FINALLY i have been stressing over Tabiit’s design for fOREVER and now i’m content and she’s lovely

other things you should know about Tabiit “Tabbi” Taaks:

  • she’s 100% a gay
  • she’s 6′4″ tall and semi-swole
  • she has 5 lekku thanks to her Twi’lek mama and Togruta papa
  • she’s a merchant and a trader and spent 6+ years with Roz
  • she’s v protective of her friends (especially Roz)
  • it would be rly funny if Ren got redeemed or whatever and Roz took him to meet Tabs bc Tabbi would just stand there glaring at him w/ her arms crossed and being intimidating
  • respectful + honest + too pure for this world
  • she likes pittins and spukamas and will fight to hold one

This was about the end of February of last year. My previous 4-year relationship had just ended and so my friends told me to download Tinder. Why not, they would say. So I did, and I matched with this boy that caught my eye. I messaged him first because I thought he was really cute. We talked for a while and I stopped messaging him mostly to see if he was actually interested. He was. He saw one of my Moments of me playing xbox and he asked what games I had. So, we played a few rounds together, but I was nervous so I was pretty quiet. He asked for my number but I gave him my snapchat instead. We talked a lot through the chat part and we agreed to meet up one night. Sadly, I didn’t have a car, so he drove 45 minutes to my house to pick me up. At that point, I finally sent my phone number. I got in his car and he barely made eye contact. He kept his eyes on the road. We had no idea where to go because it was past 8pm. So, we went to a restaurant in Portsmouth, NH. We got coffee but didn’t realize they were soon closing. We left and went to his house (his parents were on vacation). I didn’t know what to expect. He drank a few beers and offered me a few as well. We laid in his bed and talked and watched Netflix. He still wouldn’t make much eye contact so I was beginning to think he didn’t actually like me. But, of course, one thing led to another and we had sex. Multiple times. I still remember when he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer, he looked me straight in the eyes. It just felt so right. We eventually fell asleep (he snores tho) and he drove me home at about 4am so he would get back home in time for work. We did this for the next 2 nights (until his family got home from vacation).
The bad news. No one was suppose to be at his house while his parents were away. His parents found out and he told me how upset they were. I was terrified and anxious because that just ruined any chance of meeting his parents since now they probably hated me. He told me how sorry he was and that he was an asshole. To be honest, I thought this was a ploy to get out of talking to me/to break it off. But then he said, “please don’t leave me because of this”.
So, I never did. We are celebrating our first anniversary on March 15th, 2016!

[160210] So guies this happened today and I can’t even explain how speechless I am! I finally got to meet one of my ultimate biases today and it was probably one the most magical experiences ever.  Kris is currently in Toronto for the NBA All Star Game that’s coming up and I got word from my friend that he would be practicing at TPASC (Toronto Pan-am Sports Center) and since it was right next to my university I’d thought I’d pop by.  I got let in onto the court and while Kris was stretching I went up to him and asked for an autograph and a picture.  He was so kind and gave me an autograph right away and when I asked for a picture he said, “I usually don’t do pictures, but I’ll take one for you.” This man is so genuine, kind, down-to-earth and amazing and I’m so glad and gracious I got to meet him.  Thank you again Yifan for the amazing opportunity! <3 


Lionel Messi set to meet young Afghan fan Murtaza Ahmadi

The Afghanistan Football Federation is preparing to arrange a meeting between five-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi and his hero, Lionel Messi. Ahmadi was photographed wearing an improvised Messi shirt fashioned from a plastic bag with the images of him playing near his home in the Ghazni region quickly going viral on social media. He finally got the jersey he has always wanted, playing football at the Afghan Football Federation Stadium in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016.

“I love Messi and football. I will meet him one day. I want to become like him” Ahmadi told Al Jazeera.

Spokesman Sayed Ali Kazemi has said the Afghan federation hope Messi can come to visit the boy but are prepared to send him to Barcelona to fulfil his dream. “We’ve been contacted by Messi’s management team, and they have expressed their interest in meeting the boy. We are doing our best to coordinate their meeting. The date and the venue is still not confirmed yet, but there are chances of Ahmadi flying to Spain to meet his idol.


Two weeks ago I stage doored at Hamilton and got Leslie Odom Jr. to write Wait for It for me so I could get it tattooed. (The first was his natural handwriting, the second was him saying, “oh man. Oh man this is FOREVER” and trying to write it neater.) Last night I finally saw Hamilton and I showed Leslie the tattoo and he literally said, “oh my god. no…..” and reached out to touch it. So then I thanked him and we took the picture and he asked for my name and I truly think it’s okay to meet your heroes, as long as your heroes are Leslie Odom Jr., or one tenth as gracious and kind.

Bottom left is me giving Anthony a shirt I embroidered for him with John Laurens’ signature. He laughed and said, “Yoooooo this is so dope though!!!!!” and touched it and said, “Yo, for real though, this is dope. Thank you.” I think he said dope another time, but I blacked out. So I finally met Anthony Ramos, and he called the thing I made him dope, and now I can ascend to the heavens.


