“There was a concentration, a silent and determined force between the two of them. Sam, whose arms had been frozen and limp at her sides, found herself slowly reaching up to wrap her arms around the back of his neck. She felt…tingles…-no, lightning -…she felt lightning shooting up and down in her chest, which was currently firmly pressed against Danny’s.”

C’est La Vie by Keybella finally updated! In case you didn’t already know :)

I wanted to post this with some other stuff, but I didn’t want to wait any longer. Still figuring out how to draw Danny so I’m sorry if he looks a little weird, also I tried a different way of coloring for this one. What do you think? :x


An AU where everything is all fine and dandy, and they go to school like normal kids do?? that’s all I ask for c’mon


I live in a hologram with you [x]


Do you remember this place? Do you have any of her memories? We were right here, over 5000 years ago…

And the kid would be fanboying the entire time.


a quick reminder that thorin is holding both of bilbo’s hands in the first gif, and then continues to clutch onto bilbo’s sleeve until bilbo grabs his hand and tightly holds onto it until thorin dies