BTS reaction to their s/o making them cum in their pants


The two of you were waiting for the food to cook when you dip your hand into his pants and begin rubbing his member. Seokjin’s groans grew louder and louder till he suddenly cums.

“Aw why did I have to cum in my pants. Now I need to change.”

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“Stoppp, I need to wear these on stage.” Seokjin groans angrily. You were palming him through his jeans and he was getting annoyed.

A few more delicate touches and you grin as he cums in his pants.

“Y/n! how can I go on stage now?”

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The constant touching and teasing was driving him mad. All he wanted was some sort of relief from the teasing. Suddenly, you begin to palm him and uncontrollably, Namjoon cums all over his pants.

“Great. Third pair I’ve had to change this week.”

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Jokingly, you keep slut dropping in front of him. Trying to get some type of reaction out of your boyfriend. You slut drop again then brush your ass over his member.

Instantly, he grabs your hips and begins to grind against you.

“I don’t even care about cumming in my pants anymore. I just need to feel your body against mine.”

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Your hands continuously palm Jimin’s member through his pants while you lay next to him on the sofa.

The two of you were watching porn and you knew the man was getting turned on from the soft moans that escapes his mouth.

“Fuck, you made me cum babe.”

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You lay on top of Taehyung while giving him a hand job through his pants. He constantly tries to pull his pants down but you slap his hand away.

“Your punishment is to cum in your pants.” you repeat while moving his hand away.

“Ugh,” Taehyung groans angrily, he was annoyed but he knew he deserved it.

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“Lemme take my pants off,” Jungkook groans, he knew he was about to cum and he didn’t want to ruin his new pair of jeans.

“No kookie, I told you, this is what you get for airing my texts,”

He rolls his eyes and pleads with you,

“Please honey, I’ll do anything, I really can’t ruin these jeans.”

You smirk and ignore him anyway.

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To the previous anon: Dear, I came out to my parents almost 4 years ago (I was 15), similar situation, didn't accept me. Even after 4 years I still get terrible flashbacks, the memories hit me like a truck every time...you just learn to live with it. It's almost like a constant reminder of my courage, my struggle and the work I had to do to change my life. I'm proud of that 15yo kid, and I'm proud of the man he's growing up to be. Keep going and be strong!!

@ anon!

I did it!

I manage to round up my courage. I went to my brand new boss and asked for holidays in February. She told me yes.

I ran home and connected to the computer. And I did it. I planned the holiday I was waiting for for two years, two years in which I was not able to take more than 2 days off because I had to change jobs and I could not afford to go somewhere in fear to miss a job Interview.

And I decided to give myself a reward

I am going to Mark and the team show and IMMA GO THERE IN STYLE!

I am looking forward to this so much it almost hurts!

I cannot wait to meet @markiplier , @crankgameplays, @lordminion , Tyler, Bob, Possibly Amy…. Wow. What a dream.

i woke up and realized half asleep at 3am i had changed my phone wallpaper from that painting of st Sebastian to the Rene Magritte painting of the woman on the horse in the forest which says it all really