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The Neutered Sex Kitten

Content Warning: overt over-sexualisation, sexual slurs, etc. While no sexual behaviour/sex acts are depicted, they are discussed, and may make some sex-repulsed people uncomfortable. 

I have been called a slut more times than I can count…

In contrast, I have never been called frigid or a prude.

Before recognising my asexuality I self-identified as an ‘ice queen’, and am known to be private/to hold back details of my private life. Because of this, the only two people in my life who don’t assume I have a slammin’ sex life are my mother and my gynaecologist (and that’s only because they have explicitly been told that the opposite is true - much to their abject horror).

Despite never once mentioning my sexual history; a boyfriend/girlfriend; dating; or even a crush (which I gave up on feigning after high school), I somehow have a reputation for being some sort of vampish, sex-kitten-type temptress.

Friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances and even complete strangers all seem to come to the same conclusion, and they have for a very long time.

My presumed promiscuity has been something that I’ve dealt with for what feels like forever and it’s led me to some utterly bizarre scenarios, which I will now outline:

First off, there was an ongoing ‘joke’/rumour that I was screwing more than once of my teachers in my final year of high school.

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