Confession:  I started by hating every character in Dragon Age right off the bat, but fell in deeply love with each of them throughout the course of the games. I had the biggest change of heart for Tamlen. He was so annoying I wanted to slap him, and I was relieved he was sucked into the Eluvian, but the night he came back as a dark spawn I actually cried. For a character with so little dialogue his story breaks my heart.

ppl who say they dont like furries generally havent been properly exposed to them past, like.

That Style (you know the one, it looks sort’ve like disney but more awkward) and porn but rly thats like saying you hate anime art just bc all you’ve seen is bad hentai. 

there’s soooo many furry styles and the kemono/anime-esque stuff is becoming a lot more popular lately, especially on tumblr, so i see so many ppl get amazed at how cute and colorful and ~moe~ it has the potential to be bc it contradicts what they expect but like!!!

theres so much cute furry stuff! there really is! i know theres a lot of gross stuff but there’s soooo much good, quality, gorgeous art out there too and its rly a very diverse genre

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You didn't cry after the IFH? Was it because you weren't too emotional about S & C or because you knew you couldn't buy the denial right from the moment you watched the it? Just curious!

I didn’t ever believe it.  I never thought we were headed for a reveal that day either.  But right from that moment forward I had a theory and it has never changed.

Request:“No One Will Ever Love You”, by Nashville cast - Tig imagine - Part 1

Request: No one will ever love you- Nashville cast Song imagine with Tiggy 

Listen the song HERE. I’ll use the lyrics on Part 2.

A writer being carried away, a little bit of drama, Tig Trager and…There you go! A new imagine! Enjoy!

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Another Friday and the end of another exhausting week at work. I hopped in my car and drove to the clubhouse, looking forward to have a drink with my friends. Yes, my friends were a group of outlaw bikers and I never had imagined my life would change so much when I moved to Charming.

I entered at the clubhouse and got surprised to see a small party already going on. I scanned the room and found him, with a croweater on his lap. I felt a lump on my throat as I watched Alex’s hands caressing her thigh.

“Come on”, I heard Gemma behind me, her hands resting on my shoulders and stroking them slightly, “Let’s have a drink”

“I don’t want a drink. Not anymore”, I mumbled, but let her guide me to the bar. I sat next to Bobby as she moved around Chuck, behind the bar, to grab a drink.

“Ignore him”, Bobby glanced at Alex before motioned to the drink Gemma had put in front of me. I looked at the glass, asking myself if drink to oblivion would be enough. No, it wouldn’t. It would take a lot for me to forget Alexander Trager.

You were friends, best friends. However, Alex was more than a friend to me, I had fall for him. It didn’t matter how much people warned me, I would always open my door for him when he needed. When the voices got too loud inside his head, it was in my bed he found refuge and I was the one that held him through the night. We never had sex though; he went to the croweaters for that. I knew it was self-destruction, it hurt every day, but I continued to ignore it, I couldn’t lose him.

“You should get yourself a date”, Gemma slid the glass towards me.

“A date?”, I raised an eyebrow, ignoring the glass.

“Yes”, her smile was as wide as the Cheshire Cat’s one, “Are you gonna wait for him forever?”

“I don’t know Gem”, I sighed, “I didn’t meet anybody but you guys since I moved here”

“Because you only work and live for him”, she pursed her lips, annoyed, “Maybe this will get Tiggy’s attention”

“Do you mean, make him jealous?”, I grimaced and she smiled again, “I’m not sure if this would work”

“Well, if doesn’t work then you will know it’s time to move on”, she glared at me, knowing damn well that I loved Alex. I guess everybody knew it already. Everybody but him. Speaking of him…

“Chuck get me another beer man”, I turned my look to the glass in from of me when I heard his voice. I took it and tilted my head back, letting the drink burn its way down my throat, “Baby girl, I didn’t notice you there”

I used to love him calling me baby girl, but at that moment, all I wanted to do was punch him or cry, or maybe both at the same time. “Thanks Gemma”, I mumbled as I got up. I didn’t want to stay there any longer, my night was ruined, “I’ll call you”. I kissed Bobby’s cheek and turned me back on them.

“Where are you going?”, Alex asked and I just ignored him, making my way out of the clubhouse.

Tig’s POV

Another week was gone. Finally! Tig entered the clubhouse with his brothers and they immediately started to drink. He let himself fall on the couch and a croweater sat on his lap. He wasn’t really interested in her, it would take a lot of booze for him to get into that girl and take her to his bedroom. He caressed her thigh for a while, not paying attention to her stupid talking until he finish his first beer. He pushed the girl out of his lap and walked to the bar to grab another bottle.