I took a lil road trip (four hours) to Chicago to see and MEET Kid Cudi.  I have never been so happy in my entire existence.  I love him so much and it was amazing to finally meet my hero.
Since I was VIP, we got to go into the concert first aka we got front row. Which was amazing.  During the show, he grabbed my hand four times.  I was videoing him at one point, and he crouched down and posed looking right at me.  At the end of the show, he came out and was signing stuff, and I held up my phone, & he kept going to grab it but skipped over it.  So I got out his new album and he signed that.  
Afterwards, we did the meet-and-greet and he came out skipping smoking a blunt, and then ran down the line high-fiving us all.  
When it was my turn to meet him, I gave him a hug, and my hair got caught in his beard and he was like “oh shit we’re stuck, this beard is like velcrow”.  I was like oh thats okay hahah.  He asked my name, I told him, and I gave him my CD to sign.  We took the picture together, and he was like “this is like a prom picture” and I was like yeah kinda! Hahaha we hugged again and I was like, it was a really great show.  We pulled apart from the hug and he KISSED MY CHEEK.  He was like “aw well thank you, get home safely” and I said okay I’ll try hahah. 
I was honestly so starstruck and speechless, I know I should’ve said more to him, but I really couldn’t think of anything. 
Today he was tweeting and I replied back to his tweet the picture of us and said “how cute are we” and he FUCKING RETWEETED ME AND SAID “😍😍we areeee!!!” I cannot get over this.  I am so over-the-moon happy. 

Well, I know she’s got some tricks. She’s clever. When that character does finally come, it’s going to be so dark. I got to meet Jeffrey and he’s very delightful, which is funny because Negan is just so dark and evil.

anonymous asked:

some of your favorite deacon/sole headcanons? im really found of the dirty talking ones myself

Imagine if Deacon got Tinker Tom to build a small one way radio and somehow hid it on Sole. While Sole is walking around, they will suddenly hear Deacon whisper “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to walk for days.” Sole whips around trying to find Deacon but he isn’t there. Sole will be in the middle of a firefight and they’ll hear “Your ass looks so good I want to eat it.” This continues for days.

By the time Sole finally meets up with Deacon they’re so hot for him they want to drag him into the nearest alley and fuck his brains out. Deacon pretends not to know what’s bugging Sole.

“You look ill. Maybe you should see Doctor Carrington.”


What a lovely, sweet human being he is. I stared at this picture today at Gardermoen for god knows how long, then on the Brussels airport waiting for connecting flight, smiling and still not believing. It was just wonderful meeting him and I am so happy I finally got to tell him how much their work means to me and how much I love them. I didn’t even ask for this picture (I’m not much of a selfie girl), I was more than fine with “just” hugging him, but he was the one who suggested a picture also, and that makes it all even closer to my heart. And I treasure that he really took a genuine interest in what I was saying, he even asked some questions himself. The sweetest part for me, I gave him Merci chocolate as a thank you gift, and after the show when we met them in front of Folketeateret (again), he told me that he took a piece of his favourite flavour before the show. It was so thoughtful and nice of him to mention it, and I completely melted. He was the sweetest version of himself this Tuesday, honestly. 


#71 Gary “Eggsy” Unwin – That Smirk*


You work for Kingsman for nearly a year now and already know everyone. Everyone except Gary. You’ve heard of him but never actually got to meet him.

When you get to the training facility today, you see him and have to admit that he’s cuter than you thought. “Ahh (Y/N)! Finally!” Harry says and walks over to you. “I wondered when I would ever introduce you to Eggsy.” He smiles. You look at Eggsy as his eyes wander up and down your body. You’re wearing a tight white shirt that shows a bit of cleavage, skinny black jeans and a black blazer and Gary aka Eggsy seems to really like it.

“Hi!” You say, louder than usual and get Eggsy’s attention from your boobs to your face.

“I-I’m Eggsy.” He says smiling.

“(Y/N).” You smile back and find him more attracting then you thought you would. It’s quiet for a few moments and then Harry breaks the silent and tells you that you’re going to share a office with each other. Neither of you have any problems with that and Harry leads you to the room.

“It’s just one desk, but it should be big enough for the both of you to work.” He says.

“Or do other things.” Eggsy, who stands right next to you, whispers.

“For example?” You flirt back, whispering so that Harry doesn’t hear you as he tells you more about the room.

“I have a feeling that you know just enough examples.” He says and you can’t help it but smirk.

“So, have fun working together and please don’t kill each other.” Harry smiles and then walks out. You and Eggsy stand still for a few moments and then you turn around and close the doors. Eggsy keeps his eyes on you as you sit down at the desk and turn the computer on. You start to work while he sits down on the chair across from you. It hasn’t even been 10 minutes, when he suddenly turns music on.

“I’m trying to work here.” You say and look over to him.

“So am I.” He grins.

“With such loud music?” You ask and he just nods.

