Okay so I have made a post last year about MAMA 2K15 and obviously we are all happy that BTS won 2 awards this year (Best dance performance + Artist of the year)

HOWEVER, I happened to chance upon this video of their producer crying when BTS won and I just feel that

Producers, Song Writers, choreographers and basically people who work behind the scenes along with your idols to make them look so perfect on stage and in front of camera worked really hard too and I feel like they should also deserve the same amount of love, respect and credits even though they’re not the ones who you see on TV or in performances.

Just something that I feel.

but anyways, CONGRATULATIONS BANGTAN, we are so proud of you and thank you to all the producers and people who helped BTS along the way and worked so hard together to help them achieve their dreams💕

i’ve always felt as if
i have taken so much
space, more than i should
and i hate that i always
shrink myself to cracks
and corners so my skin
wouldn’t graze yours,
so you wouldn’t feel as
if i am invading you,
so i wouldn’t
be too much
for you
but perhaps,
it’s time i accept
that i am allowed
to be so much
of who i am and
that i deserve these spaces
the same way that you
deserve yours.
—  Kai Masa

To the man that I wish loved me,

We’ve been dating for over 6 months now and I don’t even know if I’m allowed to call you my boyfriend. What are your feelings towards me? What am I to you? When (if) you talk to people about me, do you tell them I’m anything other than a friend?

I tell people how amazing you are. How funny and beautiful I find you. I tell them how stupidly infatuated I am, and that you will never feel the same.

To be fair, you warned me at the beginning that you wouldn’t be able to give me the closeness I want and deserve, but I can’t help the feelings that I’ve developed.

I get sad when you aren’t around, and I miss you the second you leave. And at the very start of this it seemed you had felt this way too, I wish you still did. At this point we seem to be no more than friends with benefits, to put it simply. I’d rather that than not have you to talk to.

I’m sorry I feel this way, I’m sorry I can’t tell you, and I’m sorry I can’t just leave you alone because I prefer this mess to not having you around at all. I’m sorry.

- The girl who came into your life with bad timing and too fragile a heart

I feel bad that I replied to the post argumentatively, but I also think it’s my right to defend myself when being accused of things I did not say. My brothers/sisters, advise me when I do wrong, don’t stay quiet for that is how we can improve the ummah and stay an ummah. In sha Allah I will do the same for you too. So please tell me, is what I did wrong? Was I wrong for defending myself in an argumentative way in that infamous post? Jazakalallahu khairan. 

The last thing I want to do is do something wrong when I try to do what is right.  

A Glass Heart

I just have a lot of feelings and headcanons about Young Viktor. Also the way he looked at Yuuri in episode 9 - he’s so in love it kills me.

When Viktor was seven he found a picture of a samurai. It was an advert in a magazine for some film he was far too young to see but even now, he remembered how fascinated he was by the main actor. He was beautiful with long hair and narrow features. From the moment he saw it, Viktor knew when he got older he would grow his hair out the exact same way. Then he’d be just as beautiful as the man in the picture. He remembered telling his mother his plan, excitedly waving the magazine in her face but all she did was throw it in the bin. Viktor never spoke to her about his hair again.

After the samurai incident, his relationship with his mother was never quite the same. She was constantly suspicious of his interests, forever showing him pictures of female models in magazines and quizzing him on them. Viktor could admit that the women were beautiful and for his mother that always seemed enough. But it wasn’t enough for Viktor. At fourteen he had almost the same length hair as his beloved samurai but he was yet to find someone he found as beautiful. While all the boys in his class were chasing after girls in skirts that were far too short as they wore more makeup than a clown, Viktor was infatuated with his Russian Literature teacher. He can’t remember his name anymore but he can still remember that he was tall, with dark eyes and even darker hair. Viktor can also remember how he spent far too many lessons fantasising about how it would feel to be pressed between that body and the hardwood desk in front of him. His knowledge of Russian literature has never recovered. It was on one of those days when Viktor noticed a picture of a figure skater on the desk he so badly wanted to be fucked on. As soon as he got home he asked his mother for money and visited an ice rink for the first time in his life.

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i'd hate if the time jump was too long, cause alex would be miserable. also chances are maggie would find out kara's secret offscreen, cause no way she won't notice that both kara and supergirl are missing, and how alex feels about it

TBH all of national city would find out Kara’s secret or at the very least all of catco if they didn’t know already! Like Kara danvers mysteriously goes missing the same time as supergirl??

But yeah alex would be miserable without Kara for so long and that could even put a strain on her relationship with Maggie!

That’s why I’m hoping if they do the time jump it’s no more than like 2 or 3 weeks cause that’s enough time for her disappearance to cause some problems but not TOO much, ya feel?

