I met my boyfriend of one year through League and a friend. We all would play together and goof around on Discord, and I actually had a crush on him before I met him since we all played with our mics so often. In 2015 on New Years, I finally got to meet him, and we started dating a month later. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. We have matching usernames, sometimes people think it’s cringey and others think it’s cute. He mains Jhin and I main Sona ❤

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My Sizecon Experience <3

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So Friday morning, I had to tell my family that I was going sightseeing with my friends in NY and I had to keep saying “my friends and I” continuously for them to be reassured. Little did they know is that I flew by myself to NY and met Shay at the airport lol the only one that knew was one of my cousins that’s a year older than me and obviously my mom, she probably has been keeping a close eye on me in heaven because she used to religiously watch crime shows and Law and Order SVU all the time lol. 

Y’all knew that my flight from Houston was delayed so I had a fucking long flight. I watched shows and I watched a movie and then finally we landed in Laguardia. Seeing NY out of the window of my seat was amazing, I’ve dreamed of going since I was young and I wish I had more time to actually really sightsee, but I was satisfied with this weekend. I arrived and met Shay, who was waiting for a while since they arrived early XD their flight was not delayed at all. We go to ground transportation and in my little silly mind, the day before I had booked a super shuttle to get us to the hotel despite not realizing they provided a free shuttle. Long story short, I got that taken care of and refunded and we got on the free shuttle. Only it wasn’t our shuttle. We get to the hotel and get to the front desk and the lady was like, “This is the Marriott hotel, Marriott Courtyard is down the street more”. I was like fuckkkkdj;lashgl;sahdg;sdhg. I was so impressed with Shay because they were so chill and calm but my Houston AND Mexican side was coming out and I was all sorts of frustrated. Thank god that we walked out of the hotel and a Courtyard Shuttle pulled up ironically. The guy even said, “This is your lucky day!” He took us to the right hotel and I tipped him a great amount and we checked in to the RIGHT hotel safe and sound. Got to our room and crashed on the bed. Then we sat up and we’re like holy fuck we’re starving. We ended up ordering from this Italian place that had gluten-free pasta for me and it was really good but………it made me so sick later that night. I was terrified I wasn’t going to be up for the con. So I tried taking as much medicine and trying to get as much out of me (so sorry lololol) as I could. 

After my tummy slowed down a bit, Veronica @jits-gt-trash-blog texted me saying that she was on the way to the hotel with stuff to set up. I offered to help and she was like holy shit yes please! So that night, Shay and I helped the Veronica and the volunteers of Sizecon and helped set up the area. I finally got to meet and hug Veronica, and like it’s like we’ve been besties for a long time?? She’s so chill, I swear. I met amazing people and some people that already knew me?! Like DJ who is Giant Gripper (who’s fucking hilarious btw, like he’s totally awesome), he was my very first commission and holy crap I am so thankful to him. I forgot to hug him omg D: I did get to hug his lovely girlfriend Adriana who is Chibiana, she is the sweetest, most adorable person ever. I met Ben the moderater for panels and let me tell you, he is by far amazing, professional, and wickedly funny. The con hadn’t even started and I was already having so much fun despite feeling like shit (literally lol). 

We said our goodbyes and headed to bed since we were already fucking beat and it was going to be an early morning. I passed out quickly (with bathroom runs in between whaaaaaaa).

Saturday, the start of the first day of Sizecon!

We woke up on time, got some breakfast (who fucking overpriced us), and then we got dressed in our matching shirts that said, “I’m with smol, I’m with tol”. It was cute. We go downstairs and get our badges and start heading to panels. We went to Size and Popular Culture first, which was real interesting. After that was the Ladie’s Panel that I was on. It was me, JulieKat (who is BustArtist’s wife), Chibiana, and Jessica @mythical-cupcake . Veronica was going to join but she got super busy. That panel was soooooo fun and I got to learn more about the other panelists and how no matter what, being a woman in this community, it’s very empowering and we hope to inspire. 

After that I met some people that recognized me???! I’m still in shock ommmggggg and then I met @mapsid and @xyiezjette who bought a commission from me and they are the cutest omgggg, Aim was dressed like a fairy and I applaud her because she looked so beautiful and the costume looked so good. <3

Then me and Shay walked around the Artist Alley and we got a lot of good shit that I already hung up (some nsfw ones I had to put up because I still live with family argh). I bought stuff from @anoka-kon and @mythical-cupcake which are my besties yooooooo, I got stuff from Veronica’s booth (which she brought other giant items to display and I’m like omg I am totally buying those soon), I bought prints from the lovely @bonkalore who is totally chill and amazing, I got a book from Minimizer himself!! and another book from this amazing guy named Syrus that writes a lot about SW work. I also bought a comic from Larry Philby (Giant Toby) and let me tell you, he’s the sweetest gentlemen.

