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Catch of the Day (Mermaid Lance Part 2)

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Shiro and Keith had gone, they were docked on the wharf and Lance had a tarpaulin slung over his tank. It was more of a precaution than a necessity but it was better safe than sorry. Lance blew bubbles from his mouth and giggled as they danced up and along his face.

After what felt like hours, Lance was sick of waiting. He was bored and claustrophobic, his eyes felt heavy but he wasn’t sure if it was actual tiredness or just him getting tedious. Soon enough he was sleeping, dreaming about his family. His body went back into defence mode and transformed into the large, scary creature with spikes running up his body.

After literal hours Shiro and Keith made it back, lugging boxes of supplies behind them, they yanked the tarpaulin off of the tank and jumped with surprise as they took note of the monster like thing that was Lance in the tank.

“You wake him, he hasn’t eaten since that fish the other day and he needs to eat something.” Shiro ordered Keith and Keith internally groaned.

Keith…. he still wasn’t comfortable with their situation, he was used to just him and Shiro, alone. Out at sea, away from people, it was easy to forget how to act appropriately in social situations and with Lance who seemed to be very sociable, he struggled. Not seeing the social cues he should have and not gelling with Lance quite like how he had hoped. He liked Lance, he was kind, but he was unfamiliar, a species he hadn’t known existed. Keith didn’t do kindly with odd things.

But he’d try, Shiro seemed to really enjoy having Lance around and was very eager to get to know him. Keith hated to admit, but he was jealous, of who, he wasn’t sure, but he knew didn’t like that Shiro and Lance were becoming close to each other while he was sort of in the background, watching.

Lance, of course, had noticed, Shiro probably as well. Shiro tried to include him but Lance was always trying to actively talk to him, sometimes he’d get small answers sometimes he’d get even shorter answers. There was really no winning with Keith, but Lance didn’t give up.

Keith woke up Lance, reluctant to put his hand in the tank with the spikes all over his body. But he woke him and gave him some of the food they had bought.

The next day Lance was back to normal, he was hanging over the edge of the tank talking to Shiro.

“So, what is the merfolk life like?” Shiro asked as he sat next to the tank, the sun beamed down on them and they basked in the warm light.

“Well, for me it was spending days with my friends, we would explore. Hunk would always pass out when we got near a trench or cavern, afraid we would drag him in. Pidge liked to tease him. That was when we weren’t in the castle though.” Lance waved as he looked off into the air.

“Castle?” Shiro asked, unsure what he meant.

“Yeah, that’s where everyone lives, it’s huge. Alfor’s the king, he runs the whole thing.” Lance explains and sighs with a sad look on his face. “Ahh, I miss them.”

“How did you get lost? I remember you saying something about the current?” Shiro asked as he stood up and checked the lines.

“I was exploring, by myself, and got knocked out, a nearby current must’ve pulled me in and next thing I know I had no idea where I was.” Lance sighed and rubbed at his wound on his side, it was irritated. “Do you have anything I can put on my cut? It’s getting irritated.”

“Ahh, Keith!” Shiro yelled and after a few seconds he came strolling around the side of the boat, “Do we have any salve or something?”

“I think. I’ll go look.” Keith walked away.

“He’s not very social is he?” Lance muttered and dipped under the water for a few seconds before coming back up.

“He was never good with people,”

“I could tell,” At that he giggled and leaned in close to Shiro, “This is just an honest question, but what is your relationship with Keith?”

Shiro raised an eyebrow and tried to act cool but Lance could see the tips of his ears grow red. “Why would you ask that?”

“I just was wondering, I mean you’re both out here alone,” Lance smirked slightly, he wasn’t actually sure if they were dating but they seemed to work very well together. Lance wasn’t sure if he would be happy or upset if they were dating. He didn’t know why he was so unsure, either, or even dwelling on it for too long. 

“Well, we’re not, at all. He’s like my brother…. I’m going to go and steer.” Shiro mumbled and left as fast as he could.

The smile fell from Lances face as he stared at the place Shiro once was. 

“Here, I found salve, and brought some more bandage” Keith walked around into Lances view with his head down, reading the label on the bottle he was holding. When he glanced up he looked around in confusion. “Where’s Shiro?”

“Ah, he left to steer,” Lance chuckled and leant over the edge of his tank his arm reaching out for the bottle and bandages, “Thanks for getting this, my wound has been really irritating.”

“Your welcome?” Keith said and screwed his face up. “The boat doesn’t need to be steered, what is Shiro doing?”

