learning vocabulary from reading

hey guys! I just commented on someone’s post about this, and I realized I haven’t shared my method with y’all yet. I started doing this recently, with Jane Eyre in spanish! there’s a lot of words I don’t know, so this is really helping me! hopefully it comes in handy for you guys, too!

step 1: read the passage.

obviously, to learn vocabulary, you need to read the vocabulary you’re learning. but here’s the thing: don’t stop to learn the vocabulary. i want you to read the entire passage and try to understand it as best you can. you need that reading practice, too!

something my spanish teacher taught me is that when you immerse yourself in something that’s challenging and “monotonous”, you get overwhelmed very easily and do worse than you would if you slowed down at worked at your own pace. (monotonous meaning without change, i don’t mean to say it’s boring. the idea is if you stare at the same page for too long, you zone out.) she said that listening is the hardest, because students can only pay attention for ~30 seconds before getting stuck and being unable to focus on the rest of the listening. (because of this, she pauses the listening every once in a while to ask questions).  

because of this, it’s best to section off your reading in chunks. if it’s a short article, you can read the whole thing through. but if you’re reading a challenging book, where the chapters are more than a few pages, you’ll want to break it up - or else you’ll forget what you’re doing!

step 2: underline unknown words.

you can do this during or after reading. for me, i haven’t figured out which works best yet. go through the section and underline any words you don’t know - even if you could guess their meaning from context. basically, anything you haven’t studied. if you can’t think of the word in your target language while speaking in conversation, you should probably underline it. 

if done during reading: make sure you don’t focus on the unknown words! underline them in passing while trying to understand the reading as a whole.

step 3: make a list of those words!

you can do this in the margins or on a separate piece of paper. you’ll want to make the list so that there’s the unknown word, then room for two more words, then however much space you want between your list items. (for instance, using 4 lines on a page: unknown word / space to write / space to write / space between vocab words

step 4: guess the meaning!!

this is what that extra space is for! go back through the passage and try to understand the unknown words. write what you think the words mean, either by literal translation to your native language, or describing the meaning in a phrase. this is super important because it forces you to practice using context to understand unknown words, and your basic knowledge of the language to understand things like whether it’s a noun or verb, singular, plural, etc. when using the language in real-time situations, you can’t just pull out a dictionary!

step 5: look up the words

plain and simple, use that final space to write the literal definitions. you might want to rearrange the order of your list, like putting the definition and the word side-by-side or something so you can study more easily. in the end, your guess doesn’t really matter; it was the act of guessing that made you improve.

(optional) step 6: check your answers

now, you can go through the list and see what you guessed right! you can be loose with how you measure yourself - for instance, if you didn’t know the word for “bush” but you guessed “some kind of plant,” by my standards that would be correct. you’re not going for the exact perfect meaning; that’s nearly impossible. but you got the basic idea of what it was describing, and that’s what matters. 

totally optional, but one (arbitrary, probably meaningless) way i measure progress is by making a score for myself for each passage. correct guesses out of unknown words (in a percentage). hopefully by the end of the book, my average will go up!

step 6 ½: study!

finallyyyy, study the words! use your own methods. if you like quizlet or memrise, make yourself a deck using your list. personally, I use Anki, and I have a separate deck from my vocab list deck, meant for miscellaneous vocab that i learn from reading and speaking. on the other hand, if you like playing memory games to learn vocab, or writing the word over and over - more power to you! i’m not here to tell you how to study vocab, just to help you get a better grasp on it when you first come across it.

i hope this helps! happy studying!! <3

Instruments as flutes see them
  • Piccolo: annoying little sibling in instrument form
  • Flute: God's gift to band
  • Clarinet: squeaky lil wood sticks
  • Saxophone: sound good until you talk to the person playing them
  • Oboe: better when they're not there so we can play their solos
  • Bassoon: some sort of strange mythical creature
  • Trumpet: I guess they're ok but couldn't they just... Play quieter??
  • Horn: nearly perfect. restores our faith in the brass section
  • Trombone: just kidding about that faith in the brass section
  • Euphonium: smol tuba
  • Tuba: I don't know, they're too far back for me to see one
  • Percussion: just stop ok

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"To be fair, I didn't actually think you kiss me back."

“To be fair I didn’t think you would kiss me back!” Chloe confessed pulling on a loose thread from her jacket. Marinette’s eyes widened as her cheeks burned.

“I uh- I um- I didn’t think I would have either,” Marinette confessed before nervously coughing into her arm. Was it warm in here?

“I guess you really do have a thing for blondes hm?” Chloe teased, smiling coyly. Marinette nearly choked on her tongue at that.

“I do not!” Marinette puffed her cheeks indignantly.

“It’s okay Marinette, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t,” Chloe whispered inching closer to Marinette’s deeply reddened face. Chloe placed one hand on her cheek leaning down towards the small girl with the wide blue eyes.

“Hey Chloe, Sabrina said you were looking for m- What the hell!?” Adrien squawked as he noticed the position of the tow girls he had just walked in on.

“Urgh!! Why do you always have to ruin a perfect moment, Agreste!” Chloe growled.

you can blame @squirrellygirlart for my shipping of these two. Also still working on these just in between school stuff, sorry not sorry.

I wish I had more to say about the whole Marvel vs DC debate. I mean I like to think anyone that is a comic book fan wants to see the companies, whether it’s major or indie, succeed. Especially when those companies go to other mediums and try to reach a more mainstream audience. But people don’t and I think that’s really sad. 

I’ve said this before I don’t care if you have a preference. Many people do. If you prefer DC that’s great. If you prefer Marvel that’s great. You can have a preference, but the idea that just because you like one means you have to hate the other is ridiculous to me. Also I hate the idea that just because you like one means you have to ignore the flaws and think “DC is perfect and everything they do is flawless” or “Marvel is perfect and godlike”. Marvel is fucking up royal right now and 90% of Marvel fans know it. DC Rebirth has brought a lot of goodwill back to the DC fan base and people are happy right now. Neither company is perfect, but if only one company is successful then the whole industry isn’t gonna be nearly as interesting. At least not for me. (I don’t read any of the indie stuff so If Marvel were to just die I guess I would start).


