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What do you think about Luke? Bc I didn't like him before (but I didn't hate him either) the Last Olympian, but after I felt bad for him - I mean I now think he was just a boy who needed a father. (and also sorry for my english)

Well I felt pretty much the same thing, I really liked him at first, before it turned out to be him working with Kronos and I after that I didn’t exactly now what I should think or feel about him. During the Last Olympian literally everything was going wrong but in the end the prophecy was fullfiled and Luke’s name was kinda cleared. I think his sacrifice was a great act and it obviously changed everyting. You’re right, deep down he was just a child who need his father and not only him, he also needed a mother that wasn’t mad because of the Oracle’s spirit, he needed family. Annabeth and Thalia provided him with that and in the end he understood it. 

Fili looked down into his glass of whisky and sighed, leaning back into his chair and looking at Dwalin. “That went well.”

“He’s been lashing out at everyone lately,” Dwalin said. He took a seat and stretched his legs out under the table. “The shrink we talked to said it’s normal. He’s tripping all over the PTSD spectrum. Being angry is his default right now.”

Fili nodded. He picked the whisky up, looked at it, and set it back down. “I don’t know what to do anymore. Everything’s going to shit. Sharon’s dying, Kina’s going to be mine in full soon, and I need a better job to deal with this. Balin said he’d hire me, thankfully, but that’s really treading on family ties and you know I hate to do that. But I still have to think about Kina and this…” He picked the glass up and downed it in one gulp, relishing the way it burned.

“What’s going on with Sharon?” Dwalin asked. “Didn’t really hear a lot.”

Fili wrinkled his nose. “We got any more booze?”

Dwalin got to his feet and fetched a bottle from under the sink. Fili chuckled softly as Dwalin wiggled the bottle at him. “Kili can’t get down that low just yet,” he said. He fetched another glass and poured them both a couple of fingers of scotch. “He wasn’t too much of a drinker before, was he?”

Fili smiled, sipping the scotch. Damn. This was good stuff. “No, he wasn’t. He drank every now and then but he didn’t border on alcoholism. He mostly stuck to beer too.”

“He’s a bit of a mess,”  Dwalin said again. “But you’re a mess too, aren’t you?”

Fili snickered into his scotch. “Oh, yeah. Mess might be putting it lightly.”

“Tell me,” Dwalin said. So Fili did. Dwalin sipped his scotch in silence for a moment before nodding. “Your friend Sigrid is right.“

“She usually is,” Fili said.

“I don’t know if any of us really know the extent of Kili’s issues,” Dwalin said. “Eventually something is going to trip him and he’ll blow up but who knows what that’ll be or when.”

Fili gave him a tiny smile. “Hopefully it’ll be sooner rather than later, right?“

Dwalin made a noncommittal noise and nudged Fili’s glass. “Drink up, Fili, and then get to bed. You’ve got a long day of dealing with your brother ahead of you.”

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Before the ending i thought the only people who hated NS was NH & SS but come to find out Some select few SN shippers hate it too now i'm not saying NS/SN should be sister ships cause they are both stand alone ships. Are there some that were worried that saks might keep nardo from sauce? idk i find it kind of odd thats all, considering saks was a minor threat to that ship or do people really hate her that much they don't want to see her happy even with a guy that clearly loves/wants her?

As a SasuNaru shipper who doesn’t care for NaruSaku (I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either, I’m kinda on the neutral side), I can tell you wholeheartedly it has nothing to do with Sakura getting between Naruto and Sasuke.

It has everything to do with Sakura’s character.

I’ve seen many posts that describe the issues with Sakura’s character perfectly, I’ve even written a few myself, but that’s the true issue when it comes to people hating NS. And many times people who hate NS who fall in line with this train of thought also hate SS for the same reasons. The only foreseeable reason why someone might hate NS because of Sakura’s character while shipping SS would be because they either don’t care for Sasuke’s character either or they believe SS is an excuse to punish Sakura. Correct me if I’m wrong, but most of the time I see fans of Sakura either shipping NS because they like how Naruto would treat her or ship SS because they want to root for her getting what she wants (or because she’s being used as a self-insert, but this can apply to any ship).

Basically people who really love Naruto’s character and hate Sakura’s character see Sakura’s treatment of Naruto as borderline abusive or just distasteful. I’ve mentioned this several times, but I haven’t liked Sakura’s character since she made the comments about Naruto being lucky not having parents. And RTN proves that Sakura never developed out of that mentality, she still believes this well into her teenage years. And for me, as a huge fan of Naruto as a character, seeing him end up with someone who cannot empathize with him or understand him as a person would bother me. Similar reasons to why I don’t ship NaruHina.