“Chuck get me another beer man”, he asked and tapped his fingers over the counter. He looked down at Bobby by his side and then he saw her. Y/N was seat close to his brother, head tilted back as she drank, “Baby girl, I didn’t notice you there”

He wasn’t expecting her to be there and truly hadn’t seen her, if he had, the croweater would have been dismissed right away. Y/N had slowly made her way inside his life, his heart, becoming his best friend. She didn’t like parties that much, but when she was there, he would be around her. She was his safe heaven, the breath of fresh air in his life. However, he kept a certain distance. If his mind was going to places it shouldn’t go then he would bury himself in a croweater or drink until her face wasn’t haunting him anymore. It was twisted, he knew it, but he couldn’t stay away.

“Thanks Gemma”, Y/N ignored him and got up, “I’ll call you”. She kissed Bobby’s cheek, who smiled at her, and turned her back on them, heading to the door.

“Where are you going?”, he creased his brow. Why had she ignored him?

“Asshole”, Bobby groaned, grabbing his bottle of beer and walking away as soon as the door closed behind Y/N.

“What?”, Tig turned his head to look at his brother and then heard the bottle of beer hitting the counter. Gemma had done that and there was fire on her eyes.

“Asshole”, she barked and passed by him. Tig looked from her to the beer and then to Chuck.

“What did I do Chucky?”, his friend just shrugged and turned to continue cleaning glasses. What the hell was going on? Tig grabbed his beer and headed outside, Y/N’s car was already gone.


After a few days receiving nasty looks from Gemma and Bobby, and Y/N ignoring his calls and messages, Tig got tired. He had understood, he had done something wrong to Y/N, but he couldn’t figure out what. That was why he was riding to her house, to knock on her door and ask what he had done. However, he got surprised to see Gemma’s car there. Curious, Tig hopped off his bike and rang the doorbell.


I had decided to take Gemma’s advice and try to go out on a date. She had asked Tara to introduce me someone from the hospital and now I was getting ready for a date with a male nurse.

“You look gorgeous”, Gemma smiled as I turned around, “I wish Tig could see you. He would be so jealous”

“Gem”, I sighed and then a loud roar interrupted our conversation. It was a bike and I froze, looking at Gemma, “Do you think…?”

I didn’t finished the question, she was already walking to the front door. The doorbell rang at the same time Gemma grabbed the doorknob, opening it. Alex was on the other side. The last few days had been hard, seeing his name on my phone and forcing myself to ignore. I had been trying to think. I still didn’t know what I would do about us, but I had to do something, make a decision.

“Hi Tig”, Gemma smirked, “Come in”

She stepped aside for him to enter my house. Alex stopped in the middle of the hall, looking at me up and down. I should be pleased to see his eyes widen and his mouth hang open, but I was too nervous for that.

“Baby girl-“, he swallowed, “Y-You look beautiful”

I would thank him, but before I could do it, Gemma spoke, “Yes, she is. Her date will love it”

“Date?”, he looked from me to Gemma and then back to me, “A date, date? With who?”

This time I cut Gemma off, before she could brag about my date, “What are you doing here Alex?”

He rubbed his beard for a moment and shook his head, “You know what?”, he laughed, but without any humor, “Nothing. You… You have a good date”

Alex turned his back on me and walked to the door. I followed him with hesitant steps and watched as he marched to his bike. I also saw a car park in front of my house. It was my date. I looked from the man that I loved, all in leather, hopping onto his bike, to the man, in a perfect button-down shirt, that I would spend the evening with.

“Go”, Gemma gently pushed me out of my house. I looked up at her and took a step forward, as Alex’s bike disappeared into the night.

Hi my name is Mishka and I have long greyish hair it’s more fur really that reaches my everywhere and glittering gold eyes like the inner fire within and a lot of people tell me I look like Irreverent Izzy (AN: if u don’t know who they are get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to any darkbeasts but I wish I was because they’re major fucking hotties. I have dirty grey skin. I’m also a totally not a beast, and I hunt in Yharnam where I’m a totally awesome hunter (I’m probably older than you, time is wibbly-wobbly in the Nightmare). I’m a Hunter with a Beast Embrace Rune (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly whatever if it makes me look like a hobo I like it. I love the clothes from my dead enemies and I loot all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a pair of tattered trousers, bolt paper and Beast Claws, and who needs shoes I have bandages wrapped halfway up my legs. I was wearing Beasthood like it was going out of style. I was walking outside Fishing Hamlet. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of Lumenwood Kin stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.
“Hey Mishka!” shouted a voice. I looked up. It was… Simon!

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sees a romantic / nsfw meme
me: y’all sinners

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SCREAMS AT UR CUTENESS!!! but also hair goals maaaan how do you keep the long parts behaved? XD or is that natural? mine always poofs up and goes back to covering the short side even with hair spray

I have to iron all my hair. My natural hair is kinda wavy orz

Hey look, exclusive pics of me with my natural hair (I took the other photos just as I was going to shower, so these are 4 hours later).