“I like loud noises.” He winks at you and you can’t help it but smirk. You try to hold it back but it’s nearly impossible. “Oh, oh…” He says and stands up. “That smirk is gonna get you fucked, princess.” Eggsy walks over to the door and locks it before going to the windows and closing the curtains. You stand up and watch him as he walks over to you. He puts his one arm around you and lifts you up, placing you on the desk as he kisses you greedy. When you pull apart, he swoops everything, except the computer, off the table before putting his hands on your waist. You put your arms around his neck and pull him to you as you lay down on the old dark wood desk. Kissing turns into making out and soon, you’re left in only your underwear and bra while Eggsy is only wearing boxers. He puts his hands under your thighs and pulls you closer to him when you suddenly hear a noise. You both stop any movements and listen for a second. When it’s save again, you continue to make out. Eggsy pulls your underwear down to your knees and his boxers to his feet as you unclasp your bra and throw it on the floor.

“Fucking shit, you’re so hot.” He groans and attaches his lips to your neck. He starts to suck on it and then without warning thrusts into you. A loud moan escapes your lips and your start to move your hips. He leaves a hickey on your neck and then goes down to your nipple. While he massages one boob, he stimulates the nipple with his tongue on the other one as he thrusts in and out of you, hard and fast but not too fast. You hold onto his bicep with one hand and onto the desk with the other one as your walls tighten around his hard cock. You moan his name as your hand wanders up his back and grips onto his hair. He lets out a louder groan and puts his hands back on your waist, squeezing into your skin.

“You’re so tight.” He mumbles and picks you up. He carries you over to a wall and you wrap your legs around him as he keeps on thrusting.

“You’re just too big.” You moan and bite your lip to not scream. He presses you against the wall and hits you deeper than anyone ever before. “Ahh!” You moan and bury your face into his neck, leaving wet kisses there. Eggsy holds onto your ass, squeezing it and giving you pleasure. He feels your boobs against his chest and your ass in his hands.

“Fucking shit (Y/N)!” He exclaims and starts to fuck you faster. When your whole body starts to vibrate he pulls out of you and puts your back on the desk. This time you’re bending over the desk, you ass in the air and your boobs pressed against the cold wood. Eggsy pushes his hard, big cock into your wet walls again and fucks you faster. He hits your g-spot and a moan escapes your mouth every time. Your breathing becomes unstable and you and Eggsy are moaning messes. He takes your hair into his hand and puts his other hand on your back as he continues to fuck you.

“Tell you how good I am.” He demands, whispering into your ear.

“You’re so good. So fucking good.” You exclaim and let out a scream when your orgasms takes over your body. You shut your eyes and he rides out your orgasms as you moan and scream his name over and over again. When you’re done he flips you around again and you take his cock into your hands. After few strokes he comes all over your stomach. He picks up his shirt from the floor and cleans up your stomach, before kissing it and getting dressed again.

“We should do this more often.” He says and throws your bra at you.

“We should.” You agree smirking.

I had to watch the movie and I really don’t regret it. I loved the movie and Eggsy. the Movie is definitely worth a watch x

Procrastination in 10 Ways [pt. 2]: Memory Lane

Prologue / Pt. 1 / Pt. 2

Summary: Leaving him was something you should’ve but didn’t do. Loving you with all his heart was something he should’ve but didn’t do. When two procrastinators such as you guys meet and fall in love, you should’ve known the end was coming. And when the end did arrive, you should’ve known that it wasn’t really the final conclusion.

Characters: Park Jimin x Reader (you)

Genre: angst, possibly fluff later on idk hmu

Word Count: 2654

A/N: gahh im sorry for the long wait, i was gonna update yesterday but i got distracted >.< i hope it’s worth it !! p.s. I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS FOR NEW SERIES IM SO EXCITED ASFDGJLFHK PLS LOOK FORWARD TO THEM. FEEDBACK APPRECIATED

“Jimin-ah, you have to forget me.”

“I can’t”

“I’m married.”

Everything in Jimin’s world seemed to come to a screeching halt, and the low hum in his head from the alcohol exploded into a roaring cacophony, the mass of swinging bodies blending into one another in his peripherals. Your face came in and out of focus before his eyes, and he suddenly felt nauseated. Swinging unstably, he felt your cool fingers grip his arms firmly as he threatened to collapse.


“I’m married, Park Jimin.”

He heard those words flow out of your mouth again, about as innocent as a forceful shove against his windpipe. He watched the sentence form on your lips, and listened to the vibrations of your voice bring that fact to life, yet it still seemed so surreal, so impossible that you had moved on from him, leaving him standing alone, helpless, in his memories and hopes. Yet everything, the ring, your surprise to see him, pointed to the truth that you now belonged to another man.

You spoke again as his face morphed into an ashy tone, “Jimin, are you okay? You look a little pal–”

Before you could finish your question, Jimin hunched over and vomited on the floor before your feet, making you jumped back instinctively from the pungent spray of alcohol and whatever he had for lunch.

“Oh!” you exclaimed, and Jimin stumbled sideways a few steps away from you, swaying dangerously close to the mess on the floor. To restrain him from embarrassing himself any further, you grabbed at his sleeve, taking a fistful of the material and pulling him up.

But Jimin reacted violently to your touch, ripping himself from your grasp quickly,  “Let me go! You shouldn’t touch me, what would your husband think?” he questioned, eyes wide as if he had just committed a felony. Then the alcohol took over his body again in another wave as he lurched forward again and gagged.

