Okay so I’m not good with words I’m more of a visual person. This is how I explain why I ship Swan Queen and not Captain Swan. I’m not bashing any ships, ship what you ship because no ship is better than the other ships. 

Hook I have a few problems with him as a character. I don’t think he is at his full potential, I’m not sure if it’s the writing or the way Colin portrays him.  I can understand his appeal his is the charming pretty rogue, but I don’t swoon at him. I mean ok confession my guilty pleasure is reading Regency Romance Novels. Which is full of lovable rogues and rakes that can make my heart flutter. They all have the cheesy lines and chiseled jaw with the five o’clock shadow.

But Hook falls short for me I guess its because that he is always throwing himself at women and the penis metaphors. A true rake doesn’t need to mention how many women he has bedded, you know that he always has a willing bed partner and Hook is constantly throwing himself at Emma who rejects him every single time. 

And there is Regina as the Evil Queen uses her sexuality very similar to Hook. It’s a tool for both of them but Regina it’s subtle I find that she uses her body language (touches and facial expressions) and Hook its vocal, he tells you what he is going to do. With Regina you don’t know what’s going on until she is in your face and somehow you are half naked and out of breath.

The fourth gif is full of sexual innuendo how Emma holds the sword up and Hook slides down, yet its forced. Again another the penis metaphor. For me the chemistry is forced, Colin and Jen don’t feed off each as Lana and Jen do. You see them argue, it’s volatile and emotional.

I can’t see the chemistry between Hook and Emma their scenes are bland. I don’t feel that the emotion is there. Emma and Regina share a son, they fight over him and they love him. Plus Emma always is saving Regina’s arse. The emotional spark is there.

Sorry for the long wall of text. 


keep spewing those lies all over the place, over and over, even after you start to believe them

CAVENDISH’S VOICE IS SO FUCKING FAMILIAR- so I looked it up and found out he has the same voice as

this guy

this one

this smart ass

and this emo lil baby all share the same voice actor