Then was the relationships panel that had a lot of couples that included Veronica and her husband Sergio, BustArtist and his wife JulieKat, GiantGripper and his girfriend Chibiana, and Chris (his handle name escapes me but he’s mostly on coiled fist) and his husband Carey. They talked about their experiences and the key word that rung in my head: communication. It was very enlightening and I totally enjoyed that panel, it was so cute.

After that, we went to another panel that I volunteered to be in, which was about Giant Men. It was actually the only panel with a lot of panelists lol it was me, DJ, Larry, Anoka, Veronica, Dylan (non-verge, who is amazing and I’m glad I got to finally meet him, he’s a really good friend), and Giant Dan (who is pretty cool and chill, I didn’t get to personally meet him and I got to talk to him on the panel and he’s so coooooool). That was panel so fun and we had a lot of input from the audience. 

After that finished, I had some people come up to me (which is still so amazing and makes my heart flutter because I’m like holy crap ppl like me???) and this guy sympathized with me because I had mentioned about my mom and he had lost his mom too. I gave him my condolences and thanked him. And then I met The Reducer, who’s mostly on SW Realm, and he’s so sweet! I’m glad I got to meet him!  

Then Shay and I went upstairs for lunch and ordered from a Mexican restaurant. While we were waiting, I had the talk and communicated like I had heard in the relationships panel. We are still friends, Shay is still my best friend, and it was mutual. I just…I’m still grieving and I’m still messed up. I need to focus on how broken I am. Sooooo we both cried and ate our food together, which btw Shay still does not like avocado lol 

Suddenly I got a call from Veronica to come downstairs. I went to go and found out I had another person that ordered a VIP ticket for me and wanted a commission. I was happy and surprised that another person liked my work. So I sat down with and asked what he had wanted and asked for his information. Then my face dropped. He asked for everything I wasn’t comfortable with and everything I had said on the website I will not do. Since I was caught off guard and I had all sorts emotions going through me, I agreed to it. He walked off and then I went to talk to Anoka and Jessica and my new friend Robyn @goddess-rei about it. They said I needed to reject it and tell Bryan and contact the person. Long story short, everything has been taken care of and I’m just a weenie. 

Later that night, Shay and I met Joe, who is @captainrand and HE IS AMAZING WITH COLLAGING AND PHOTOSHOP AND HOLY SHIT WOW it was great to finally meet him because I’ve talked to him in the slack volunteer group before. Anyways, he had made a green screen video of Robyn growing on Earth and woweee it was like a real life thing. I was so interested so I was like, “Hey Joe, do you do shrinking?” and he’s like “Yeah!” and Shay and Robyn jumped in and were like shrink Vickiiiiii and I was blushing mad. So I get up to the green screen and then Veronica came by, so long story short, Joe made a video of me and Veronica shirinking and holding giant items, her holding a giant spoon and me holding her giant crayon lol it looked soooo amazing omg.

Shay and I enjoyed the night at the con meeting new people that had so many same interests and the sense of community was amazing there. So Robyn was planning to sleep in the hotel lobby but I was like wtf no we have a pull out bed in our room. So we had a sleepover with our new friend ^^

Next day of Sizecon and we lazily get out of bed lol

We pack our bags because we have to check out and our flights are at 5 pm. We took our bags down to the con and Anoka and Jess let us put our bags behind their booths and then we hurried to the last panel we wanted to go to which was the Vore panel. Which I volunteered to be on ehehhehe

It was me, Veronica, Larry, @hypeishimaru (WHO IS AWESOME AND HIS WORK IS AMAZING AND FUCK I DIDN’T KNOW HE LIVED SO CLOSE TO ME LOL), @saftkeur (who is the sweetest person ever and fucking amazing and I’ve loved their work for a long time), and Kreeyz (who came all the way from France and he is absolutely adorable and sweet and I love his work tooooooo). We all talked about our love of vore and I represented the soft/safe vore side. I thoroughly enjoyed that panel. I even got to talk to @misskaneda !!! <3

After that, I bought a commission of @hypeishimaru because yasssssss lol and bought a print of @saftkeur and then Shay and I hung out behind the booth with Anoka and Jess. We were totally crazy omg, we were drawing, dancing, singing oh lawd, then we ordered food and I ordered more of that Mexican food I fell in love with. Then I got two more commissions??! Holy crap, I’m honored and I am still in shock. So freaking thankful.