“Stop saying that!” you ordered, and reached for him, this time holding onto his hand, the calluses on his palms rough and familiar. “You’re drunk! We’re taking you home.”

Jimin didn’t reply, but only grumbled a string of words you couldn’t make out clearly. You took that as him vaguely giving you permission to rescue him from the chaos, and guided him away from the bar. You tried to not acknowledge the lingering gazes as you propped him on your shoulder, weighing you down significantly. Leading him out the club entrance, you waved a hand at the bartender and smiled apologetically as you asked her clean up the mess.

Stepping out into the humid August night, you wrinkled your nose as the stench of bile and vomit radiated off of him. You trotted rapidly towards your car with Jimin staggering behind you like a disobedient puppy, pulling against your grip and whining the entire way down the bustling streets of Seoul. As the shiny white body of your car slowly materialized into view, you unlocked the doors and shoved his now tired body inside, then quickly crossing over towards the drivers side. Settling down behind the steering wheel, you casted a slanted glance at Jimin beside you, who was slumped into the passenger seat, eyes shut and lips slightly agape with light slumber. You sighed exasperatedly and placed your forehead on the steering wheel in defeat.

Your phone suddenly beeped, and the screen lit up with a new text message.

Yoongi <3:

When are you coming home, honey? I miss you ): And what do you want for dinner??

Groaning loudly, you suddenly remembered that you had promised your husband that you guys would enjoy a lovely couple dinner tonight. Forcing your brain to work at its top speed, you attempted to create other solutions for sending Jimin home. Maybe you could call a taxi for him? But Jimin isn’t even conscious enough to speak, how will he pay and drag himself out of the vehicle after they arrive? Or perhaps you could get a friend to take him? No, that’s ridiculous, they don’t even know him. And if they do, certainly they will notify Yoongi that you were with Jimin, and, strangely, that was the last thing you wished to happen. As each plan you managed to conjure up was quelled by something that could go wrong, you glared at Jimin’s unconscious figure besides you, gaze so heated that it seemed to be able to burn a hole through his skin. Out of all days, you had to show up today.

But deciding that you had no better choice, you typed on the vibrant screen unwillingly.

To: Yoongi <3,

Sorry, baby ): Something suddenly came up at work. Order something and eat without me. So sorry again… love you

You leaned against the headrest of your seat, desperately trying to think of some way to compensate Yoongi later, but drawing up blank. Frustration coursed through your veins as your phone sounded again.

Yoongi <3:

Okay… I hope it’s not too bad. Don’t stress yourself out, I’ll save you some food.

You stared out the front glass of your car at the night sky, its deep hue enveloping the noisy city, trying to grasp in your head what had made you choose Jimin over Yoongi, your husband, to devote your time to tonight, and why you didn’t have enough courage to tell Yoongi the truth. He had been your emotional fortress ever since your divorce. He cared for you when you couldn’t muster up enough motivation to even complete the simple task of eating, and made sure you were doing well, that you had a sufficient amount of fresh fruit in your fridge and that your clothes were warm enough. Most importantly, while others looked at you as a woman who was incompetent to even keep her own marriage alive, Yoongi couldn’t care less what your history was. All he knew was that he loved you and that would suffice for him. As you sulked in the upholstery of the driver’s seat, guilt gnawed at you, turning and twisting your insides uncomfortably. Shaking away the thoughts that grappled at your conscious, you plugged the key into the slot and turned on the the ignition.

The street lights along road casted a orange glow on Jimin’s features, and you had to gather up everything in your being to keep yourself from getting distracted by him and focus on the wide roads ahead. He looked older, more mature, than the last time you had seen him almost a year ago. Perhaps that was because he had just been fighting with you then. Maybe it was because he had chosen another woman over you even though he swore his faithfulness to you at the alter. You tried your best to ignore the memories that were starting to replay before your mind’s eye and gripped the steering wheel more firmly.

Weaving through the endless traffic and lines of vehicles, you abruptly remembered that you had no idea where you were taking Jimin or where he lived. Letting an irritated exhale escape your lips, you elbowed Jimin a bit.

“Yah, Park Jimin.”

“Mmm,” he hummed and shifted in his seat, his head now leaning against the car windows.

“Where do you live? Give me the address.”

Jimin turned his face towards the direction of your voice, although still refusing to open his eyes, and mumbled a string of barely detectable words. “548 Orchard St. It’s in this city.”

Where the hell is that?

“Yah, Park Jimin, did you gain weight?”

You gritted your teeth together as you struggled to lift him on your petite shoulders, a cacophony of footsteps bouncing off the walls of the narrow staircase as he clumsily climbed up the steps with your aid, his head lolling onto your shoulder. You had thought that after finally finding your way through the maze of streets that fortified Jimin’s apartment, you would be able to easily drop him off in his apartment and head back to your own little haven. But much to your dismay, you found yourself confronted with a looming ten story residential building, his unit being on the topmost floor of course, and a broken elevator.

