same apartment complex, Lance has trouble asking him out.

“He’s like the cosmos, and I’m just a speck of dust.”

“Oh come on,” Shiro nudges Lance’s arm. “Don’t be so dramatic. Just be yourself and walk up to him. Do a little introduction and before you know it, he might wanna get to know you?”

“You forget. Might. Or he’ll totally find me a creepy and never want to see me again.”

“Do you want to keep pining over the man or do you want something more?”

Lance mutters under his breath. “He totally hates me.”

Shiro rolls his eyes. “Because you keep giving him weird looks every time you’re out of the door. Don’t be a creep.”

“I don’t give him weird looks!”

“It sure doesn’t say ‘i want to be your friend’.” Shiro pushes Lance out the door and points at door number 42. “Go and don’t come back until you get your answer.” He shuts the door before Lance starts banging on it and begging him to let him back inside.

“Come on! This isn’t funny!” But Shiro doesn’t answer. “Shiro! Shiro! I swear to god, I’ll break down this door!”


Lance turns his back to the door and sighs, cursing at himself for his stupidity. He’s acting like a baby but really, it’s not easy to simply ask a guy you want to date him. No, it doesn’t work that way! And the real question is… does he even like guys?

Suddenly, he lifts his head and notices door 42 opening. Oh fuck, oh fuck, his head screaming at him.

Lance bolts and fiddles with the knob.

It’s locked.


“Oh, it’s you again. You’re… you’re that Lank guy, right?”

He’s fucking talking to me. 

“It’s-it’s Lance!” Lance stares widely at him, his heart beating rapidly as the nervousness crushes his entire chest.

He wants to die.

As someone who was rooting for Lucas and Maya I get what the writers were trying to convey w. GMSL and I’m okay with it. *SPOILER WARNINGS*

Okay So I have Disney’s WATCH App and was able to watch Part 2 tonight after Part 1 aired. I feel the need to speak up because I see the writers getting so much hate on their twitters. I have to say that as much as I love Lucas and Maya together I totally 110% get where the writers are coming from and I don’t think a lot of you get it so I’m going to explain this to you and whether you want to agree or not is totally up to you.  The writers have had this in mind since the pilot and it was clear of that in these two Ski Lodge episodes. Another thing I would like point out is that the dream sequences in Ski Lodge Part 1 were NOT the girls perception of love. They were describing each girl: Riley the romantic and Maya the adventurous. Now onto what this is all about…

First off all ever since the pilot episode aired we have always known that Maya was the rebellious one, in fact this character has been compared to that of the Shawn character on Boy Meets World. There is no doubt she’s the Shawn of the show. One of the first rebilious things that we saw Maya do was when she started the homework rebellion in the pilot episode. Remember when she didn’t wan to do her homework and she got Riley to even join in on it? Ever since we were introduced to Maya we have known that she has always been one that would break the rules.

Lets talk about Lucas for a minute. When we were introduced to Lucas we knew he was sensitive and a nice guy. It wasn’t until we met Zay that we learned Lucas was actually trying to change himself for the better. We learned in Secret of Life that Lucas was actually a lot like Maya at one time. He was getting in trouble back in Texas and that’s why he was now in NYC. We learned in that episode that “People Change People” which is the biggest lesson of this show so far.  It was that episode that we learned Lucas was trying to change himself and not be one that always broke the rules. Zay even points this out in Ski Lodge Part 2 when Maya says something to Lucas asking him why he doesn’t want to break the rules. Zay tells Maya that Lucas use to be like that once and that he wanted to change which is why he came to NYC.

Now onto Riley in the pilot we have always known that she was a nice girl and always saw the good in people no matter what. She would lend a helping hand to her friends if they needed help or just help a random person on the street if they needed it. Riley has always been the sensitive one who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Last but not least lets talk about Josh shall we? This is something that really did not dawn on me until part two about this character. If you think back (or better yet go back and watch if you forget it) to Girl Meets Home for the Holidays and Girl Meets Game night you will see that Maya and Josh are somewhat very similar. You can kind tell that Josh might have this spontaneous and rebellious side to him just like Maya does.  You really get to see a glimpse of that in Girl Meets First Date and AGAIN in Girl Meets The Tell Tale Tot.