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Name: Emma

Nickname: Ems, Emsie, Emmie, Emster; but nearly everyone calls me Em

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Height: around 1,85m

Orientation: super bi

Nationality: Dutch/Frisian

Favorite fruit: watermelon, grapefruit, mango, pomegranate

Favorite season: every season has its charm, but I guess right now is my favourite season: the sun is shining but it’s not blistering hot, nights are awesome, temperature is perfect, flowers everywhere

Favorite book: ohh I have lots! the Harry Potter series will forever be my favourite, also Inkheart, 1984, The Bell Jar, To Kill A Mockingbird, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, The Great Gatsby, The Princess Bride

Favorite flower: lavender, sunflowers, roses, purple rain, foxglove, cornflowers

Favorite scent: lavender, vanilla or rose scented candles, the smell after rain, summer nights, old books and records, concert venues (because it reminds me of so many good times)

Favorite color: terra cotta, black, army green, burgundy

Favorite animal: monkeys & bears (especially polar bears)

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: I love all three of them equally, but my heart says coffee

Average sleep hours: 7-8 hrs

Cat or dog person: cats!!!!

Favorite fictional character: Reb Tevye (Fiddler On The Roof), Winston Bishop (New Girl), Sirius Black & Remus Lupin, Ron Swanson (Parks&Rec), Harris Trinsky (Freaks&Geeks), Bobby Singer (SPN), Hans Landa (Inglourious Basterds), Atticus Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird), Randall P. McMurphy (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest), Léon (Léon; The Professional), Sana (SKAM), Astérix, Khal Drogo (GOT), R2-D2, Sam L Jackson in like everything he’s been in

Number of blankets you sleep with: two

Dream trip: there’s so many places I’d love to go; I want to go back to Rome; I’d love to travel through Scandinavia; UK&Ireland; but most of all I want to go on a roadtrip to visit all of Europe’s capitals, stay in cheap hotels with tiny balconies, soak up all the culture

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“Model Behavior” You/Taehyun

a/n: it’s 4am but i finally finished and i’m sick of looking at this. in the best way possible, anon. thank you for requesting winner and simultaneously ruining my life :-) thanks also to my amazing beta @versigny like this fic would be a trainwreck without her help. 

“Why have you been acting weird lately?” Taehyun asks as he steps out of his pants. If only you had an audience to turn to, mouthing are you kidding me? The irony is astounding.

word count: 8k. rated: nc-17. warnings: drug use in one scene (nothing hard, but still)

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do you think maybe you can write a gerame fic about Ludwig and Alfred being so sickeningly sweet with the public affection? it would be awesome if it was during meetings in front of the other nations :D! i love your writing so much please keep up the amazing work!

“BAAAABBE!” Alfred whines loudly. Loudly even for him, causing a few heads to turn his way followed by the rolling of eyes. Alfred despite their looks can’t fight the smile on his face as he hangs off of Ludwig’s arm. The other has a hand to his face in exhaustion but the smallest hints of a blush are on their cheeks just peeing out.

“Babe please~” Alfred coos even more, jostling Ludwig a little to get his eyes back on him. Clearly like the true center of attention he is, he knows Ludwig is focused on him, barely paying mind to the rest of the attention he is receiving.

“Captain misses you!” He pouts, puffing up his cheeks and practicing his puppy dog eyes. A look he has nearly perfected and with one small glance, like the one Ludwig spares him for just a second, he is able to melt any kind of resolve just by being cute.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt..” Ludwig gives into his pleas for him to spend the weekend in his country since the meeting is being held there. Alfred breaks into a mega watt smile, wrapping Ludwig up even more in a hug and kissing his cheeks over and over and over.

Ludwig simply huffs, trying to look a little less embarrassed than he really is. He hooks an arm around Alfred to help hold him up which only Alfred would be able to tell from their positions that it helps keep them closer.

“Perhaps I could make dinner to make up for your hospitality?” Ludwig coughs into his hand and doesn’t dare lock eyes with Alfred knowing exactly what look is on his face. Alfred does have stars in his eyes, beaming truly, because he knows that Ludwig knows how much he enjoys his cooking. 

“Bloody hell get a room!” Alfred chuckles only mildly sheepish at being affectionate in the middle of a meeting break. He skipped his way over to Ludwig before he could leave and no one else was going anywhere so they all stayed to watch the show that is their relationship.

He shrugs over in Arthur’s direction. Gilbert is snickering with an arm over Arthur’s shoulder and Matthew is nearby shaking his head at the public display. Alfred just waves them off to place a few more extra sloppy and sweet kisses on Ludwig’s cheeks, fully making the German flustered in what Alfred would consider a mission success.

A double success when he tries to go back to his seat but he’s pulled back for a quick kiss where it counts. Ludwig has a red face and lets him go immediately after but Alfred is grinning madly and not even Gilbert’s wolf whistles can make him shy.

Mine~ {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine 

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes,  Can you do a Peter x Reader one with #41 and #51 please??? 💕

Warnings:  sexslave!Reader, dom!Peter, slight mention of rape, that’s all I can think of

Note: This probably isn’t what you wanted, but I haven’t done anything like this yet, so why not? Srry if it’s confusing :P

I woke up to a burning sensation in between my thighs and lower back, my whole body aching for some odd reason. I don’t really remember all of what happened last night…all I can remember is coming home from school, watching TV for a while and then off to bed. That was it. Why am I not in my bed? 

Sitting up slowly while groaning at the movement, I noticed that the room around me was dark and silent. I was definitely not home anymore. But how’d I get here? Who took me? I sworn I locked all the doors to my house, my parents were at some business dinner…everything is a blur, I don’t know how this person could have kidnapped me without me putting up a fight.

“Morning, love.” A husky voice echoed around me, making me tense up and rub the skin on my arms up and down, suddenly having a chill. Then, that’s when I saw them. 


I was chained to the wall, from my hands to my feet, I was trapped. Panic starting to bubble up inside me, the only thing my brain could function to do was start pulling like hell. But, my action only made the voice chuckle at my attempts. 