Bending over to catch your breath, you glanced at Jimin, whose arm was swung your shoulder and face pink with the tinge of alcohol. You then checked the door number of the apartment before you to make sure it matched with the one he told you. It did.

“Where are your keys?”

Jimin managed a drunken grumble and patted his jacket pocket, and you reached into the fabric to retrieve it. The door clicked open with a satisfying click as you turned the lock, and you stumbled inside.

Kicking your shoes at the door, you weren’t quite sure what to expect as you slipped into the rather spacious room, but you knew that you certainly didn’t expect it to be arranged in exactly the same way as the small house you had shared with him during your marriage. Slightly taken back by the similarity, you shuffled slowly towards a large window, inclining forward to examine the various photo frames standing on the white windowsill. Your own face smiled back at you from behind the glass covers, radiating off a kind of happiness that you had forgotten Jimin was capable to triggering in you. You also observed the Jimin’s face in those photographs, and in every of them he was gazing at you, as if completely mesmerized by your presence, your smile. You had not seen those pictures in such long time that you had nearly forgotten they existed, or when you took them, or what the context of those photos were. They used to be spread out throughout your previous house, and seeing them once again triggered a strange, fuzzy feeling in your chest. But it also saddened you a bit to see that Jimin had not thrown them away yet.

A tired cough erupted from Jimin’s lips, and you suddenly felt his weight on his shoulders again as you were snapped out of your thoughts. Recalling the real reason you had come to his apartment, you straightened and turned away from the photographs. Spotting the nearest appropriate furniture to deposit Jimin on, which happened to be his couch, you limped over strenuously and flopped him down on the soft material. He groaned loudly as his body came in contact with the couch with a thud.

You left him on the furniture, trotting around the house in search for the kitchen. Upon discovering it tastefully decorated with modern designs and neatly aligned equipment, you filled a glass with water and brought it to the couch with careful steps as the liquid sloshed to and fro around the rim. Jimin was sprawled out, one leg dangling over the back of the furniture, sound asleep.

“Jimin-ah,” you shook his shoulder, and he stirred slightly, murmuring in response, but showed no signs of wanting to wake up. Sighing, you set the glass of water on the coffee table beside him and stared at his resting figure. His shirt was stained with vomit, and deep creases overtook the starchy white material. Seeing that you had already come so far, it couldn’t hurt to retrieve a clean change of clothes for him right? So despite all the objections from your brain, you padded your way to his bedroom.

His room was not much, consisting of nothing but a closet and a large bed covered in creamy white duvet. Sliding the heavy wooden doors aside, you cracked open a drawer in his closet, and gathered the first shirt you saw into your sore arms. Then, during your search for some comfortable pants for him to change into, you stumbled upon another unexpected sight.

You pinched the dark, worn fabric between your fingers and lifted it out of its storage place. The sweet perfume you used to favor still lingered on the material, although slightly masked by Jimin’s scent, which was still unchanged. Sinking down into a corner of his bed, you gawked at the old sweatshirt, and at Jimin’s inability to get rid of your memories. It wasn’t healthy for himself, or for you, to have him trapped in the past, not capable of pulling himself into reality and moving on, perhaps finding himself another girl who will make up for his lost time with you. You placed the sweater back, not wanting to see what other possessions of yours he had still not thrown away, and turned to trot back into the living room.

Jimin had woken up and was standing in his bedroom doorway, gaze unmoving from your back profile as you shut the drawer closed. You jumped at his sudden appearance, and placed a hand on your chest to calm your racing heart. He scanned your face warily, seeking for a reaction. Running your fingers through your hair, you sighed, profound and long.

“Why did you not throw them away?”

He bowed his head and allowed his weight to be supported by the door frame a bit more, rubbing the grogginess out of his eyes, his head pounding agonizingly from the alcohol.

“I couldn’t.” was all he could choke out.

You closed the distance between your bodies until you were only inches apart, and your warm breath fanned his face. Pushing the pile of clean clothes from your arms into his, you whispered, voice low and firm, “Jimin-ah, you have to forget me.”

Tears began to well up in his eyes, and you watched as he squeezed his eyes closed, praying to whatever greater being out there that when he opened them again everything would vanish like a dream, that you would still be with him, that you guys never divorced. But to his utter disappointment, when his eyelids eased apart, you were still staring at him sympathetically, hand resting on his shoulders as an attempt to comfort him.

“I can’t.”

“Try harder. It will be alright in the end, I promise. Go out and meet some new people, socialize. You can’t do this to yourself, Jimin-ah. It hurts, doesn’t it?”

You examined his face, his expression wavering a tiny bit as your words tried to sway his feelings. He knew that he should do exactly as you say, make new friends, fall in love, get married to someone else. But it all seemed meaningless, negligible, for his heart was still calling out for the one person he couldn’t, and shouldn’t, approach.

“It hurts. But I still can’t do it.”

Your heart dropped, and it ached for the vulnerable man, boy, who stood before you, having been tormented by you involuntarily for the past year. But you couldn’t do anything for him, no matter how much you wanted him to wake up from this useless dream, to snap back into reality. So the only and best thing you could do was leave.

