I generally feel loving someone who doesn't love you back is the most painful feeling in the world

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"It's not like I'm falling in love I just want you to do me no good and it looks like you could " Luke

hs badboy!Luke

She never thought she’d fall in love with someone like him. Someone who’s so out of her league -a boy with leather jackets, cigarettes, and sunglasses- those were things she couldn’t get out of off her mind. He was that high up and she was in the low, no one really bothered her while everyone notices him. Who wouldn’t? His tall structure’s only a plus. The way he walks, the way he smirks, the way he made everything look so little and him so noticeable was really frustrating for the girl who sits beside him during maths class. She couldn’t get him off of her mind. And him? She was invisible, she thought. And by the time she got invited to some senior party, bc of her friend, she felt miserable. One, because she’s awfully shy and would push any boy that comes near her, and two, she could see Luke with all those pretty girls.There he was with his ever so lovely and face, and she was irritated at the fact that girls were all over him. She rolled her eyes and decided to get out of the house smelling of alcohol and sweat. Before she could even get outside, she was pulled by the hand and pressed against the wall. “What the…?” She stopped on her tracks once she looked up to see at the blond boy that made her heart hurt. She stared at her as he smirked whispering “Hey” in her ear. “H-Hi” She muttered as her faced flushed red. His face lowered to hers and his fingers playing with her hair. He smiled at her and pressed his cheek to her cheek. “I saw you staring a while back and got really sad when you walked away.” “What?” She pulled back as he looked at her in the eyes. “Well, you see Y/n, I’ve got my eyes on you for a very long time, and I don’t know if this is falling in love or not but I want you to do me no good and I know you could” And with that, he pressed his lips against hers

this isn’t a blurb, isn’t it?

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