“You’re not gonna break them. I’ve made them myself personal, for you my dear Y/n,” The sound of my name coming from this stranger’s mouth made me freeze. 

“H-How…” I rasped, my throat dry and sore for some strange reason.

“How do I know you name, you were going to ask? Oh, it’s quite simple, sweetheart. I’ve been watching you for months, seeing if you were the perfect toy for me to play with. And as you see…you’ve passed the test. Last night was one of the best nights of my life. You are definitely my new favorite. Guess I can let Wendy go now.” 

That sentence alone made my heart stop. What did he mean by ‘new favorite’? 

What did he do to me? 

Subconsciously I rubbed my thighs gently, wincing at the pain. Looking down, I gasped, nearly choking on air. The inside of my thighs were all bruised up, dark purple marks colored some parts of my hips, as my sides held scratch marks. Tears sprung up to my eyes, as my lip quivered at the horrible realization. 


The sound of footsteps now echoed the room, but I payed no attention as the agonizing truth crashed down on me like a ton of bricks. I could hear that his footsteps were closer now, I closed my eyes tightly as I cried silently to myself. What I didn’t expect was for him to reach up and stroke my hair, so I jerked away from him, backing up against the wall.

Now having a good look at him, his physical appearance actually surprised me. I was expecting him to be some old creep, or a guy who would be in his late 20s or 30s…this boy looked like a teenager. Someone who would attend my school. But I didn’t recognize him at all. His chestnut hair, those forest green eyes that were filled with mischief, and that evil grin that rested upon his face. He was deviously handsome…

“You’re surprised, love. What? Expecting me to be ugly? Unattractive?” He teased, watching as I shook slightly from crying. “I’m actually surprised you don’t remember all of last night, love. You want to see my markings?” His smirk deepened, as he reached behind him, pulling at the shirt and over his head, turning around.

I gasped again, seeing the long scratch marks and bite marks on his shoulder blades, making vomit slowly rise up my throat. I shook my head rapidly, more tears streaming down my face. “Those aren’t because of me…we never…w-we didn’t…”

“Oh, but we did, love. And it was spectacular! Of course you don’t remember it, because it was your demons taking over. You were no longer in control of your body at the time.” 

“W-What? Demons? What are you-?”

“You’re a feisty, aggressive, saucy little minx, Y/n. You’re demons are rough and hungry for excitement, and they were just begging to be let out. That’s why you’re so special! No man has ever been able to let those inner demons escape. Especially that little boyfriend of yours. What was his name? Henry, was it?” 

I hiccuped at his name, realizing that I’ll probably never get to see him again. Not to mention he wouldn’t be my first…this…lunatic was. And I don’t even remember, nor do I ever want to!

“You…you monster! Henry and I never slept together, he never touched me! He was sweet, kind, and patient with me wanting to wait, and you took it away from me! You used me!” I screamed, running up to him only to be yanked down to the ground by the chains. 

The boy raised his eyebrow high, his smirk growing wider like a mad man. “Even better, my princess. You were pure, which explains why you were so…well. How can I put this lightly?” He walked over to me, with a wave of his hand I was up on my feet, my eyes widening at the action. How the hell did he do that? He pushed me up closer to the wall, staring down at me intensely. “You, my dear, were rather…secure. All my years, I’ve been chasing used toys…and, boys don’t like when toys are all used up. New and untouched toys are their favorite.”

“G-Get away from me! Let me go, take me back home! Please, I have a family, I love Henry with all my heart, please let me go!”

“Beg all you want, my sweet. But, I’m afraid letting you go is far from being an option. You’re ass is mine, got it?” His smirk fell from his lips, as one of his hands grip my jaw roughly, making me look up at him. I wiggled my head, trying to break free, only for him to lean down quickly and connect out lips in a sloppy embrace. 

I tried to push him away, but the chains only tightened and pulled behind my back. Pulling away was out of the question as my head was being pushed into the wall, keeping me planted in my spot. 

Suddenly, his other hand came down slowly towards the almost bare bottom half of my body, one of his fingers grazing over a certain spot making my clamp my legs shut. He pulled away from the kiss angrily, staring down at me with a firm glare.

“Why must you be so difficult, love? Things would be a lot easier if you would just let your demons go-!” I spat in his face before he could finish his sentence. Regretting it already just by the look on his face, he quickly turned me around, pushing me farther into the wall. “Want to be a naughty girl? Fine. Then you shall be treated like one.”

I heard the sound of some kind of door opening, making the him halt his movements, but still hold me in place. “What do you want?” He snapped, making me flinch, even though he wasn’t talking to me.

“Wendy escaped her cage.” Another male voice spoke, sounding very timid compared to this guy.

“Well, then you and the others go looking for her, I’m busy!” He growled, pushing me a little bit harder into the wall, practically squishing me.

“You of all people know this island better, Pan. Forgive me for interrupting, but we-”

“Okay, alright! I’ll be out in a moment, just let me…finish up in here real quick.” He sighed into my neck, inhaling my scent for a moment, making me shiver at the feeling.

I’m sure the guy who was talking understood and left, as I heard the door close. I felt this so called ‘Pan’ stroke the sides of my neck, finally pulling me from the wall and turning me back around. 

“Now, I have to go away now for a little bit, sweetheart. I guess you aren’t the only naughty girl on this island. But, that’s gonna change, I promise.” He smirked, pressing a kiss to my temple. I jerk my head away from him, making him roll his eyes. “When will you learn to except the fact that I am your master now?”

I refused to answer, feeling him start to kiss the curve of my neck getting a small whimper out of me. I felt a dampness in between my legs, making me bite my lip hard, cursing my body for reacting to his touch. He must’ve noticed because of the smirk that colored his face once more when pulled back up.  “Why must you torment me?” 

“Because, my dear, I love the reaction I get in return. Just know that you are mine. You’re body, heart and soul belong to me.”

“I don’t belong to anyone, especially not you! Let me go!”

Sighing loudly he pulled away from me fully, turning to leave me in this hole, by myself again. The thought of being alone in here scares me more than him being in here alone with me.