As much as I hate to admit it Riley and Lucas are more alike in a lot of ways. Lucas and Maya aren’t but Maya and Josh are. Maya and Josh have a bit of the rebellion to them. In Girl Meets First date we see Josh flirting with a College Tour guide, and in Tell Tale Tot we see Josh in the dorm room with like three girls because he wanted to hit up a college party. Riley  and Lucas would never do any of that. Riley is to to sweet and innocent. She doesn’t really like brekaing the rule. The same thing can be said for Lucas. He’s to nice to people, and again to bring this back to Secret of Life he is trying to chagne so breaking the rules is something he is no longer into doing. However don’t you think Maya would do this? In fact she’s already flirted with Josh who is older than him, and she wanted to be involved in the college parties that were going on that night. It was Maya’s idea to sneak out that night to follow Josh to you guessed it the PARTY. She even got Riley who wasn’t really that big on it to sneak out with her. Remember in the episode Riley was worried that her parents would find out that she was sneaking out? Josh and Maya are so similar and I can’t believe I didn’t realize this until now.  

I have come to realize after watching the Ski Lodge episodes is that Maya and Lucas are polar opposites.  In fact he doesn’t like the rebellious side of her and we saw that in Ski Lodge part one and somewhat of that part two as well. This is explains why Lucas was always so concerned for Maya and why he’d try to get her to better herself. He wanted to see her change and believe in her but has come to realize now that Maya is not going to change. He thought maybe he could like her once she started acting more like Riley because that is the type of girl that Lucas is looking to be in a relationship with. This is why Lucas almost kissed Maya in Texas Part 2, it was because he got conflicted with his feelings and started thinking he might like Maya. What happened was when Maya started changing and being more like Riley he saw her differently and more like his type. Maya was acting more like the type of girl who doesn’t break rules. However once Lucas found out Maya reverted back to her old self (the rebellious girl who was breaking the rules) that is when it really sunk in for him the breaking rules, adventurous, rebellious type is not the kind of girl he wants to be with. He realized the type of girl he is looking for is like Riley and that’s when he realized he actually didn’t have feelings for Maya and that it really has been Riley all along.

Another thing I’d like to talk about is that it was shown to us back in Texas Part 3 that Lucas and Maya just weren’t going to work but no one ever caught onto it. If you go back and re-watch the episode it is so obvious. It is explained right to us in Ski Lodge 2 that Maya and Lucas went on the date and couldn’t talk or connect via having a convorsation. The reason for that is because Maya just wasn’t feeling it. She explains this in Ski Lodge to when she says that he was just too nice and all she wanted to do was dump a smoothie on his head. They just weren’t connecting. She learned to realize this in Ski Lodge part two when they had their heart to heart in front of the fire. However with Riley as Lucas pointed out when they talked in the library in the second episode of the first season they connected. This didn’t happen with him and Maya because there was no connection there however for Maya that happened with Josh. She realized that it’s because they are so much a like and Josh realized this as well after talking more with Maya that he liked her.

All in all I think what the writers were trying to convey here is that Lucas and Maya are polar opposites and because they are looking for a certain type of person to be in a relationship and have come to realize they are looking for two completely different types that they would never work out.  

su theory; respect

i have sorta a theory as to why steven was so Pissed Off in beach city drift as opposed to in other episodes when ,lets say, homeworld tried to capture him and his family to be held prisoner and probably shattered. when we compare kevin to shit steven’s previously dealt with, he doesnt seem like that big of a deal. (there was a post about this but i cant find it)

its obvious and we all know that Kevin Is Trash and steven has every right to hate him. heck, who wouldnt hate someone who continued to harass you after you said no. but the question is why did steven still give the homeworld gems a chance after what they did to him and the crystal gems? right before he was captured he said to greg: “maybe when peridot gets to earth, she’ll see how nice all the people are, and she wont want to hurt anyone?” steven knows that homeworld has the power to kill the CGs in an instant, yet he still believes the good in them. but after what kevin did, he immediately hated his guts.

why is this?

