People act like Catholicism invented guilt and that, as a religion, it encourages, exacerbates, and inflames it. But that’s not true. No matter what people say, guilt is part of the human condition and what Catholicism does is acknowledge it, admit it, and find a healthy place for it.

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How do you feel about the Colleen and Josh divorce? I feel like everyone on YouTube is breaking up. Are you and Sam next? I don't know if I believe in love anymore...

I feel sad, I watched both their videos and it’s hard to hear because they are both so sweet.

Idk why people assume every couple is the same.

Every relationship is different, and there are things you don’t see. You shouldn’t not believe in love just because people break up. There is not one person who you watch on YouTube that gets into a relationship and goes “so I wonder when we are gonna break up”

None of these couples thought this was gonna happen. Things just happen. Some people change, some just fight too much and some people just aren’t happy anymore. That’s relationships for you.

I feel like you should believe in love no matter what. Stop just looking at these couples you see on YouTube and look at the millions of people that have been married for decades and never broke up or got divorced. Maybe those people are your parents or your grandparents or your friends parents…etc. That’s love

When you find that someone that you love, you’ll remember that true love does exist.

10743) I just started going to a Lutheran college.

It seems pretty safe here, nobody is terribly mean or anything, and there’s an LGBT club with a trans guy as one of the leaders and an RA. For some reason though I still don’t feel safe here and I’m terrified to come out to anyone or start any relationships, as then I would have to tell them the truth, have a relationship with a huge lie in the middle, or break up very quickly. I feel even more trapped than I used to be.

INFJ Confession #2574

Stress usually doesn’t get to me, like, I’ll rant about it if I feel like someone is listening, or just behave normally. I even perform better with deadlines sometimes. But recently, I had a complete breakdown.I was just studying for my exams like I normally do, but then I took a break. I wasn’t feeling too great, but not too bad either. And then I started crying out of nowhere, and couldn’t stop.  I cried for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT and I have never done that in my life. Also did I mention, FOR NO APPARENT REASON. This wasn’t the first time I was giving an exam, and not the first time I had procrastinated either. It just didn’t make any sense. I was crying,shaking and sobbing uncontrollably, and it physically hurt, yet I couldn’t stop. And the worst part is, I didn’t even know why I was crying. I wasn’t thinking about anything, so I couldn’t even make it stop by not thinking about it. And I woke up with eyes that were swollen shut, ulcers, a severe cold and back ache. Can’t say it was the lowest point in my life, but it was extremely harrowing. Does anyone else ever get so stressed that they physically feel it?

God knew I needed this album.

The past two weeks have been hell and He knew I was gonna buy and listen to this album on constant replay, but I had to listen very closely. To feel like I was about to break at any moment I’ve listened to the album and it came right on time. This magic I have might feel like it’s low on empty, but I’m going to work my way. Somehow. Someway.

Also, I strongly suggest F.U.B.U to be the new national anthem.

Thank you.

i had 300+ follows before i remade and i felt Good and Happy and Loved now im at 33 and i break down every day because i feel like everyone hates me

Onision rant: IT'S OVER, jk it's over till I can manipulate my wife again.