“W-wait! Don’t leave me here, please! Let me out of here!” I screamed, going back to tugging on the chains, having no luck of breaking them whatsoever. “Help! Help me please, someone help!”

His laugh overpowered my screams, as he was just about to shut the door to this prison. 

“Cry and yell all you want, love. No one can hear you here.”

“Where is here?!” I cried, tears streaming down my face in frustration, as I continued to tug on the chains.

“Welcome to Neverland, my queen. You’re new and permanent home.”  

Practice Makes Perfect [Tim/Bart, Tim/Kon, Bart/Jaime]

Sooooo, this is a fic that was only supposed to be like 1000 words long about my headcanon of how, in literally any AU I think of, Bart and Tim TOTALLY practiced kissing when they were young tweens/teenagers. It’s almost my favorite mental image ever.

But, this thing, which is now over 5k, essentially just contains my headcanon about that, Bart’s sexuality, and just in general how these two fell in love with Jaime and Kon. It takes place in a weird sort of teen titans/comic world, but doesn’t follow any particular story– I just mashed stuff together, really.  It’s just really adorable and probably doesn’t make much sense, but enjoy anyway!

“Kiss?” Bart curls his nose at the very mention of the word, making a face. “Why would I want to kiss anyone?”

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Imagine talking on the phone with Leo.
He called just to ask you a quick question and ended up getting distracted.
You two talked all about your days and the books that you’re reading and what his family was up to.
He told you about the new game Mikey got and how they all had taken turns playing it with him.
He asked you questions about your life and found himself learning a lot about. As you talked, he began to wonder why you guys hadn’t hung out a lot because you have a lot in common and you’re really fun to talk to.
“Oh, hey, it’s pretty late!”
“Is it?” he asked.
“Yeah, it’s nearly one in the morning. I guess we just forgot time…”
“Yeah, I should probably get to bed…but before you hang up, can I ask you something?”
“Yeah, sure.”
“Do you wanna hang out tomorrow?”
“Um, yeah. That’d be perfect.”
“We can do something after training. I’ll text you.”
“I’ll be waiting. Good night, Leo.”
“Night, Y/N.”
He hung up, smiling and staring at his shell cell. He didn’t understand why he felt so excited…but he suddenly couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

Relations (Request

Could you do one where you’re a famous singer too and Harry’s management make you both go to NY for NYEs for PR? And you get anxious with all the attention you guys get but he’s really sweet


“So, you’ll fly out to New York on the morning of the 31st, do an interview in the afternoon, and then spend the evening in Times Square.”

You nodded, half-listening to your manager as he rattled off your itinerary for the next couple of days.

“Then you’ll get to spend the next day in New York, before flying back here on the 2nd.” He paused, watching you as you stared down at the book in your hand. “(Y/N), are you listening?”

“Hmm? Oh, yeah. Sorry. Tomorrow: plane, interview, Times Square…something, something…Got it.”

Your manager sighed. You knew that he was annoyed with you; the part of your job you hated the most was travelling just to do an appearance. You knew that interviews and publicity were important to get your name out there, but standing around Times Square in the cold with all those people, just so a few people could get a picture, seemed like a waste of time to you. You’d much rather be at home on New Years Eve, cuddled up on your couch with a cup of tea.

“This is important, (Y/N).” Your manager continued. “Times Square on New Years Eve is the place to be if you want to get noticed.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I just…hate the idea of appearances for the sake of appearances. It’s not as if I’m going to enjoy myself; I hate crowds.”

Your manager smirked. “And yet, you’re a performer.”

“I’m a performer who performs on a stage with a barrier in between myself and the other people. There’s a difference. I don’t want to be wandering around New York City on the busiest night of the year all by myself! I’ll die!”

He laughed again; the two of you had known each other for many years and he knew you better than anyone else in the industry did, which is why you wanted him to be your manager.

“Well, if that’s all you’re worried about, I have an easy fix for you. I was talking to one of my buddies – Jeff – and he’s sending a client of his to Times Square for the 31st as well. If you’re not wanting to be alone, we could arrange for the two of you to meet up.”

You scrunched up your nose. You didn’t know who Jeff was or what client he was talking about, but the one thing you hated more than appearances for the sake of appearances, was appearances with another person for the sake of appearances with another person. You would spend the evening with him – a total stranger – and then wake up the next day with ten thousand notifications of news stories about the two of you and your new ‘relationship’, even though you barely remembered his name and you probably didn’t get along at all.

“I take that idea doesn’t excite you?” He asked.

“I’m not in the market for a fake, publicity, one-night-only boyfriend.”

“No…but you are in the market for someone to spend New Years Eve with in New York, as a friend. Jeff’s a good guy; he only represents good guys, you’re not going to have a problem.”

You sighed, knowing that you were fighting a losing battle. They had already decided that you were going to spend New Years Eve with this mystery guy long before he had ever mentioned it to you. He was trying to pass it off as a favor, but you knew it was more than that. He wanted to get your face out there as much as possible; having you be seen with someone who was a big face in the industry was the perfect way to do that. You couldn’t blame him, really. He was doing his job and he was doing it well.

“Fine.” You conceded. “Who is this ‘good guy’ that Jeff is setting me up with?”

“Harry Styles.”

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Havoc (4/?)

chanyeol’s hazard part four. yeehaw.

Originally posted by ohhsenshine

Hounds show no mercy. Not to Guardians, not to citizens, and especially not to their own. So when 7am rolled around, and Chanyeol was found asleep on the carpet tied up to the coffee table, his boss wasted no time kicking the living shit out of him. Kris hoped that he hadn’t made a mistake in trusting him, but his Hounds have been on a bad streak recently with getting things done. That only caused him to take his frustration out on Chanyeol, somebody he thought would follow his orders to the letter.

Chanyeol is resilient and stubborn, but he knows his place. He knew that Kris would all but kill him, or maybe even go as far as to kill him. He has never dared to disobey him before. One doesn’t do that. The Hounds pride themselves on being merciless, fruitful, and hazardous. Anyone who isn’t all three of those has no right to wear their dogtags.

