this is a PSA from memebot’s dadmom because i know some of you are in the US and this is your first time voting so you might not know this but



some states allow early or mail in voting BUT NO STATES LET YOU VOTE ONLINE.

if you see stuff about that IT IS PEOPLE TRYING TO OBSTRUCT VOTING

they are TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. they are hoping that if they spread misinformation about the election they can keep the left-leaning, internet-aware generation from the polls

THERE IS A LONG HISTORY OF DIRTY TRICKS LIKE THIS BEING USED TO ATTEMPT TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM VOTING. in previous elections we’ve seen lists of mostly Black people being targeted for calls saying to vote on the wrong day, stuff like that.


Have you ever gotten in a fight with a friend and you kinda just stop talking to each other but then one day after you’re done feeling sorry for yourself you realize ‘holy fuck I feel so much better not talking to them, that was a toxic friendship’ and you realize that you didn’t even realize how bad it was to be in their orbit every day? Because letting that realization hit you is the best feeling in the world and I feel 100 times better about everything.

I know this probably comes as a huge shock to a lot of you but I’ve been keeping this secret for so long I just can’t anymore, I have to come clean and say it. The thing is…. I love Castiel. So much. I just love Cas so much. I love Cas more than anything. I love Castiel.

Just a quick note guys that I’m forever greatful for the overwhelmingly positive feedback I got on my last painting of Dean. You guys changed the way I saw it. I’m no longer dissapointed that the outcome wasn’t what I wanted, and am now proud of myself for seeing it through. I’m working on some others right now, taking it back a step to do some more realism studies but in the mean time feel free to message me, I’m looking for fellow artists and spn fans to follow. Thanks.

It’s Okay.

Cause I never see posts like this.

As some of my followers know, I am an undergraduate university student living in Melbourne. I have been in Melbourne for the last 18 months and my family lives in SA. I am socially awkward and I find it hard to make close friends (hence why I practically live in my room and spend far too much time on here). I have failed 9 out of ten subjects I tried to study over the last 18 months at uni. I had to repeat my first year with academic restriction.

About three nights ago, I was unable to sleep, crying, having what I would call ‘invasive thoughts’ and ended up sending a hysterical text message to my mum that read ‘I wanna cone hone’ at 3am. Thankfully, my amazing parents are wonderfully understanding,  immediately called me the next day to talk about it and have arranged to drive the twelve hours/two days to come and pick me up to move back home in about a week. They were supportive and never once tried to talk me into staying. Merely asking ‘Is this what you want?’ I haven’t felt this unstressed in over 18 months.

Looking back, while the opportunity to study in Melbourne was good, it wasn’t the best idea for me. I have no real social or support group here in Melbourne and that severely impacted on my life and my self-esteem.

Which is why I am going to tell you something I rarely see.

It’s Okay.

It’s okay if a year, three years or even hell, three months, into university, you decide you cannot do it. It’s okay.

You are not a failure. You are not a disgrace.

It’s Okay.

No matter what anyone else says, it’s okay.

In a world where everyone pushes you to go into higher learning, dropping out of university is okay.

In a world where everyone expects you to know what you want to do with your life at 18, it’s okay to change your mind.

In a world where everything happens so quickly, it’s okay to take a step back and rethink a few things.

These things happen. Life changes. Some circumstances are unavoidable.

It’s Okay.

You are not the only one. You are not alone.

As for me, I’ll be taking the next 6 months off, just working or volunteering in my hometown before looking to return to study if that is what I want. There are some good Uni’s or community colleges in Adelaide, which are not exactly where the family lives but is a hell of a lot closer to home and many of my friends live there. It’ll be a lot healthier for me and most likely much better environment for me to study in.

It’s Okay.


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories