In Through the Bunny Hole

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by Alpha_Sourwolf

“Pay up.” he says. Jackson sighs and gives Liam the 20 bucks he promised if ‘Sterek’ got together today. All the boys leave the wolf and the human by themselves. All the boys silent, except Liam, who starts to sing 'All I Do Is Win’ by DJ Khaled to Jackson.
“20 bucks they’ll tell us at the next pack meeting.” Jackson says, holding out his hand to the bragging beta.
“You’re on.”


Scott McCall and Allison Argent are finally getting married! What could possibly go wrong? Nothing, except that no one knows how to tie a tie. Except Stiles. Everyone asks him, but one lone alpha. That’s right, Derek Hale.

Words: 1248, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Iyqwrz

Hi everyone, I’m Zuzia and If you reading this - you are on my „My Garrix Experience” page. I’m gonnan tell you guys my last MG story, but that one is really hard to tell without emotions.

Like 8 months ago I bought my first Ultra Europe ticket. I dreamed about Ultra like 2 years and it finally happend. Then such a crazy thought came into my mind. Maybe its a good place to finally meet Martin and show my what I’ve done, show him „My Garrix Experience” project.  And I started to think. 

About 1-2 months before Ultra I tried to contact him, but mostly his management. I emailed like 8 people from Martin agencies, his managers from Europe and U.S. I got one email back. From such a lovely women from ACE Agency. I told her (same as everyone) my story, last one (link is here), about my project, how I travel all around Europe just to see him. She told me back that she is very impressed what I am doing and I got information that Martin after Ultra set is going to Serbia but she send this email to his mgmt and we will see if they can help me with that. Later she gave me an email to two Martin’s managers, and of course I send an email - I have no message back.

And July finally came. I tried to contact new people but well - no result. I was 26 hours in bus to get to Croatia for Ultra. When I finally get there I tried to send another email to the same women with a question if maybe she know something new, something is possible. She answer - she emailed mgmt again, she hope that we will be in touch now.

(The names are not important, I dont want anyone to know, because it doesn’t matter. You should know that was a women and a man)

It was night, together with my friend went out for a walk. That was so magical, we was on a beach, we was listening to Martin’s music, talk about him, dreaming about meeting, I told her about „My Garrix Experience”. Such a great moment to got email from Martin’s mgmt - they gave me and my friend VIP ticket for Ultra. That was a moment I will never forget. We started to cry because of all happiness.

Beautiful moment, the best I had this summer.

But everything started to fucked up. I send an email to “the women” with big thanks, and asked about meeting, she told me to ask “the man” but well he didn’t answer. But well…. she told me that he’s doing his best to fix this short meet and great but they can’t promise anything because Marty has a very tight schedule in Croatia.

But I got another email - from different person. I emailed her my story few days before and … till now I don’t get this message. She told me that she “heard that meeting is arranged already, and she bet I can write a good story out of it” I think this email hurt me the most. Anyway

Well I still have a hope but no real information, and that was the worst thing

And this big day came… Ultra day 2. Before I got my ticket I was crying like 3 times because I can’t find place to take them, but when I finally did it - I was more depressed because I didnt know what about meeting. „The women” told me to call „the man” from mgmt and I did it, more than 1 hour to his set.

I called, he heard me, I told him everything, but he didn’t hear me back. He told me to text him, so …. I did it.

20 minutes, 30 minutes … 55 minutes- no answer. And Martin’s set started. I was crying with a phone with my hand whole set. I had a very good time, but I was sick, sad, uninformed and looking at him on stage when you know after 1,5h he’s leaving the venue. Damn that hurt.

Well, nothing happend. He finished his set (left the stage and took photo with fans…) and everything was done. I was looking for him, for someone from his team but yea - was over.

And that is the moment, my favourite. Last week I turned on my IMessages ( I have an Iphone, but when I was in Croatia I just turned it off becuase I have no internet so I dont need IMessages) and you know what? After 3 weeks I got a text back, from „the man”.