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hey!! i was wondering your thoughts on porky minch? i have a lot of thoughts on him but i'm not too good with words, and i always love your meta

oh boy. yknow, i used to say i could write an essay on porky minch. its been a few years since then though, so i might have a lil trouble collecting my thoughts. 

to sum it up, i think porky is an incredibly complex and tragic character, and the perfect villain to the mother series. he’s tragic because we see his origins with no idea of where they would lead him- he was just a bratty little kid, not evil for evil’s sake, just petty and childish. porky is annoying by nature when you meet him at the beginning of earthbound, but he’s also scared and hurt. his parents are physically abusive, rotten people, and i think that’s where his craving for power came from- a mixture of his family’s belief in their superiority, and the lack of control over his surroundings. to top that off, he’s clearly extremely jealous of ness, his best and only friend. we dont know exactly what porky and ness’s relationship was like, but i can guess that ness wasn’t nearly as fond of porky as porky was of him. porky NEEDED ness, he was the only person who would put up with porky, but also the person who infuriated him the most. and that melting pot of emotional issues made him the perfect pawn for giygas.

like most terrible things, it started out small. porky’s jealousy of ness’s “chosen one” status was overtaken by his fear of such an adventure- but i think it was loneliness that tipped him over the edge. suddenly ness wasn’t going to be a part of his life anymore, he was off to do some big cool cosmic THING while porky had to stay home, stay normal, stay hated and alone. and then giygas comes to him- offering him power over a whole town, just a bunch of brainwashed people who would do whatever he said. giygas offers him liberation from his old life, and status over those who would otherwise look down on him. and more than that- he offers him a place back in ness’s narrative, the opportunity to rise above his old friend and finally be better at something, even if it means ending the world.

over the course of the game, porky’s power only grows until he becomes giygas’s right-hand man, always staying one step ahead of ness and his new friends. in the end it’s not completely clear who’s really in control, whether it’s giygas manipulating porky or the other way around. personally, i think it was both. giygas molded porky into the cruel, power-hungry leader he needed to command his armies while still following his orders, but giygas wound up falling victim to his own energy, leaving porky in almost complete control. even after giygas is defeated and the credits roll, it’s made clear that porky is not done. he still has his power, and he still has his desire to beat ness. then he actually succeeds, of all things. his story outlives ness’s, his actions have consequences far beyond anything ness could ever touch.

so that’s where mother 3 comes in.

although porky himself is not present until the very end of the game, he makes an enormous impact (he should, being the main villain). this is also where porky’s character arc comes to an unhappy close, and where i build my “porky is the perfect villain for this series” opinion. in mother 3, we see that porky’s motivations are very childish still. he’s driven by his old lust for power, boredom, and, most importantly, nostalgia. it is made incredibly clear that porky misses ness so, so, so much. despite the rest of new pork city being themed around himself, he still sells equipment based around ness’s old clothes and weapons, has a museum dedicated to artifacts from earthbound, and is constantly playing a movie about ness’s adventures [edit: I can’t believe i forgot to mention the friends yoyo oh my god]. and this in particular could’ve been porky’s perfect opportunity to one-up ness even long after the events of earthbound, to show himself constantly beating ness at his own game and emerging on top. but instead, it’s merely just ness and friends exactly as they were, a preserved relic of porky’s childhood. i actually believe he may have even planted the “real bat” and “real hat” for lucas to pick up near the end of the final dungeon, in an attempt to recreate his old battles with ness.

when porky finally reveals himself to the player in mother 3, he’s physically aged hundreds of years. he’s an old, old, old man, kept eternally alive by life support systems. and yet his personal room is full of toys and the city built by him is just a giant amusement park. this is the key point- porky has grown old, but not grown up. his entire existence is a farce of him growing up, like a child wearing his father’s clothes. right down to his hired bikini-clad servants, something he may have known is something an “adult” would want, yet all he has them do is give him presents and feed him sweets. which brings us to porky’s ultimate fate, his great undoing. in the end, he locks himself within the “absolutely safe capsule”, ensuring nothing can hurt him ever again. nobody will ever again threaten his power, or his happiness, but he can never, ever leave. and with his immortality, nor will he ever die, not even when the whole universe is gone. to the end, he is stagnant, trapped by memories and resistance to change.

and that’s what makes porky the perfect villain for the mother series. sure, giygas is more well-known, and probably more intimidating, but porky, even long past the events of earthbound, is the ideal foil to ness and to a major theme of the series in general. that being, cliche as it might sound, growing up. for better or worse, ninten, ness, lucas, they all grow up, grow into different, stronger, wiser people over the course of their respective adventures. and it is not always an easy process (just ask lucas). growing up involves change, loss, letting go, moving on, all things that porky never allowed himself to experience. he refused to change his ways, he refused to grow as a person, and he refused to leave the memory of ness behind. and now he will never grow up, suspended forever exactly as he has been for so long in his own self-made prison while life goes on around him. generations will be born, live, die, change the world, end the world, morph eternally in the great circle of life, while porky minch can only watch and remember.

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Imagine Steve and Peggy's first meeting in the 21rst century

Note: I couldn’t decide if this was a “Steggy meeting for the first tiem ever in the 21st century” or a “Steggy meeting for the first time since WWII in the 21st century.” Since there is already one of the second type, I went with the first!


Steve’s really not thinking very hard. It’s his day off, sue him–so he’s sitting in a coffee shop sketching.

“Is that me?” a voice asks, and he jumps so hard he nearly spills his coffee.

He looks up and around; the woman standing by his table is smirking, her red lips curving into a more appealing shape than the one in Steve’s sketchbook.

“Um,” Steve says. So smooth. “I, yeah, I guess so.”

The woman pulls out the chair opposite him and sits. “Maybe you’d like a better view?”

“Uhh,” Steve manages. He can feel his blush all the way down to his nipples. The woman smiles, this time for real, and, well, he’s already neck-deep in this one. “Yeah, yeah, that sounds perfect. How about a coffee? So you have something to do with your hands, you know, while I work.”

Her smile grows huge and stunning.

Of Thieves and Germans

Plot: Lovino, a Mafia man, is in debt and needs money. He decides the only way to get this money is to steal it. Which probably isn’t true.

