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Their first time started too rushed, too heated.

Adam’s parents went to visit his aunt for the weekend and now Mikael was here, on a small bed, looking up at the ceiling, with his boyfriend on top of him. Because they were together. This was his boyfriend on top of him.                   His boyfriend.

Distracted with that thought, Mikael had barely realized how they were nearly naked at this point, how they had stopped kissing and how… Adam was looking at him now.
Mikael blinked at first, trying to think of something besides Adam, Adam, Adam.
“Huh?” He ended up saying instead, breathing hard.
“I bought lube, earlier.” Adam said, like they were fucking having a conversation about their shopping experiences and Mikael wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Because here they were, Adam at his wits’ end apparently. He knew how to arrange all of this, how to get Mikael to bed, how to get his clothes off and make him think of nothing else but Adam, but             … not more.
Because Mikael wasn’t one of his girls.

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You know, as annoyed as I am over family trees not adding up in the earlier series, I still have to admit that I can’t be too hard on the Erins for sometimes mixing them up or so.

I mean, I’m just making headcanons over family trees and I’ve already had to change them atleast three times now because I noticed that some cats can’t be siblings because their kits will be mates later on or so. It’s really not as easy as it sounds to keep track of background characters’ relations.

I guess that’s just what you get when you have so many characters in one series.

Still, I would appreciate it if they paid more attention to it…just safe check them a couple of times and write down what you have, and you’re likely to avoid any trouble.

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for the fic meme, changes of perspective: either something from nightingales pov or something bringing lady caroline etc into that verse? thnks :)

No lie, Lady Helena and Caroline were the single biggest thing from THT I was like I WISH I HAD KNOWN ABOUT YOU FOR CHANGES OF PERSPECTIVE, so this was a delight of a prompt to get! 

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I had a life changing bee experience when I was 12 when my family and I had stopped at a McDonald's and chose to eat outside. I had just finished my food and proceeded to drink my juice. A bee landed beside me on the table, it was really hot. I wanted to pour it some juice but i was sitting at a wooden table that would just absorb the juice. I thought, "I've heard bees don't hurt you without you trying to hurt them first," so I put some juice on my finger and the small friend lapped it up X3

Thank you!!! My bee Beethberen thank you!!

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Can you do some langst where Allura and Shiro are mad at Lance, and the team except Hunk and Coran defend him and name off all the things he has done, and maybe a week after they go to a planet that the aliens are really good at reading emotions and they see Lance doing so awesome stuff as the blue paladin and thank him while the whole team is sorry and try to apologise, and you don't have to do it if you don't want to it depends on you

I can try!

I had to change it slightly because I didn’t want to make the team out of character or write them as abusive towards Lance! 

I wrote it so Lance doesn’t hear the full sentence and he thinks that Shiro and Allura hate him. 

I hope you still like it! 

The mission was bound to fail from the moment it started. Each paladin could feel the negative energy as soon as they left the castle to board the Galran ship. Something felt off and they all felt like something would go wrong. They were all right. 

No one could have predicted that the Galra were expecting them. No one could have know that they would be separated. No one could have know who would’ve gotten hurt. 


Lance willed Blue to go faster he turned around to check on the red paladin bleeding on Blue’s floor. 

Lance could hear the panicked cries of his teams over the coms and heard Allura demanding what happened aboard the ship. 

Lance wanted to respond but he couldn’t get his voice to come out. I need to get Keith into a pod now! Lance looked back at Keith again and felt tears threaten to spill over. 

Lance gripped Blue’s controls tighter. This is all my fault. 

As soon as Lance landed Blue he was met by his entire team and a frantic looking Shiro. 

Lance went to stand and help Shiro move Keith but Shiro pushed him back into his chair. 

“Just sit down.” Shiro grabbed Keith and moved him out of Blue. 

Lance sat in Blue’s chair, am I not needed? Lance couldn’t stop the tears that fell from his eyes. I can’t do anything right. 

Yet what Lance failed to hear was the whole sentence. Shiro’s full sentence was “Just sit down Lance, you’re shaking, you can’t help Keith in your state.” 

After Lance composed himself he made his way down to the medical bay to check on Keith and the rest of the team. 

As soon as Lance entered the med bay he was greeted by everyone. Keith was already put in a pod and everyone had already changed out of their armor. 

