I got mmmaaayyybbee two hours of sleep last night (I don’t know why. All of a sudden my (non-prescription) sleep aids aren’t working anymore) and maybe 5 hours the night before. I feel very strung out and on the verge of that eye-prickles-but-not-crying feeling which has resulted in a very snarky email to a business partner about how counsel needs to calm their shit because the world doesn’t revolve around them (which I immediately felt bad about, though I’m not concerned she’ll pass that email along to counsel, more that we’re both in the same situation of always feeling like we’re screwing someone over and having to fight with all sides so I shouldn’t have dumped on her).

I desperately don’t want to take Vega for a walk because I’m exhausted and it’s hot and sunny out but I’ve gotta suck it up.

Anyway, the point of this is that I’m tired.

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As an eldritch librarian and cursed tome enthusiast, I am curious whether you've ever considered making bookmarks.

Yes, in a manner.

We are hammering out the systems necessary to sell customized stationery (pick your color, pick your embellishments, give us a name, a title, contact information, etc.)

Included in the product line up are business cards, which are a great size and shape for bookmarks.

As we expand customized stationery, we are going to work on building library materials. So we should be able to have options: “I only need a handful of booksmarks, so I’ll buy stock designs and colors.” and “I would rather like to have a branded personal library, I’ll order a set of bookmarks customized to fit mine.”

It is turning into a massive endeavor because our goal – always – is to make things affordable and accessible. It will be delightful when it begins.

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ill give you some because i`m nice I love you  ♡

- Steve can`t ever sleep in the same house as Dally, he`ll come in and color in Steve`s tattoo with fucking markers.

- Steve and Dally are ALWAYS trying to one up eachother no matter what it is. Everything is a competition, literally everything. 

- “I bet I can stay up longer than you.” 

- “Oh you can eat two slices of chocolate cake? I bet I could eat double.” 

- If you think this is an exception in public you`re wrong, they`ve broken more items than you can count by pushing people into things or racing one another to the other side of the store. 

- They bond over their hate for shirts. 

- Steve is Dally`s go to for angry rambling, Steve never really knows what to expect either  because Dally can be angry about anything and everything.

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Is there a proper reference picture of Pippa and Tucker? Sorry if im being a bother. ^^"


aa serious answer though, i don’t have any proper refs drawn up ; _ ; i don’t focus too much on accuracy when i draw them and usually just go from memory. (i really should get proper refs made tho for when other people ask about this haha;; im just very lazy)

THE BEST thing i can do without drawing up proper refs rn is give you these recent drawings of them?

and this is pretty much them!! not shown here that might be worth mentioning though is that their color palettes are always changing and that i don’t have proper ‘default’ palettes for them- but pippa’s hair+fur usually ranges from more orangey/yellowy colors to more pinkish ones, and tucker’s palette is usually pinkish or purplish!!! ALSO pippa doesn’t have a default outfit, she just wears whatever :V

there’s more pictures of them in their tags (pippa, tucker) and on my ask blog too!! sorry i couldn’t provide a proper ref, but i hope this is good enough haha !! ; v ; ‘’

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Relationship status: Married

Wake up time: As late as possible, unless I have to be up to sort out the wee one for school or to receive a visitor.

Favourite Color(s): I don’t really have a favourite, I like a lot of colours.  Grey and Pink are my currents favs.

Cats or dogs:  Both

Cole or Pepsi:  Neither, I’m not a big fizzy drinker.  Give me a banana, strawberry and peach fruit smoothie instead.

Chapstick or Lipstick:  I’m into natural cosmetics.  I’m not a fan of anything tested on animals or with crazy chemicals in it.  I like to believe that anything I put on my face is safe for my daughter too.  Pomegranate lip butter and coconut lip softener are my current favs.  A lot of my cosmetics are from 100% Pure or BigGreenSmile or are home made.  Still building my cosmetic bag though, as cruelty and chemical free cosmetics are very expensive, so I usually wait for deals.

Last song I listened to: Blood Red Roses // C21fx

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what's your favorite experience/memory from a video game !

Woooooow! This is so hard! Wow. You guys are giving me a mental work out!

So I would have to say my favorite gaming memory would have to be when my grandmother bought me a gameboy color and Pokemon blue for my sixth birthday. When I was growing up we didn’t have very much money and at that time pokemania was at its highest. All I wanted was to be able to play Pokemon but we simple couldn’t afford it. But thanks to my amazing grandmother I finally got the chance to play what all the kids on the playground were taking about. On my sixth birthday my Grandma and Grandpa had sent me a gift in the mail. (At the time I was living in California and they lived in Indiana) when I opened the box after school I lost my mind! I was so happy I really didn’t know what to do with myself!