i think its BECAUSE steven sees the good in everybody. allow me to elaborate; the HW gems are MEANT to be antagonizing and sinister, and he believes very strongly that he can change their ways. (which he has shown to us! look at peridot, the once terrifying villain is now a part of the CGs and sees that earth and everyone on it is worth protecting) but humans? steven believes that all humans are already good. (yes, lars is also a jackass, however thats just how he is. i dont recall a time when hes ever physically harassed/ hurt anybody.) but once steven (stevonnie) encountered kevin, they didnt know eachother, they’d never met, and kevin was harassing them and going on without consent.

its the distrepect that steven felt from a stranger that angered him

HW doesnt necessarily disrespect the CGs, they just need them gone and out of the way, if anything.

steven even said it! (i cant remember his exact words so im paraphrasing, sorry!!!) “he(kevin) kept going, not even respecting how we felt! we told him no, but he wouldnt leave us alone!”

since steven believes all humans are good, of course he’d get upset when he comes across someone who doesnt respect boundaries and just does what they want for the first time.

im most likely stating the obvious, but i feel like steven’s reasoning for being so livid isnt exactly set in stone :P

feel free to add on, prove/ disprove my theory, or just put your own thoughts on this out there!

how would you get arrested on the arc? (tag)

i was asking myself how i would become a delinquent to get to the ground and i realized how and i realized that i want to see how you guys would get arrested too! that sounds so weird i wanted to make it a bellarke fam tag thing but honestly it’s not just for bellarke shippers like clexa friends you should do it too! same with rellamy shippers i see you ;) and all y’all that watch the show!! idk i think it would be fun and maybe a way to get to know each other a little better without being mean/hateful.

so basically how this works is you say how you think you would be arrested on the arc and then tag five-ish other people (no matter who they ship!!) so we can get to know each other more and maybe end this ship war or at least make it a little harder to hate on each other once we realize that we’re all real people with feelings

honestly, i’d be caught distributing stories to people. where’s all the paper? oh, it’s just emma, stealing the precious supply so that some kid who needs a poem for his girlfriend has a good one to give her. people would be requesting stuff like “i want a story about the ground, before the bombs. the stories they’re giving us in school suck” or “i really want to impress this girl - will you write me a song so i can serenade her?” and i would write this stuff for them on paper i stole or got from nigel or even just scraps from school supplies. and when i finally got caught they arrested me for wasting all of this paper, but joke’s on them - i continue the service in prison but instead of writing stories from requests i write my own. the kids in prison finally have something to keep them occupied because i keep writing these stories for them until we’re sent to the ground and then they need my stories about home. stories about how the machine hum was softer than a lullaby and how the arc creaked if you stepped the wrong way and when it happened, when it cried out beneath your feet, you wondered for a moment if you were going to be sucked away into the void. and no one ever hears about me because to the adults that are sent down i’m just some stupid author but to the kids i’m a little more than that. because the stories linked us all together - they were something we all read by the firelight and then tossed in as kindling the next day, something to fill our bellies when there was no food scavenged from the woods that day. stories give hope, and mine would do exactly that.

i’m tagging @bigriffin @slayyourdemons-101 @problematicbellarke @itwontsurvivemee @beautifulbellarke @sapphickillers @cupcakeblake and anyone else who wants to do it! i hope you guys think this little tag isn’t an awful idea xx

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Can some people please just stop being so creepy towards seb? I get that he's a very nice guy and he doesn't like to say no to fans but they need to stop, he's a person with feelings too and I would hate it if he distanced himself because of it.

Like if you just bump into him on the street and he happens to notice you then whatever but actively seeking him out when he’s just trying to live his life and going to all these places he’s been to is just?? Weird af y’all live in the same country as the man u have the luxury of being able to go to comic cons to see him lmao stop this

Fic: The Next Masterchef, Chapter 3

Fic Summary: Masterchef AU: Alternative meeting. (No one knows each other, no glee club, etc) Kurt, Blaine and sixteen other contestants compete to see who will become the next Masterchef. For Kurt, he’s not going to let anything get in his way of winning - even the (admittedly cute) Blaine Anderson.

Read on A03

Previous chapter on Tumblr 

And on we go to “episode 3″ as it were: 

Everyone is tense on the way back to the hotel after the pressure test. Blaine sees that a few people – Sheldon, Rachel, Santana – walk up to Kurt and give him some encouraging words.