Pushing past him, you paced across the apartment to the door, stepping into your shoes. Against his better discretion, Jimin followed you, and as you pulled the door open to depart, he reached out his hand and grabbed your wrist, keeping you back.

“Can’t you stay a little while longer?”

You glanced at his desperate expression, almost having an childlike innocence, as he gripped you, eyes begging. And you almost obliged.

But Yoongi’s face flashed before your eyes, and you remembered how it felt when his smile could practically melt you into pieces, and the way he held you on sleepless nights when your insomnia kicked in, rocking you in his arms until your eyelids grew heavy. You recalled that night after your wedding when Yoongi tenderly caressed your face, the covers pulled up to your shoulders, and vowed that he would cherish you for as long as he shall live, the way Jimin should’ve but failed to do. You pried Jimin’s fingers gingerly from your wrist.

“Sorry, I have to go. My husband’s waiting.”

Prologue / Pt. 1 / Pt. 2


Warning; smut, fluff, blowjob

Band/Member; Our lord, Min Yoongi of bts

Word Count: 1027

“I’ll be home soon, baby” you re-read his text. Surely he would be home any minute and you start to feel a bit nervous. You turn off the water for the bath as you hear his car pulling into the driveway. You had barely seen your boyfriend, Yoongi in the past week. He had been so busy with work and when he finally got home he just collapsed into bed and slept until dawn when he had to wake back up and head to the studio. You knew he was physically and mentally drained. He finally has 2 days in a row off, so you had planned a special treat for him. “Baby, I’m home!” his deep voice reverberated through your apartment. You come into the living room to meet him and take his hand. “Come with me, I have a surprise for you” even though his face looks drained his eyes still light up. You lead him to the bathroom where you have a hot bubble bath waiting for him. There are candles lit all around and the bright lights are turned off so the blinding light won’t strain his eyes. He flashes you his gummy smile and wraps you in a hug before stripping down and sliding into the water, a groan escaping his lips. You sit beside the tub, clothes and start to wash him, taking your time over his tense arms. His eyes open to look at you. “You aren’t getting in?” he asks a slight pout on his lips. You knew he was going to ask so you mock exasperation and strip as well. “Fine” you say with a playful smirk “scoot up” he obliges, happy to share the space in your oversized tub. You slid in behind him and before you could grab the soap to lather him up, he relaxes into you. “Let me take care of you” you whisper in his ear after letting him sink into you for a few moments. He sighs and lets you wash him. Then you start to massage his sore muscles. He lets out a noise between a moan and a growl. After working on his back, arms and chest you shift around him to sit in front of him, so you can massage him legs. You start up at his hips. You know that he carries stress here from dancing all week long. His eyes open slowly, flashing you a dark look “Don’t start something you can’t finish, Y/N” he growls at you in a warning tone. You smirk back at him “I said I would take care of you right?” you raise an eyebrow in question. He simply closes his eyes and leans back in response. You take your time with each muscle in his hips and legs, slowly feeling the muscles relax under your touch. When you’re done helping him relax, he opens his eyes a tiny bit. “The water is getting too cold” he states flatly. You get out of the bath and help him dry off, then lead him to the bedroom. He immediately lies down on the bed. You push him onto his back, planting a sweet kiss on his lips. He grabs you, trying to push you down. You back off for a moment. “Did you think I was lying when I said I would take care of you?” you ask, cocking your head to the side slightly. He pulls away and lays still, watching your every move with dark, hungry eyes. You straddle him to kiss him deeper, his hands coming up to caress you. You move your kisses down his jaw to his neck, leaving little bites in your wake. You move further down still to his chest, teasing his nipples with your teeth and you tongue. He growls. You kiss lower and when you reach his hips you pause, waiting for him to respond to your lips. He moves his hips ever so slightly, silently urging you to continue. You nip, suck and kiss his hips, then trail kisses down each thigh, several times, unable to resist the urge to tease him. You glance up through your lashes once you get close to his erect member. He is staring down at you, his eyes full of lust. When you take him into your mouth you feel his breath catch in his throat. You move slowly up and down his shaft a few times, pausing with each movement to swipe your skilled tongue over his head, causing him to hiss in response. You speed up just the tiniest bit and he moans. You look up again to see his eyes are close tight and his head his tipped back. You move a hand up to his balls, pulling very lightly, ad hear his breath quicken. You wrap that same hand around his base and move it in unison with your mouth, speeding up again. Another moan escapes his lips. One of his hands moves to grab your hair. He doesn’t push or pull, just holds on while you continue your actions. You start to move faster, suck harder, hollowing out your cheeks every time you move up his shaft. You feel him twitch in your mouth. His breathing is fast, his moans closer together. “mmm that feels so good” he can barely get the words out to praise you, he is so breathless. You hum around him, and his hip buck. You smirk a bit and hum again. His hand pulls a bit on your hair; his other hand grasps the sheets, desperately. Another hum and he comes undone, growling out your name. You swallow everything, pumping him slowly to milk out every last drop. You lick off the bit that spilled onto your hand, before pressing yourself under his arm, head on his chest. “Wow” he breathes out. You smile, “now you need sleep” you tell him as you pull the blankets around the both of you. You settle back into his side, and he kisses your forehead. “Goodnight, Yoongi” you say quietly. “Goodnight Y/N” he mumbles, already half asleep. You drape your arm around his torso and you drift off to sleep.


