• Zuko on a date: What is your home like?
  • Them: It was lovely until some douchebag with a ponytail burned it down.
  • Zuko stuffing his honor in his purse: That's rough, buddy.


in which Kylo Ren is a beautiful fucking mystery who doesn’t know how to look both ways before crossing the street. 

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Seasons of Supernatural wrapped up in a "Friends" style episode title (Spoilers)
  • Season 1: The One Where Dad Goes On a Hunting Trip
  • Season 2: The One Where Sam Gets Stabbed
  • Season 3: The One Where Dean's About to Die
  • Season 4: The One Where The Angel Shows Up
  • Season 5: The One Where The Apocalypse Started
  • Season 6: The One Where Cas Did a No No
  • Season 7: The One With the Leviathans
  • Season 8: The One Where They Were in Purgatory
  • Season 9: The One Where One Brother Was Half an Angel & the Other Brother Was Becoming a Demon & the Angel Was a Human
  • Season 10: The One Where Dean is A Demon
  • Season 11: The One With the Darkness