So for me and many others it’s not so much about punishing Sakura or preventing her from being happy, it’s about Naruto’s happiness and well-being. Is it possible that being with Naruto would’ve improved Sakura’s character and they would’ve lived happily ever after? Certainly. And fanon is the perfect avenue for fans to pursue that headcanon. But canon Sakura as she was written is just not empathetic enough to be compatible with Naruto for the long term imo, and the way Kishimoto wrote her adult self in SS we’ll never know if she would’ve been different with Naruto.

As a bit of a deviation…

Now, as an SNS shipper, does this mean I think Sasuke would be empathetic with Naruto? Sort of. I think Sasuke would be a cold-hearted bitch like 90% of the time, but the difference is Naruto knows how to read Sasuke. He understands Sasuke. And Sasuke, in turn, understands him. They can understand each other with just a look or touch, and especially later we don’t see much in the way of misunderstandings. They understand each other perfectly, even if they don’t agree. Sakura, to this day, still cannot tell that it was Naruto pretending to be Sasuke that day “Sasuke” tried to kiss her and complimented her forehead. Sakura, in the Land of Iron, failed to understand the reason why Naruto was still pursuing Sasuke and tried to manipulate him with means that Naruto wouldn’t fall for. She’s shown she doesn’t understand him on the same level that Sasuke does. Naruto hates people who lie to themselves. Sasuke is a brutally honest asshole. But they understand each other on so deep a level it’s downright spiritual. They’ve both been through shit and they’ve both known the desperation and emptiness of being alone. Naruto doesn’t know inner Sakura from Part 1 and Sakura cannot empathize with what’s going on in Naruto’s head or heart. She’s only ever, as of Part 2, cheered on his dreams and supported him. But I think Naruto needs more than that.

But that’s just my opinion.

long ass nicki/miley/vma rant

im sorry but a lot of you guys just jump on the bandwagon of spamming about how miley cyrus is “actual human trash” and while i don’t appreciate what she said about nicki, either i guess a lot of people actually just like the thrill of this. you guys will openly direct so much hate and disgust towards this girl and it’s just going to be a big mess of hate posts and tryin’ to put her down when that isn’t a good way to handle this shit, at all. i do like nicki, i do support her and i don’t know about cyrus but every single time something like this happens tumblr has the best ways of simply putting everything into the “good” and “bad” drawers without actually realizing that situations are much more complicated/complex than this. i don’t see any of y'all losing your shit over nicki saying “bitch” or whatever and while i don’t really have a problem w/ that, you guys normally inspect everything and turn it around fourty times, discussing stuff into pieces. miley made a mistake ok but are we all going to drop down to the level of sending her hate messages and stuff? keep it classy, you guys. i didn’t see any of you hating on this girl for her problematic comments before nicki called her out. i actually remember tumblr loving miley with a deep passion for her “free the nipple” doings etcetc. and while i think nicki is right w all this, i believe miley isn’t or shouldn’t be looked at as a “bad person” after this conflict. she’s done good shit and dumb shit. call her out on the dumb shit, yes. but don’t put her into this “bad person” role bc a million people will look at that image you have of her and share and share and share and share. that’s media, that’s putting people into “good” n “bad roles”. stop painting celebs w/ only one colour & start seeing them as people who are just as complicated as yourself

I 100% do not understand anon hate.

Why would you tell someone to hurt themselves when they are already sad.

Why would you make someone feel bad about the way they look or act when they’re already really insecure and anxious.

Why would you send your offensive comments to people whether it’s about their race/sexuality/religion/sexual orientation.

I don’t know, the people who leave anon hate might feel better about themselves after doing this or they may feel obligated to just voice everything they think but trust me, if anyone who sends anon hate sees this, you are not obligated to do this at all.

Going on a small hiatus

Hey everyone, I messed up my neck a bit and I’ve been trying to soldier through to get posts up, but it’s been a struggle and starting to stress me out a little (getting stuff out everyday).  So I’ve decided it’s better to just take a complete break to get everything settled and then come back when I can focus properly without nagging pain.

I’ve decided to take out two weeks, and hopefully by then everything should be good to go, or at a stage where it’s not a problem at least.  

