seto’s personal trashy update

my last day of vacation is tomorrow, these 3 weeks i’ve been animating for the islands MAP, watched hours and hours of gameplays, read the entire snk manga, and watched anime

i’m a productive child


this was lit tbh 🔥


Look at these super gross drawings of “alive” dolls with no arms!!
Lines are drawn lazilly, background was made with some cheap brush tool (pff as if I’m not using cheap brush tools now haha but that one was way cheaper like you can make instant backgrounds with the patterns!), and the colors are just hdndjnduhusniej!!

When I saw these in my gallery I was all like “Damn JeeJee did you really made these,” but then again looking back at 2014 (the date is there), I realized that I’ve grown so much as an artist. Like “golly, what a huge difference”! It’s so fulfilling to see this kind of improvement, it gives me inspiration. They contain an important aspect in my growth and not to mention the memories! If there’s one thing that helped me with my poor memory, it’s my drawings! Heck, if my older drawings were still there and weren’t burned last 2010 I would still keep them!

However, that won’t stop there. I admit I still have a lot to learn, more tricks to discover, and more memories to make. So again, I decide to keep these gross drawings as a reminder to not give up.

anonymous asked:

I hate your blog tbh

Hello! Originally, I was not going to respond to this. I was about to block you, but I realized you wouldn’t get to hear this:

It’s not cool to send anon hate. I don’t mean to just me, but to anyone. This is a website. Each individual has customized their blog to their own liking. It’s totally fine if you don’t like someone’s blog - we all have different taste in content, themes, icons, everything.

Instead of sending hate mail to a blog that you don’t like, why don’t you send a nice ask to a blog that you do like? Your time would be spent more productivly. and you’ll make someone smile!! That’s much better than making someone sad.

I’m quite happy with my blog, so your negative opinion on it doesn’t bother me. But, I’m sure if you had sent someone else this, they might have taken it personally and felt hurt. So, please, all I ask for you is to not send anon hate. It can really hurt someone and that’s not nice.

I hope you have a great day! Take a walk. Hug a cat. Say hi to friends, if you have any. Smile. And be kind :)

anonymous asked:

I find trans issues to be extremely confusing. I've heard it said that gender is a social construct that doesn't or shouldn't exist. I'm uncomfortable with that idea because I have a gender and I don't want it taken away. At the same time, I worry that that stance takes identity away from other people. I'm open to the idea of gender being a spectrum, but I'm confused by the notion of moving around on that spectrum a lot. What's your perspective on the issue, as a nonbinary person?

Ah! Okay, so an important thing to keep in mind with gender is: you can but you don’t have to.

You can have a gender! You can have a gender that fits your assigned gender! You can have a gender different from your assigned gender! Or you can not have a gender at all! 

Another important thing to keep in mind is: just because something is a social construct doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad.

Justice is a social construct. It is a concept that we, as a society, have invented together. The social construct of justice can be useful–but if it’s applied badly, it can cause harm. (feuds, cycles of vengeance based on the idea of ‘justice’–you see what I mean.)

Fashion is a social construct. The idea of clothing being ‘fashionable’ is a concept that we, as a society, have invented together. The social construct of fashion can be fun–but if it’s applied badly, it can cause harm. (people shunned from a group due to not having the ‘correct’, ‘fashionable’ clothing, for example.)

Gender is a social construct. It is a concept that we, as a society, have invented together. The social construct of gender can be useful for some people–and not useful for others–and when it is applied badly, it can cause harm.

Also! When you say that you are open to the idea of gender as a spectrum, you are perhaps thinking of something like this:

But it is much more useful to think of gender like this:

The Gender Diamond!

Notice that agender is included in the gender diamond–it’s not opposed to the other options, just added to them. 

And see how there’s a spectrum that goes not just from guy to girl…but from genderqueer to agender…from girl to agender…from guy to agender…from girl to genderqueer…from guy to genderqueer…

It’s a much more nuanced thing, and helps more people to be included! 

You having a gender does not take anything away from people who do not, just as agender people not having a gender does not take away yours <3

Now–you also say you would like to understand genderfluidity–having one’s place on the gender diamond move around.

All right, so–let us return to the social construct of fashion as an aid in understanding!

Let us put fashion into a diamond-type-spectrum, like the gender diamond:

Fashion diamond, wheee!

Okay, so imagine that you wake up in the morning. You open your closet–practicality is not a concern today; you have no plans, so what you wear is entirely up to you. 

Where do you fall on the fashion diamond? 

What do you most feel expresses your inner self today? 

Let’s say that you have a week with no plans; a week to wear whatever you feel like wearing–will you always fall on the same place on the fashion diamond every day? Perhaps you will! 

Or perhaps you will move around on the fashion diamond, based on which aspect of your personality/inner self is most prominent on a particular day.

Being genderfluid is, for me, like moving around on the fashion diamond. 

Some days I will feel I am a more formal fashion person. Some days I will feel like casual clothes best reflect what I am feeling. Some days I feel that a semiformal outfit is most appropriate for my current feelings. Some days I go more towards neither casual nor formal.

Just so with my gender:

Some days I will feel closer to being guy; some days I will feel closer to being a girl. Some days I feel like an even mixture of both. Some days neither seems to fit and I feel more agender. But I am always nonbinary!

So! I hope that this has helped to answer your questions, Anon!

(also-also: the fashion diamond isn’t meant to correspond to the gender diamond–I’m not, by any means, saying that being agender is the same as wanting to wear lingerie with spikes! The fashion diamond is just meant to show that things other than gender can be arranged into diamond-style-spectrums, and that moving around on these spectrums is a possibility.)

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does kira spend a lot of time caressing and kissing rohan's hands

Yes, and Rohan enjoys the copious amounts of worship (that he deserves and should get more of, thank you). He enjoys Kira waxing poetic about just how fine his features are (talking about the hands of course). A shared bonding activity is nail painting. Kira prefers a clear protective coat only, so Rohan doesn’t get to paint anything fancy (to his mild annoyance), but he does get to practice his brush strokes on small surface areas–Kira finds it very soothing to watch Rohan work, and even more so to watch Rohan work on Kira’s nails. The delicate movements of fingers doing intricate work cannot be beat. Meanwhile, Rohan is begrudgingly impressed by Kira’s own skills at nail painting (honed through painting his girlfriends’ nails, of course) and coaches him on how to do them even more beautifully.

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Is Sakurai capable of giving us a big ol smile. Or have those days become scarce ever since the 2 years entered his life.

off the court, they are giving him new white hairs and frown lines like every week

ON the court tho…..

they make up for it :’)