“Who knows,” Lance smiled and peeled the bandages off of his torso. He winced a bit before opening the bottle and trying to put the salve on his cut but he couldn’t quite reach it all properly. “Keith, could you put this on?”

“……Sure,” Keith muttered unsurely and grabbed the bottle. “Should I…. just put it on?”

“Yeah? Well, I’ve never used this before so I don’t know.” Lance said and shrugged, Keith stepped forward and opened the lid, swiping with his fingers to get some.

Keith reached over the tank and down to Lance’s wound, he smeared some on quickly and stepped away, putting the lid back on he gave it back to Lance and mumbled something about him needing it later.

“See you, Keith,” Lance chuckled as Keith ran out of his sight.

Shiro stacked some boxes, the sun was setting and he was packing the thing they had gotten away properly when suddenly he heard a muffled voice, singing. He knew it was Lance, Keith didn’t sing, he knew how to but he never sung. Shiro found himself swaying gently to the unfamiliar words drifting out of Lances mouth and through the walls separating them. He had a lovely, smooth voice, from what Shiro could tell.

He wanted to go out, to sit next to Lance as he sang a song of his people, but it felt like he’d be intruding, so he simply sat down, with his head against the wall closest to Lance. And he listened. To all the emotion Lance’s voice held, to all the sorrow he could hear. And the faint feeling of woe clenching at his chest.

He listened.

Keith, he was cleaning his blade when he heard it, the beautiful call of a merman to his family. He hated to admit it but he had a lovely voice that he felt like he could listen to all day. He dropped his blade and tiptoed around the corner to peak at Lance, Lance had his arms resting on the edge of his tank and was aiming his song out to over the horizon. The stars twinkled overhead but Lance’s focus was on the ocean, where the fish swam. And where he belonged.

Lances face was downcast with sorrow and Keith felt like maybe he shouldn’t be there. To see someone in such a venerable state was to see the for themselves. Keith felt like he didn’t deserve to see Lance’s true self. Keith almost couldn’t make himself walk away, but he did and he sat down on a chair where his blade sat, but he didn’t go back to cleaning, he just sat.

And he listened.

Keith sat next to the tank, he was sitting in the sun while watching the lines. Shiro was doing something else important so Keith had to do the lines.

“Keith, do you and Shiro date?” Lance asked randomly and smirked with enjoyment as Keith stiffened visibly.

“No, why do you ask?” Keith robotically answered and looked at Lance with rage.

“Curiosity,” Lance shrugged and laughed. “Pretty obvious if you ask me,”

“What did you just say?” Keith growled and glared at Lance who seemed taken aback. 

“Well, it’s just that you don’t seem to be in touch with the social side of things, you don’t notice things others might.” Lance explained, trying to defuse the situation as best as possible.

“And what don’t I notice, Lance?” Keith muttered and face Lance fully.

“That you and Shiro seem to go really well together,” Lance said and smirked at Keith as he became confused.

“Of course we do? We’ve known each other since we were kids.”

Lance looked at Keith in a deadpan and sighed. “Whatever. Just, never mind.”

“What’s your problem?” Keith frowned when Lance just shook his head. 

“Forget it,”

Duckverse stuff

I’ve been thinking about potential headcanons that would make sense and i found some, sometimes more developped.

First, @lostmyplanet and i assumed Donald was quite young when he adopted HDL, and even now they’ve grown up a little. In my humanized version of him, although he has the traces of fatigue on his face, we can see he’s not really old like Uncle Scrooge. In fact, i have some explanations to this : in a panel i recently found, we can see that Uncle Scrooge is pretty old to just be Donald’s uncle, he almost seems to be his grandfather (even though he’s the big brother of Hortense). Maybe Hortense had her twins a bit late, and on the contrary, Della had her triplets really soon (with a guy who was older than her). She was really helpless, and not ready at all to support three children. Maybe she wanted to continue her studies to become a real astronaut, so she gave them to Donald. But he’s the same age. Yes he hasn’t made big studies. Yes he’s always living simply, with little jobs. But he could live simply because he was still young and alone. The fact that he had to grow up so fast while being so young is heartbreaking. He could be their older brother or cousin.