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I don't hate Xion at all, I think she's sweet, but damn, I would trade her in any second if we got more glimpses into the Organization in Days. I really wish they would've shone light on everything, that we would've maybe met Naminé and DiZ again with Roxas (so it ties in better with KH2, too). Idk... the story way entertaining, but I was left feeling like I needed more (didn't play the DS version though, only watched the cutscene so I might be biased).

I haven’t watched the entire 358/2 days movie but from what I’ve skimmed it’s missing stuff but trust me when I say most of that stuff is just more Axel/Xion/Roxas development. Also “Roxas, that’s a stick”. I wish they would have had more time to add gameplay cutscenes to the movie they same way they did with coded. That way we’ve could have seen more of the org and some of the choice moments from gameplay like Lexeuas backhanding Roxas 

Also I wouldn’t trade Xion so much as trade some of the pointless ice cream scenes. 

With the new clip of SKAM out I feel really conflicted. As a bipolar gay, I cannot believe I finally can connect to a character that way and I’m so happy. But at the same time the way Sonja describes Evens manic phases is hitting too close to home, since I tend to think every decision and action made when I’m manic is wrong, and others thinking that my actions are all invalidated when I’m in that cycle but!!! They aren’t always a choice regretted once I’m back into a “normal” state of mind. I don’t think Even isn’t in love with Isak, but I’m now worried Isak will avoid him because of what Sonja has told him.

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did we already talk about how deans next-to-use letters in words with friends spelled lucifer?

I think everyone paused to mentally shuffle the letters although I haven’t seen much discussion of what it means, mostly because it was in a Mary related context so we mostly just play 5 minutes of uninterrupted cicada screeching over the top of any speculation about that and move to another subject.

I went and ran Lucifer through an anagram website instead to see what else came up:

Ice Furl
Lice Fur
Rice Flu
Cruel If
Ulcer If
Lucre If
Clue Fir
Uric Elf
Curl Fie
Cur Life
Cur File
Cur Lief
Rec Flu I
Cur Elf I
Cur El If

If nothing else it makes you feel really edgy to put “lucifer” into one of those things. 

Anyway you’d think they’d all be a little more sensitive about using the devil emoji too but Dean is the only one who hasn’t had immediate Lucifer angst of Cas, Crowley and Sam, in the same very personal way, and he was cracking jokes about music lessons in the cage and stuff so I think he generally has a less messed up attitude about Lucifer which may be an advantage in some times (like… actually having to deal with Lucifer) but socially is a bit awkward :P I hope Dean doesn’t send it to Cas or Sam regularly.


In order to live in life, you have to work.
In order to go to work, and in turn get decent pay, you have to go to school…

I can relate WAY too much to the perils of Bob.

I’m going to be honest, I’ve been feeling the whole “same thing everyday” thing that is represented in this game. Maybe over the past few months, I think? It seems like everyday lately has just been blurring together. Honestly, a normal day for me would be waking up, going to school, coming home, browsing the web, and going back to bed again.

I’m really glad Jack played this game. I’m glad that this will be able to open up a window of discussion for everyone else in the tag– at least I hope that’s the case for this one.

Going back to the paragraph before that, I do want to say that in hindsight not EVERYTHING is the exact same. Life is still something to enjoy. I have wonderful friends and I have a wonderful community full of such nice people. Seriously, I care about you. Even if I don’t know you, I swear to god I CARE ABOUT YOU. This is a place where we can spread Internet hugs and all care about EACH OTHER.

Thank you for being a little spark in my own Mondays 💜

My fav thing about high school used to be this chill ass English learning class I took and none of us really spoke English it was like very basic stuff and we would watch that goosebumps show every Thursday and I would run from gym to the class happily for it!!!! My other class was intense which I liked too bc it pushed me to learn English quickly but I loved that this teacher was just very low key and created this environment of like just relaxing??!! While learning stuff at the same time. It didn’t feel like a chore and honestly…..the best way to learn a language is to watch shows geared toward children so it worked!!!

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if u have extra love to give out can i request some? i could rly use some love bc things have been very very not good reacently. its been very bad weeks nd imnot feeling so good at all. im actually the same anon from a few momths ago again, i sent u an ask about being nervous starting university and doing psychology and u sent the nicest reply and yeah uni has been rl Hard so. am not doin so good. some love would b nice nd i promise it will b reciprocated bc ur lovely and too good for this world

im so sorry i wish i could hack u like a sim and make all your need bars full u deserve happiness but u definitely have my love either way


I’ve seen a couple people saying that because of Pokemon Go they’ve walked many many miles at a stretch and how good they feel about it and I agree… but I am concerned when I see how many people also take their dogs.

