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Hey! I was wondering if you could do an mpreg drabble for a prompt? If you would can you make it a/b/o aswell ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Kylo has never been one for sticking to schedules, but for the fourth day in a row, he’s running late to his training session…because he’s lost his clothes.

“Hux?” Kylo calls out across his quarters.

“What, Ren?” Comes the response from the omega, curled up on Kylo’s bed with a book, glasses halfway down his freckled nose.

“Have you seen my jacket? The black one. With the hood.”

Hux tuts. “I don’t keep tabs on your clothes, Ren. You’ve probably put it down somewhere and forgotten it.”

Kylo huffs. He liked that jacket. It was soft, especially the inside material; warm and cosy that keeps the natural chill of the Finalizer’s air off his skin.

Kylo reluctantly forgets about his favourite jacket, wondering whether he’s suffering from some sort of memory problem as a result of losing his clothes.

“Hey, Hux?” Kylo asks one night, spooning into the back of his omega, one arm over Hux’s thin waist, hand rubbing gently over his pregnant mate’s growing belly.

“Mm?” Hux answers, half-asleep.

“You haven’t seen my cowl anywhere, have you? Just with the mission tomorrow. Figured I’d need it.”

Hux makes a disgruntled sound, but doesn’t move.

“I’m sure it’s ran away from you just like the rest of your wardrobe has. It’ll turn up. Please. Go to sleep,” Hux yawns, twisting his hips as their baby gives a particular hard kick against Kylo’s hand, as if she’s trying to tell him something.

Kylo rubs where his daughter kicked, and drifts off to sleep, mind retracing his steps of where he could’ve possibly lost his clothes.

The mission on Dotio VIII is a success, and Kylo comes back to the Finalizer drenched in victory, his aura proud, though his body aches for Hux. Being away from his omega has only made him agitated, more so that Hux is carrying their child. The alpha’s hands had become twitchy towards the end of his mission, itching to feel Hux’s pulse beneath them for validation that his omega is still healthy.

With a quick pace, Kylo walks to Hux’s quarters, presuming that’s where his mate has been sleeping during Kylo’s absence. The omega’s intoxicating scent grows strong and stronger as Kylo gets closer to him, the hunger growing as Kylo’s senses lap up every ounce of Hux he can get.

He doesn’t knock on Hux’s door, merely types his code into the door and it opens, swishing back to reveal the General’s private quarters. Kylo’s excited eyes are immediately drawn to the big bed in the corner, expecting to find his pregnant omega lounging comfortably, awaiting his alpha’s return.

But the bed is empty. In fact, it doesn’t look as though it’s been slept in in a while.

Instead, Kylo catches sound of Hux’s quiet and sleepy breaths coming from the pile of cushions, blankets and clothes in the corner. Kylo looks over, seeing his redheaded omega sleeping peacefully among Kylo’s missing clothes, his black jacket on Hux’s small body, his cowl underneath him as a pillow, and the blankets from Kylo’s bed draped over him like a royal cape.

Kylo sighs.

And here he was thinking that Hux was just a thief of his heart.


    “To me beauty is something very individual. It’s something that has meaning to each specific person and it either can be nostalgic or bring up some kind of memory or some kind of emotion. Beauty is something rare, something individual. It’s something to be cherished and appreciated.”-  Katherine McNamara for Bellus Magazine

sooo… :)

I just wanna reflect a little bit to say that Game Grumps has saved 2016 for me. 

For me, the only good things that happened this year were because of them. If I weren’t a fan of them, I’m pretty sure I’d be in a…pretty shitty place right now (well…more shitty than what I’m already going through,,). If it weren’t for MAGFest, and those couple live shows, and making some good friends from just all being fans of them together…I don’t know what kind of mental state I’d be in.

I’m just so glad that I know of these people–both the Grumps and the fans I’ve interacted with–and that they’ve all brought so much joy to my life. And that’s the main reason why I want to meet each of them. So that I can tell them how much happiness I’ve gotten from them.

so it’s my birthday next Friday and I asked work to reduce my hours from 40 so I’ve got time to go out and whatnot and they said they’ll do that

so, new rota comes out today, and for me, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all 9 hour shifts into the evening so I can’t go out

someone fucking punch me