I don’t understand posts that are a bunch of slightly blurry tumblr screencaps with “THE BEST OF TUMBLR PART 39 OF 18347” at the bottom

yes?? I saw the original post on tumblr?? I’m glad you can take screenshots and make these ridiculously long posts for notes, but do I really need to scroll through it all?

Has this been done?


“Long, lingering pans over a woman’s body, like this one from Austin Powers [left], are usually used to place the viewer in the role of a character who is attracted to them. The way this shot is framed and edited tells us, ‘Oh, this must be our love interest.’” ~rantasmo


“The set of the ballroom was built. When you walked in, it was so magical and beautiful. It was this massive ballroom with no fake walls. There were over 2,000 lit candles, and all the chandeliers were handmade and brought in from Rome. There was a live orchestra playing all of the music. Branagh did something very unique, that he had Lily come down from the top of the stairs, we would meet in the middle and talk, and do one dance after another. We played it out as a piece of theater rather than stopping and starting. It made you get caught up in it and feel like you were in a fairy tale. It was extremely hard to maneuver around the dress, though. I periodically joke that there was three people in the relationship: me, Lily and the dress.”
- Richard Madden