He send me a text back, and said that mgmt allowed him only to give us a ticket, never got approval for meeting. But he text….. „let me see if I can do something”  

If I send him a message back maybe he could really do something. I just asked for one moment, a minute with Martin, a photo and few words. I fucked up. Totally. I’m more depressed than ever because it’s all my fault. I turned it off, I didn’t got the message.

Well, I really want Martin to read this, I want him to read whole stories I posted on my page. I want him to see how amazing fans he has, they remember every moment with him, and that’s the most important moment in their lives. They remember this good memories and this worst also, but they never give up. Like me.

That was my 3rd story. They said - 3 times lucky. Maybe in my case is - 3 times unlucky, and next time will be this very lucky time? Who knows.

I know one thing, I’m gonna try one more time - at ADE. I’m going to see Martin at his own show, 15th of October and the next day at AMF.

I’ll do everything to meet him. That’s my last chance, I love him so much and I have a big thing for him. Hope dies last.


I wanted to try out the video on my phone. Apparently, I accidentally held it sideways. Not that you can really tell. Anyhoo, meet Clyde and That-stray-screaming-kitten-we-adopted-and-haven’t-named-yet. Finally got him used to us, so now he wants to be petted every time we step outside.


Okay so I just had dinner with Jordan and Erin. For 2 and a half hours. When he got there he said “Wow it’s so nice to finally meet you in person, I really appreciate and thank you for all that you do for me.” Basically I was speechless. Erin really helped break the ice in conversation.

When I gave him the binder, he was utterly speechless. “I don’t deserve something like this… Thank you. So much.” He kept thanking me about it throughout the dinner, and I kept reminding him that it was the least that I could do. Afterwards, he insisted on hugging me and he took photos with me. He told me what a great job I did modding and all that.

After that, he walked with me back to my hotel. It was the greatest experience in my life. Jordan Maron, the man I’ve watched and fangirled over, took two and a half hours out of his day to see me. 

Thank you so much aureylianmc for making this possible and for being there so I could meet you. I had such a good time.



My gift of 5K on my first meet with V to prove that he is real..even though I never asked for it. He said there were no strings attached at all (sex or no sex) and gave it to me at the beginning of the meet..when I went to the bathroom later and opened the envelope haha I was shocked since I was hoping maybe for 500$ or 1K max but never that much!! He is real and not salt at all..well having his own plane was also a good clue ;) Now I just got to see him again and finally get my first official allowance!! He is only available for a meeting once or twice a month unfortunately though..guess that just means I get to have another SD :P

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I got to meet SayWeCanFly at warped in Houston, Texas and he was so nice. I loved meeting him and he signed things for me. I was an awkward mess but I got to finally see him play some of my favorite songs.

So I finally got to see Darren in Hedwig and the Angry Inch and finally got to meet him which was one of my life goals so I’m ridiculously happy right now.

The show was fucking amazing. Darren was absolutely incredible as Hedwig. His acting and improv were so so good. And of course his singing as always. I’m so proud of him because he did such an amazing job. I was completely blown away even though I was expecting him to be amazing.

Then we waited for about 2 hours after the show, and it was fucking HOT. plus everyone was crowded together so yeah not the best time. But it was all worth it when Darren came out and signed my program and I got to meet him! He was such a sweetheart. He must have been so tired after the show, but he stayed to sign every persons playbill that was waiting there, and there were a lot of us. He is so dedicated to his fans, and this just made me love him even more.

This video is the only one I got before my phone died. It was when he first came over to our side after finishing signing stuff on the other side.

Code Red

I couldn’t help myself after watching Kyungsoo’s stellar performance on I Remember You. Last week you all got a preview of prisoner!soo, but today he makes his formal introduction! Enjoy. :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Taking a deep breath, you stepped into the hard-wired prison, the clicks of your heels on the glossy linoleum tile echoing down the hall. Various workers spared you nods and slight smiles, welcoming the new rookie profiler who was garnering attention in the legal system. Pushing open the bulletproof glass doors to the headquarters, you asked for the warden and soon met with him in his office.