Just being there, it was like I belong there. I was home. 

However, it was time for Shay and I to head to the airport so we had to say our goodbyes. Sweet welcoming and goodbyes, I cry every time I think about it. I’m glad I met everyone. We head to the airport and Shay and I said our goodbyes and we headed out to our destinations. 

I’m back in Houston and it’s still reeling in my head. 

I am so grateful for this community and the friends I have made. I love y’all so much. I hope to help more in the planning process so we can make a next year’s Sizecon! <3

Walker Stalker Convention San Francisco

“I got to meet Norman Reedus today at Walker Stalker Con in San Francisco!! I also got to show him my Daryl Dixon drawing & he told me I was very talented & absolutely loved it! It was such a blessing & I’m still starstruck that I got to finally meet him. He’s such a sweetheart​ & a really awesome guy!”

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Happy Birthday to my first celebrity love ❤️ David Duchovny’s picture hung above my bed, and adorned my walls, notebooks, and pillowcase for a solid decade (and my brain for much longer), and after a solid 20 years of pining, I finally got to meet him last summer (I cried, natch.)

Also got to meet him at a book reading and signing he did later that same summer, but the guy who took my picture did a less than stellar job with the focus 😒

In any event, a dream come true, a check off the bucket list. Now, to complete my list of my top 5:

  1. David Duchovny
  2. Martin Freeman
  3. Benedict Cumberbatch
  4. Michael C. Hall
  5. and yes, Barack Obama

My boy thoughhhhh….. oh mannnn my boyyyy.

I finally got to meet him after 5+ years and …. yeah I fucjinn have been up since 7 yesterday hanging with him it made my enttiiire life tbh.
He was soooo damn fun, just like he literally always is like except it was in PERSON it changed my life wow. I’m like drunk rn bc i’m sleep deprived hahadh im gonna sleep finally but… god yeah…. i love him so much wtf he is my best friend.
I was so emotional to even leave I was hugging him so tight oh my god. AND LIKE IM DUMB BC WE GON BE TALKIN AGAIN IN A FEW HOURS OR SO.

Don’t give up on meeting your online friends, kids. If you know you can trust them (no red flags bc be careful) then you damn well go for it when you can ok.


So me and this guy started talking over 4 years ago online. We hit it off right away and have been best friends ever since. We have laughed together, cried together, fought together, stayed up until 5am together. We’ve had countless texts, hundreds of hours on the phone, and stayed up late many nights on Skype. We’ve been there for each other through our lives doing somersaults and back flips. 

This week I finally got to meet him face to face. He pulled into the driveway, I walked outside, and hugged my best friend for the first time in over 4 years. His first reaction was to whisper “Are you real?” and mine was to try not to cry. We spent the next 4 days going on adventures together and trying to do all the things we never got to do. We went to the movies, went out to eat, toured DC, went to an aquarium, went to a beach, and got into numerous poke wars. These were all things we never thought we’d get to do together.The entire time I was poking him, resting a hand on him, or hugging him to make sure he was really there. 

It was an amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade this kid for the world.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your internet friends can’t really be friends if you never met. I wouldn’t be standing here today without this guy texting me and telling me everything was going to be okay. If he wasn’t being my little cheer leader from halfway across the country, I wouldn’t be half of who I am today. I’d honestly be lost without this boy. 

It may have taken over 4 years to meet in person, but damn it was worth the wait. 

I can’t wait to hang out with this goof ball again and attempt to annoy the living hell out of him. After all, that’s what friends are for right? 


So, this past Sunday, I got to see the great I Am Big Bird at the Museum of Moving Image. Caroll was there with Oscar and did a meet-and-greet before the screening.

Oscar’s always been my favorite, so I finally got to meet him and get a photo. Caroll also made this drawing for me (I was getting something separate signed and he just started doing this on the cardboard that came with it).

I would like to tell you guys a little story. Awhile ago I was feeling really depressed for awhile (more than usual), then a friend of mine Brandon down in Florida sent me this video of one of my favorite voice actors Rob Paulsen talking about how much he loved my work. Turns out Brandon printed out some of my web comics and showed them to Rob. When I first saw this video I was amazed. I couldn’t believe that Rob Paulsen one of the most successful voice actors in animation not only took the time to check out my artwork but also had such positive things to say about it. It made me the happiest I’ve been in awhile.

