Underworld Dancing (Derek)

Not even the flickering flames atop the candles did anything to prevent the day’s gray to press further into him, damp and misty, freezing against his skin when it got too close to the icy core inside him. Why was he always so cold?

The call with Antony had drained him more then ever. Taking a single step sounded dizzying and horrifying. He felt akin to Atlas, with an entire world resting on his shoulders, bearing down on him in all its brute might. All those books and movies speaking of weight being lifted away were lying through their teeth.

Perhaps he didn’t deserve that feeling. He hadn’t really done anything to deserve it.

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30 Days of Character Development

6.) Describe your character’s happiest memory.

Yumi: Most likely when her eldest brother found out about what her mother had been doing and saved her from it. She didn’t express any sign of happiness, but she was more than thankful when he chose to let them live with his family and move to France.


When he got to perform on stage for an actual crowd at an audition. He’s currently waiting to hear back from a sponsor and hopes that he may become famous.