“Any last words, Lachance?” Arquen asked, smugly brandishing a sharp blade. She grinned wickedly as the other members of the Black Hand closed in, rounding about him like a pack of hungry wolves.

While it would have been expected of him to speak once more on behalf of the Night Mother, Lachance remained still and silent.

Walk always in the Shadow of Sithis, child.

There will never be a time when this is not heartbreaking to me.

Dixie... Zoe... Riiiiiiita.... Err...Connie & Grace??

I have just suffered the most agonisingly painful loss in a run of 3 total fave female fictional characters over the last 6 months and I hear Connie and Grace are set to be involved in a horrific car smash? Honestly…

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Took a crack at realistic portraiture for a story my sister is cooking up. Still looks hecka cartoony, even after having to start from scratch a second time due to my computer crashing on me, but it ain’t bad. I’m working on a few other characters for this tale, so I’ll be posting them soon.

Made with photoshop CS5 and touched up with Topaz Labs.