This is why always draw him looking so tired. He loves Huey, Dewey and Louie with all his heart, but sometimes it’s really difficult to play a fatherly role, with his hot-tempered mind and his depression always threatening to come back. We could compare him to Nani, you know, Nani from Lilo and Stitch… She was 19 (only 19!) when she was forced to abandon studies to work and be an adult to her sister Lilo. The “broken-family” theme is here, as well… But they hold still together and form their own kind of family. Plus it will become easier for Donald when the triplets will become more mature, maybe by realizing they’re putting too much pressure on him sometimes (yes i’m thinking about you, first part of Mickey’s once upon a christmas. You destroyed my feelings). Or him having an accident, perhaps ? This would make the boys realize that he’s the only relative that can take care of them, on an emotional, physical and even financial plan. Life with Fethry, Gladstone or Scrooge would be great for a little time, but not too much. However, with Donald, they can have some stability (because he will always be struggling to ensure their futures), a firm but fair education, a father-uncle that will do anything for them, even hurting himself. He’s also the closest they have, and the only one that can actually feel what they went through (broken family, separation, etc) : he can listen to them and know exactly what to say because he felt it also when he was younger. Without him, they would certainly be in a foster home, with a more miserable life. And that brings them to reevaluating the way they see Donald, the way they take all of this for granted. They grow up a bit and make it easier for Donald. (plus i want a sweet family reunion)

Now little worthless headcanons that will make you go awww

- the triplets LOVE to wear Donald’s béret (his hat, dunno what it’s called in english) even though it’s too big for them and blinds them

- same thing for scrooge’s hat

- grandma duck is absolutely badass

- donald’s skills in cooking are incredibly good. When you have to cook for triplets…

- scrooge’s biggest dream is to teach donald how to play bagpipes

- donald’s not enchanted but will do it anyway and discover he’s talented

- when they want to play tricks on donald, the boys exchange their clothes. But Donald always finds out with a single glance who’s who (cf. An Eye for Detail, a comic where you learn Donald can distinguish each triplet without their colors

- scrooge is confused when they play the same trick on him (he’s like ???? why)

- donald knew the caballeros when he was even younger than the time he adopted the boys (so i assume he was a young adult) and sometimes he yells at the triplets in other languages (he only knows some words) and they’re just : wtf unca donald why are you talking in brazilian

- the best part of a long day of tiring work for donald is when he comes home and puts the money earned in the special jar of all the money he keeps for the boy’s studies / when the triplets welcome him home with great news (Huey being first in class, Dewey winning a competition, Louie’s drawing being displayed on the wall of the classroom) and he’s just a proud father / when the triplets hug the heck of him



You asked for more bee pictures! I went wine tasting in France and I found some more cute little ladies! 🐝🐝🐝🐝 (YESSSSS THANK YOUU, you literally made my day :) )


More mod testing, I was going to release it today, but then I found some more changes I wanted to make! 

This is going to be a less blue mod, not no blue, so it won’t be as warm as the others, but there won’t be any of that weird blue shadow building nonsense either.

There also won’t be any fluffy clouds in this mod (sadly because i do like those!), because it’s made for auroras essentially and fluffy auroras look very silly, but it will have sunsets and sunrises I pulled from sunlit tides. So hey there’s that.

anonymous asked:

What aspects are known for making someone a perfectionist? I only have virgo in venus, juno, and ascendant but those are more love related and how I present myself right? So why do I set incredibly high standards for myself?

well your virgo ascendant is a big part. people with that rising are self critical especially about how they appear. but i found some more aspects:

- sun/moon/mercury/mars being in conjunct/square/opposite with saturn creates a very critical person who often feels like they’re not “good enough”
- mercury in the 6th house/virgo 6th house can create someone obsessed with constantly improving themselves and their surroundings
- saturn in the 6th house house worries too much over detail
- saturn in the 9th house feel restricted by responsibilities
- virgo, capricorn, or saturn dominant

so you might remember these two posts right? so i did some digging around livejournal and i found out some more about this night??

so. this whole thing happened the night of september 29th, 2008 in new york. panic were about to start the rock band live tour with dashboard confessional, and to decide what other band would be joining them on the shows, they did a contest, in which brendon, ryan and some dude from dashboard confessional were the judges. which is what was happening this night!!

so far i’ve found two people’s recaps of the night and they mention that

-brendon was missing for the first two bands

-when brendon got there he was really energetic and started drumming on ryan’s leg. thats fine

-all the judges had a notepad, u can see ryan has his on his lap here

-ryan kept writing mathematic equations on his for some fucking reason but whats more important brendon kept writing stuff on his and showing it to ryan. nobody saw what brendon was writing 👀👀 we should ask ryan

-apparently after the fourth corona zack took brendons drink away and he pouted like a babby

-brendon tripped and almost fell on ryan but zack caught him

ok so thats the info that ive been able to gather. i know this is not like. official ryden lore and there isnt much evidence but i think we can all agree that they were excessively cuddly on this night for no fucking reason. to illustrate my point im gonna put all the videos and pictures i have from this night under the cut. if i end up finding more info ill add it 2 this post!!

anyways in my Heart i know it. i just know that this night when they went home ryan fucked brendon. ryden was real

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anonymous asked:

Do you think there is any significance to the painting "Backward's Beauty?" I noticed recently that Fuu often does that pose throughout the show. Often looking contemplative or worried.

Hello! Thanks for your question! Actually, yes. I find it very significant. I recently found some more information on this topic that I am using for my Samurai Champloo story. I think the contemplative/worried look of Fuu is meaningful to the term itself. To begin with, let’s talk a  little bit about the actual meaning.

The Japanese words for “Backwards Beauty” are “Mikaeri Bijin”. Another better translation is “Looking Back Beauty”. The term was popularized by the artist Moronobu Hishikawa when he made this Ukiyo-e (woodblock print) painting in the Tokugawa era, titled “Mikaeri Bijin”:

It was later printed on the first commemorative Japanese stamp in November of 1948. Having made drawing styles of his own creation, he is considered a forerunner for many future Ukiyo-e artists. He even inspired Vincent van Gogh. Samurai Champloo watchers will better know Moronobu Hishikawa’s work looking like this for the sake of mashed up history and an anime plot twist flair:

…Very little similarity besides the title. And anime viewers will see Moronobu Hishikawa looking very different than actual history. I highly doubt he was so flamboyant with long manicured purple nails, and purple lipstick. But hey, ya never know.

Since the making of this painting and many other prints by Hishikawa, the idea of Mikaeri Bijin has influenced Japanese culture for years to come (to the point where Samurai Champloo references it). There is a song by pop group Morning Musume using the title. Mikaeri Bijin refers to a woman who looks beautiful when looking behind her. It is considered coquettish, as she does not turn around to flaunt herself, but rather shyly glances over a shoulder. It also reveals a woman’s nape of the neck which is a sexual yet not raunchy display of the body in Japanese culture. The term itself has romantic undertones too, as it can refer to a woman looking at the man of her affections without expressing her feelings. Modern day Japanese people will use the term as a joke. As it can mean, “a woman who looks beautiful from the back…who turns around and is ugly”. Of course, this was not the case in old Japan.

Mikaeri though, as a word, is simply “looking back”. Looking back can represent looking back at the past, but pressing forward. I think this heavily describes Fuu as a character. She is searching for her past, and yet is forced to look onward as she travels across Japan. And yes, you are correct in saying Fuu is shown many times looking back. Even the opening credits has her doing so.

We can safely say, just as Hishikawa said in the anime, she is truly a beauty looking backwards.  Now from here, I’m going to diverge a bit. But I promise this will connect to the concept of “Mikaeri” or “looking back”

Many people wonder where Mugen, Fuu and Jin grew up. And while the anime never states it, it is very apparent for Mugen and Jin due to actual history. Miyako-shima was the penal colony in the Ryukyuan Islands during the Tokugawa time period, where criminals of all kinds were put. The paantu black figures that watch Mugen as he almost dies three times in his life are a Miyako-shima deity that chase off evil spirits during an annual festival. This is obviously Mugen’s birthplace. The Takeda clan, or more specifically, the real Mariya Enshirou owned the Kururi Castle outside of Edo. Since this was Jin’s caretaker, and teacher, and Jin was supposed to be heir to the dojo, we can assume Jin grew up there.

What about Fuu?

There is very little information to deduce where she grew up. We know nothing of the town. There is no recorded information I can find about an actual person names Kasumi Seizou. And we see she didn’t live in Nagasaki because that is where her father fled. But…her hometown could quite possibly be handed to us in the very first episode. 

Or should I say…the very first ending song.

“Shiki no Uta” or “Song of Four Seasons” is the ending song for the majority of the anime. A collaboration of the singer Minmi and the composer/arranger Nujabes, it was made specifically for the anime itself, and not by the artists separately. This is considering the anime’s first episode aired on May 19th 2004. But the song was only released in the album Samurai Champloo Music Record: Masta on June 23rd 2004, a whole month later.

