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i rly like the way u draw nico's hair, you're one of the few artists that draws his hair actually curly like it's described. teach me ur ways 🙏

thank you so much omg???? :’O

as for teaching my ways:

(this is the most helpful thing ive ever drawn)


ahhh, why i ignored the fact that “A Werecat in London”  is SO GOOD, MAGNIFICENT AND… SENSUAL FIC *blushes*
i.. i dont even like stories about werewolfs (and i cant draw them, huh….) and anythin like that, but daaamn i decided to try and i just regret that i did it a while ago

and i feel ashamed that i cant draw Chat as a werecat like he has to look like, because my imagination (but mostly my stupid english) gives me, um, a different picture

and, yeah, its a special moment when i love OCs in the fic 
((its not literally moment from it lmao))

hey @i-am-thornqueen thank you for this masterpiece which makes my day a way better and sorry for that inaccurate watercolor scribbles, hah

Lover Man

Summary: @litterally-trash said: Hello!!! Could you do a oneshot where Bucky comes home from a mission, and the reader is dancing around the apartment they share, listening to some music from the 40’s? Keep up the good work!!!👽

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none.

A/N: Inspired by this song. PLEASE LISTEN TO IT. The fic will make so much more sense.

How long had it been? Two weeks? Long enough to have almost forgotten how it had felt to have Bucky’s warmth up against you, his soft breaths as he dreamt lulling you to sleep. Your apartment, which usually was so comforting and safe, felt sterile and cold, like the heartbeat was missing.

It is missing. You thought to yourself. Bucky is missing.

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Happy Birthday (Steve x Reader)


word count: 1029 (sorry it’s short)

Originally posted by phd-in-pop-culture

Your alarm blasted through your room as it played your favorite song, the bass waking you up as you yawned sleepily. You stretched out your body as you struggled to wake up to start off the day. Groggily, your eyes fluttered open to get blinded by the bright sunlight flooding into your room from the windows. You groaned in reaction before tossing the duvet over your body to block yourself out. As soon as the blanket hit your body, you suddenly remembered what day it was. You immediately sat up as you rubbed your eyes to wake yourself up. It was your birthday and you almost completely forgot. Dashing out of bed, you slipped on a jacket as you grabbed your laptop. You returned into bed as you opened up your computer, logging onto your email. Like every year, your inbox was filled with happy birthday messages. A few of them, you deleted as they no use. “Cheap asses,” you cursed to yourself as you scrolled down the list and discarded several of the emails you had received throughout the night that contained a simple “happy birthday” message with no benefit to you at all. As you scrolled down, your smile grew wider as you began to see the emails you did like, hitting print on each one as you heard you printer whirl awake.

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Saying and Meaning

This pile of flaming fluff goes out to a few people who keep giving me LOADS of inspiration daily. @grapefruitwannabe @sassybratt9723 @inukag @kago-bae @jeanbeannie @inunanna @keichanz @gobodosama @little-known-artist @justafewsmallsteps @sinuyasha @artistefish Guys I truly truly truly enjoy your blogs. Slow clap for all you guys. Class A posting, tumblr would not be nearly as entertaining without you. I know some of you have never even spoken to me but I just want to put it out there that Me, as some random stranger on the internet reallyreallyreallyreallyreally looks forward to the content you are putting out there. And thank you.

P.S. Sassy I tried really hard but I know there are probably a few mistakes, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if I would have asked you to edit it NOW WOULD IT? :)

Inuyasha, during a moment of self-contemplation had figured out that there was something wrong with him. That he had missed a crucial development step during the years where his main objective in life was to survive until the next day. He had never fully learnt to fuse his brain and his heart and use them together to control his mouth. The “foot-in-mouth disease”, or whatever Kagome had said that humans in her era called it, had given him a lot of grief during his travels with her.  

“I don’t need some wimpy human to drag around.” Is what he had said when he when the Old hag had said they needed to work together. What he meant was, “It hurts to look at her.”