Allura looked at Lance she gestured him over and Lance walked towards the princess. 

“Lance where have you been?” Allura spoke her tone harsher than usual. Lance didn’t hear her full sentence and didn’t her how concerned she was. Allura asked “Lance where have you been we’ve been worried sick.” 

Lance slightly curled in on himself “I was in Blue.” 

She gave Lance a sympathetic look which Lance read as a look of disgusted. 

After 20 minutes of sitting in the medical bay Lance left, his legs shaking and his thoughts consuming him. 

If I was just a little faster, Keith would have been safe. He wouldn’t have to be in that pod right now. 

Lance was pulled out of his thoughts by Hunk touching his shoulder. He turned and saw Hnk and Coran both looking very concerned. 

“Hey man are you okay?” Hunk gave Lance a questioning look. 

Lance gave Hunk and Coran a small shrug and Coran pulled Lance in for a hug. 

“My boy don’t worry about Keith he will be fine.” 

Lance nodded and pulled away from Coran. “But Allura and Shiro are mad at me.  I could’ve protected Keith if I was faster.” 

Coran and Hunk gave Lance a confused look. Hunk seemed to be choosing his next words and he looked at his best friend “Lance what do you mean Shiro and Allura ar-” Hunk never got to finish his sentence when Allura called them all up to the bridge. 

Lance bolted to the bridge, he didn’t want Hunk or Coran to be disappointed in him either. 


A few weeks after the mission the team was on another mission They had to help a species clear the Galra from their planet. 

After they succeeded in saving the planet and everyone was checked for injuries the aliens threw them a party. 

Lance stayed quiet the majority of the time, he still firmly believed that Allura and Shiro were mad at him. 

The aliens read these vibes off Lance and immediately questioned the Princess and Shiro. 

“Excuse me, I have a question regarding the Blue Paladin.” The alien vaguely gestured towards the boy. 

Shior and Allura both looked at Lance and shared a look of confusion. 

“What do you mean?” Shiro attempted to keep his voice formal and tried not to sound confused. 

The alien gave him a confused looked. “Do you mean you can’t feel it?” 

“Feel what?” Allura questioned. 

“The vibrations? You’re paladin thinks that you two hate him. I can tell by how his vibrations change whenever he looks at you guys.” 

“Why would we hate him?” Shiro looked towards the boy who was staring at the floor. 

“You have to ask him, but I do hope you fix whatever it is. He seems very valuable to the team and I would hate to see you lose him.,” The alien gave a small bow and walked away. 

Allura and Shiro looked at each other a nodded, they needed to solve this problem now. They didn’t want to lose Lance. 


A few moments later they managed to get Lance outside where everything was quiet and asked him why he believed that they hated him. 

Lance didn’t say anything at first but he eventually broke down and told them what they “said” to him. 

Allur and Shiro pulled Lance in for a hug and assured him that they didn’t just say those things and that they loved Lance and he was part of the team. 

They spent the rest of the night hugging Lance and making sure he knew how important and valuable he was to them and everyone else. 

I hope you like it!!!!!

Sorry this took so long!!!! And sorry for changing it! 

Thank you <333

Top 20 Larry fics in 2016 over 100k by kudos on Ao3

* criteria; completed in 2016 and not part of a fic series

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3. To Be Loved To Be In Love by Angel_Dust
4. Shake Me Down by AGreatPerhaps12
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6. wings to break your fall by karamelised
7. Hiding Place by alivingfire
8. Time Bomb by ThisSentimentalHeart
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10. Bloodline by banana_louis
11. Never Be by cherrystreet
12. And You’re My Ever After by NiamJenn1994
13. Luscious blood by Deidei
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17. Only You Can Be My Alpha by wubwubnparmaham
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19. Dominus. by SS98
20. you are in love by wildestdreams


△ Allie Collection △

Hello people, well I’m the @epiphany-s4 for some reasons I had to change my tumblr…Today I bring you a small collection, a new beginning 

  • Custom thumbnail 
  • All Lod’s
  • Has shadows map
  • HQ Mod compatible

Feel free to make recolor, but do not forget to give the credits and do not include the mesh

If there is any problem, please let me know

Credits for : @eduardocassi , @maertice , @daisuki 

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