The lyrics describe the seasons passing by from a girl’s perspective. And there is the repeated mention of someone they wish to follow, or the way they felt when they were “being held”. It can sound like a romance song, pertaining to Fuu’s relationship with one of her bodyguards. However, I think the song is more about finding her father, as that is the theme of the entire show. The montage of pictures for ending credits display memories of Fuu’s childhood, and her mother and father.The reason I bring this up is for a very specific lyric. Again…the song was made for the anime itself.

Lyric: “Summer comes to Uji, and in the fields are patterns of grass set out to dry.”

Uji is a town southeast of Kyoto that dates back to over a thousand years ago. Uji held no significance in the anime. Never did the trio go there. Never was it mentioned, nor is Uji a a super famous place to the rest of the world. But, Uji,  despite being a small city, is pretty notable in history. For one, the last chapters of the Tale of Genji take place there. The Tale of Genji was the first novel. By first novel, I mean FIRST novel. Ever. So Uji has many landmarks and statues referencing the book for tourists.

Uji is also well known for being a key producer of tea in Japan, as there are many tea leaf fields in the past and even now. The Tsuen Tea Shop still stands, and is the oldest tea shop in all of Japan. This perhaps explains the lyrics “Summer comes to Uji and the patterns of grass (plants/shoots) are set out to dry.”

Grass, being tea grass.

These are women during the Tea Harvesting Festival in Uji:

I’m no expert on botany, and I would like if someone could give more info…but it seems to me that these plants by Kasumi Seizou could quite possibly be tea plants. They look very similar.

So now, we can theorize based on the anime credit’s lyrics and pictures that Fuu was possibly born/raised in the town of Uji.

Here’s a little bit about Uji that will help clarify why this pertains to “Mikaeri Bijin”.

Long ago, the kanji for Uji was written to mean “The Way of Rabbits” or “Rabbit Road”. Rabbits… Seems pretty random right? Well, like anything Japanese, there is of course a  legend surrounding this:

Prince Wakairatsuko once got lost in the woods trying to find the way back to Uji. Upon walking, he saw a “Mikaeri Usagi” or “Looking back rabbit”. The rabbit would look at him, then hop along. It would stop again and again every little while, as if to tell the prince to follow him. Eventually, after following the rabbit for a time, he found himself in Uji again.  

This would be an example of a “Mikaeri Usagi” or “Looking back rabbit”:

Since then, the “Mikaeri Usagi” has been the motif of Uji, as well as the guardian of the Shinto Shrine Ujigami-jinja. The Prince the rabbit helped is also one of the three deities of said shrine. The Ujigami shrine, thought to be the oldest shrine in all of Japan, sells an array of rabbit trinkets.These rabbit charms hold fortunes for the future. 

The meaning of the“mikaeri usagi” is that it will help you find your path in life, if you ever feel lost. Just like the legend. Rabbits are also symbolized with this, because despite looking back. they do not ever leap back. Only move forward while contemplating the past. Across from Ujigami shrine, is another shrine called Uji shrine. Before the 1800s, The two shrines were connected labeled “upper and lower” Uji shrines… But…they were separated during the Meiji Restoration. Here is Uji Shrine nowadays, still preserved:

…Could it be?

There’s always the possibility Fuu once prayed to the guardian spirits of Uji shrine for her future. 

If Uji could very likely be Fuu’s hometown, and the “looking back rabbit” is a town icon…and she is called the “looking back beauty”, I can safely say that it described her perfectly. She looks back on her past, and from there forges her future. Mikaeri as a term both describes her and could reveal the location of her possible hometown.

Thank you for your question and I hope it interests everyone who takes the time to read or research this topic! ^^



Something I started speculating with other TWEWY fans a bit ago was which month TWEWY is taking place. While playing I entered a battle and the above sign was shown which says October 8th. And we were like, cool, TWEWY takes place in October. Then I went into a search for dates shown anywhere in the game and I found some more. There are two signs in West Exit Bus Terminal that have March 4th - April 5th & February 3rd - March 4th dates. So that confused things. And later I found a poster at Udagawa Back Streets with a March 21st date. So yeah, that didn’t help to reach a result. And after that I found that there are characters thinking about Christmas. So, my headcannon is that the October sign is a leftover sign, TWEWY’s timeline is nearing Christmas (Maybe November / early December) and there are promotion signs and posters that promote events coming in the first months of the new year. Let’s not forget you can buy a New Year’s Gift at the shop.