narcissus is back; a mix for dressing to k i l l

for ladies raised on twin fangs under their feet, who wear lips the colour of blood, whose smiles are razor sharp as their nails; these ladies are not dressed to impress, they are armed to the teeth, they will own the streets tonight, and hearts will bleed from want but these women are untouchable, tonight, they are lethal goddesses in their own right. [listen]



a mix for the baudelaires; “they leaned up against one another appreciatively, and small smiles appeared on their damp and anxious faces. they had each other. i’m not sure that ‘the baudelaires had each other’ is the moral of this story, but to the three siblings it was enough. to have each other in the midst of their unfortunate lives felt like having a sailboat in the middle of a hurricane, and to the baudelaire orphans this felt very fortunate indeed.” [listen] [x]

Dean Winchester; Soldier of Fortune [Graphic credit]

i. perfect - simple plan | ii. bad blood - bastille | iii. highway star - deep purple | iv. good times bad times - led zeppelin | v. broken glass - three days grace | vi. night of the hunter - 30 seconds to mars | vii. numb - linkin park | viii. the last fight - bullet for my valentine | ix. search and destroy - 30 seconds to mars | x. soldier of fortune - deep purple | xi. eye of the tiger - survive | xii. highway to hell - ac/dc | xiii. ready aim fire - imagine dragons | xiv. bastille daniel in the den - bastille | xv. castle of glass - linkin park | xvi. welcome to my life - simple plan | xvii. hurt - jonny cash | xviii. animal i have become - three days grace | xix. roar - katty perry (cover by mr. john)

[listen here]

You Might Be Love’s Reminder // A mix for Ronan Lynch & Adam Parrish, triumphant

Love was a privilege. Adam was privileged; he did not want to give it up. He wanted to remember again and again how it felt. 

i. big dark love / murder by death ii. bodies of water / ramona falls iii. on / bloc party iv. love will fuck us apart / andrew jackson jihad v. handle with care / jenny lewis and the watson twins vi. don’t stop (color on the walls) / foster the people vii. black irish / the devil makes three viii. by tonight / say anything ix. ct catholic / rainer maria x. love is all i am / dawes

#THESTRUGGLE {plus one? im vip bitches.}:


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if i find bones along my way (a Pearl/Rose Quartz fanmix)

1) Around You - Ingrid Michaelson 2) You Make Me Feel Good - Maria Mena 3) Avalanches (Culla’s Song) - A Fine Frenzy 4) Mountain and the Sea - Ingrid Michaelson 5) Quiet - LIGHTS 6) You Are The Moon - The Hush Sound 7) I Choose You - Sara Bareilles 8) I Will Follow You Into The Dark (cover) - Death Cab For Cutie 9) Out of My League - Stephen Speaks 10) Nicest Thing - Kate Nash 11) I Can’t Make You Love Me - Bon Iver (cover) 12) When She Loved Me - Sarah McLachlan 13) Jackie’s Last Dance - Andrew Lippa 14) bodyache - Purity Ring 15) Sincerely Hope It’s You - Edith Backlund 16) When Was I Last Home - The Do 17) Echo In the Hills - Carrie Elkin, Danny Schmidt


she will be fine. - no she won’t. she will be amazing. x

love come rescue athlete watermark sleeping at last now is the start a fine frenzy river alexandre desplat serenade emiliana torrini weight of the world drew holcomb and the neighbors glow lights & motion the big sleep bat for lashes epilogue late night alumni wait m83


Soldier on, a fanmix on Alec’s POV from COB to COHF    [listen]

CITY OF BONES - “Take control of who you are, stay the same, don’t let them change you” “And I tried my best to embrace the darkness in which I swim”

CITY OF ASHES - “I guess I thought you had the flavour, just 19, a dream obscene” “Whatever I feel for you, you only seem to care about you. Is there any chance you could see me too? cause I love you.”

CITY OF GLASS - “I find shelter in this way, under cover, hide away. Can you hear, when I say, I have never felt this way” “In weakness or in strength, change can be amazing”

CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS - “This side of mortality is scaring me to death” “I’m afraid, somebody else might take my place”

CITY OF LOST SOULS - “Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?” “Would you leave me if I told you what I’ve done?

CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE - "I know I’ve got to say goodbye” “I know what you told me, I know that it’s all over, and I know I can’t keep calling”

a little too fast: a wally & linda mix
songs for when it’s complicated because you’re way too into a younger guy who’s also your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s cousin… and the (second) fastest man alive.


i. classic - MKTO // ii. sweet piece of candy - someone’s little sister // iii. can we dance - the vamps // iv. froot - marina and the diamonds // v. my racing thoughts - jack’s mannequin // vi. fast as you can - fiona apple // vii. girls chase boys - ingrid michaelson // viii. drove me wild - tegan and sara // ix. did it again (feat. kid cudi) - shakira // x. all the pretty girls - fun. // xi. nuclear seasons - charli xcx // xii. if i go - ella eyre // xiii. adios - serayah mcneill // xiv. be good - emily kinney

You owe me your soul /// Grounds For Divorce - Elbow /// Cigarette Smoke - Arctic Monkeys /// Guilty Filthy Soul - Awolnation /// Do you want to - Franz Ferdinand /// When You Were Young - The Killers /// Romance is Boring - Los Campesinos! /// Kill the Director - The Wombats /// Up 2 U - Walk the Moon /// Meeting Place - Last Shadow Puppets /// All These Things That I've Done - The Killers /// Riptide - Vance Joy /// Love, Selfish Love - Patrick Stump ///

