Netflix is red. Tumblr is blue. I have no life because of you.


i realized that tumblr had an ask limit, and then i realized that no way would i be able to message you all, so i’m just going to write a general masterpost thing for helping me get to 100 followers. Ok, here we go *deep breath*

THANK YOU TO: lots-o-blogging-bear iambodyelectric the-running-chicken romanoscurl alienofthenight baeromy troyler-love123 sophie-abc cleannetworkla viniciochoses phanisnotonfire-lolzor evioletrb perfectisyourmiddlename margomangoes hannahhmorris gerardwayisafairyprincess streetwearnvintage therealsaltypretzel ourgossipyghoul criiimes admirall-rodcocker dnllmlln randomthingshappiness puggyzilla stfuannalise haveabiscutpotter astrologicalslut dont-click-on-this-blog in-pussy-we-trust dancer-from-hell astral-realm chirpacabra meghan-carey rocketthebunny potterkilljoy @ fandomsoverpeople totalactuality andie-z phillesteristoxic justsomegirlreading generouslyperfectavenue northernreserve carazelaya bittycins3 frantastico2ler locketfullofhowell zombieaquachick perks-of-being-a-fangirl-221 rakel90168 skyfullofphan blackicecreamaftermath fandoms-rule-my-life-2019 the-most-phan-i-ever-had phansunited4ever laceyharkness dancingbreakfastfood happylittlephancookie urmumisnotonfire troyespineapple whispersphan philcester mchowelley 365-days-of-feels zalfiesherlock dans-neck-exam whovianqueen all-the-stars-and-the-moons eliesehayes belinda-amy perksofbeingaspatula stfuimfangirling phan-you-feel-me (shout-out to you for giving me this idea!) anita-the-alien crazygirly12345 whatareyanuts dilly-howlter jessicamae08 beautifulspacekid fantasticbreadface annoyinglyimportantwerewolf hypeangel confrontedlies youtube-online theinternetgeneration cheriesvoid mglouise97 troyler2519 troyeswink maraglen charlie-the-dweeb  plaid-n-converse khakikhakieverywhere simply-memetastic invisabelity 0416ally and lastly, but not least: bemused-amused-confused 

i love you all, and stay strong.

*the further down the list, the longer you have been following me*