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How was your experience with the two daddies who tied you up?

K i don’t think i’ve actually detailed this story. Maybe i have but it’s way far in my archive for me and y'all to look for it. (It gets smutty, so you’ve been warned) So here goes:

I’ve had a growlr relationship with this daddy in Iowa City back when i still lived in Illinois. We kept in touch all the time. When i finally got the chance to visit him, i drove up to his home and got to finally meet him and his husband. After a dinner, we came back to the house and he asked if we wanted to start playing and i’m obviously like “yea totes lets do it”. So we went to his guest room (which happens to also be the “play room”) and he proceeded to show me all the toys they play with and the cum-lube they have. So we went ahead and started: put the cuffs on my wrists and ankles and tied them to the corners of the bed. I personally asked to be blindfolded as well because why tf not. So he did. Plus i also had a cock ring on too so cool, right? Anyways dirty stuff now. He starts off by massaging me and licking and kissing me all over, doing stuff to my nipples like i always love. At this point i’m extremely erect and even more so because of the ring. He gave me a blow job (which btw feels pretty good with a ring on). He keeps going and i’m just in heaven pretty much. Then he starts jacking me off with some of the cum-lube and that’s when his husband walks in! I immediately felt embarrassed and i was blushing like crazy. I tensed up so quick. But then Daddy #1 said “you wanna join and play with our boy?” (Something along those lines, use your imagination). And then Daddy #2 climbed on the bed and started blowing me and massaging my torso while then Daddy #1 started fucking my mouth. I know, really smutty but at this point i’m just in bliss - who wouldn’t be? Anyways. This goes on for a couple minutes. Then Daddy #1 takes the blindfold off and Daddy#2 is prepping to bottom with one of the toys that was in the room. Daddy #1 passes me a condom after a couple minutes and i first start off with eating Daddy #2’s butt (like you do). Condom goes on (btw i’m untied by this point, blindfold around my neck like an anime bandanna), and now we’re fucking. Goes on for quite a while in many positions. I finally cum in the condom and we all fall into the bed and I make out passionately with Daddy #2 who tells me “i haven’t been fucked that good in so long” which boosted up my self esteem a bit (lol). And yeah. We fall on the bed and cuddle all together. We all take our own separate showers after. Then i go to bed. And in the morning, i drive back home.

Hope y'all enjoyed - it’s nice going back through memory lane haha.

Oh lucas

Now that Riley’s all “ wasted enough time liking this man gonna teach him a lesson , if he likes that girl let him have her I’ll go for a real man “farkle”… I’m suddenly hearing how he’s FINALLY paying attention to her when she’s shifting her attention towards farkly sparkly now! Go riarkle!! Watch Lucas! Watch em get all mushy in the front of the class next season! You missin out man!!! You want maya ?? You got maya! Leave Riley alone! Her new man is cute! That metamorphosis tho! Frkn awesome!

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Whenever I'm on the phone to my boyfriend I finger myself without him knowing and once I accidentally moaned "daddddyyy" and he got so turned on and told me how he wants to finger my tight little cunt and eat my tight pussy until I'm wet as fuck and then he'll pound me until I scream and my thighs shake. It's a shame he lives so far away but I know that I won't be disappointed when we finally meet!!!

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VIXX Scenario- Ravi x Reader: G.R.8.U

Requested by Anon

Summary- Your overprotective uncle who is a cop and your dad sit down and have a man-to-man conversation with him and you hear the whole thing. 

Author’s Note: Ohh boy…. This is so late. I wrote most of this before Christmas with all intentions of posting it then but then school and finals happened and I got incredibly busy! Enjoy~

You had your arm linked through Ravi’s as you lead him around your aunt’s house full of family and friends who were very interested in finally meeting the boy you never stopped bragging and talking about. It was Christmas day and your family was celebrating together, like they did every year, and this year your boyfriend Ravi agreed in celebrating with you and your family. As you brought his around you introduced him to everybody, well almost everybody. There was one person you were dreading for Ravi to meet. It was your uncle. Your uncle is a cop and happens to be extremely protective of you. Since you entered the house with Ravi he has been eyeing you two and keeping a sharp eye on everything Ravi does. 

“Hey Rav… Um… We need to say hi to my uncle. You know, the cop…” You whispered in his ear as you moved your hand into his. He looked at you, nodded, and smiled then took a deep breath and let you lead him over to your uncle. 

“Hi uncle (Y/U/N)! This is Ravi, my boyfriend, the one I told you about.” You said smiling wide and keeping Ravi at a safe distance. 

“Yea I know who this boy is. He’s that popstar.” Your uncle said eyeing Ravi up and down. 

“Hello, sir.” Ravi said, politely holding his hand out for your uncle to shake. After suspiciously eyeing it for a second your uncle took his hand and gave him a firm shake. To your luck that was when dinner was announced ready so you and Ravi quickly escaped the awkward situation and situated yourself at the big dining table for Christmas dinner. 