You know when you feel hot or thirsty but your dog has no way of telling you he is. Idk about other areas but right now my hometown has a severe weather warning for extreme heat. You may be able to walk around and catch pokemon and know when to quit, but if you walk your dog at the same time all I’m asking is be aware of when THE DOG needs to quit too. Be aware of the signs of heatstroke, be aware of how much exercise your dog needs or can realistically handle, and especially look out if it’s a very small or a very flat faced dog. The last thing we need is someone walking five miles in the summer heat and giving their dog heatstroke because the pokestop was too far away.

It’s great that so many dogs are finally getting more exercise than ever (as pet obesity is endemic) but high temperatures carry high risks.

If you own dogs in a hot area I would expect you know what to look out for already but I also know that people are pushing themselves farther than ever in search of pokemon so just don’t forget about your real life animals when you’re chasing the cartoon ones.

Because Hillary Listens (And now I do too)

You know, it’s funny - I used to just support Hillary by merit of “Not Donald Trump” (or, honestly, “Not a Republican”). I was feeling the Bern pretty hard during the primary elections, and I just was really concerned that she wasn’t liberal enough, wasn’t honest enough, was offput by the Debbie Wasserman Schultz stuff, etc., etc.

And then I… actually started reading things? And realized that she had the exact same PoliticFacts honesty rating as Bernie Sanders? That I was falling for a narrative of repeated indictment constructed by Republicans seeking to delegitimize her way back when?

So then I started rethinking things. And around this time, I got a call, actually, from my local Democratic party organizing group - not strictly “for Hillary” so much as generally trying to organize the disparate Democratic groups in the area, which is something I’d wanted for a while. So obviously, I went in, and at first we met once alongside some others from my family, but it became quickly apparent that he was really, really interested in meeting later to discuss social media strategies. Like, that was clearly the biggest thing he was interested in. Simultaneously, it became apparent that he’d organized for Hillary in the primaries. I agreed to meet for a coffee later to discuss strategies, but at the meeting, I went ahead and made it pretty clear up front that I’d been a Bernie supporter but I thought unity was important, etc., etc. And he was just…

I guess I’d sort of expected to have to fight for things a little bit? That I’d have to be holding my ground, that he’d be sort of smug or whatever, but it wasn’t like that at all. He was just immediately welcoming, talking about how glad he was to have me aboard, how important he thought it was to address Bernie supporter’s concerns, how much great work Bernie had done and how eager they were to integrate it into the campaign. But the moment that really stuck with me was when he made a casual reference to abortion rights as “women’s rights” and I stopped him and went “That’s trans exclusionary, I don’t like to call them that.” (Grade A Tumblr discourse, right?) And he didn’t get defensive or anything, just immediately went “Oh, I’m sorry, what should I be calling them?” I was a little taken aback and immediately checked back into the conversation, explaining that “reproductive rights” was more inclusive, etc.

He immediately thanked me and explained that this was why he was so excited to have me and people like me in the campaign, to make sure everyone was included.

I left the conversation feeling a lot more optimistic about this whole thing, feeling like maybe I wasn’t just chipping in to stave off a worst case scenario and was actually fighting fo a cause that was actively including me.

But the real tipping point was… embarrassingly recent, if I’m honest, and came about through a Spotify ad of all things. You may have heard it a zillion times - “millions of jobs”, yada yada yada, but with the stinger at the end that you should go onto her site and read The Plan. “You know, maybe I should actually read that whole ‘Plan’ thing,” I said, and did.

And uh, guys. Do you… has anyone else actually read this? I won’t say I agree on every single point, but there is so much that I’m actually really excited about??

I knew that Hillary was opposed to voter ID laws and probably vaguely supported early voting, but did you also know that she plans to do automatic voter registration at the age of 18 like we’ve wanted to happen for ages? I knew that Hillary had talked about “mending trust between the police and Black communities”, but did you know that her platform explicitly includes body cameras? Did you know that it specifically calls out the school to prison pipeline and her plan to end it? Did you know that it specifically calls out ending private prisons? Did you know that it specifically calls out ending violence against trans women of color with a crosslink to her LGBT rights platform? Did you know that it talks about defending Puerto Rican rights, something even a lot of the mainstream Tumblr SJ discourse tends to overlook?

And that’s just two of the pages on this thing! Look at this stuff! She has the only autism platform that has the ASAN stamp of approval and explicitly includes autistic adults! She has explicit plans to fight anti-LGBT “conversion therapy” and to upgrade the service records of everyone discharged for being queer! Increased HIV/AIDs combating funding including increasing the usage of post-exposure prophylaxis (something not too surprising in retrospect, I suppose, given the Clinton Foundation’s long history of combating HIV/AIDs).She not only supports debt-free college education at all state colleges (something I knew), but she has plans for investing in historically Black colleges and debt relief plans for people already dealing with student loans! She has a substance abuse platform focused on improving treatment options and eliminating jail time for possession! Mental health infrastructure reform!