“Miss _____, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

“Likewise, sir,” you responded, taking a seat across from him.

“I hope you’ll get situated soon, because I have an assignment ready for you at your desk.”

“Will do; I’ll start right away.”

* * *

“Do Kyungsoo, age 23, prime suspect in the recent string of murders…” you read as you skimmed his case file. The neon sticky note pasted on the cover indicated your assignment: assess him and create a general profile to be used for the investigation; you had by the end of the week to hand the report in.

As you headed down the old corridor, you ran into another investigator.

“Aren’t you the new profiler? You already have your first case?”

“You bet.”

“Who are you investigating?”

“Do Kyungsoo.”

The man’s expression darkened momentarily before he gave you a sympathetic smile.

“Be careful with him. He’s an… interesting character. Just profile him, but don’t let him get to you,” he advised.

“That’s my job,” you half sing-songed, dismissing yourself with a wave.

You opened the iron door and entered the musty interrogation room. The overhanging fluorescent lights were only adequate enough to brighten the center of the room, where to your surprise, a sweet-looking boy in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs sat blankly. His face conveyed innocence, yet years of study told you that looks could be deceiving. He watched you as you came in and sat at the opposite end of the table.

“Do Kyungsoo,” you identified, pulling out spare paper and pens and placing them neatly in front of you.

“And you are?” he asked with a hint of a smile.

“You can call me Agent _____. Now, I’m sure you’re well aware of why you’re here. I’d li-”

“Enlighten me,” he interrupted. “Tell me why I’m here. And tell me why I have such a pretty little thing for a profiler.”

His comment caught you off guard but you kept your poker face alive and well. You studied him, but couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off. His expression exuded purity and nothing but – yet there was something dark in his gaze, in the aura that radiated from his being. He wasn’t a textbook subject; he wasn’t someone you could glance over and pinpoint to a personality, something that you had done countless times to ‘easier’ cases. You had spent years reading material to prepare you for your career, but it hadn’t prepared you for him. He was a walking contradiction. Everything about him pointed you in a different direction, and you hated the fact that he had managed to confuse you.

“Now, if you only came here to stare at me, I would hope that we would be able to move this to a more… romantic area.”

You snapped out of your daze and cleared your throat, opening his case file.

“The murders downtown. We have footage of you in bars at the time of the crimes. You conveniently disappear shortly before the times of death for the victims, and you haven’t presented us with an alibi. So you have two options. You can either give us a viable alibi, or you can stop this ridiculous charade and confess,” you asserted, mentally patting yourself on the back for laying down the law.

“You’re very clinical,” he observed, that mysterious smile never leaving his face. “You read things straight off of the paper and organize your pens by color. It’s your first day, isn’t it? The new ones are always stiff.”

You furrowed your eyebrows and grew increasingly frustrated. Why did it seem like he could do your job better than you could?

“You don’t have much time before your trial. I suggest you tell me what I came here for and make everyone’s lives easier.”

“But where’s the fun in that?” he countered with a smug countenance.

You swallowed forcibly, harshly flipping the file closed and began to pack up.

“If you don’t want to talk, then I’ll come back tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. But I will get a confession out of you.”

“Ah, is that a promise? Maybe I’d feel more comfortable if I wasn’t restrained,” he said, rattling his handcuffs behind him.

You smirked for the first time and stood up to leave. “And I suppose you’d like for me to remove your handcuffs so you could kill me as well?” you retorted, solely to entertain the conversation.

“Agent _____, if I wanted to hurt you,” he began, standing up as well, “Don’t you think that I would’ve done it by now?” He laid his hands on your shoulders and you were shocked to find the handcuffs loosely hanging from one wrist. How had he taken them off? You said no more and stepped away from him and out of the room, chilled yet still scribbling observations onto your notepad.

Thrives on control. Maneuvers through questions. Possible manipulator. Escape artist?

