To be honest I just want to keep growing . I grew out of friendships and relationships. I want to surround myself around positive people. Dismiss those that serve no purpose in your life . Dismiss those that brings nothing but heartache , grief , & stress. Dismiss those that have nothing good going for them . You can’t be the same forever .. Sometimes you gotta leave people behind .

i had such a huge crush on sarah from labyrinth when i was a kid. and i watched labyrinth recently and i realized CREEPILY that i did NOT GROW OUT OF IT…I GREW OLDER BUT SARAH DIDNT BECAUSE ITS A MOVIE

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Because you're so handsome and you make me swoon and you're popuuuullllaaaarr

Being called popular is so surreal to me I grew up w/out friends and only regularly see like 2 friends irl now ? the internet is weird??


I guess (in a weird way) I found out why I was so down and depressed this morning. I just found out that my childhood apartment that I grew up in NYC is no longer there anymore. I’m so sad because I have so many great memories growing up and I just wished I never left the way I did…

With that being said, here goes another piece of information I just told to me…

I was told once, two years ago that I would rot in the shelter with my family. I was also told that I was “too stupid” (being that I was in special ed. all my life) “to keep an apartment and that’s why your dumb ass deserves to be where your was going”

“You and your dumb spic of a husband can go rot in hell with your dirty ass kids”

“Fuck you and your kids; I hope your family goes to hell”

“I’m in a home and your dumb ass and stupid kids are not”

*insert being spit on and punched in the face*

Now all of you must be wondering “WTF?” well this was said to me by my younger sibling a week before me and my family had to move into the family shelter two years ago. But let me tell you this much, if you don’t believe in Karma, then you should…

This exact same sibling is in the same shelter that I was placed in with their two year old daughter and her fiancé…

I really don’t wish that even on my worst vile enemy. I lost my forth child in being in the shelter, me and my husband almost fell out of love with each other while being in the shelter (the fights was every single day and sometimes got violent on my end), I landed in the hospital from almost killing myself while being in the shelter after my son’s death, I was constantly sick and was ready to give up on my life while in the shelter. But with everything I had, my husband never gave up on me, I never gave up on my family and yes, I am here now in an apartment that me and my husband busted our ass to get.

So, instead of me laughing and going “HAHAHA you deserve it” I gave my mother all the information I had when I was in the shelter to give to my sibling. Like I said, I never want that situation to happen to anyone, even when people have done me wrong and have shitted on me.

I didn’t do it to show how much better I am in them. But if I can make it easier for them and their child to survive, then I will do it, for anyone really…

So, I realized now that, I am in a better place, I really may not have much, it really beats going through what I went through while being in the shelter with my family. I just hope that my sibling learns how to be humble while their there…

 So, to all my followeres…please, show humbleness to others and be cutrious to your family/friends/strangers…you never know when karma will slowly creep up behind you…I hope you all have a safe night and if your waking up, I hope you have a great morning! I love you all :)

Hey guys! So I’ve been working on the relationship between Hanna and Sara, and I decided I wanted to have several instances of Sara bullying her little sister to kind of showcase Sara’s tendency to take her anger out on other people. However, I grew up as an only child and really can’t think of many good examples of sibling rivalry and bullying. It would be super helpful to me if you could either reblog with or message me any memorable stories or instances in which you were bullied by an older sibling, or you bullied a younger sibling, so I can get an idea of what familial antagonism (especially between sisters) would look like.

Thanks in advance!!

ok but how can ppl eat mushrooms… like what in the world makes you wanna chew on that gummy thing that tastes and smells like it grew out of satans asshole i dont get it


i. The floor connecting our front door to the living room is made out of linoleum. Every other hallway is decorated with rug, so it is as if our mother had installed this with the intentions of wanting us to make our first mistakes. To understand that our little bodies weren’t made with metal, but rather that our bones have been hollowed out as if we were given the ability to fly. I remember my sister racing against me in her socks and as she sprinted across the linoleum floor expecting to soar, she learned for the first time how to fall. 

ii. The cupboards are filled with plastic containers. The plastic containers are filled with my mother’s laugh. How she held onto me when I felt that I wasn’t good enough. The first time I learned how destructive my hands could be and yet, my sister was there to comfort me. How out of pain, I grew. Out of hurt, I learned how to love. Learned how to forgive. Learned that my typewriter fingertips knew more than breaking closet doors and folding into one another after I’ve heard goodbyes. 

iii. Even with the love that my family gives me, I think it’s okay to feel alone. To be isolated within my home at home. I tell myself that these emotions are meant to be expressed. So, after I’ve bled from my knuckles and spilled blue ink all over the table, I can step outside my room and I know that I am blessed. 


I’ve always wanted to post my hair timeline so here goes. A year ago, July 2014 saw me with my natural blond hair (picture 1). In August, I cut it short (2,3), then dyed the bangs and underside a dark purple, with a purple to pink fade in the bangs (4). By around November, it faded to a bright pink and also grew out quite a bit (5). By December, I decided to go with turquoise bangs, and bleach & dye the underside back to blond (6,7). I kept it that way for quite a while, until May 2015, in which I had the blue removed and dyed to blond for my senior prom (8). At the end of June, I decided to make a huge change and chop it all off (9), then dye it all a darker, warmer blond during July (10), which is where I am now! I know it’s not a lot changes but it has definitely been fun to mess my hair. I love having it short right now, and I’m contemplating dying it blue again. Stay tuned!

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1. I adore all kinds of sharks and whales (I really like marine life in general)
2. but I have a phobia of dolphins
3. my favorite season is fall
4. sometimes when I think/am lost for words, I wiggle my fingers like a pervy old man
5. I don’t like soda, I really only drink water (occasionally tea and coffee)
6. When I was younger I used to wear two of everything (like two shirts, two socks, or leggings under my jeans) because I would get cold so easily, it was really weird, but I’m glad I grew out of that

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I have spent my life with my hand outstretched,
Waiting for someone to pull me out of the pit I dug myself into.
I grew tired of waiting,
So I looked around and realized,
As I dug this seemingly never ending hole,
I built myself a way out.
And so I’m taking it.

Your favourite hockey player is like those wands in Harry Potter, because you don’t choose them, they choose you in a magical experience 

Flashback Friday, my father’s slides edition. I’m having fun going through these.

I think this was one of those rare moments when my dad could get me to stand still long enough to get a picture. I’m pretty sure we’re in Canada, because my sister is holding that great caramel toffee we used to get there. I’ve got a chunk of it in my mouth. Maybe you can’t tell, but I’m brimming over with impatience. 

Be glad it’s grainy. Because of that belt. 


[On confidence it takes to go out dressed as a woman] I think for me it comes from being a very independent individual. I never needed anyone for anything, after a while you just become comfortable with yourself. I guess it came with  age. I was very insecure as a teenager and I just got sick of it and grew out of it.

Sarada: … Well…? (-////-)

Sasuke: …!!  (o___o) <(?!)

Sasuke: *thinking*

Sarada: …?

Sasuke: … Looks good. (~////~) <(…)

Sakura: EEEEH?!? B-But… you only said “Hn” when I grew out mine!  You’re always holding baaaaack~ (; A;)

Sarada: Papa!  (^ 3 ^)

continuation of this post (though I changed the outfits a bit)

A long-haired Sarada would probably remind Sasuke of Mikoto.  The feels went into maximum overdrive, so I had to do something light-hearted to fix the hole in my heart!