How to win your crush (based on MikaYuu fanfic I had read)

1. Suck his blood (an classic)

2. Be his best friend, disappear, back with a mask.

3. Have a crazy-psycho twin brother who also want him, run away with your crush (P.S: To this work you have to also be crazy)

4. Go to a strip club using a mask, met the hottest stirper of the club, donate fifty hundred thousand to his sister with cancer.

5. Be a striper (they don’t will resist)

6. Be a secret agent, do crossdressing (Unique isn’t spelled with the Y)

7. Notice that your roommate is a vampire, invade a hospital and teach him how to eat a hamburger.

8. Go make a tattoo, he will be there.

9. Flirt with a guy in the bar, ask for his number, notice that is not his number but his friend number and it was a prank, fall in love with the friend.

10. Have insomnia, fall sleep in a random guy in a party, fall in love with this guy.

11. Go with your lesbian friend to a sex shop, met the hot attendant, ask him to give you math lessons.

12. Kill his friends, transform him in a vampire, run away with him. (warning: this can end with one of you killing yourself)

13. Go back drunk of a Halloween party in a vampire costume, make sex with him in your sofa.

Two Prompt Tuesday #15

Prompt: “I thought you forgot about me.” … “Never.”
Word Count: 1565
Warnings: Hospital environment, surgery (not discussed in detail), pregnancy. Also, I like unique baby names. You’ve been warned. 

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I’m seriously surprised at the lack of Benjen Stark fanfictions and ‘imagines’

I mean


he’s still cute, even though he’s undead - look at his sad smile

he needs a hug