* * *

“So what is my profile? What kind of person am I?” he asked curiously one day. You debated on revealing it to him, but figured there was no harm to it anyway. You slid your notepad across the table, letting him read it to himself. “I have something else you can add to your list,” he announced. He took one of your pens and casually wrote something down. It no longer fazed you when he would free himself of his handcuffs, because you trusted him — look at you, barely a few days into the job and you had already naïvely put your trust into a potentially psychotic serial killer — to not try anything with you. He handed the pad back to you and you read the freshly inked word out loud.


You raised an eyebrow, wondering what scheme he planned to employ next.

“I didn’t do it, if that’s what you wanted to know,” he stated simply. “I don’t kill people at random; it’s too much dirty work. Besides, even if I was the killer, I wouldn’t have done such a sloppy job.”

You took his statements with a grain of salt. “I don’t exactly trust your words, Kyungsoo.”

“Yet you trust me enough to sit alone with me here, without guards, without handcuffs, and without cameras? If I’m really the kind of person you think I am, what makes you think I won’t jump on you and strangle you right now?”

You narrowed your eyes at the challenging tone in his voice. “Because you’re smarter than that. There’s not a single word that comes out of your mouth without careful consideration. You’re clever, cunning, and damn I hate to admit this but I can’t read you and it always feels like you’re one step ahead of me.”

He grinned in amusement. “Very good. You’re better at this than I thought.”

“But if you didn’t kill those girls, then who did?”

He shrugged and leaned back in his chair. “If you let me go I could probably find the killer for you.”

“Nice try. You’re staying right where I can see you until we find evidence for the case.”

He tilted his head at you funnily. “As much as I like seeing your pretty face everyday, we’ll have to see about that.”

* * *

You dashed into the headquarters, out-of-breath and panting as officers frantically patrolled the entirety of the building.

“How could he have escaped?!”

“Someone check the tapes!”

“Get all local police stations on the line, now.”

“Nobody comes in or out of this place, do you hear me?!”

The prison had been under lockdown after Kyungsoo’s escape. He had left no traces of his leave save an unconscious guard cuffed to his cell door. You flipped through all of the mental notes that you had collected of him; where could he have gone? Your phone rang and it was from an unknown number, but you stepped aside to answer it anyway.


“Agent _____,” a smooth voice, no, his smooth voice acknowledged.

“K-Kyungsoo?! Where the hell are you?! How did you get my number?”

He chuckled on the other end. “Seems like I threw everyone in a panic. But I did warn you, after all.”

“There’s no use in running. They’re going to find you. I’m going to find you.”

“I’m sure you will. But don’t you want to know why I called you?” When you didn’t respond, he continued. “Listen, I like you, I really do. So I’m going to help you. I’ll catch the killer, and in return, you just let me go and we can pretend we never knew each other.”

“And what if I trace this call right now and turn you in?”

“I wouldn’t do that. There might be casualties.”

“I thought you said you didn’t kill people.”

“I usually don’t, that’s why I have men to do it for me. So what do you say darling? Meet me at the warehouse on Broadway and 22nd. No cops.”

Every legal instinct in you told you to bring as many SWAT, FBI, local police, and armed servicemen as you could to take him down. He was dangerous and you couldn’t let him get away with this. But why was your heart telling you something different? It told you to trust in him, and that he would keep his word, as crazy as it sounded.

“Fine. I’ll come.”

“Great. I look forward to seeing you again, partner.”

And with that, he hung up. You found yourself sprinting towards your car to arrive at the warehouse as soon as possible, but only one question continually echoed in your mind: what have I gotten myself into?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Note: Hope you enjoyed! I kind of left it open-ended just in case I wanted to continue it. It all depends if anyone wants a part 2? But we all know how great I am at keeping up with multi-part scenarios… we’ll see what happens, and maybe you’ll meet some of his prison friends in the future too!

After Dance Practice (Jimin, smut)

My smut’s are always so long for some reason…lol… This is also really kinky so sorry not sorry.