“See if I care it you get your ass killed!” Is what he had barked. When what he had meant was, “Don’t do anything stupid please.”

His mouth had shouted, “I don’t need anyone to protect me!” But his heart had whispered, “I’m lonely and I’m tired.”

Embarrassed he had screeched, “She’s just a jewel detector! Nothing more!” and his heart had told him, “No… She’s not…”

His heart and head had always been at odds when he used battle with his feelings for Kagome, and the infuriating part was that his brain had been the primary champion of his mouth.

When he had said, “You’re useless!” His heart had wanted to wrap her in his arms and say, “You are priceless.”

Seeing her with Koga had felt like screws drilling into his skull.

“He is a friend Inuyasha nothing more.” Kagome had always tried to be calm with him. Her patience constantly being challenged by his moods.

“Sure he is, go off and be with your dirty wolf boy. I don’t care!” His tone had been scathing and cruel. Meanwhile his heart was shouting louder than Kagome’s protests. It had screamed “I love you! I’m confused by all of these problems we have to face but I love you! I want you to be with me! Can’t you see that it hurts me when you let him touch you??!”

“Just tell me what happened between you and Kikyou!” Her bad mood had taken him aback.

“I told you stupid woman! All we did was talk!” He hadn’t figured out how to deal with her jealousy back then. His Brain had been all about fighting, and his had heart broke for her. What he had really wanted to say was, “How can you be so foolish? Can’t you see that my heart is already starting to move on? Why do you keep hurting yourself with these thoughts when I’m just trying to do right by Kikyo and by you!? I love you damnit!”

It would have been so simple if he had just told her how he felt back then. But sadly, Inuyasha couldn’t change the past.

“Papa, what are you thinking?” Shaking his head he looked down. His little girl managed to climb her way up the tree and sit in his lap, a task they both knew would stop her momma’s heart if she would have seen.

He took a deep inhale from the top of her head. Her little black ears wiggling from the sound.

“That I am glad, Mokiko. Glad that I know more now than I did when I was younger.” He said softly, wrapping his arm around the child. She snuggled in tighter against his chest.

“Papa, what do you know now that you didn’t?” Her fingers twisted strands of his hair making knots. The heavy fringe of her bangs fluttered across her forehead.

Placing a firm kiss to the side of her face he said, “It is important to say what you mean because second chances are rare gifts.”

She gave his words a few moments to sit in the air between them, “And what do you mean now Papa?”

“Inuyasha! Mokiko! Come down it’s time for dinner!” Kagome’s sing song voice floated up to them from below. Inuyasha scooped his daughter to his side and jumped down.

“I’ll show you.” He whispered in her fuzzy ears. 

Walking over to his wife, pup still in his arms he pulled Kagome in for a kiss.

Kagome gave him one of her radiant smiles, “Hi you two. What were you talking about?”

Mokiko gave her a giggling reply, “What Papa means!”

The miko gave her child a puzzled look and stared at her husband.

“Oh? And what does he mean?” She had directed her question to the pup but stared at Inuyasha’s very serious face.

He locked eyes with Kagome, his tone very tender, “That I love you. You are precious and brave and strong.” His free hand moved to the side of her face, “That my life has been forever changed by the grace of you and I would never change a single moment of my existence, not one second, if it meant I couldn’t be with you.”

Kagome’s eyes filled with joyful tears, Mikoki still held against her father’s side nodded vigorously in approval.

“That’s important. Isn’t it momma?” her tiny bell like voice chimed

Kagome grabbed Inuyasha’s hand, pulling them closer to their home. Smiles plastered to the family’s faces.

She nodded at her child, “Yes. Yes it is.”