Everybody ate, laughed, and joked around even your dad and uncle, when their eyes weren’t glued to Ravi and his every move around me. After the delicious dinner and stuffing yourself with a bunch of desserts you went and sat on the couch with some of your younger cousins. Slowly you felt your eyelids getting heavy and decided not fight them anymore. You let your eyes close and you on the verge of sleep when you heard you dad call Ravi and ask him to sit down with him and your uncle. You kept your eyes closed but continued to listen closely to the conversation.

“So, you are (Y/N)’s boyfriend, huh?” Your dad said. 

“Yes, sir.” Ravi answered and you had o force yourself not to smile. 

“That was a rhetorical question boy. I know you’re her boyfriend.” Your dad said firmly, “You do realize my brother here is a cop, right?” 

“Um yes, sir, I do know that.” Ravi’s voice wavered a little because of his nerves. 

“Good, good. You are a popstar, is that right?” 

“Yes, sir, I am an idol rapper. I am a member of the boy group VIXX, sir.” 

“Do you get to see (Y/N) a lot? Do you think being a popstar can provide for a family?” Your uncle chimed in. At the mention of having a family with Ravi you almost shot up from your “sleeping” position.

“I see (Y/N) a few times a week, sir, often more than that unless we are on tour. Um about having a family, (Y/N) and I haven’t really discussed a lot about it but many other idols are able to provide for a family and are very happy. I make enough money to provide for one, sir.” Ravi explained nervously. 

“Are you two having sex?” Your dad bluntly asked. You shot straight up and with your eyes wide and mouth hanging open. 

“DAD!!!” You shrieked as you stood up and covered your face, “NO MORE INTERROGATING!!!” And with that you grabbed Ravi’s hand and brought him into the kitchen where your mom and aunts were gossiping about news around town. You sat down next to Ravi and could barely look him in the eye because of the embarrassment. 

“Hey…!” Ravi whispered to you, wrapping an arm around you and nudging your arm. 

“Hi…” You laughed nervously, “How are you doing?” You asked, finally looking up at him. 

“Great, you?” He chuckled. 

“Good… I’m sorry about them… They’re just–”

“Protective. I understand! I’m going to be the same way with my daughter one day.” Ravi said, smiling at you and winking causing you to blush in embarrassment again. 

(I made a small post about people’s habit of having Kaito encounter others, like detectives and/or a Snake up on the roof. Well, I finally got around to making a more picture evidenced post about how that compares to what Kaito does in canon to escape.)

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To My Darling Step Brother... Part3

The next week seemed to go by much faster. Mingyu didn’t talk to me much and I could finally be myself and not worry about him. He seemed nice all of a sudden and I got the weird vibe that he was acting. 

I moved quickly during lunch to the library to meet up with someone. A boy that I didn’t even mention to my mother after the year or so we had been seeing each other. “Jihoon” I whispered as he looked up from his book with a large smile “hey” he says back as I sit down beside him “how are you?” I asked him “much better that you are here love” he says leaning in and placing a light kiss to my lips “are you and I going to be studying today or sneak off to get something to eat after school?” he asks grabbing my hand. 

“Studying or food. Hmm that’s a hard choice” I whisper before letting out a giggle. “I guess that was a dumb question wasn’t it” he laughs cutely “I wish we still had class together but now I have to have class with my brother” I tell him as I lay my head onto his shoulder. “I know” he whispers as he lays his head against mine.

These are my normal lunches when I could just be with him and not have to worry about anyone else. “I’ll meet you infront of the school after class” he tells me as he kisses me one last time. I walked out before him “well well well” a voice says startling me “what do you want Mingyu?” I asked him “I was wondering where my sweet sister was dong when we have lunch. I guess you were busy playing tonsil tag with a boy” he laughs. 

I felt the heat lift on my face “shut up” I tell him “do mommy and daddy know about the boyfriend you seem to have?” he asks. I sent him a look as we walk into the classroom “oh I see he’s a secret” he smirks as he sits down at his seat.

Once the final bell rang I rushed off to find Jihoon who was right where I thought he was. “Guess who” I whispered into his ear as I covered his eyes he laughed as he reached up and grabbed my hands. “Come on” I tell him as I dragged him with me “why are we in such a rush?” he asks “oh um-” “Y/N” I hear an annoying voice call out “that’s why” I whisper closing my eyes. 

This was his idea! Even though I call him my sugar daddy in this blog, I’m actually exclusive af with him so I’m his girlfriend. I don’t mess with other people because he has power to end us. I felt like it was a sugar baby journey finally meeting a sugar daddy like him. I honestly had my ups and downs in this lifestyle. I know on my blog you only see the good. But trust me babes, I’ve been through it. To miscommunication to money deals and being not happy with my sd. I get ask a lot in my ask box on how I got a sugar daddy? Ima give you girls three tips.

-good professional sexy pic
-invest in upgrading your profiles to premium
-keeping positive.

Every sugar baby story is different and never the same. Just got to create your own.