Fandom: Hetalia

Au: None

Pairings: GerMano

Point of View: Third Person

Rating: T

Warnings: Stealing, swearing, minor sexual content

Notes: frukmerunning wanted GerMano with Lovino stealing a wallet, so…

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Oneshot: Right In Front

Emma and Regina are just friends at this point. Regina gets pregnant, and the father bails on her. Emma offers to raise the baby with her. – anonymous

Thank you for the prompt. Eventual SQ. Friendship growing into romance. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

Emma frowns as her phone buzzes on her desk. She was hoping to actually get home on time tonight but no such luck. She sighs swiping to accept the call, “Sheriff’s Station, you’ve reached Sheriff Swan.”


Regina’s voice sounds over the line and Emma’s frown deepens as she hears the threat of tears in her best friend’s voice. “Regina? What’s wrong?”

“How did you know something was wrong?”

“I know you,” Emma replies with a shrug, “What’s going on? I was just about to leave work…”

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The Specialty Post: Part Two

The second installment: Psych, OB/Gyn, Surgery, Radiology!

Psychiatry: As a very astute friend once said, “The trick to being a great psychiatrist is getting someone to tell you everything while you reveal nothing and say even less.” They are the friend to whom you spill your guts too, listens silently and nods, perhaps occasionally patting your back. Never play poker with them. First, because they have the best poker faces and second, they can read everyone. Excellent story-tellers. They are all musical and have a fondness for writing and performance arts, either as a participant or a patron. And I’m not sure why, but psychiatrists are terrible at telling jokes. Puns, wordplay? Totally fine. Jokes? Painfully bad.

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OB/GYN: It’s too easy to fall back on the boring stereotype “OB/GYNs are bitches, OB/GYNs are feminazi man-haters.” Let’s be more intelligent. To start, they are all more than they appear; they usually cultivate a distinct professional personality that has nothing to do with their daily-life personality. Usually neat and  clean in appearance, the fiercest champions for their patients and lucky loved ones, and experts of the side-eye. They don’t do anything half-assed, in work and life. They have no problem calling people out, which can be good, but immature OB/Gyns give the rest a bad rap by making this method of asserting power. Their drink of choice is wine, and every ob/gyn I’ve met has a sweet tooth (usually for cake). They have two weaknesses: over-using hashtags and shoes. Every OB/GYN I know has a closet full of shoes (including men. The male OB/GYNS are definitely not exempt.)

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Surgery: Surgeons are beyond human. They HAVE to be, that’s what they’ll tell you and that’s how they live. Focused, driven, relentless in improving themselves, always in pursuit of perfection, dedicated. The best surgeons are nearly superhuman: passionate, inspiring in their work ethic and stamina, yet down-to-earth. The worst? Supervillains. Only scrubs will do for their wardrobe. Like internists, there are a variety of surgical personalities (you can guess a surgeon’s preferred sub-specialty by the music they play in the OR), but I will say that there are four unifying traits for surgeons: gorgeous hands (you could all be hand models), dead-pan sarcasm as the primary form of humor, a love for jackets, and incredibly high proficiency in at least one hobby (and when I say proficiency I mean they could totally have gone pro at this hobby but they didn’t.) 

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Radiology: Is it because you all spend so much time in dark rooms and need to get out or because the hours are amazing and you have time? Radiologists have rich lives outside of work in the form of travel, hobbies, coaching or participating in sports, etc. Not surprisingly, they are highly visual people and many have photography as a hobby. Many are foodies, the only specialty with a higher concentration of foodies is gastroenterology. Usually people of few words and conflict-avoidant, but not necessarily introverted. Most likely to tell you they marathon-ed a TV show on Netflix…repeatedly. For weeks. Predominantly cat people. Finally, radiologist style is always about comfort. Comfort IS the style. 

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Day 2: Field Trip

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Anything for my Chaton

… … … … … .

“You can’t go? What do you mean you can’t go? You aren’t sick are you?” Marinette overheard Nino complain from behind her. She averted her attention from Alya’s remarks about her latest Ladyblog update to the conversation shared by the two boys behind her.

“No, not technically sick, but I have had a chronic case of ‘way too overprotective father’.”Adrien sighed. 

Marinette frowned. She knew what the conversation was about. Their class just turned in their permission forms for a field trip, but she did notice in class that Adrien never stood up to turn his in. Which is usual for his case; his home life is - from what Marinette has gathered - very complicated. Mother gone, father pretty neglecting but still super strict, and scheduled to the second, his life is far different from hers. It makes her sad to know such a great guy is kept from enjoying such simple things she takes for granted.

“I’m so sorry, dude. If there is anything I can do let me know, okay?” Nino said bumping his shoulder lightly. What Marinette did next seemed to surprise Adrien more than herself.

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Malec Drabble Alphabet - O

O - Opulent

Alec was not exactly used to the same caliber of things that Magnus was. Shadowhunters were glorified soldiers and, though there was a certain amount of indulgence they allowed, they tended to favor the functional over the extravagant. They were an old community, with a lot of history, but apart from their weapons and the revered mortal instruments, not a lot of importance was put into things.

Magnus, of course, was the complete opposite, just as he was in many things. He liked luxury and comfort and, above all, stuff. And, as Alec was learning, there really wasn’t anything wrong with that. If something as simple as an inanimate object made you happy, who was he to say that it was trivial or useless? That was like someone telling him his bow didn’t matter, when it was actually a part of who he was. For Magnus, all his stuff, his trinkets, his books were memories of hundreds of years of life. It was amazing and sobering to think about. He finally understood why the other man had been so adamant to get the ruby necklace that Alec’s sister now wore back. 

It was still a lot to get used to, though. It was just so strange sometimes to have things, little luxuries, readily available to him on a daily basis, only because of his relationship with Magnus.

Magnus, who also loved to give gifts (again, Izzy’s necklace was the perfect example of that; it was payment, sure, but it was only the warlock’s good mood that had allowed him to be so generous in that payment). He especially seemed to love giving things to Alec.