Jimin had called you earlier, asking to meet him at the dorms after dance practice. He didn’t say why, but you had an idea. Although they finished pretty late, you waited at the front door, sitting down on a bench.

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For an anon that asked for Connor’s character development months ago. I finally got to it!

Connor’s comment in ep 11: “I don’t wanna tell you people *anything* about myself!" 

A) Asks them to meet Oliver because he likes him

B) Tells them he’s nervous about his test results

C) Fist bumps Asher over negative test results

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On Feburary 23 I saw Black Veil Brides. They were fantastic in every way possible. I didn’t get to meet them after the show. Instead I ran into Manny, drummer for Ghost Town. He was but pretty nice. My friend Kassidy couldn’t get my phone camera working and he was very patient. Finally we got a picture and his autograph. I thanked him and we left. Best night ever!!

What Internships Are For [Rhack Sugar Daddy AU] - Ch 1

Handsome Jack/Rhys sugar daddy!AU

The Hyperion internship was probably one of the most difficult programs to get into in the cybernetics world. The chances of even the most remarkable graduate getting one was 1:4000000. Daunting odds. Rhys sent in his resume, and got the space. Winding up meeting his idol and being pampered instead of strangled was not what he expected to happen.

[AO3 counterpart]

I’m blaming theteenagehorror and sinclairtopside for this. Loosely based on theteenagehorror’s posts. Installments to come.

Word Count: 2917

Chapter Summary: Rhys finally got the internship of his dreams, and meets his idol of ten years at Hyperion HQ itself. Too bad it was by sending him face first into the floor. No trigger warnings [to my knowledge] this chapter.

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Luke Hemmings- Someday

Request: Hi! can I ask for a Luke imagine where he meets your parents but you have two dads who are in a relationship?

I hope I got everything right and I hope you like it!

Requests are open


“I’m nervous.” Luke said as we sat in my driveway. Today he was meeting my parents for the first time. We’ve been together for about a year now and he hasn’t met them yet. But today, he’s finally going to. I’ve told my dads’ a lot about Luke and they’re excited to meet him. They want to see the face of the guy who makes their daughter so happy. And Luke doesn’t have a problem with the fact that I have two dads and not a mom. It only makes me love him even more.

I reached over and intertwined my fingers with his, “You don’t need to be nervous, they’re going to love you.”

“I’m used to meet one father. One father is hard enough to impress. But two? That’s like walking into a bear trap.”

I chuckled, “Luke, they already like you. I talk about you a lot.”

“Oh great, now I have standards to live up to.” He leaned his head back against the seat of the car.

I squeezed his hand, “Hey, you’ll be okay. Now come on, they’re waiting for us.” I let go of his hand and opened the car door.

He groaned and got out of the car and rushed over to my side. He grabbed my hand as we walked up the steps to my dads’ house. I knocked on the door and Luke’s grip on my hand tightened. The door opened and my dad, John, opened the door and smiled widely, “Daniel, they’re here!” He called out to my other dad. “Come on in guys.” He smiled cheerfully.

I walked into the house first and Luke followed me in, his hand still attached to mine. My other dad, Daniel, was standing there with a smile on his face as well. I let go of Luke’s hand and ran over to them and pulled them in a tight hug.

“I missed you guys.” I said. I’ve lived in my own place for a couple years now after I got a job at a travel agency. I met Luke when he called me and asked to help him book a trip for him and his family. My dad’s know how Luke and I met. I just left out the part of him bending me over my desk.

“Y/N, we missed you too.” John said.

I pulled back and gestured for Luke to walk over. He slowly made his over and he stuck his hand out for John to shake, “I’m Luke. It’s nice to meet you.”

John shook his hand, “Hi Luke, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

Luke then reached over to Daniel and they shook hands and introduced themselves. We then moved to the living room where Luke and John sat on one couch and began talking while Daniel and I sat on the other. I watched as Luke’s eyes lit up as they talked about music and who their favorite artists are. He doesn’t seem as nervous as he was before. In fact, he seems very comfortable. It made me so happy.

