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Addition the the jasper teacher au. I agreed to kiss you if all my entire home room got 100 on their finals. Guess who's class has been meeting after school at the library for the past two weeks.

Three years of teaching, of trying to get students engaged in learning. He’s made deals, offered rewards, promised donuts and pizza but that’s all been a drop in the bucket compared to this. When Sarah had come to him with the offer his first reaction had been to say no, to tell her that it was out of line for her to even ask him. The reason he got into teaching though was to help kids, to get them involved in the world and learn from the past so they could have better futures. So he humors her, and the rest of the class, by taking the deal on one condition. Instead of the average grade for Sarah’s class being an A, the average for all six of his classes has to be an A.

At the time it had seemed like a good idea, his students would do better on their midterms, grading would be a heck of a lot easier, and even if every student managed an A he’d have an excuse to finally ask her out. Now, looking out over thirty-four students with their heads hunched over their exams, he’s not sure it was such a good idea. Three classes worth of tests have been graded and he’s used surprisingly little ink. Not only is the average an A, it’s a high A and from what he can tell by glancing at the fourth set of tests it’s going to stay that way.

Jason takes a look at the clock, less than ten minutes left before the class ends and the final batch of tests are turned in. The shuffling of papers and scrape of a chair sliding back sounds over the constant drone of pencils scratching against paper. Jason watches Sarah walk proudly to his desk, test held with ease and chin up.

“Here you go Mr. Grace,” she half whispers as she hands him her test.

“Thank you Sarah.” Jason takes the test, scanning the first few questions.

Every key phrase or buzzword he could possibly look for is crammed into the block of neat handwriting under each question.

“So how are the tests looking?” Sarah asks, voice filled with not so innocent curiosity.

“Like…” Jason lets out a deep breath. “Like I’m going to need to buy some new date clothes,” he admits.

“I think she likes it when you wear grey,” Sarah says quickly. “And promise you’ll take her somewhere nice.”

Jason has no idea what to say to his sixteen year old student that’s giving him dating advice.

“Well you guys definitely deserve it,” he says shuffling through his stack of papers. “How did you guys manage to pull this off?”

“We’ve been having study sessions in the library, people’s houses, some of the other teachers have even been helping us,” Sarah says easily.

“Other- other teachers? Who all knows about this?”

“Don’t worry Mr. Grace, I heard that Principal Chase gave it the okay,” Sarah says cheerily.

Another student shuffles up to hand in their test and Sarah gives him a big smile, then dashes out the door.

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‘Band Ashton’ PART 3

requested by anonymous

Camp Counsellor Ashton

part 1:  after camp ended, I dived head first into living with Ashton and preparing to go on tour with his band

part 2:  after meeting Ashton as a camp counsellor and then joining him on tour, we finally got to spend some time alone together

summary: everything backfired - fans saw us on the beach, my family were forgetting about me and I didn’t know what to do, but Ashton was still there

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Would you rather have known Niall during X Factor but not had sex with him until this year or meet him this year and start having sex but you missed out on knowing him those few years?

oh god, def the first one. gimme all that pining bc I pined for two straight years for my first love and when I finally got that boy….let me tell you holy shitttt

What if Louis had gotten through on his first or second x factor audition and he didn’t get to meet Harry or be in one direction? It’s like fate was trying to tell him to WAIT, because Harry wasn’t old enough to enter yet, and the damn stubborn kid kept trying, until finally the moment came. At first he probably got so frustrated that he didn’t get through and almost gave up but he had to try one last time and when it finally happened he began to understand that this is the reason why. This was his fate all along. To meet his soulmate and travel the world with his best friends. I bet when he met Harry he thought to himself “thank god I didn’t get selected last year”.


This is at the signing today!

Mark was really silly and sweet, and I was so happy to finally meet him in person! Happy birthday, Mark! Since time was so short, I wrote a letter

Jack instantly remembered my name and face, saying how nice it was to see me again, which I was happy enough to see him again! I hope we can meet again someday, Jack! You’re so sweet and awesome!

Wade also recognized my face as we were taking a selfie. I hate how many people give him crap, cuz he really is a cool person!

Bob was also cool, and asked how we got his camcorder (since he uses the same model we have). He was also so awesome!

Tyler was already gone, but I was happy enough to see him Friday, that I was ok with that.

I am so happy to have met all these amazing guys! I hope I can see them again!

So how was the con, you ask?..

It wasn’t worth the eight over drive, through two states, unable to sleep all night in the car before the con, $200+ down the drain, just to get there and signings be closed because there were too many people. I didn’t get to meet JackSepticEye. And basically, I cried on the way home. Months of anticipation for nothing. Absolutely nothing. I mean sure, I got to put the framed photo and the letter in the box that’s gonna be shipped to him, but I wanted to give it to him in person and hug him and finally get to meet him.. And it kills me inside that I was so close but still didn’t get to.

Plus, Indy PopCon was small, over talked, and the only decent thing about going was seeing them in person, the fact he’ll get the picture and the letter, and getting to meet Shondo Blades. Not a single person recognized my America Chavez cosplay. Perfectly good jacket and weeks of painting down the drain..