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I love your headcanons, they're so cute and adorable and make me smile. Can you do Bluesey pregnancy? Or even with a baby or children but especially the pregnancy part because I saw many Bluesey with kids headcanons but barely anything about that. Thank you <3

Hello, anon! Thank you for your lovely words, I live for validation lol. I’m sorry it took so long for me to reply to this. School started back up for me and I’m a bit overwhelmed right now so to anyone else who sent me a prompt: I promise I will get to it at some point this week, but please be patient.
Anon, I would like to thank you for this amazing prompt. So, without further adieu, I give to you: Bluesey+ pregnancy
• blue and Gansey are in their mid to late twenties when blue gets pregnant
• it’s totally an accident. not planned At All.
• But blue is beyond thrilled when she finds out.
• I imagine blue trying to come up with a cute way to tell Gansey but everytime she goes to tell him it doesn’t feel like The Right Time or the moment isn’t Just Right but after a week or something she just goes “fuck it” and one night when they’re laying in bed nose to nose, right before Gansey drifts off to sleep, blue whispers “I’m pregnant”
• no response comes and blue dejectedly assumes that Gansey probably fell asleep (he didn’t) and then she starts to wonder if he’s in shock or panicking, but then this nerd starts crying
• gansey is lowkey sobbing and he keeps saying “I love you so much blue, I’m going to be the best dad there ever was, ohmigod there are cells inside of you that are growing into a person and you and I created it, this is amazing and unbelievable and i love you so much” and he’s giving her sloppy kisses and hugging her like he’s never letting go and he’s just so happy happy happy while blue is just like “jeez, gansey, calm down” but obviously she’s ecstatic to see him so enthusiastic about their baby
• blue wakes up the next morning and reaches for gansey but he isn’t in bed and when she goes to look for him she finds him on his computer looking at baby books and what you should and shouldn’t do while pregnant, etc.
• blue threatening to kill gansey when she gets morning sickness really bad
• “this is all your fault! Control your gansey next time, Dick! Or maybe I’ll just cut it off!” *vomits into the toilet and tries to smack gansey away when he goes to take care of her*
• but of course he does take care of her. He’s so soft with her. Kill me,,,, I can’t,,,,, the feels,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,, , ,
• gansey would be 1000% over-protective. you know this. i know this. we all know this.
• “blue! you shouldn’t be lifting heavy objects!”
• “fuck off gansey. I’m not even showing yet”
• when blue starts getting a belly!!!!!!!!!
• gansey just always wants to rest his hand on her little tummy because his “bABY IS IN THERE Blue can you believe it!!!!! We made this precious creature and it’s growing inside you and it’s ours, it’s ours!”
• ofc gansey talks to her tummy but blue only lets him talk about Glendower on rare occasion
• pregnant people crave weird stuff at weird times and gansey is very adamant about “if you suddenly want ice cream or nacho cheese or soft pretzels in the middle of the night, wake me up and we’ll go get it.”
• okay, so four months into the pregnancy blue wakes gansey up at one in the morning and of course he’s all like “Jane? Is everything alright are you hungry can I get you anything do you want some water?”
• and after he’s finished being the nerd that he is blue just says really softly “if it’s a girl, I want to name her Persephone” and gansey relaxes back into his pillow and tucks a strand of blue’s hair behind her ear and says “of course. I love that.”
• “and if it’s a boy….. I want to name him noah”
• “I love that too”
• “also, I really want spaghetti”
• gansey goes out and buys spaghetti
• blue making her own maternity clothes and gansey is still just so obsessed with putting his hands on her belly because it makes his heartache in the best way possible to see his love carrying their child
• the baby kicks for the first time while Gansey is out and blue calls him on the phone laughing hysterically because the baby just kicked!!!!! the baby!!!!!! just!!!!!! kicked!!!!!!
• gansey immediately drops everything and rushes home so he can feel his baby kicking and he legit starts sobbing when he feels it and blue can’t even handle him he’s just Too Much Sometimes
