I saw people calling Charlotte shallow and greedy so naturally I had to draw her getting married to someone she loves and is gonna treat her right (◡‿◡✿)

lmao i hate this site like apparently i, a person who has No gender whatsoever, have to categorize myself into the gender binary in order to be “sga” 

whoever came up with the phrase  “same/similar gender” is very transphobic imo

and i know some people try to make SGA more inclusive by saying that nonbinary people who are attracted to other nonbinary people count but that’s not my favorite thing because like, not all nonbinary people are the same gender……. and i get social dysphoria from identifying with any gender, be it one of the binary ones or anything under the nb umbrella (sometimes i say im Agender to make it easier to explain but im not super comfortable with that) 

whatever aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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Aphobes are still saying that they aren’t gaslighting aces and aros, so excuse me for repeating myself: 

If you aren’t a survivor/victim, I don’t give a single fuck whether or not you think you’re gaslighting someone. Telling someone they aren’t being gaslit when they are is gaslighting

If someone says that you’re gaslighting them, it was incredibly brave of them to say so and you should respond by apologizing for hurting them and checking yourself in the future to make sure you don’t do it again. 

I don’t care how much you hate them because they’re on the other side of the discourse. Not being gaslit is basic respect that every single person deserves. Gaslighting is an emotional abuse tactic and is never acceptable. 

Here’s your permission to tokenize me and link people to this post for whatever reason, especially if you aren’t a survivor/victim and would rather link to survivors/victims about the topic. 

I don’t think Zaulie fights exhaust me as much as the ones who just stay trying to rile up the fanbase. Don’t folks get tired of doing that? LOL. The things people tweet/say make me sour until I watch stuff for myself. At this point, they’re both in too deep so I don’t think they’re ever leaving each other alone no matter what they say, do or what people tell or scream at them. “Sometimes it just be’s like that.” In sixteen years of this show, I’ve never seen two people more sexually attracted, frustrated and pissed off at each other at the same damn time, all while battling deeper feelings and not knowing how the hell to handle them. It’s the kind of thing you find hot in a book, find fascinating from afar but most likely don’t want for yourself.

And maybe outside of the house, away from these cockblockers and the game itself (cause it is still a game, which only adds to the fights and frustration LOL) they’ll have an actual conversation about… whatever the hell it is they’ve been doing and everything they’ve done. A huge part of me will miss them once this season ends, but OMG, I’ve lost so much sleep on them, it might be nice to finally get some of it back. 

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Goodnight KP! Tonight I come with a humble request, I hope it's not much trouble: Im extremely curious to know what your handwriting looks like and wanted to know if you could write something and post here (also wishing it doesn't sound too weird - dont fear being analised cause I dont know a thing about handwriting analysis). Oh and it came to my realisation that words are the equivalent of footprints to the soul, and it seems to me so far you're adventuring through a beautiful path, sleep well

Translation: My name is KP and I put lotion on and I lowkey hate myself but now I’m soft

Bae!!! I missed you!!! As always, thank you for making my night. Ily.

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(This dork over here has been here for 9 minutes, waiting for something to say XD) What inspired you t open such an awesome blog, and how is it physically possible to be that fabulous?

Aaa I had a lot of friends with Art/Ask Blogs and it was something I was always interested in as an artist myself, but I never was sure if  I should since I’m a pretty lazy artist and I was always worried that I’d take too long to answer things and people would hate me for it–

However, with @youngest-soup / @ask-olderchara ‘s motivation to make this blog and the huge response this blog received, I’ve been much more active and excited to keep this blog going than I ever expected. :)


I haven’t fully worked out in two months and tonight I finally told myself that I needed to fight this depression and put my body through a challenge. I realize that I’m naturally toned but in all honesty, I’m flexing, sucking in my gut a little bit, and on my tip toes in all three of these pics. So disregarding all those factors, I hate my body. And I don’t want to. So somehow I’m gonna try to find enough energy to do a work out everyday. Because I need to remind myself that small progress is still progress. And it’s better than just sitting in a state of hopelessness as I wait for my life to turn around for the better. There’s a lot of things that are out of my control right now. But maintaining fitness can definitely be something I can control. Maybe if I strive for my body goals it will make me a little happier again, a little more optimistic for my future and more confident. It wants solve all my problems, but it’s enough to keep my faith alive that better days are soon arriving.

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You say what Munakata is doing is stupid? How so? Did you hear him at all in the episode? Damn I hate people like you that hate a character because 'oh no! he's against our precious Naegi-kun!'

