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Hey there, I fully understand what you're saying about nipples and such but I feel there's something you're missing out. You can't deny nipples and breasts are rather sensitive erogenous zone more like genitalia than other body bits.

my inner arm is an erogenous zone but I don’t see anybody censoring them


“I really got to know myself through a lot of that self-destruction. I had to go very deep into myself and rebuild a lot of what I had taken apart, and that process is strengthening, that process is grounding. That doesn’t go away. That’s the foundation this is all built on now, and I feel stable. I feel happy. I like myself. I love my job. It just so happens that I fell into doing something that I enjoy—the drums and the music and acting and all that stuff. I love it. I love it a lot.”  

2 years without Cory Monteith ( 1982 - 2013 ) 

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I feel like I'm missing something, but why are people upset about the fire posts not being reblogged enough internationally? I live in the gvrd and the air is terrible right now, but everyone here knows about the fires already, and even if the posts went viral there's nothing anyone would be able to do to stop them. AFAIK no one legit is looking for donations or anything?

Thousands have been evacuated from their homes; there is a real risk that some of these communities will burn. So, yes there will likely be a push for donations to support the evacuees. And in fact there is an active go fund me campaign for the evacuees.

This is a news and politics blog and I consider this story to be one of the most important to happen this year. It is disheartening that its going completely under the radar. There are a lot of stories that people likely won’t understand the significance of, but I think people can understand and sympathise with those caught in natural disasters. Many of these Canadians stories if they had happened elsewhere would be viewed more seriously. That’s why I’m bothered.

Also the way the US is treating this story is a joke. They’re only talking about how they’re affected by these fires when Canadians are affected far worse. We’re being erased from a story about Canada.

I care about international exposure because events like this are major and are important. I think everyone should be concerned about these massive forest fires (and not just Canadians). California wildfires get international attention, heat waves in the UK get international attention, why should this be ignored? Over 12,000 people were evacuated just in Saskatchewan; this is important.

And this isn’t just a one-off thing. Time and time again, this happens. Canadian stories that are in any way negative are routinely ignored despite how serious they are. People only seem to care about Canadians issues if they appear to be positive and affirm myth-like Canadian stereotypes. It bothers me that people get the wrong impression about the affairs of this country. It is not a land of maple syrup + love + happiness. We have serious issues and I’m getting a bit tired of them getting swept under the rug.

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If you were to branch all the aus that sprouted from the main au what would it look like?

Something like this, and I know that there are probably some that i’m missing too

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Me and my friend had the same relationship as camren. We would always be flirty and look at each other a little too long. Then people started saying we were together and started shipping us and I felt uncomfortable because I felt something but I didn't want to admit it. I distanced myself and now we don't talk at all. Even being in the same room with one another is so awkward. I feel like this happened with L & C. And they do miss the friendship but it's too late now to change anything.

You know, I thought when I would go to college, I would create these awesome, life-long friends. In all honesty, I just don’t connect well with other girls. I never really had people over when I was growing up, and my friends were mainly guys until the last two years. The people I was closest to were either cousins, who have to love me and I’ve known them forever, or had similar personalities to mine. I’m happy and all to be here, but at the same time…I just feel like there’s something missing, and I can’t tell if it’s just my situation, or if it’s me. 

Forgotten Memories|| Closed

For most of his life Dyson had felt like something was missing, like he was forgetting something important but he couldn’t remember what. It bothered him constantly, and had been on his mind a lot lately. What was it he was forgetting? Was it important? Dyson hummed to himself as he moved through the story, picking up a few things here and there. Mostly just groceries and things he needed around the house. When he turned into another aisle he nearly collided with a woman with fire red hair. “Oh god I’m so sorry!”

i havent seen any android user outside of dedicated forums talk about their phone being superior to iphones in at least 4 years, are the posts saying that android users wont shut up about it still relevant today or am i just seeing the wrong people… like ive seen w a a a a y y y more iphone users mention/point out they have one and that it’s better overall/has a better camera than a $99 android phone than ive seen anyone with even a high end android phone be like.. iphones arent that great. i feel like im missing something? i guess i must just have a different experience with it bc these posts are p much opposite to what ive seen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ confused. i dont mean for this to come across as like android users = good iphone users = bad, i like iphones, they’re useful and much easier to use for a lot of ppl, i just dont rlly get it.?