“He’s a nice kid,” Daniel leaned over and whispered into my ear.

I smiled “Yeah, he is.”

“I can tell that you love him.”

“How can you?” I asked and looked up at him.

“Because of the way you’re looking at him.”

I blushed and looked down, “Oh.”

“And I can tell that he loves you too.” He nodded up towards Luke.

I looked over at the blonde boy to see him looking at me and my heart melted. He gave me a small smile and I obviously smiled back. He looked back up at my dad and they continued they’re conversation.

“Yeah I really love him.”

“I’m happy for you, Y/N.”

“Thanks, dad.”

A couple hours later, we’re eating dinner at the dining room table. Luke and I sat next to each other while John and Daniel sat next to each other across from Luke and me. I forked a bite of chicken into my mouth; I really missed my dads’ cooking.

“So, Luke, what are your intentions with my daughter?” Daniel asked.

My eyes widened and I swallowed my food quickly, “Dad.”

“No, Y/N, it’s okay.” Luke smiled down at me and then he looked up at my dad’s, “Well, I love your daughter very much.”

I tried to hide my flushed cheeks and my smile by drinking my water.

“And I hope to someday marry her.”

My heart skipped a beat at the thought of marrying Luke. Waking up next to him every morning, seeing is beautifully distraught hair. His morning voice drove me crazy and hearing it every morning would only make me happier.

John cleared his throat, “It’s a good thing I like you, Luke.”

It was just past nine at night when we finally left my dad’s house and went to my car. We got in the car and before I could buckle, Luke leaned over, grabbed my face, and kissed me. I smiled against his lips, enjoying the feeling of his lip ring pressed against me. He pulled back and rested our foreheads together, “I meant what I said during dinner.”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, “What?”

“I do want to marry you someday. I mean, if you want to.”

I chuckled, “Of course I do.”

He pecked my lips quickly, “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Luke.”

More Things I Love About ATLA

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love ATLA (until I finish rewatching the series)

#14: Zuko’s realization in “Nightmares and Daydreams.”

Confession: I actually dislike the A plot in “Nightmares and Daydreams.” Aang is obviously – and understandably – stressed out about the monumental task he is confronted with, but the over-the-top sleeplessness and hallucinations and are, well, a bit over-the-top for my tastes.  I would have preferred other less … silly ways of tackling this same theme.

But I do love Zuko’s B-plot.  He spends the whole episode moping about not being invited to his father’s war meeting. And when he finally realizes his father wants him at the war meeting, he comes out feeling different than he expected to feel.

Zuko: When I got to the meeting, everyone welcomed me. My father had saved me a seat. He wanted me next to him. I was literally at his right hand.

Mai: Zuko, that’s wonderful. You must be happy? 

Zuko: During the meeting, I was the perfect prince. The son my father wanted. But I wasn’t me.

Zuko has finally come full circle. He was forced to fight an agni kai and scarred for life – for being himself in a war meeting.  He then spent the intervening years trying to get back in his father’s good graces.  And now he finally, finally realizes that being the son his father wanted, being the perfect prince at a war meeting is not who he is, and never has been.  His scar is not so much a badge of shame anymore, but a badge of identity.  


Although a rain-filled day, it all became worth it in the end! Right from the start this show was special for me, because about 5 years ago I saw Brandon here for Flamingo for the very first time, and that concert opened my world to not only him but The Killers. Endless concerts, making new friends, and even meeting them numerous times were things I could have never imagined back then. As sad as it is to say my journey with The Killers/Brandon is over for possibly a very long time, I could not have asked for a better day to end it with! Not only was Brandon adorable and amazing as usual, but I also got to finally actually get together with the-killers-everything and it was just so much fun. Here’s to more adventures that these boys will bring our way!

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So, as you can probably see from the photo, I met the most amazing people In the world, including you Bryan :).