Guess who fell into the trash hole again and made another 2doc playlist??? This one revolves around Murdoc being a big ol tough guy to struggling w/ feelings to going soft because im a loser hA

a little loss of innocencea birthday mix for a girl forever on the cusp of adolescence and adulthood [listen]

01. teen idle - marina and the diamonds (ain’t youth meant to be beautiful?) / 02. youth - daughter (we are the reckless we are the wild youth) / 03. scab and plaster - marina and the diamonds (i’ve lost i’ve lost my innocence i’ve found my self belief) / 04. hey jupiter - tori amos (guess i thought i could never feel the things i feel) / 05. the child is gone - fiona apple (and i suddenly feel like a different person) / 06. devils don’t fly - natalia kills (what’s a girl to do when she’s not strong?)07. teach me how to be loved - rebecca ferguson (can i look at you with different eyes like the girl that i was at 17) / 08. shake it out - florence and the machine (i am done with my graceless heart) / 09. candles - daughter (you’re too old to be so shy)  

twin high maintenance machines - an eponine+grantaire fanmix

i. this year the mountain goats (trading swigs from a bottle all bitter and clean/locking eyes holding hands/twin high maintenance machines) ii. casualties of war gossip (baby please/we’re casualties of war) iii. lonely hearts club marina & the diamonds (love will never be forever/feelings are just like the weather) iv. among the leaves sun kil moon (there’s always room for you there/really baby i don’t care) v. pills the perishers (one may think we’re alright/but we need pills to sleep at night) vi. happy hearts okkervil river (and everybody’s searching for a place to put their love) vii. a reminder the perishers (the nights when we were on the bend/looking for some kind of casual friend) viii. people help the people birdy (god knows what is hiding in those weak and drunken hearts) ix. the song of our so-called friend okkervil river (i’d say we should know/because we both have loved and lost and are alone) x. you were cool the mountain goats (i hope the people who did you wrong have trouble sleeping at night)

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“I just want to feel grateful for this good luck. I want to be thankful that there’s someone who’s interested in trash like me.”

a soft mix for the (un)luckiest of them all, nagito komaeda.

they should make a Disney movie about you two | soundtrack for writing that Disney AU every pairing needs.

Hans | Robert Lopez, Kristen Anderson-Lopez
So This is Love | Ilene Woods, Mike Douglas
Heaven’s Light | Tom Hulce
Part Of Your World (Reprise) | Jodi Benson
Love Is An Open Door | Kristen Bell, Santino Fontana
A Guy Like You | Jason Alexander, Charles Kimbrough, Mary Stout, Mary Wickes
Campfire | Alan Menken
I See The Light | Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi
Can You Feel The Love Tonight | Kristle Edwards, Joseph Williams, Sally Dworsky, Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella
I’ll Never See Him Again | Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz
The Kiss | Alan Menken

Well, there it is. Haha, actually I feel this year was pretty good for me in terms of art? I finally feel like I have my own style that I’m comfortable with and I’ve gained a lot of confidence, too. I guess I’ve learned some stuff too, haha.

I’m gonna take this chance to say thank you to you all!! Thanks for liking my art, for all the notes, for following me, supporting me, sending me nice messages, being inspired by the things I post to write fic or draw something or make fanmixes, leaving nice tags, really all of it. I still can’t believe it!! I’m so overwhelmed by your positive feedback and I’m so happy to be making you all happy from the silly things I draw.

Thanks again for everything! I hope you all have a wonderful start to a wonderful new year!

guess i’m just that good “we can get a little crazy just for fun.” - a liam dunbar fanmix.

for a certain lacrosse player that has been conquering our hearts with his beautiful smile and his intermittent explosive disorder. what can i say? i just love the way he hides his actual feelings behind the bad boy mask and act like he’s the badass boy around, because, seriously, he’s THAT good.


flesh - simon curtis | can’t hold us - macklemore & ryan lewis | hot mess - cobra starship | radioactive in the dark - fall out boy & imagine dragons | everybody loves me - onerepublic | talk dirty - jason derulo | i don’t care - fall out boy | seven nation army (the glitch mob remix) - the white stripes | for your entertainment - adam larmbert

WHAT A WICKED GAME // a prideshipping mix

i said i'd never miss you, but i guess you'll never know

01. in your eyes; banks
whichever way i go, i come back to the place you are

02. the walk; imogen heap
it’s not meant to be like this, not what i planned at all, i don’t want to feel like this

03. undisclosed desires; muse
i want to exorcise the demons from your past, i want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart

04. wicked game; london grammar
what a wicked game to make me feel this way, what a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you

05. complicated; rihanna
why is everything with you so complicated, why do you make it hard to love you, oh i hate it

06. trade mistakes; panic at the disco
so let me save you, hold this rope and i’ll pull you, i am an anchor

07. better than i know myself; adam lambert
i know it gets hard sometimes, but i could never leave your side, no matter what i say

08. fourth of july; fall out boy
i just got too lonely, in between being young and being right, you were my versailles at night

09. cosmic love; florence and the machine
then i heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too, so i stayed in the darkness with you

10. love me like you do; alexi blue
you’re the cure, you’re the pain, you’re the only thing i wanna touch

[ cover art ]

FANMIX: storm warning

storm warning :: a mix of friendly menace for the storm sage
art by boa (thank you boa)


00 “the spine” darren korb and ashley barrett 01 “broken crown” mumford & sons 02 “wine red” the hush sound 03 “electric feel” mgmt 04 “what death leaves behind” los campesinos! 05 “golden and green” the builders and the butchers 06 “every other freckle” alt-j 07 “storm coming” gnarls barkley 08 the obligatory song

(small note, 8tracks replaced my preferred version of “electric feel” with another one, ugh 8tracks why)