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You can't miss Hana Appreciation Day because it's every day which means I can tell you how wonderful and adorable and amazing and incredible and inspiring and beautiful and illegally perfect you are any day I feel like it, but you deserve to be told you're all these things and more besides every day 'cause nobody can give you what you REALLY deserve, you're just too good for us and this world but we love you and we never want you to forget that. Love you Hana~ <3333

hsjkdflg;dsa goodness Xlth every month you just give me something even nicer than the last ;/////; thank you, you awesome badass cuddler.

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Oh that's perfect! I love that explanation and I think it fits really well! Thanks for that! Someone else has commented on the need for a sequel but I am actually on the fence about that. On one hand, I feel like I got closure for the film's ending but there are so many ideas to explore for a possible continuation. Truthfully, I would like to see something about how Adam and Eve even met in the first place.

budiruh [more on my gloves theory here]

- I want a prequel, too!  I can’t help but wonder how much older Eve is than Adam. She mentions that he missed some serious stuff, like the plagues…

I like to imagine he was someone’s boy toy and he dumped his ‘sponsor’ in Italy.  That’s where he met Byron and Shelley, and fell in with a vampire, possibly Eve or one of her friends.  There’s an *excellent* vampire story about that time and those people called “The Stress of Her Regard” by Tim Powers.  Highly recommended. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Stress_of_Her_Regard

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About the dialogue: I'd be into there being an option for how dialogue is shown onscreen, just like they give the option for 1st or 3rd person. I can't see it doing any damage if they offered it as a setting, though it's possible it could feel a bit clunky if it was limited to only the 4 options they seem to give us. Either way, it seems like something someone could do as a mod if Bethesda didn't do it themselves.

yeah luckily mods can fix things 

I’d definitely miss the classic on screen dialogue though, I want to see all the fun comments and options even if I don’t pick them for my character, I want to know exactly what my character is going to say when I choose for them to respond to something

imagine all the lines you’ll miss out on seeing if they just give you a few summarized words per dialogue option compared to what the other games always let us read through

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Could you please explain what's wrong with girl that you love because I can't figure it out and I feel like I'm missing something really obvious and it's giving me anxiety I'm sorry

there’s nothing particularly wrong with it, it’s just not a good song imo

seungri x reader (drabble)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Seungri (Big Bang) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: Oh look. I wrote something. 8D Sorry it’s not a request, but I had what felt like the longest day at work, and I feel exhausted, so I needed to write a little something for me. Hope you guys enjoy it as well. c:

Summary: You wake up late one night to find your husband missing and a lot of crying in the air.

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     Heyo, ladies and gents! I am officially back online after my crazy vacation… sorta looking forward to sitting in my chair for two days and not doing a gosh dang thing but edit and write. I kinda missed out on FFIX appreciation week because of Expo, but I enjoyed reading everyone elses’ posts and I’ll be around tomorrow to celebrate! 

So, down to business. I’m going to try and spruce up the blog a bit for the next little while, but I’ll be open to responses, getting to some memes and cleaning out my askbox a bit while I do. Most importantly I’ll be revising my rules, so keep a lookout for the new post!  


I still don’t have words for what this feels like, but I’m gonna try because I have to say something right now. 

1. I would personally like to thank Tobin Heath for wrecking my left ankle, I sprained it during the celebration of our fifth goal. Totally fucking worth it.

2. I missed Carli’s first two goals because I was eating. I started a “put it in” chant on our first corner, then quickly looked down to grab a french fry, and the ball went in. Unbelievable. Same scenario on the second goal. 

3. After we were up 2-0 scoresandstars and I were interviewed for WCTV, and we ended up on the 11:00 news last night. My family has been telling me all about it all day today. 

4. My mission for last night was to get absolutely Star Spangled Hammered and I can confidently say I accomplished that mission. 

5. I also told myself I was going to call my Mom crying after we won. I wasn’t crying, but I called her anyway. Proud of myself for that. Thank God she was still awake. 

6. I haven’t seen any of the specials yet because I wasn’t home when they aired and I have two midterms to study for, but I’ve heard they’re wild and hilarious.

7. I’m sitting on my bed still eating my leftovers from last night. Also totally fucking worth it. 

8. I love this team. I love you guys. I love everything. Thank you all so much, tumblr is beautiful today. We did it.