When I was little Pokemon was really difficult to play because I wasn’t a very good at reading but because there was so many other kids playing I was able to learn how to play as well as learn to socialize with other kids! I quickly became obsessed with the game and it’s quirky monsters that served as your companions. I used to know so much about the original games. I could tell you where to find every Pokemon, the locations of the hidden items, and my personal favorite how to preform the many glitches in the game.

Being in a military I moved around a lot and no matter where in the world I was Pokemon was something I had in common with tons of other people so I always had something to talk about with others.

Now the franchise is twenty years old! I’ve played every generation and each one has brought to the table something new and amazing. And as time progresses I know Nintendo and Game Freak will but the same amount of love and care into the games as not only I but all of pokemon’s amazing, beautiful, talented, and loving fans have put into playing and enjoying the games.

I guess at the heart of it my love of video games really stems from that amazing gift my grandmother gave me eighteen years ago. And to this day I’m so grateful that she gave me such a precious gift that has really helped me in my life.

Ok so now here are some funny Pokemon bonus memories.

When I was playing blue for the first time I used my master ball on a Ditto because it used transform on my Charizard and I thought it would stay as a Charizard after I caught it.

When I was fighting Lace for the first time in Pokemon gold I run upstairs to my bathroom and locked myself in the bathroom for privacy so could focus on the battle.

I used to want to be a slowpoke.

Thank you for the question Maddie! You rock my socks! Sorry it’s so long! I’m very passionate about Pokemon! Lol

I’m doing honesty hour feel free to send me an ask!

I put Cassandra in a dress
(now I run for my life)

“Keith, if I don’t make it out of here. I want you to lead Voltron.“

I need to come up with a better captioning system… here’s the colored version of the sketch I uploaded last night :D Someone save the space dad, please. I don’t think my heart could take it if he doesn’t make it. Keith shouldn’t lose Shiro twice in a lifetime… someone give these two a rest.


This is the perfect combination. Do I really have to explain this to you, bro?

Black leather duster. Tough muscular dude. Underneath it.   Inside of it.   Very Sexual.

let’s give it up for boys! for boys who are kind and support their s.o.! for boys who dress how they want and people who identify as boys! for boys who speak out against sexism and misogyny! chubby boys! boys who are on their periods! boys who like boys! boys who like girls! boy who like both! i believe in you! let’s give it up for boys!!!

Scorbus Wedding :Headcanon

“head cannon that when scorbus gets married Draco turns into that crazy mom that freaks out everytime something goes wrong and has an opinion about the outfits and venue and decorations and just looses his shit after the weakly-potter clan get hammered at the wedding and he just gives up and joins them” ~Anon


  • Draco complaining about the colors 
  • “Why is your wedding going to be held at THE BURROW?!”
  • him going with Scorpius to pick out his tux
  • “No no no no no… That tie? NO! YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!”
  • Scorpius getting nervous before the ceremony 
  • “Dad, I don’t know about this…”
  • “If you back out, I swear to Merlin, I will shit a brick.”
  • then him being really serious and helping his son through his emotions
  • tears
  • his reaction when seen the bridesmaid/best men outfits
  • internal “What the fuck is this?”
  • lots of crying
  • Scorpius stuttering during the vows
  • him arriving to the reception and hour early to make sure everything’s in order
  • him basically turning into an angry Gordon Ramsey
  • “You call this seasoned?”
  • “Who hired you?”
  • him trying to calm himself after people start to arrive
  • not succeeding
  • Ron is hammered AF
  • so is Ginny
  • Hermione and Harry trying their best to keep them from drinking anymore but end up getting drunk off their asses
  • George pulling pranks on everyone
  • Percy being the only sober Weasley
  • Draco finally losing his shit
  • “YOU ALL HA-”
  • all the Weasleys/Potters hugging him
  • “Fuck it. Give me some firewiskey.”
  • him explaining how everything went wrong throughout the entirety of the planning, ceremony, and reception
  • Draco giving his speech while drunk
  • “Son… I love you… but your wedding was shit.”
  • him, Harry, and Ron getting super emotional over everything
  • “Why did we hate each other again?”
  • “I don’t know…”
  • lots of laughing
  • a lot more crying
  • everyone is friends by the end of the night
  • “You’re my best friend, Potter.”

I was writing up a response to this anon question and I just fucking realized, 4 fucking years later, that the entire concept of the “Red” album is that the relationship was a painting and, more than just her giving her emotions colors, those colors are painting the “masterpiece” that was the relationship until it’s torn up in All Too Well and it’s the fucking crumpled up pieces of paper also she reference Achilles, a hero of war who seemed invincible and suddenly got killed, in a song about love being a battle and a relationship that seemed perfect and a product of fate (”these are the hands of fate”) but then got “killed” out of nowhere I’m so done with Taylor fucking Swift and this next level metaphor shit I’ve listened to this entire album at least 50 times and I just go it