To start I feel lainey is soooo close to breaking free, they are coming to the realization of the manipulation and abuse with each fight. While yes she has done her own share of crappy things let’s not forget she’s been manipulated since at least 16 by this man. Him telling her what’s right and wrong, pushing her to do things she will most likely will feel terrible remorse for later. She’s in deep pain, even when you know the person you love is horrible and manipulative you still love them (or the old though of them). Also with her being pregnant and hormones a mess it’s surely harder then normal. I encourage everyone to keep this in mind; don’t bug her, don’t ask her for a tell all, don’t hate on her too much. Do post encouraging thing though, and show your support for getting out of this. Remember how being in this kinda relationship makes you “crazy” as seen in the past with his past lovers.
From the break up vid it is clear he’s already claiming lainey is the crazy one, that she kept bringing her back, that its all her fault; but let’s go back.
I find it weird that billie came into the scene outta no where pretty much, which I have theories on but that’s another rant. Before billie came in lainey came out as bi. Greg encouraged lainey to get a girlfriend though at that time she wrote on twitter she was happy with just greg. Then (with his encouragement) decided yeah it’s ok if I explore my sexuality; WHICH IS TOTALLY NORMAL FOR HER AGE. She went from her families house (who’s not too keen on the bi thing) to gregs house, lot’s of girls experiment at her age.
She then says ok I’ll get a gf, but greg can’t have a gf only a bf. Greg is making “I’m bisexual” vids and lusting after andy at this point so I don’t doubt he used this as his toe in to what he really wanted, he will later say he tried a butt toy and didn’t like it so he’s not bi, but he knew that. So billie comes around (I have a theory on that for another rant), lainey get’s mad that she seems to be there for Greg and not her, that’s a fair and honest worry.
I’ve brought this up before and will again, he talked her into taking billie back, so much so he gave billie money (he was talking to her too then) to buy her gifts. That’s big manipulation, shows he was working hard to bring this girl back into his life (a girl he will choose over his wife next time she’s there.
He’s also making vids saying how great his relationship is now that it’s 3 “how beautiful” it is. It works lainey brings her back. This time they get close to a threesome, I have no doubt greg was going to be fantasizing fucking only billie while it was really his wife, he was still not allowed to touch billie by laineys twitter; and why should she let them they were already breaking her trust. She can tell that he only wants billie and get’s mad. She leaves becausr she feels they are there for each other so what do they do? Naked massage and cuddling of course! Very disrespectful of the boundaries, breaking a lot of trust to the one you’re married to; the mother of your child and the one with most emotional history with. She then wants a divorce and he says yes, even signs away his parental rights.
But lainey does something smart, she goes to twitter. Voicing her views and pain. He knows his past will he dug up, her dad is a lawyer, and he has to be the victim; so right nows not best time for a divorce. The text he shows at the end of the betrayed vid shows him plotting with billie that “can she handle the backlash to come” knowing the shitstorm to come. He kept her on the back burner. Lainey now is seeing the manipulation, he talked her back because he needed to get things in order. He’s also pushing for her to forgive billie, still making vids about how “beautiful” it is and so on; now having to also fight the cuck comments that he really hates. He really hates it, it shows he’s not getting what he wants cause of laineys rules and that it’s true.
So while he’s trying to get her to forgive he’s probably bitching about being called cuck, he’s bringing up that he has fallen in love with billie, that this is how it has to be. He also knows she will come back to him now and he has power. She’s admitting her codependency. It’s billie comes back or it’s nothing. I think sarah was a “present” cause lainey really does like her, probably wants to be with her; but she’s totally gay so greg has no chance and greg prob knows he can’t touch her (remember he’s encouraging sarah too, and plays into laineys views).
It’s clear by this point billies to stay, and she’s not their for her. The “haters” were right. She has seen what happened to his ex’s too. She’s probably very scared of the backlash too.
From the twitter convos he also talked to her about not emotionally tweeting. He really doesn’t want her blabbing cause he needs to be the victim; but she did. Now people know the truth that he wanted to leave her, that he manipulated her, that it was all a lie.
That’s why this break up vid was made, she ruined his plan to break it off in a way he was a victim so now he has to go to plan B, make her seem crazy, make it seem like he’s trying to reason and work through it. When he says “I’m 90% sure we will get back together” it’s not because he’s trying to work through it, it’s because he needs to make himself the victim.
She has said she will follow the same path and take him back cause she needs him and she is 8 months pregnant. He’s going to tell her again not to tweet anything, he’s going to tell her billies here for good cause he loves her, billie knows this. He’s plotting her exit by making her “crazy” so she’s on borrowed time.
Good news for her when she leaves she has family and friends (as greg pointed out, hint hint), with the anti o’s screen capping and documenting pretty much everything she has a good chance of the prenuptial getting thrown out, It does show manipulation, and she will get child support.
I have tons more to say but I’m going to end this one here, because tl;dr. Once again don’t bug the girl, she’s in a very bad place and pregnant, but encourage her that it will be ok, she is strong, she can get out, and she will be loved. A lot of people (like me) in the anti o community have been in similar situations and we know what its like. You and your emotions are vaild.

H E L L O !! 