“Hang in there, pumpkin, I know how it can be when people don’t like who you are,” says Sheldon.

“I’ve seen my dads face a lot of hateful words over the years but it never gets any easier to see – I’m glad you came out on top today and showed him that his hateful words won’t get him very far,” says Rachel.

“That guy was a dick. Thanks for shutting him down,” says Santana.

Blaine thinks about going up to talk to him, but honestly he’s still upset about Kurt’s attitude from the first day and decides against it. Besides, Sebastian has decided to really amp up the flirting game in the last day and hasn’t left his side since they exited the kitchen, so he can’t really get away if he tried. Thankfully he gets up to his hotel room, exhausted though he didn’t have to cook today, and passes out before even his roommate gets up to the room.

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I hate when people don’t ask questions back????? like you see I’m struggling to make a conversation help me out a little??????? ​it’s not that hard to repeat the same question you just answered!!!

Anonymous asked:

in my story, the two main protagonists (if it helps: male and female) hate each other and have since childhood. I can’t seem to express their hatred when they’re interacting or around one another. I don’t know how to show they REALLY hate each other through dialogue or body language. attempts come out soft, stiff or make it seem like they don’t hate each other. the female is generally quiet and the male is at most time rude and likes to see himself as superior (he’s a prince).

Is there a reason that they hate each other? A reason that you know about, at least? Sometimes, when we right something like that without reason or purpose, it can seem dubious simply because there’s no reason for it. If you know and understand why they hate each other, it becomes a little bit easier to understand how that would affect their daily interactions. It also helps if you understand why they have to interact in the first place. Mostly, when we hate someone, we avoid them like the plague. What is forcing them to interact?

Outside of that, it’s just a matter of illustrating their restrained interactions. No unnecessary interaction, no unnecessary conversation, no unnecessary nearness or touching. Body language will be stiff and reserved. Dialogue will be short and to the point. Words may be hissed, growled, or otherwise said with disgust. There will probably be some insults and an unwillingness to do anything easily.

I hope that helps!

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you, but please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)  

Okay, so Shiro has been confirmed as an adult by two of the executive producers, as well as a third person.
The video is here.

As a Sheith fan, I have to say I’d prefer if we didn’t make excuses regarding their age gap.
Normalizing problematic elements in ships is harmful, especially ignoring them and dismissing them. Yes, fiction is separate from reality, but ignoring the problematic elements implies that you’re okay with it. It’s fine to acknowledge the problematic elements and ship something anyway, in my opinion; it’s not the same as condoning it in real life.
Basically, I’d hate to see us become the new eren//levi shippers (eugh).

First things first, they said that 25 is a “safe zone” as Shiro’s age, rather than reiterating that it’s his exact age. It also doesn’t seem like they’ve actually sat down and discussed with the writers/other showmakers on what their ages are, so I’d take what they said with a grain of salt.
“Late teens” for Keith is rather vague as well, so who knows how long those of us who prefer no age gap would have to wait–but anyway.


There’s nothing wrong with shipping Sheith aged-up.

As for me, I’m still going to ship it romantically (emotionally), but not sexually for their current ages. Especially since I believe their age difference has had no negative impact to their power balance; they’re always treated each other like equals. Shiro even obviously thinks of Keith so highly that he trusts him with taking over the team. By the way, none of that nullifies their age gap being problematic.

If you want to ship them regardless of their ages, I highly recommend simply owning up to their age difference with a “Yes, I am aware that their age gap is problematic and do not condone that in real life, but I appreciate their relationship regardless and will continue to ship it” rather than saying “I don’t care” or something. Dismissing it being problematic is among the worst of things we can do.

Believe me, if we go with the latter, things will become even more of a mess. Not only will we be even more looked down upon, but new shippers will be discouraged to be lumped in with us apologists. I’ve witnessed this several times in other fandoms, and it’s how I grew to hate certain fandoms–because of apologists.

I understand that some people don’t want to acknowledge their ship as problematic if it makes them feel uncomfortable, but pretending a relationship is healthy when it’s not is much more harmful to others. I believe it’s worth it. So please consider it.