I’m never going to Indy PopCon again. Even if JackSepticEye will be there, because knowing my luck, the same thing is gonna happen again. I just wish he could try going to Planet Comicon in Kansas City so I actually have a decent chance..


Hey Taylor, it’s Kim! I just wanted to let you know that I will be at both Gillette shows on July 24th and 25th. My sister and I won the Keds Sweepstakes for the 24th (we are just waiting for them to finalize all the paperwork), so we don’t know exactly where we are going to be sitting yet. It was also originally a meet and greet, but got changed to a backstage tour, so maybe we will see you backstage? My other sister and best friend will also be there in the club seats. As you know, I am taking my brother, David, to the other night. You liked my posts of the card I made to surprise him with the tickets and the video of him reading the card. You also replied saying, “His laugh in the video is the cutest sound EVER!! So adorable. CAN’T WAIT FOR TOUR.” You have also liked a couple videos of him singing and replied to one saying, “I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I really really do.” My brother is going to be wearing a shirt with both of these replies on it (you liked the picture of the shirt a few months ago). I am still trying to find tickets for us, since the ones I originally had were for the first night. This will be David’s first concert ever. He is SO excited and CAN’T WAIT FOR TOUR. SEE YOU IN LESS THAN A MONTH!! taylorswift

Confession:  I can only speak for myself but the best way I can describe Bianca is….Disappointing. We’ve had this big mystery girl who Varric loves and ultimately has been the reason so far why we can’t romance him (¬____¬) and we finally meet her and this is what we got? Come on Bioware. She was so bland and boring and I was actually looking forward to finally meeting her and it was very underwhelming.

Since the HIMYM finale topic surfaced again, I have to post about what I’ve mulled over for more than a year about it.

The whole point of this, is that if you sat through this show, you want the best for Ted. You watch the show knowing, Ted goes through all this shit, but it’ll be all worth it in the end because he will meet the love of his life and finally be happy. So you sit through Ted dating the wrong girls, making the wrong choices. And after a while, you probably got sick of his bullshit and him chasing after Robin who was clearly not the mother, as it was made clear time and time again. So I don’t understand how anyone would want Ted and Robin to be together in the end. Because after they date the first time, you just want Ted to move on and meet the one, you don’t want watch Ted to keep being tied up on the wrong girl sEASON AFTER SEASON. From the audience’s standpoint, the mother was supposed to be the endgame. To suggest anything other than that just seems to go on a whole other path that the show was taking (which is why the finale felt like such a betrayal). Because the whole point of the show is for Ted to grow and learn from his mistakes, until he finally meets the mother. 

So idk what show people who liked the finale were watching, but it definitely wasn’t the same show I watched.


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

I finally got to meet Damon after trying and failing for almost 3 years. My best friend and I waited in the line for the Warped YouTubers tent for 3 hours. I was fine while meeting the other YouTubers, but once I approached Damon Fizzy I started pretty much sobbing because he’s made such a big impact in my life. I gave him the letter that I wrote for him, told him my story, and thanked him for helping me through my troubles, even though it was indirect. I kept crying and thanking him and he kept hugging me and telling me that he loves me. He’s so sweet and caring, the almost three year wait was definitely worth it!

Today is a good day...

I managed to lie in for what felt like forever, and now all I’ve got planned for the day is spending time with my beautiful girlfriend. Oh, and my idol is coming to see Wicked tonight. Norbert Leo Butz will be gracing the Gershwin with his presence and I am more than ready to finally meet him.

It off, its finally off!!

Got my cast removed today, I kind of feel like one of those guys who get put on house arrest. I think my leg shrunk in size though, can that happen? can one leg be smaller than the other one now? It also smelled really bad but now I can scratch it without using a hanger or a straw or something.

Also Happy Father’s day to anyone whose a dad. I always wish I actually got to meet mine so I could tell him.


This is Shane. I had the honor of taking him on an adventure today. Prior to our meeting, I had only heard of him through friends and seen photos of him on social media. It wasn’t until today that I finally got to talk to him. He’s a very realistic person who tends to be blunt. But his blatantly honest way of going about his day is so refreshing. He talked about what he aspires to be like and reflected on how far he’s come. It’s amazing to see someone who is so driven and determined to succeed. His view on life and what he wants out of it is a new perspective and one worthy of a good listen.


All CG belongs to Voltage.inc

[Disclaimer: Translated from my cracking Japanese, and please credits.]