I went to the Jacksonville, FL date and the first thing I did when I got into the venue was go see what time your signing was. When it was time, I got there pretty early so I was towards the front, when you showed up, I actually began to cry because it hit me that I was finally meeting my heroes.

When it was my turn, I went to Johnnie first. I gave him my lokai bracelet because it was really important to me and it has a connection to him, but i explained what it was and what it meant to me and how mine dealt with him as well and he got a big smile and pulled me into a hug. I thought I was going to cry, but I didnt. Then I gave Johnnie a note I wrote him, then I gave jordan a hug and he asked how I was, he was so sweet!! Then I gave you a hug, Bryan. You looked exhausted but you still gave a huge smile and gave me a big hug and asked how I was, then I hugged Damon and he was so perky and happy and he was so adorable!! Then I took the photo.

A fee hours later, my I lost my friends, so I was alone and I saw Johnnie and he actually stayed and talked with me for a good fourty five minutes, and it was amazing! It was like talking to an old friend!!

Ill never forget this day and what happened! It was amazing!! Thank you so much to you and the other guys!! 

After leaving the Friday Nintendo photoshoot, I got to meet Liechi! You were honestly the best Sayaka I’d seen at the entire con and you are so sweet and cool!!! I’m happy we got to talk for a bit (and I finally realized what Dangan Ronpa character you were cosplaying haha! I totally forgot about him cause he kinda becomes a computer xD)


Mask is over. A great finale to a great drama.

Min Seok Hoon got what he deserved and ended up in prison, which is probably worst than death for him. He didn’t look so smooth in his prison cell. The story seems to hint that he might eventually kill himself since he said that Mi Yeon was someone he had to meet.

Which brings me to poor Mi Yeon. I first wasn’t sure what to think about her, then I hated her and finally, I felt sorry for her. She made me feel a range of emotions toward her, but in the end, I just couldn’t hate her anymore. Even if she’s the reason Seo Eun Ah and Byeon Ji Sook’s mom died, she felt remorse towards her bad deeds. She saved Ji Sook when Seok Hoon tried to drown her so that Min Woo would be accused of murder. She was torned between her love for a man who didn’t love her until it was too late and her little brother who saw her as competition even if she wasn’t interested in the company. I think the fact that we always saw her drinking was an indication that she was miserable.

It’s not surprising that, after Seok Hoon told her “I’ve never loved you. I just used you.”, she committed suicide. As we saw her at the edge of the cliff, we also saw Seok Hoon reading a letter she had put with his ticket saying what they would be doing in Cuba, him slowly realizing that perhaps he did love her or at least care for her and her about to end it all. He called, but too late. He lost everything, including the two women who loved him, all because of his own greed and need of revenge. That punishment for his numerous sins was much better than death. As for Mi Yeon, I hope that she rests in peace as we know she wouldn’t have sinned so much if Seok Hoon had never entered her life.

Now, our OTP. They defeated Seok Hoon in the best way possible. His face when he saw Ji Sook alive and well during the press conference, it was as if he was seeing a ghost. He stood there between our couple, perhaps realizing that they finally got him. Ji Sook told everything, including how Eun Ah died (thanks to Mi Yeon who told her everything and told her to reveal it all at the press conference). She did go to prison, but since she had finally revealed everything she was happy. The scenes when we saw Ji Sook in her cell, which was bright, and seeming like she got along with her cell mates was quite a contrast to Seok Hoon lonely gloomy cell. Our Ji Sook and our Min Woo were writing to each other, knowing that they would be happy once she got out of prison.

We then jump to 4 years later, to see Ji Sook celebrating her birthday with her family and friends (including Min Woo) in HER restaurant. We then see our happy couple with… their daughter!!! We now have a happy family! Best ending ever!

On a side note, Min Woo’s secretary and the maid got married! \(^o^)/

TL;DR: Mi Yeon kills herself, Seok Hoon ends up in prison, our OTP have a daughter, secretary and maid get hitched. Happy ending!
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

But it’s over… (;_;)