Really sorry for the inconvenience (I really hate having to do this), but hopefully I’ll be able to make it back up with super cool stuff when I get back.

So, I’m setting September 15th as my return date, and I’ll start putting stuff back up at that time (I hope!).

Here are some other cool websites/tumblrs you can check out while I’m gone.

Apologies! >.<

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I am so sorry that you received hate from the exo fandom. And as a fan of exo I want to apologize for everything this shitty fandom has every said to you. Because even i hate being an exo-l :// Also if you ever receive hate again pls tell me so i can personally fight them. I really do apologize for all the ignorance and hate you have seen and received though

I’m glad there’s people like u in their fandom.

So, until I earn enough money, I’m trapped in an abusive household.

I won’t get into the details of it because it’s a long, shitty story but I currently live with my mother whom is emotionally and verbally abusive nightmare. I’ve been having mental break downs once a week because of her and recently, she started to refuse to pay for my medical care which I only agreed to because she offered to pay.  At the same time, she’s forcing me to save up my money and move out but when you work a shitty part time job and suddenly have to start paying for everything - saving money is basically impossible. So along with trying to work two jobs, I’m going to have readings for sale. I hate to do that but I need to get away from my mother as soon as possible. 

There are no prices, just donate whatever you can because any little bit helps really. Just message me your email along with the reading you want after you’ve donated and I’ll post it either publicly or privately. 

Thank you guys so much. Here are the types of readings I can do.

Sea Shell
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Energy Readings

if you were married to DK....
  • he’d be the one to wake you up in the morning 
  • “jagiyaaaaaa wake up let’s make breakfast!!!!”
  • and if that didn’t work he’d sing you random songs to get you to wake up
  • he’d get you laughing at the most random things like he hates seeing you sad so he’d do everything in his power to make you happy
  • “seokmin that’s not even remotely funny but i have no idea how you’re making me laugh this hard oh My gOD”
  • the two of you would make household chores fun and by the time you’re done both of you are laughing so much plus the house is clean so really it’s a win-win situation
  • despite his busy work schedule he’d still find time to send you cute texts like “hi how are you??? i hope you’re smiling right now because if you aren’t then i’ll come there myself to cheer you up”
  • he’d force you to jog with him in the morning and he’d promise to take you to this cute breakfast place right after as a reward
  • you’d be that couple that acts like best friends like he’d make a really corny joke and you’d laugh sarcastically before throwing a crumpled piece of paper or something at him
  • he’d surprise you with flowers and other cute stuff like maybe your favorite chocolate because he’s romantic like that
  • he’d snap photos of you cooking or maybe driving and he’d upload it on his sns with captions like “beautiful without even trying” omG
  • he’d try to teach your child to say ‘appa’ and he’d be so cute doing it like he’d bounce your kid on his thigh and be like “come on say appa, AH-PPA”
  • but your baby would just giggle and seokmin would be like “oh well at least i tried”
  • imagine him making airplane noises whenever he feeds your child IM DEAD
  • you’d all wear matching santa hats during christmas and you’d take cute family pictures and seokmin would show the pictures to other people and they’d be like “aw what a cute family”
  • “i love yooouuuuu”
  • “i love you too seokmin~”

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What I really don't get is why do people say that Carm's a bottom? And Laura's a top? Like how??

Ah yes, the top/bottom debate that is imminent for every ship. Personally I do see it, and here’s why:

• Carmilla “I hate everyone except my little cupcake” Karnstein is whipped AF. She literally almost died from fetching the blade of hastur, knowing that the task would probably kill her, but she did it anyway just because Laura asked. Also I would like to call attention to Carm constantly reminding Laura that everything she’s done has been for her. Even now when they’re broken up, she still follows Laura around like a tiny lost kitten.

• Top!Laura is life. It’s just funny to think about this tiny ball of rage being the top in this relationship when her girlfriend is a 300+ year old vampire. There have been several scenes that have played out like “I’m gonna do the thing!” “Carmilla no!” “Okay fine…” Exhibit A: (this post expands on this topic.)
*Plus it’s a nice change in dynamic after ~300 years of being a vampire seductress whose purpose in life was to prey upon innocent girls

But then again, it’s important to remember that someone’s personality don’t always dictate their preferences in the bedroom, and in many healthy relationships, no one is the top or the bottom all the time.

You know the signs are broken when they say...

