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Ok Jello. How do you make webcomic into videos like cucumber quest? I have premiere and after effects but I don't know what the techniques you applied are called like how the text appears etc. I suck at research so I figured I'd ask you. Thank you.

I throw the full pages into Photoshop, cut them up by panels or groups of panels, and then listen to the audio and color over the dialogue as it’s said (make sure you get the EXACT color of the speech bubble for this, it’s usually not white).

So for example, say a dialogue bubble is:

Mary and I went to the store.
Y’know, the one on Market Street?

I’d try and give that a few breaks based on what I imagine will look best when it plays along with the audio. For instance:

Mary and I went to the store. /
Y’know, / the one on Market Street?

I would then name each of these shots 1a (Mary… store), 1b (Y’know), and 1c (the… Street). Sometimes if there are effects in the shot I also save a flattened final image of the panel as 1z for easy transitioning.

You really just have to figure out what works for you as an editor. Premiere and After Effects work differently than Vegas, which is what I use. My motion comic style relies on a flat base comic where the words move and some occasional special effects where objects move here and there. Most of that is done in photoshop by redrawing things from scratch. 

Hope that helps? 

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Honestly ironpanther soulmate AUs give me life. I've been interested in seeing one with the AU where one of your eyes is the same color as your soulmate's natural eye color, and only when you meet do you get your natural color for both eyes. BUT Tony & T'Challa aren't the ones who originally meet, someone like Rhodey meets T'Challa or Shuri meets Tony and theyre like I KNOW THOSE EYES OMG I GOTTA SET UP A MEETING STAT and ~cute meeting~ (Btw you're my new favorite drug dealer-I mean writer <3)

(Thank you so much! I’m really happy you like my writing, and I love soulmate AUs too, so I hope you like this!)

When Rhodey met with the new student from Wakanda, there were two things he wasn’t expecting.

1) He didn’t expect the student would be the Prince of Wakanda.

Given Wakanda’s tendency toward safety and seclusion, one wouldn’t expect an heir to the throne to be allowed out of safe boundaries, but the Dora Milaje seem very skilled, and terrifying. Jeanette would love to see them.

Rhodey greets the Prince with a smile, which immediately leaves his face as he stares into his eyes, one of which, is incredibly familiar with it’s warm and rich tone, a stark contrast to the bright gold in the other eye, which brings Rhodey to the second point.

2) He didn’t expect to meet his best friend’s soulmate before his best friend did, and he certainly did not expect his best friend’s soulmate to be the Prince of a powerful country that has only opened its borders a handful of times within the past century.

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I took the saddest ever selfie at the Inn Thursday night. We thought about staying in the hospital but wanted to give my uncle some space for a while. My hair was completely washed out before so I put a little blue back in it that morning for Lori. She used to say she might go wild with colors after the chemo with wigs.

She passed 3 hours before my flight home. I would have stayed if she hadn’t, and debated staying anyways for another night to be with my family up there, but I think she would have wanted me to get back and take care of Solomon so I left. The sky was cloudy flying up, and clear flying back.

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5 things you’ll find in my bag

- seven different lipsticks that are all the same color

- a bunch of trash

- seriously it’s so bad

- taco bell packets (always red)

- a cigarette that i used as a prop for halloween and refuse to throw away in case someone asks me for one (which never happens but Oprah says don’t give up on your dreams)

- there’s always going to be some type of sample perfume in a zipper pocket

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  • how old are you: 20
  • current job / dream job: ………. idk
  • what are you talented at: writing essays i guess
  • your aesthetic: glitter……. dark colors….. yea
  • do you collect anything: im starting to collect art
  • what’s a topic you’re always up to talk about: anything that interests me tbh
  • pet peeves: people who are like negative for no damn reason? like go outside hoe??
  • advice to give: just chill
  • three song recommended: tonight- jessica jung. do it well - dvsn. ignore - abhi/dijon. spacetime- tinashe 

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Robin, you are my best friend. I cannot be in a world where we must fight. If you are truly evil then go ahead... do what you must.

Kaneki & Hide!   [full res]