Instruments as flutes see them
  • Piccolo: annoying little sibling in instrument form
  • Flute: God's gift to band
  • Clarinet: squeaky lil wood sticks
  • Saxophone: sound good until you talk to the person playing them
  • Oboe: better when they're not there so we can play their solos
  • Bassoon: some sort of strange mythical creature
  • Trumpet: I guess they're ok but couldn't they just... Play quieter??
  • Horn: nearly perfect. restores our faith in the brass section
  • Trombone: just kidding about that faith in the brass section
  • Euphonium: smol tuba
  • Tuba: I don't know, they're too far back for me to see one
  • Percussion: just stop ok

All this talk about Jeca shippers hating on Bechloe shippers, and Bechloe shippers hating on Jeca shippers is ridiculous.

A) The bechloe fandom is not nearly as active as it used to be

B) I honestly didn’t even realize people were still active in the Jeca fandom enough that Bechloe shippers can hate on them

C) No one cares who the hell you ship, you’re all starting drama for no reason. I ship Bechloe but guess what, I fucking love Jesse. He’s a cute little goofball that I want to just cuddle for eighteen hours.

So stop posting your hate and opinions in the Bechloe/Jeca tag if it’s IRRELEVANT to the tag.

Because in the end, you’ll never win. There’s always going to be that one person who never gets the point and still posts their irrelevant shit in other peoples tags. The best you can do to prevent it is not be that person.

Pitch perfect is a freaking movie about two A Capella groups that royally hate each other but in the end, learn to deal with one another. And that’s what the Bechloe and Jeca fandom should start doing. 

Shadowhunters Rant / 1x11

So, once again I have to say that I’m very happy with this episode, I liked the way everything was handled! I’m gonna write down a quick list:

  • Let’s talk about the Michael Wayland/Valentine thing: it was a smart move, to be honest. I guess that Valentine has always used a Mandelin Rune when he was with Jace and, honestly, it makes perfect sense because everyone included Jace had to believe that Jace was actually Michael’s son and then they had to believe that Michael was murdered by Valentine. Also, I’m glad they decided to take the risk to include the incest story to the plot because it’s a very delicate one. 
  • I loved Clary in this episode and tHAT MUG. I NEARLY DIED FROM LAUGHING TOO MUCH. That’s my woman, guys. 
  • Then, let’s talk about Lydia: I like her, I always have and I’m so, so happy that she decided to help Isabelle (and Alec) with this. 
  • the Inquisitor is just like I had imagined Imogene to be
  • Magnus Bane. Guys. He always surprises me. You can’t even imagine how happy I am with this character. They way he handled the whole marriage thing has been perfect because he was open with Alec about his feelings from the beginning and he explicitly gave him his honest opinion: he didn’t shame Lydia to gain Alec’s attention, he never did. He appreciates Lydia, he even admires her for having the guts to stand by Isabelle in the trial but he does not approve the marriage and he will try until the end to let Alec understand that they’re condemning themselves to an unhappy life/emotional state. But, at the same time, he doesn’t stop Alec from doing what he’s doing. (I feel like Alec is realizing things but I’ll wait till the next episode to talk about this)
  • Raphael is my bae
  • Simon’s reaction to Clary and Jace being siblings was very accurate lol
  • Izzy and Alec love each other so much and I feel like my heart is going to burst sooner or later
  • Jace and Alec better fix things between them because I’m suffering too much for these two idiots

I think I’ve said enough, lol. 

If you want to talk about the episode, my ask is open 24/7 so come freak out with me!

Imagine talking on the phone with Leo.
He called just to ask you a quick question and ended up getting distracted.
You two talked all about your days and the books that you’re reading and what his family was up to.
He told you about the new game Mikey got and how they all had taken turns playing it with him.
He asked you questions about your life and found himself learning a lot about. As you talked, he began to wonder why you guys hadn’t hung out a lot because you have a lot in common and you’re really fun to talk to.
“Oh, hey, it’s pretty late!”
“Is it?” he asked.
“Yeah, it’s nearly one in the morning. I guess we just forgot time…”
“Yeah, I should probably get to bed…but before you hang up, can I ask you something?”
“Yeah, sure.”
“Do you wanna hang out tomorrow?”
“Um, yeah. That’d be perfect.”
“We can do something after training. I’ll text you.”
“I’ll be waiting. Good night, Leo.”
“Night, Y/N.”
He hung up, smiling and staring at his shell cell. He didn’t understand why he felt so excited…but he suddenly couldn’t wait for tomorrow.


Almost two years ago (2 years minus 7 days, exactly, November 3rd), I was ending my birthday Rainbow Party night by watching the Zankyou Reference concert DVD with my friends, at full volume, crying over how we would never ever have a chance to watch One Ok Rock live in concert unless we somehow managed to travel to Japan, or wherever they had a show on–


I’m not lying when I say these guys made a big impact in my life, specially at the moment I discovered them through my friends ^q^ They sound beyond awesome, all of them are really attractive in their own way and gOD I’d like to marry the four or be their sister in some other alternative life, idk TQT