Thing was, Magnus was also exceedingly good at it. Though he himself had a penchant for the excessive, he knew that Alec did not. His gifts reflected that. They were just so thoughtful every single time that it always made a rush of affection run through the shadowhunter’s chest, so much so that it actually ached. It was just such a wonderful feeling to know that the person most important to you felt the same way about you.

Now some of his favorite possessions had come from Magnus. Like the sweater he’d received in the early months of their relationship; it looked like any other article of clothing in his limited collection, but it was so soft that Alec instinctively realized that it hadn’t been cheap. But Magnus, being Magnus, wouldn’t tell him a thing about that, only telling him that he thought it would suit him. And, really, it did. Plus the first time he wore it on one of their rare dates out, the warlock had gotten this look in his eyes that was simultaneously tender and full of unadulterated want. Suffice it to say he wore that sweater a lot now.

It was heady to know he had that kind of power over someone so seemingly untouchable. Alec vowed to never purposely use that power against him.

There were also other things, given to him just because. Simple things like the types of snacks he liked, a book the other man thought he would interested in and once even a pair of socks (‘there are holes in the pair you’re wearing, I simply cannot allow that’). And then there were the grander gestures. That night they’d spent in Paris, a complete act of spontaneity on Magnus’ part when he noticed how stressed the shadowhunter had been getting. The potions and spells that were meticulously prepared for him, just in case he ever needed them (‘I would prefer that you remain intact, Alexander’).

And then there was the key to the warlock’s loft, attached to a shiny keychain of an arrowhead and another of a glittery disco ball. That added bit of flare had made it all the more Magnus, and Alec really loved anything Magnus.

But by the Angel, Magnus was so good at this kind of stuff and Alec… Alec was not.

He tried, really he did, but he always seemed to get it wrong. He just wasn’t as instinctively aware of what other people wanted. Izzy had always told him (with a certain amount of fondness) that his gifts were the worst; still, she kept them all. As did Magnus, even when it was something stupid like a glittery rock he found one day that reminded him of the other man’s true eyes, the glints of gold and green so similar to Magnus’ warlock mark. Magnus was always kind about his failure as a gift-giver though (in fact, that rock now sat proudly on the mantle piece).

“As clichéd as it sounds, it is the thought that counts, darling,” the other man had once told him. “Besides, I do actually like your gifts, they’re very you.”

Still, despite the reassurances, Alec felt like he could do more.

Fortunately, it was that determination that allowed him to sometimes, just sometimes, get it right.

It was the week of their first anniversary as a couple, and Alec we undeniably nervous about it. Logically he knew that this should be an exciting time (and truthfully it was) but he wanted to make this special for Magnus. He’d been thinking for weeks about what to do, what to get, but kept drawing a frustrating blank.

In the end, it was Izzy who gave him the idea (thank Raziel for his sister and her endless involvement in his life). It was so deceptively simple that at first Alec dismissed it… but then it occurred to him that an anniversary was not so much about opulence, or grandiosity, as it was about showing how much you cared. With that thought, he’d quickly bought was he needed, whilst simultaneously asking Izzy to help with finishing touches.

The morning of their anniversary, Alec had woken up extra early and set about making chocolate-chip pancakes, all the while eyeing his somewhat badly wrapped present (he really didn’t have an eye for color schemes and the like… well, unless the color was black). Angel, why was he so nervous? Even if he didn’t like it, it was hardly like Magnus would change how he felt about him over something like this, right? Right?

All too soon, the pancakes were done and Alec swiftly put them on a tray along with the gift, carrying them quickly to the bedroom. He couldn’t allow himself time to chicken out.

As he entered the bedroom, he saw Magnus already sitting up, hair still sleep-ruffled but eyes wide open and aware. He smiled when he saw what Alec was carrying, a rare, full smile, one solely reserved for Alec.

“For me? My Alexander, you shouldn’t have,” he said, all mirth and twinkling eyes.

Something about the warlock’s happy mood set Alec at ease, making him feel almost giddy. The knot of nervousness finally loosened in his stomach, and he couldn’t help but tease. “Well in that case, I’ll just eat all these pancakes myself,” he replied, sitting down at the end of the bed, holding the tray in his lap.

“Hand them here, Alexander. We do not joke about pancakes.”

The shadowhunter let out a surprised laugh at the childish antics (he saw them so infrequently), but did as told. Still feeling slightly giddy, he spontaneously leaned over and kissed Magnus, intending it to be short and sweet but not protesting when it turned into something more. When he detached himself, slightly out of breath, he spoke again.

“Happy anniversary, Magnus,” he whispered softly, hearing the vulnerability in his own voice.

“It is indeed, darling,” the other man replied, just as gently. “And thank you.” Something about his gaze was unspeakably warm as he ran a hand through Alec’s hair, pulling him in for a last, swift peck.

Alec cleared his throat awkwardly, sitting back. “Don’t thank me yet, you haven’t opened your present yet.”

“Ah yes, how could I forget?” With that, he picked up the package and promptly tore at the wrapping. The utter excitement of the action caused Alec to smile again. It was ironic (and kind of cute) that Magnus Bane, centuries old and one of the most powerful beings in existence, got excited by wrapping paper.

Soon enough, he held his gift in hand. The warlock stared at it for a long time, his expression inscrutable. It was a photo album, like so many of the others that Magnus already had. The cover design was beautiful, even Alec had to admit, deep purple and embossed with delicate gold designs. It was bold and loud but also undeniably a bit fragile, quite like Magnus himself actually. The warlock seemed to unfreeze suddenly, flipping it open to find a picture already stuck in there. It was one Isabelle had taken a while back and also the inspiration for the present as a whole when she’d shown it to him on a whim. It showed Alec and Magnus, caught mid-laugh, hands clutching at each other. Magnus’ head was thrown back, his eyes heavenward, where Alec only had eyes for the warlock. Izzy told him that it was her favorite picture of them; Alec had to agree. The next few pages contained a few more pictures, gathered by him and his sister from their circle of friends. Still, the photo album was mostly empty; save for the few pictures, there was only one other thing. On the inside cover, there was small line of cramped writing.

For our memories.