And I’m still barely touching on all of this, Jesus Christ - we could be here all day discussing all the policies I looked at and went “Oh, wow, that’s actually pretty in line with why I liked Bernie.”

So yeah, okay. You win this round, Hillary. I wanted Bernie to be our candidate, but you know what? Maybe sometimes, primaries are just choosing between two candidates who are actually both pretty great. And maybe you’ve proved that you’re actually willing to listen. And all it took to win me over was, uh, me actually reading your campaign page.

But hey, better late than never, right? It was a slow path to get here, but a worthwhile one, and dammit, at least now I can say without reservation that #imwithher

“I think of too many of my white graduate students at Harvard who somehow feel perfectly comfortable calling me by my first name, but feel reluctant to refer to my white male colleagues– even those junior to me– in the same way. And I think about how my black students almost always refer to me as ‘Professor Lawrence-Lightfoot’ even when I have known them a long time and urge them to be less formal. The title indicates their respect for me, but also their own feelings of self-respect, that part of them that gets mirrored in my eyes. And besides, if their mothers or grandmothers heard them call me by my first name, they would be embarrassed; they would think that they had not raised their children right. So I completely understand when one of them says to me (n response to my request that he call me Sara after we have worked together for years), 'I’m sorry, that is not in my repertoire, Professor Lawrence-Lightfoot.’

These private daily encounters with white and black students are punctuated by public moments– too numerous to recall– when the humiliation of being called by my first name seems to demand an explicit response; when I feel I must react to the assault not only for my own self-protection, but also in order to teach a lesson on respectful behavior. I regard these public encounters as 'teachable moments.’ I make a choice to respond to them; a choice that I know will both help to shield me and render me more vulnerable.

A few years ago I was asked to speak at a conference at the University of Chicago, a meeting for social scientists and their graduate students about race, class, gender, and school achievement. The other speaker was Professor James Coleman, a distinguished sociologist, a white man several years my senior who was well known and highly regarded for his large-scale statistical studies on educational achievement. Both of us came to the conference well prepared and eager to convey our work to fellow scholars. The language of the occasion was full of the current rhetoric of our disciplines; focused, serious, sometimes esoteric and opaque. I say all this to indicate that there was nothing playful or casual about either of our presentations. Neither of us said anything that suggested informality or frivolity. 

When we had finished speaking, the moderator opened the floor for questions, and several hands shot up in the air. The first to speak was a middle-aged white man who identified himself as an advanced graduate student finishing his training at another prestigious university. He began, ‘I would like to address my question to both Professor Coleman and Sara…’ I could feel my heart racing, then my mind go blank. In fact, I could not even hear his question after he delivered the opening phrase. I saw there having a conversation with myself, feeling the same rage that my parents must have felt sixty years earlier in Jackson, Mississippi. How can this be? How can this guy call him ‘Professor’ and me ‘Sara’? And he has no clue about what he has done, how he has injured me. I’m not even sure that the others in the audience have heard what he just said; whether they’ve recognized the asymmetry, the assault. Somehow, I must have indicated to Jim Coleman (we were friends and colleagues) that I wanted to respond first. He must have seen the panic in my eyes and my shivering body. I heard my voice say very slowly, very clearly, ‘Because of the strange way you addressed both of us, “Professor Coleman and Sara,” I am not able to respond to your question. As a matter of fact,’ I say, leaning into the microphone, holding onto it for dear life, ‘I couldn’t even hear your question.’ The room was absolutely still. I was not sure that there were any people out there who had any idea how I was feeling, any idea that I was on fire. But my voice must have conveyed my pain, even if the cause was obscure to them. ‘Would you please repeat your question?’ I asked the man, who had by now slid halfway down his seat, and whose face revealed a mixture of pain and defiance. ‘And this time, would you ask it in a way that I will be able to hear it.’ …My ancestors were speaking, reminding me of my responsibility to teach this lesson of respect; reminding me that I deserved to be respected.”

- Prof. Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Respect: An Exploration, Chapter 2

I want to know your coffee order and your favorite shops.
I want to know your favorite month and why.
I want you to tell me about the books that changed you and the music that kept you alive.
I want to know which side of the bed you like best.
I want to know the lines of poems that give you chills and which shade of the sky makes you feel at peace.
I want to know the people and places you call home.
I want to know if you like the crust on your sandwiches.
I want to know if you pour too much sugar in your tea.
I want to know if you feel the same way about me.