Aries: I’m sick of always trying

Taurus: I’m sorry for everything

Gemini: I don’t know what to do

Cancer: No one wants me

Leo: I hate myself

Virgo: I don’t care

Libra: Nothing really matters

Scorpio: I can’t take this anymore

Sagittarius: I need help

Capricorn: I’m tired of this

Aquarius: I don’t understand

Pisces: I feel lost


I absolutely HATE how everyone in the house jokes and portrays Meg as the “useless” one. I get that she jokes about it herself, but you have to understand that right now she feels like the biggest idiot; She claimed that she has NEVER felt more stupid in her life. Meg is normally such a good sport about everything, even when she truly is horrible at a competition. However, all of the hate and jokes that people in the house make about her is definitely starting to get to her. Let me tell you, if I fell like she did during the Otev comp, I would have legit cried of embarrassment; she laughed about it. If I got out first during the Ready Set comp, I would have been SO pissed; she just shrugged it off. I know Meg doesn’t appear to do much in this game, but she really seems to be a great friend to have in the house.

I just wish people would lay off her a little, at least right now.

Guys, I need your help

College starts on Tuesday for me, and upon looking at my bill for everything I need, I need nearly $400 to pay for the remainder of my bill, or I lose my classes, and my semester is completely ruined. Between my own car payment, my insurance, paying for my books and other expenses, I do not have the money I need to finish paying off my college bill for the semester.

That’s where you guys come in. I hate asking for help, it’s the bane of my existence, but I have little choice in the matter now. And I have to ask for something.

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In order to acquire your gift from me, contact me via fanmail or ask, telling me how much you donated, and give me a way to check if you really did or not. ( Since I use Paypal, I believe giving me an e-mail, or even your name, will make it very easy for me to find you!) If you don’t message me, I can’t give you your gift. :(

I use Paypal as my main means of money online – doesn’t everyone???

My Paypal e-mail address is: bnsimkins@hotmail.com

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Thank you so much!

- Peridot

reasons i dont like elthina
  • shes manipulative/emotionally/mentally abusive to sebastian
  • shes inactive and ineffective
  • she thinks neutrality will solve things
  • everything she says to anders makes me want to eat my own fist n crap it out
  • but most importanlty:

that lime green eyeshadow

I obviously love tøp and everything they do but we honestly know that MTV fucked them over tonight. Literally ANY of the songs from ANY of their albums would of been a better performance than any of the ones tonight (excluding Nicki because she’s bae). They had to do weird mashed up versions of their songs and to top it off, THEY HAD ASAP ROCKY COMING IN AND FUCKING UP EVERYTHING. I don’t hate asap rocky but tøp where the one performance that I came to see and I didn’t even get to appreciate it. And I’m pretty sure that they really didn’t want to do this performance because it went against everything they stand for

Post coitum omne animalium triste est

Throughout The Books, I *love* every single post-coital Jamie and Claire scene. Once they’ve regained their senses and momentarily sated their physical desire for each other, their minds take over - deepening their connection by sharing anything and everything. They’re always honest with each other, especially in these moments - and have been from the very first time (“I didna realize ye did it face-to-face”).

This passage follows an especially - intense - encounter in Book 5 (The Fiery Cross). Jamie said to Claire “I must have ye now, or die” - and after he has her, he’s sheepish about how he went about it. But Claire (in true form) not only didn’t mind - she really enjoyed herself:

“Ye dinna hate me?” he asked abruptly. Taken by surprise, I laughed.
“No,” I said. “Do you think I should?”
His mouth twitched a little, and he rubbed his knuckles across it, scraping on the stubble of his beard.
“Well, maybe so,” he said, “but I’m glad if ye don’t.”
He took my hands gently in his own, his thumb rubbing lightly across the interlaced pattern of my silver ring. His hands were cold, chilled by the dawn.
“Whyever do you think I might hate you?” I asked. 
…“I havena let my pride get the better of me in some time, but I couldna seem to stop myself, what with wee Phillip Wylie preenin’ about, smirkin’ at your breasts, and—”
“He was?” I hadn’t noticed that part.
“He was,” Jamie said, glowering momentarily at the thought…
“And then, draggin’ ye out of the house in your shift and going after ye like a ravening beast—” He gently touched my neck, where I could still feel the tingling soreness of a bite mark.
“Oh. Well, I quite liked that part, actually.”
“You did?” His eyes flicked wide and blue in momentary startlement.
“Yes. Though I rather think I have bruises on my bottom.”