Alec stared at Magnus nervously, trying to see what he was thinking. But the warlock still hadn’t looked away from the album. Finally, the younger man cracked. “Um, I just thought that it would be nice, you know, for you to have something to put pictures of us in.” Obviously, you idiot, it’s a photo album. “I mean, I know how much you like taking them so I thought I’d get one just for us, you know? I don’t know, maybe it was stupid, we have computers now and–”

“Alexander.” Something in Magnus’ tone made him stop immediately, glancing at the warlock and meeting his oddly glossy (vulnerable, Alec later realized) eyes. “It’s not stupid at all, it’s perfect,” he said, completely sincere, his tone brooking no argument.

And Alec guessed that it was, judging by his boyfriend’s reaction. For a moment, he seemed almost melancholic, swallowing harshly against something, but then he smiled and it was so beautiful that Alec could have sworn his heart stopped. Magnus nearly tackled him in a hug, pancakes forgotten as he pulled the shadowhunter into passionate, surprisingly sloppy kiss. His happiness was catching, and soon they were both laughing into each other’s mouths, probably looking utterly ridiculous.

Not that either of them cared, really. This moment was just theirs, after all. And to commemorate it, the very first picture Magnus added was one he snapped just after, both mussed and still in pajamas but also smiling for no other reason than that they had each other.

And when the photo album remained permanently in the first drawer Magnus’ bedside table, a place of honor, Alec couldn’t help but feel a little proud.

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those OTHER ladies in Love and Rockets: Locas

i’m a lousy critic, insofar as i experience a huge gap between neutral-to-negative reactions, and then way on the other end of the scale, unreasonable fanaticism with a dash of unconditional love for anything and anyone i’m really tickled by. for instance, ever since i first started to see other bloggers talking smack about love & rockets’ hapless male lead ray dominguez, i’ve found myself stifling a shrill cry of HOW CAN U SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT JAIME HERNANDEZ OR LOCAS without even reading almost any of the actual criticism.

i guess i feel like it’s so unusual for me to enjoy anything that i don’t really want to dampen the moment by thinking about how my favorite things could be better than good. in this case, though, the dissing of ray helped me admit that there are not one but TWO locas characters–coincidentally, characters that we chiefly see through ray’s eyes–that i could do without, who i feel are not only unpleasant but nearly identical: vivian the frogmouth, and penny century.

it’s very likely that my allergic reaction to these two mammarian megaliths has mainly to do with their physical perfection–somewhat rare from an artist known for aging his characters naturally and including nearly every body type known to man in this lengthy punk rock soap–and the fact that this perfection is supposed to be “cleverly” offset by their “charming” personality flaws. i find that all to be a pretty cheap trick, and i don’t really have room in my brain for extra reasons that people should worship and adore, you know, hot chicks who do whatever they want.

trophy wife and wannabe superheroine penny century has been a mainstay in locas since the beginning, chiefly driving men (well, and most everybody else) to the brink of madness with her one-two punch of having a bitchin’ bod, and bats in her belfry. she seems to be modeled on jayne mansfield’s screen presence: she’s preposterously sexy, often nude or nearly so for no reason, and insuppressibly bubbly–but deep down, she’s hobbled by her own traumas and craving for love. it’s true that, in the latter years, jaime cooked up a terrific flashback to penny’s fraught juvenile delinquency, picturing her as a scary and not especially bright bully whose dreams of having super powers were symptomatic of the grim poverty and boredom from which she suffered in her daily life. i like angry chola penny a lot, but this glimpse of her past is just a blip on the radar amid a vast collection of scenes of her gyrating across the page in lingerie (or not) accompanied by lengthy, lusty paeans to her by erstwhile lover and obvious hernandez stand-in ray dominguez. call me crazy, but the idea that men ruin their lives over big titties doesn’t seem that radical, and i find the perpetuation of the sirenic “crazy girl” archetype pretty irritating. in a comic rife with startlingly realistic and relatable characters, do we really NEED this bullshit straight dude fantasy?

but then again, who am i to say that the penny century character is nothing but fantastical bullshit. i certainly believe that everything that can happen, has happened, and there’s no reason why there couldn’t be women in the world who are born with incredible bodies, and suffer enough to have depth of soul. (i mean…i LOVE certifiable genius jayne mansfield) i guess it’s just that penny in particular, and viv the frogmouth, don’t especially convince me to take interest. viv is yet another perfectly shaped nutcase who ray takes up with while he’s waiting silently for the real star of the comic, frumpy old maggie, to come back to him. unlike golden girl penny, viv is a snarling, psychotic stripper cursed with a vulgar croak and haunted by her mob relations. however, much LIKE penny, the frogmouth seems to inspire first unbearable lust, then rage, then love and compassion in men around her–or at least ray. she’s intolerable for obvious reasons, and somehow, impossible to say no to, and nearly everyone seems to feel sorry for the doomed creature at the end of the day. even though they’re from opposite sides of the tracks, viv and penny tell the same old story, complete with noirish asides from ray about how character X is infuriating yet impossible to give up. moreover, if you take away the differences in hair color and most used facial expressions, i usually feel like the two women are drawn in exactly the same way, which is the norm for superhero comics i avoid, and disappointing from jaime hernandez.

i’m trying to remain aware of the possibility that i’m just a bitter old cunt, and i react poorly any time i’m asked to sympathize with women who appear to represent the straight male ideal. it’s also possible that i’m suffering from something SLIGHTLY more complex, and rather the opposite: that in spite of the fact that penny and viv are my least favorite characters, i’m unable to believe that while ray is carousing with these überwomen, all he can think of is regular ol’ maggie. it’s hard for me to accept the premise that maggie wouldn’t have been permanently friendzoned in the face of ray’s other sexual options (and i’m not even mentioning the third, danita, who is a totally different type of character, though with nearly the same exact proportions. sad face). i obviously don’t know if i want more political correctness from jaime, to have him stop churning out these spank bank characters, or if i’d rather have him give in completely to the idea that no natural-looking woman would have a chance with a guy like ray in the scenarios depicted. i guess i just don’t know what i want. how stereotypically feminine of me.

PS for no reason, i look almost exactly like this.