But also it might have to be with the fact that it’s just used to be that way by now. I mean, years ago I had my hair split in the middle, and if I tried to change it it would feel weird and make me a little uncomfortable, like when you tie your hair into a ponytail and after a few hours, if you let it loose again, it kinda “hurts”.

And from time to time I use something called “japanese straight perm”, which as the name says, it straightens your hair until it grows. So that may have helped a little too (I still have a little at the end of the long parts).

Tho, when it’s windy my hair is a mess and my sidecut gets a little covered lol


Holby City AU: Greek Mythology

Hades & Persephone

“I had tasted freedom and yet I went back to you, as the world changed shape and slipped into something unfamiliar. I had found, in the days when we were apart, that I missed the darkness - that I had missed the beauty only you could give”.

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thank you!! I have taken lessons before actually but my teacher’s schedule changed a year ago so I had to quit and I’m sooooooo stoked to be able to get back into it 8)

Not gonna lie, I feel like shit.
Today I saw my mother cry for the fourth time in my life and I cried all day as a result after leaving therapy. We had a session together and I had to tell her what is wrong with me in front of my psychologist. My mother feels like she has failed as a mother and I feel guilty for making her suffer this much.

I’m not writing this for you to pity me though: I just wanted to let you know that I will not be around for a while because of what happened today.

My first concern, however, is for my friends on this website: I saw some of you had an hard day today, others made changes to their body or aesthetic appearance, others are tired from school…and I am too emotionally drained to be there for you today. And I will be too exhausted in the next few days to show you how much I love you and support you no matter what.

I will move out of home this Sunday, so I’ll have few days to spend with my family, and I will begin university the following day…but I just wanted to let all of you know that you matter to me. And that sometimes you are the reason I smile for days. And I know my words can’t magically solve your problems or validate your achievements or struggles…but you all make me happy. Even when I feel dead inside.

So…take care, and sorry for not sticking around.
Feel free to tag me in things you think I might enjoy. I’m sorry for not cheering you up today or in the next few days.
I just need time.
I really do.


you killed a part of me. you didn’t take it, you didn’t change it, you killed it. it took me 4 years to let myself love again and i’m still in pain and i will be forever. i hate you for all that you did to me but i know you’re too fucked up and selfish to even remember. i loved you for so long and all you did was take it all. all you did was use and abuse me. for 2 and a half years. and when we met up last year you only had one thing in mind. silly me for thinking that you had changed. silly me for thinking i could forgive you. i see you around and the knife digs deeper. you were my first glimpse of love and you tainted it. 

fuck you.


waterhobbit replied to your post “New dentist today was very sympathetic but basically said “idk why…”

Hopefully he has other options as well? Or the specialist will.

His other option was “I mean I could take it apart and make sure it’s safe to crown and crown it myself and that might fix it but” and then he went on to point out all the things I already know about my jaw which is basically my teeth are moving further out of place and it’s only going to get worse. A year ago my top row was straight, now my front incisors are twisting. Probably because I’ve had so much work done and my bite has changed substantially and yea. If this tooth is cracked I’ll need an implant to cover the gap (my other teeth likely wont support a bridge) and that’s about $2500…but if my teeth are all going to shift out of alignment in the next couple of years, corrective braces are $5000ish…of course that doesn’t cover the expense of having my wisdom teeth removed, or all the other work I probably need done.

I feel like crying might be a little defeatist but I can’t have ice cream anymore sO…

meeting with my thesis director went GREAT. i had to change my subject tho but i was kinda expecting it and he is extremely enthusiastic about my second choice subject which iiiiis…. (drums rolling)

Native American women in the Army since WWII

i’m so excited about this you have no idea.

Please Don’t Leave Me (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Overview: Alexander comes to your house after a night of drinking.

Word Count: 1,207

Triggers/Warnings: Swearing, drinking

A/N: This was all written within the past hour or two. I apologize if it isn’t to the best I could write but I think it’s decent.

You had changed out into your pajamas and finished everything you needed done by Monday. It was now time to relax with Netflix and ice cream. You just started to have a disney movie marathon when you heard a knock at the door. Oh no you thought as you walked to the door.

It was Friday night. The boys, Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, John Laurens, and Alexander Hamilton had been out drinking for sure. And when you give the boys a reason to go the bar they somehow end the night at your house. It’s most likely because your house was the closest to the bar but you had other theories.

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Messing with my recipe for Apple Cider Muffins to make it better! #applecider #muffin #baking #apple #autumnfeels

Recipe will be posted soon as I’ve had a chance to taste and decide between the changed and old version of the recipe. It’s a little too hot right now for to taste the new version. It’s a difference in one ingredient, but one ingredient can make the world. Thank you to everyone who voted on the muffin recipe!!
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