A few months ago Brandon told me that Rob Paulsen was going to make another convention appearance near him and asked if I wanted to send him anything. So I quickly drew a group shot of several of Rob’s characters and sent it to Brad, who later printed out two copies of it (one for Rob to keep and one for him to autograph). As you can imagine I was very happy when the autographed drawing arrived at my house. The autographed drawing is now framed and standing on top of my small bookshelf.

Recently I finally got to meet him and tell him how much that video has meant to me when he came to Awesome Con in 2015.

Rob Paulsen, thank you so much for the work you do and the dedication and love you show to your fans. It has meant the world to me and has probably meant the world to several others as well.

I still often watch this video when I feel a bit sad, and I suddenly remember “Rob Paulsen likes me.” I have Yakko Warner, Pinky, and two of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on my side, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Once again, thank you Rob Paulsen.

If I ever get my own animated show you’ll be the first person I call.


Also got him to sign one of my Animaniacs DVDs.


This is the drawing that I gave to Little Kuriboh at Kami-Con. I had to purchase a notepad at the hotel gift shop and sketch it out in one night, but it was super worth it! I gave him the physical copy but kept a photo of it so I could color it digitally. Pretty proud of how it came out, considering I haven’t drawn Marik since I was probably 15??

Anyway LK was very gracious about receiving it and even asked me to autograph it (cuz i’m a big dummy and forgot to sign it) X3 He is such a sweet and genuine man and I’m super happy I finally got to meet him after all these years of silently cheering him on from behind my computer monitor.

Look at me and Jacob😭. I finally got the chance to meet him and it was the best experience ever. People keep asking me why I support Jacob. It’s because he helped me through a lot in my past. I fucking hated myself. But Jacob made me feel so comfortable with myself and made me feel special. He such a caring and loving person. He gives the best hugs ever I swear! I fucking love you Jacob ❤️

dana2249: Story time! I’ve been a huge fan of @darrencriss for six years now, but despite all the concerts, Starkid tours, Broadway shows, and LeakyCon almost-run-ins, I never actually met the guy. Turns out Hedwig has been rehearsing in my school, and I finally caught Darren on Monday when he was on his way back after their lunch break. He stopped to talk to us and he was super sweet. Since I’ve been following him for so long, it felt like seeing an old friend, even though we were talking for the first time. 2011 Dana would be #dead right now, but 2016 Dana is very grateful for the positive impact he’s had on my life these past several years, and I’m so glad I finally got to meet him. ☺️


Ultimate Storytime Review

I think the first word that comes to mind is “spectacular”. I can truly say that this show is like no other you have seen before. It is engaging, hilarious, exciting, and most of all, uplifting. The entire cast is talented beyond belief, and the music will most definitely brighten up any day. It is obvious that the cast has put their hearts and souls into the show, and I can’t thank them enough for sharing it with us. It was so refreshing to see a show with such a positive message, one I’m grateful the show is promoting. 

Meeting Thomas was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time, and I really appreciate all the time he took to meet and have genuine conversations with everyone there. He gives amazing hugs, and was nicer and more amiable than I had ever expected. I gave him a physical DVD copy of the one million subscriber milestone video I made (Thomas if you read this it will only work on a laptop), and I was overjoyed by how thankful he was for it. I’m extremely happy and thankful I finally got to meet him. I could tell that he genuinely enjoyed and was grateful for all of the people at the venue tonight, and that makes me very happy to see.

A big thank you to the cast and crew for tonight’s performance, it was beyond spectacular. I highly encourage everyone to go see the show if they haven’t yet! 


The Big Bad Hedwig Post ( round 3) May 22,2015

So last night i got to see Darren as Hedwig for the 2nd time, I also saw opening night. I’m going to put most of this under the cut( no spoilers visible!), but a few things to mention first:

1. I’m a queer trans man. I’ve adored hedwig for almost a decade, and it’s influenced my life in so many important ways. I’ve been a fan of Darren going on 7 years, the same can be said for him.

2. My seat last night was AA108( if you don’t know what that means, it’s covered in the spoilery section). For the record: I did not specifically try to get this seat. I specifically tried to get front row, and this happened to be the one that was open on a night I could go. 

3. If I had to explain Hedwig in one sentence it would be this: An exploration of the intersection of power, gender/sexuality,agency; and there effect on the cycle of abuse.


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