• okay, but when blue finally gets around to telling her mom about it after announcing the pregnancy to gansey, she shows up at fox way with a lil bit of nerves in her chest and takes Maura into the backyard to tell her she’s pregnant and then Calla’s voice comes through the open window saying “Jesus Christ. It sure took you long enough to tell us! We’ve known for weeks!”
• and blue just sort of huffs and mumbles something about psychic visions ruining surprises
• when they tell Adam and Ronan about it Ronan just goes “Ew”, Adam glares at him, and opal asks where babies come from but obviously Adam and Ronan are so thrilled for their friends and they’re super excited to “meet the little bastard. Emphasis on little because these are Maggot’s genes we’re talking about here”
• blue puts so much time and effort into the nursery
• likes it’s artsy af and absolutely adorable and homey and i guarantee you that at some point Gansey walks into the room while blue is sitting on the floor painting leaves on the floorboards and she has a smudge of paint on her cheek and the tips of her hair also have paint on them and she’s sitting there in this oversized white T-shirt with her belly showing and getting in the way a little bit and gansey just has to take her in his arms and kiss her because he’s so in love with her and she’s just too cute
• gansey totally flips out. From the moment blue told him she was pregnant he started reading pregnancy books like he used to read books about Glendower and he’s always telling blue every little thing he’s read and blue keeps telling him to Chill™
• but then at eight months it really hits blue that “holy shit, I’m having a baby. This is my first baby. I don’t know anything about taking care of a baby!” and so blue and Gansey spend the last month of the pregnancy screaming into the void and worrying that they’re going to screw up their child
• but then the baby comes along, a little baby boy named noah, and both of them are so happy and at ease and in love with each other and their newborn baby
• after blue delivers the baby gansey wants to hold it so bad and when he finally gets the little bundle of baby and blankets in his arms he just starts to weep and seeing gansey cry makes blue cry and then when everyone comes in to see the baby they start crying again and soon everyone is crying except Ronan is standing there rolling his eyes at his loser friends
• but then Ronan gets to hold his nephew and he starts tearing up
• “fuck off, Parrish. I’m not crying because I’m happy I’m crying because this baby is,,,,, so,,,,,, fucking ugly”
• it’s actually the cutest baby ever in existence
• “maggot, how the fuck did you get this thing out of your tiny body? It amazes me that you were able to produce another human when you’re practically child sized yourself”
• as soon as Adam has the baby in his arms he decides right then and there that he will be the coolest uncle and he will do anything for this child. Anythinggggg.
• I just imagine blue and Gansey spending so much time looking at their little baby as blue holds him in her arms and leans her head on Gansey’s shoulder and he just keeps alternating between kissing the top of her head and kissing their babies’ nose and cheeks and his ten tiny perfect fingers and ten tiny perfect toes
The thought of these nerds having a baby Destroys Me, okay. These two are too cute. This ship will legit be the death of me.

You look around the room, the avengers gathered around, looking like family more than ever. Some of you had gotten seats, and some of you sat on the floor. Most of you were wearing ugly christmas sweaters, but natasha refused and settled on a fo-fur santa hat. Bruce dug out all the gifts under the christmas tree, which was around 40 total. The whole tower was decked in christmas gear. You could tell tony took christmas very, very seriously. He probably spent thousands on all the lights. 

“Okay team! Ready to sort?” steve asks, placing the last gift on the floor. 

“Csap, this isn’t a mission.” clint scoffs.

“yeah, well. okay just kind your own gifts then!” Steve hisses back. 

“LET THE UNWRAPPING OF THE PRESENTS BEGIN!!!!”  Thor yells, diving for the gift pile. You laugh as everyone fights for their gifts. This happened every year, them not waiting and you or natasha staying behind, and just getting your gifts right after they finished. Sometimes you wondered if the earth’s mightest heroes were actually smart.


Renee gave me the idea to turn Frisk into a robot and Mettaton into a human when i desired to draw more Mettafrisk art because ive been hit for ideas and i went crazy with it

species swap?? lol
i imagine their personalities would swap too. (well Frisk normally doesnt really have one so im just going by how i normally characterize them, her in my case.)