there’s this one panel of wander son that’s just the (i forgot his name whoops) trans boy rolling out of bed saying “i want ice cream” and someone edited it to say “i want a dick” and in all my trans years i have never seen a more relatable image 

I’m seriously surprised at the lack of Benjen Stark fanfictions and ‘imagines’

I mean


he’s still cute, even though he’s undead - look at his sad smile

he needs a hug 


“Ayano-chan said she approved of PDA in the base so she nags at Shintaro-kun when he yells at us to get a room. Which I don’t get, because we already have one and I’m sure he’s aware of it.”

PDA = “Public Displays of Affection.”

Two Prompt Tuesday #15

Prompt: “I thought you forgot about me.” … “Never.”
Word Count: 1565
Warnings: Hospital environment, surgery (not discussed in detail), pregnancy. Also, I like unique baby names. You’ve been warned. 

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How to win your crush (based on MikaYuu fanfic I had read)

1. Suck his blood (an classic)

2. Be his best friend, disappear, back with a mask.

3. Have a crazy-psycho twin brother who also want him, run away with your crush (P.S: To this work you have to also be crazy)

4. Go to a strip club using a mask, met the hottest stirper of the club, donate fifty hundred thousand to his sister with cancer.

5. Be a striper (they don’t will resist)

6. Be a secret agent, do crossdressing (Unique isn’t spelled with the Y)

7. Notice that your roommate is a vampire, invade a hospital and teach him how to eat a hamburger.

8. Go make a tattoo, he will be there.

9. Flirt with a guy in the bar, ask for his number, notice that is not his number but his friend number and it was a prank, fall in love with the friend.

10. Have insomnia, fall sleep in a random guy in a party, fall in love with this guy.

11. Go with your lesbian friend to a sex shop, met the hot attendant, ask him to give you math lessons.

12. Kill his friends, transform him in a vampire, run away with him. (warning: this can end with one of you killing yourself)

13. Go back drunk of a Halloween party in a vampire costume, make sex with him in your sofa.