My sweet bodyguard for Mobage


イベント: 最高のハネムーン~2人で過ごす愛しい時間With昴、そら、黒澤(The best honeymoon ~Spending loving time together~ with Subaru, Sora and Kurosawa)


Hirosue Sora

『 天国のあなたへ 』

『To you in the heaven』

「 オレ、絶対この子を幸せにするって誓います! 」

「I swear that I will make she happy!」

» My sweet Bodyguard CG Master Post «

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MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

in 2013 my mom took me to rock on the range to see my favorite band, black veil brides. before I saw them I liked them for a little over 2 years. When I finally got to see them it meant the world to me. I’m so grateful my mom took me. After their set they had a meet and greet. Sadly, Jinx wasn’t able to make it to their set/meet and greet. I waited in like for about 30 minutes before they had to leave. I was the next person to go see them but it ended. so I went to the side where only a couple other girls were and yelled “Andy” he looked over and walked towards us. I asked him for a hug and he said he couldn’t but he could give me a hand hug. then all the girls asked for one. I was pushed away and didn’t get one. so I waited for them all to leave and I went behind the meet and greet tent and waited at the fence for them to come out of their bus. they eventually came out. Andy had a monster can and opened it and sprayed it all over Ashley. he then threw it down and they went back in the bus. I was crying because I couldn’t talk to them so my mom asked the security guard to get the monster can. he did and gave it to me. I didn’t really meet them but it was a great experience.

Draxler Fanbook Project 2014/2015

June 28, 2015:

I am more than happy to tell you guys that Julian finally recheived the selfmade and handwritten fanbook we made for him. It’s been over 1 year since I asked you guys for your help: The idea was to create a fanbook for Julian, filled with letters from fans across the world. To give you guys the chance in sharing your personal words and moments with Julian. 

After months and months of patience, the one and another disappointment it finally happened and he got his present today. I got the chance to meet him for a few minutes and gave him the book. Thank you for your help. Thanks for making this happen. Love, Anne

MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

Back in February, at the Austin Jones concert in Cleveland, I met my favorite youtuber. Kyle David Hall☺️ he’s my favorite because I’ve always looked up to him and he’s taught me to always be myself. His videos have always made me smile, and I’m so glad he’s in MDE ^~^ it meant a lot to me that I finally got to meet him. It was definitely one of the best days for me! He was so nice to me, I was so nervous to talk to him though. I didn’t get much time to talk to him when I met him so hopefully I’ll be able to meet him again and actually talk to him and hug him.  But yeah that’s kinda my story about meeting my favorite youtuber :))

Kisses in the Library

could I have anything, it doesn’t matter what, with Draco? Third (almost fourth) year muggle born Hufflepuff. Thanks! xX

Everyone was sitting like they were in a trance during Divination class. The smell and heaviness of the air was pulling us down, making us almost fall asleep. I was staring out the window, daydreaming about what I would do when I finally got out of class. Suddenly, a paper crane flew and landed gracefully next to me. I looked up to see who it was, and saw that it was my best friend, Draco. He was grinning stupidly from ear to ear, a smile that he only showed me. 

I opened the crane to find his tiny handwriting inside, and it read:

“Let’s meet at the library with Cedric after classes are over.”

Smiling, I nodded to him in agreement and we both slipped back into a drowsy trance.

Finally, I finished all my classes and I was walking, almost skipping to the library with Draco jogging to keep up with me. 

“Y/n… what’s… gotten… you…into… such… a ….good … mood?” Draco panted. I giggled and replied, “Oh, well it can’t be the fact that its’s a beautiful day outside, classes are done for the entire weekend, and the fact that I’m spending the rest of the day with my best friends?” 

We rushed to the library and rushed in to sit down. Cedric Diggory came to join us. Draco grinned at him because thankfully, he got along just fine with Cedric. They exchanged mischievous glances that worried me. I tried to ignore them and started on my paper. 

Almost as soon as I looked down, Cedric tugged on my sleeve and asked me, 

“Y/n, could you get me a book about Magical Creatures? I need it for class.”

Wanting to be a help, (as most Hufflepuffs do), I nodded happily and got up to go fetch his book. 

Walking in between the shelves and scanning for the right book, I didn’t even notice that Draco was trailing behind me until I almost fell over when he accidentally stepped on my shoes. Draco lunged out and wrapped his arm around me to stop me from falling, and I squeaked in surprise. 

“How long have you been following me?” I gasped.

“For quite a long time, now.” Draco smirked. Pushing him away playfully, I found the book Cedric needed and turned to walk back to our table. Draco grabbed my robe and pulled me back to look at him. His face was uncomfortably close to mine, and I squirmed, squealing, “Draco! I need to get back to Cedric!” Draco didn’t let me go, of course, and instead pinned me back to one of the shelves. 

“I think Cedric’s book can wait.” He purred, and to my bewilderment, pressed his lips hard to mine. This was a complete shock because, well, I was a muggleborn Hufflepuff, and people thought it was strange that he even decided to be my best friend. I stood with my eyes wide open in shock at first, but then thought, “Eh, why not?” and kissed him straight back. 

We remained like this, kissing against the library shelf for a while, until we heard Cedric snicker, “Y/n, are you going to give me that book, or keep pressing it between you and Draco?” 

We pulled apart in surprise, and I yelped as I dropped the heavy book on my foot. Laughing, Draco picked up the book and threw his arm around me, whispering in my ear, “Let’s go back to our table, girlfriend.” 

All I could do was blush and peck him on his cheek as we trailed behind Cedric, back to our table.