I’m going to answer this just to make some things clear:
When I write my thoughts on the episodes I do it to just write what I think somewhere because while I do talk about dr with a few people, I still need to take it out like that. And since this is my blog I just throw it here.
When I do those kind of posts, I’m not directing them to anyone, I do them for myself, so you shouldn’t pay much attention to them or take them personally~
I love to do deep character analysis, and I would like to share them and talk about it with other people but the problem is: language.
English is not my mother tongue and I’m not confident enough to write a long post about something like that because I’m afraid I won’t be able to make you understand what I’m trying to say and why I think about it that way. Or maybe I’ll create a misunderstanding of my opinion.
I do analysis of this things, yes. But in spanish, the language where I can express myself clearly.
I don’t hate Kyousuke, I actually like him. His character is very interesting to me and believe me, I understand  how he thinks and why he thinks what he thinks 100% (and he’s not the first character I see with his personality/mentality). I have a reason for thinking that the way he’s doing what he’s trying to do is stupid, (and it’s not ‘Oh no! My poor baby Naegi-kun!’ or ‘Wow! He’s an asshole!’ related) but as I mentioned, I’m afraid I won’t be able to express myself properly. 

And I really don’t want to give you a half-assed answer on this topic.  

Little routine

I hate routine but I figure it’s time to be a little more disciplined, so I’ve decided to make my own little routine and see how it goes! If you want to use it or add something please feel free! And if you want we can support each other on our routines! I practically live by myself so this includes cleaning the house and cooking, but if you don’t need to do does just add what’s important to you.

9:30/10:00 🌄 Wake up

10:30 💪Stretch

10:30 👅Brush my teeth

10:30 🛏Make the bed and clean the room

10:30 🍞Have a little breakfast (not too much cause I need to have lunch later)

11:00 🎉Free time! Watch cartoon, play games, coloring books, polymer clay or whatever I want!

12:00 🍝Make my lunch and eat

14:00 🍽Wash the dishes

14:30 😌Clean what I need to clean in the house

15:00 🍮Eat desert if I have it ONLY AFTER DOING THE DISHES

15:00 👅Brush my teeth

15:30 📚Nap time or do coursework

17:00 🚿Take a shower

17:30 👗Get ready to go to college

18:20 🚃Go to the classes. Eat dinner there or else it will be to late to eat a lot.

23:00 🐇Get home and change clothes to my PJs and wash my face if I had any make up on

23:30 🍼Have some healthy snack and make some calming tea

00:00 📱Get to bed and stay a little on the phone a little

01:00 👶Time to sleep.

PS: if you get hungry during the day remember of trying to eat fruits and healthy things

If you do everything on the routine but act like a brat all day you don’t get the rewards

Punishments like spanking or anything sexual are not on this list because it’s too personal and each little or dd/lg couple should figure how they work in this area for themselves.


If I don’t do everything I have to during the day and have no good excuse for it I loose my phone for two hours

Earlier bedtime

No deserts or sweets

Write 50 times what daddy tells you to write (examples: I’ll be a better little girl tomorrow, I won’t forget to ___________ anymore)


Everyday you do everything right you get a “good girl coin” and by the end of the month you get to buy a gift!!

Daddy will think about giving you more free time or later bed time (if you don’t have a daddy think about this one a lot, cause if you have something important the next day you need to be responsible and disciplined about your bed time)

You get extra words of encouragement, cuddles, massages, shower time together… or whatever you ask for!! 💞

Honestly someone who made me so uncomfortable with who i am as a person that I had panic attacks every 3 days is calling me an abuser and i really do not have time for it. I dedicated every minute of my time to keeping them happy. and they could never even try to emotionally support me. One of my really good friends died and all they ever said was “aw sorry babe.” They refused to talk to me after I had to get an abortion.They never talked to me about any of the multiple times they got me pregnant. They never talked to me about that time they fucked me even though I was crying and saying no. They refused to talk to me about anything ever, I was alone. They hated my religion. They made me feel bad about myself all the time and now to have them play the victim, just makes no sense to me.

i feel so pathetic, i fucking hate myself

called my doctor’s office and had to speak to her secretary who is such a fucking idiot and talking to her makes me anxious and angry every single time. she doesn’t listen to a word i say, makes me repeat myself like 50 times and she’s always in such a rush for some reason. and she thinks me name is elizabeth like honestly what the fuck?? anyways it really pissed me off

then i went and tried to clean my room. put away some clothes which was easy but then i didn’t no where to start on the rest of my room. it overwhelmed me and made me anxious as hell and then i felt really tight in my chest and short of breath. so i gave up on that and now i’m just sitting in the living room feeling ridiculous

i’m so so so pathetic
literally can’t do anything right fuck sake. so much for being productive or getting anything done. want to hide away and never come out
pathetic pathetic pathetic

I made a wrong choice and I got drenched in sadness. I hated myself for my mistakes. Things fell apart. I almost fell apart. But I have realized that there is nothing wrong in pretending to be okay. It’s okay not to be okay but it’s better to make yourself believe that you’re okay. Things will change and fade. I know I’ll be alright.