I got some new followers and I’m so extremely happy and excited about this !! So yes yes, it’s nice to meet all of you, I hope we’ll get to interact soon !! :D
On another note, as it’s obvious to understand, this is a PLOT CALL !! Lately, my inspiration for Ahreum hasn’t been in the best of shape, which also explains why my replies have been incredibly slow and why some tiny threads that weren’t going anywhere have been unfortunately dropped, with consequent breaking of my lil’heart because I always feel bad when that happens. I LOVE writing as my murderous fox but lately I’ve noticed that many people only want to focus upon “slice of life” plots that, although I thoroughly enjoy them, end up becoming extremely boring soon. THIS plot call is for deeper threads, for threads that will last for more than two or three replies and that will allow both of us to develop our muses - Although Ahreum is the kind of muse to mostly fit into darker and perhaps even triggering topics, I’m willing to write pretty much ANYTHING as long as it’s not a random encounter at the nearby cafe. 
So, if you’d like to plot something good, deep, psychological or even dark, give a little ❤ to this post and I’ll make sure to run into your IM as soon as I can !!

  • Holt:Well, apparently it is less painful if you acknowledge the dumpee's feelings.
  • Diaz:Ew.
  • Holt:But don't worry. We'll practice. I'll be Marcus.
  • Diaz:Marcus. I think we should breakup.
  • Holt:That makes me feel sad. I am sad.
  • Diaz:Your sadness is noted.
  • Holt:I feel acknowledged. Thank you for breaking up with me. It will take me eight minutes to collect my things.
  • Diaz:. . .
  • Holt:. . .
  • Holt:I think that went very well.

Oh my gosh did I scare you?? 

I’m sorry.

I’m not leaving, not forever anyway. 

Truth be told, I’ve spent way too much time on tumblr for the past few weeks, and I have lost all faith in humanity! Again.

That, and I’ve got several fics that I put on hiatus so I could start this blog, and they probably think I’m dead.  

I’ll probably keep writing for this thing, and I may even post a few fics but until I come back for real, (Like responding to messages and stuff) I will not be taking anymore requests. 


Gosh I’m so terrible. 

I’ll be taking messages and stuff today, but starting tomorrow asks are closed and I will be pretty much gone excluding the occasional imagine. 


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Hi. I messaged you a long time ago. My Boyfriend looks at Futanari porn. I still haven't addressed this with him. I love him like crazy. But we don't have sex. I don't ask for anything, I just want to go down on him. Every time my boyfriend rejects me, it feels like my Heart is breaking. I don't know what to do. I'm having a hard time. He just proposed. I said yes. I don't think this thing between us is going to work out, but I'm kinda stuck. I guess that's it. You're cool. Have a good night. :)

Whoa this is a lot to take in

exile-wrath replied to your postI have a five-page double-spaced original fiction…

wrrite a stater au fic and then just change the names

I thought about doing that, but at the same time, I feel like Steter - even if I substitute the names - might be breaking the law somewhere, at least for a piece of fiction that has to be turned in for class and therefore has to be… school-appropriate I guess? Gay relationships are totally fine, the underage thing can be worked around, but I feel like the usual blood and murder and general sociopathy themes might tempt my prof into calling the cops or something.

This is the first year since 2011 that I don’t try everything in my power to watch the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy. The past 4,5 years, I have checked multiple websides every Friday after the episodes aired. Being in Germany, it can be a hustle and difficult. 

But this year, I don’t. I don’t feel the need to. And it feels weird, but it also feels great. 
I can somewhat understand why SaRa needed a break, because I realize I needed one, too. 


I can’t believe this just happened

The truth is, I’m hopelessly in love with you. I said it many times to you, and I’ll say it many times about you. I’m crazy, I’m obsessive, I’m needy, I’m protective, I don’t care. I fell in love with you, and now I don’t know how to fall out of love. Now I don’t know where to put the memories, how to shake the thought of you and the truth is I fucking miss you. God damn, I want to hate you, I want to feel my blood boil at the thought of you, but I have nothing to hate you for. All you ever did was shower me with love, how could I hate you for making me happy? How could I hate somebody so innocently perfect? I miss you, I miss us, I miss the way you used to look at me and I miss the way you talk. I miss your stupid walk and your gross facial hair, I miss the tiny little things that I used to tease you for because now I don’t get to laugh at them. I took everything for granted, I took our entire relationship for granted because I made up in my head that it was forever, that for once a boy wasn’t lying to me. And I was so damn stupid to think that, to fall in love as if there was no tomorrow because of course you were going to leave and of course you were lying. What do I have that is so special? Nothing, I got nothing. And now you’re gone, gone for good and I’m left here not knowing what the fuck to do. Not knowing where to place all this love and not knowing how to smile on my own. You carried me through so much and dropped me like I was nothing, like everything we went through was all just a dream, and I guess now I’m living a fucking nightmare
—  I’m missing you