Does anyone else like… really dislike white walls in homes? They’re all trendy and in all magazines now but I just. Don’t like pure white walls. They create too much space, too much light, it’s like a hospital or a Big Brother house or an existential void providing an illusion of safety and comfort while draining all of your life force and converting it into an assurance that everything is fine and peaceful while the bees are dying and the Earth is on fire


Peter Maximoff x Reader 

Implied Warren x Kurt

Warnings: None 

Well this is tiny & kinda ridiculous, there isn’t even any smut! But luckily @nerdimagines & @gyrosbizarreadventure have somehow convinced me to post it, not delete it! @mysaria @gingerpeters @edwxrdmott and because this is sfw I can finally tag @mactaggertmoira & @whiplashed-maximoff

“Hey Jean, did you see where Peter went?” You ask your friend whilst looking around for the usual flash of sliver. “No” she replies, “but he seems a little unsettled, is there something going on between you two?” You laugh quietly to yourself “No, well I don’t think so, I wish there was but, well, you know how I feel about him.”

You sigh and sit down next to her. “I just feel like I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to him, but I know I miss him when he leaves the room.” She smiles at you with her knowing smile and you wonder how someone so young copes with so much wisdom, before replying “I did notice he only became antsy when you started talking to Warren.” You laugh in shock “Really! I mean Warren’s hot but totally not my type, plus the way he was looking a Kurt, I don’t think I’m his type either.”

Jean chuckles at your comment “nice to know I’m not the only one who noticed that! Now what are you going to do about Peter?” You take a deep breath and get up decisively from your chair. “I’m going to find him, this instant, and make sure he knows how I feel.”

You spend the next three days getting more and more frustrated at trying to track Peter down. Whenever you find him, he’s gone in an instant. You normally love his speed but right now it’s driving you crazy!

Jean comes over to find you, “so, I’m guessing you need a new plan?” You shake your head “well I’ve got something, but it’s pretty crazy and I’m going to need a lot of Twinkies.”

Peter wanders down the halls of the school looking out for you, feeling sure Warren would have made his move on you by now. Still unable to resist speeding in every now and then to check on you.

He turns a corner and spots a Twinkie in the middle of the corridor in front of him. There’s no one about so he picks it up, the wrapper crinkling between his quick fingers, and can’t resist opening it and devouring it instantly.

He keeps walking and notices three more Twinkies leading him round the next corner. Again he picks each one up putting two in his pockets and eating the third. As he turns the corner, he sees the trail of Twinkies continuing until they stop just outside your open door.

He gathers them all up in his arms and walks into your room. “Um, hey, are you in here, did you do this?” You shut the door behind him, you’ve obviously been waiting behind it for him. “ What’s with all the Twinkies?” He starts to ask before dropping them all in shock as he looks at you standing in front of him in your most seductive lingerie and highest heels.

You smile at him and he starts to make sounds that could never be interpreted as speech. You press your finger to his lips to quiet him. “I know you’ve been avoiding me and I just wanted to make it obvious how I feel about you. Warren is my friend and nothing more. All I want is you Pete.”

He stands motionless in front of you clearly not quite believing what’s happening. You hold your breath nervously waiting for him to move, you’ve never known him to stand still for so long. “Listen, Pete, if I’ve misunderstood, please tell me, I…” He cuts you off, his warm lips pressing chastely to your own. “Of course I want to be with you I’m just surprised by your, um, method, that’s all. I honestly though I was too late, I usually am when something really matters to me. But I care about you so can we do this properly.“

You smile at his honest words, slightly embarrassed by your boldness. “Of course, let me find, um, some clothes and we can go get some food.” You grab your favourite dress, grateful you always knew where it was, before grabbing your purse. You take his hand in yours and he leads you to dinner.

Have u all missed me? Aw. There u go, more fam quotes

‘‘im a leprechaun’’

‘‘is it a methapor where the sneks are diccs which means that u have to keep the bois outta ya yard?’’

‘‘I just wanted y’all to be happy and have legal jobs orz’’


‘‘on an unrelated note, do you happen to know what kind of place sells tanks of liquid nitrogen?’’

‘‘also idk how yall will feel but im drawin santa in lingerie’’

‘‘stacatto dots’’


-What are y’all on about

‘‘It looks like Satan’s ribcage’’

‘‘My nails and my gender hate me’’


-Kill the religious guy
+Kill religion

‘‘i fell in a kazoo hole’’

‘‘So we have an old lady in church clothes sprinting across the street holding a leash, a middle aged woman in running clothes on the sidewalk, and a teenager in a bikini holding a huge ass plank of wood in the middle of the road all because of this satanic pipsqueak of a dog and my life feels like the opening of a bad joke’’

‘‘I’ll tell that story to my cats when I’m older (bc there’s no way in hell im having children)’’

‘‘Ryan why is your name ‘would you like some eggs’ ‘’

‘‘im in the middle of a pizza war’’

‘‘Caldo is international’’


‘‘i have gay furries and gays crawling all over my screen’’


‘‘Oh great now im going through a bot crisis gonna go write shitty fics’’

‘‘neVER TOO muCH to EAT’’


‘‘BuT U Can’t jUst tAke AN enTIRE PIanO in THE ASS AN lIVE’’

‘‘My wife trying to make sense of my 1am self is my aesthetic’’

‘‘has ptsd war flashbacks to when I took my phone in the shower’’


‘‘You got me at lesbians’’


‘‘I would bang mother gothel’’

‘‘dont kill eachother in the meantime’’


‘‘Baba accept my lice

‘‘Youre leaving me for a cave with wifi’’

‘‘Hell is calling me’’

‘‘What is that satanic son of peas and popcorn’’

‘‘The best line is ‘‘wants a papaya up in their ass’’ ’’

‘‘Im a licc owo’’

‘‘We’re like the emo side of Europe or something’’

‘‘Death with benefits’’

‘‘Why are you discussing the technicalities of masturbating’’

‘‘um you are gay so it doesn’t matter’’

‘‘Is it called being kinky or suicidal’’

‘‘stop it I’m trying to be confusing’’

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Honest question: has solo ever done anything good for the tumblr pagan community? I feel like I've missed something with how relevant this person is.



Welcome back poses (not that I had time to really miss them, things get fixed so fast by modders - which is awesome) and welcome back Spring (seriously enjoying the improvements in terms of weather, just not looking forward to switching to summertime tomorrow).
And a couple of new things - first of all, Hugo and Julia - the Sims I intend to stick into a play save and play whenever I feel like it. I will probably share random images of them with little to no captions. Saves me a lot of time and still gives you something to look at ;). Also new, skins, I’ve added a default replacement to my game. Not sure if I’m keeping it (or this one), but it looks pretty good so far.

Poses by @j-e-n-n-e-h

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Hi! :) I came to terms with being ace pretty easily a couple years ago, but I'm struggling a LOT with being an aro. I love all the support and positivity being spread around and cheers to all who embrace their aro-ness (you're all so strong and perfect, i love you!), but i personally can't help but feel a really awful longing for something, or like i'm... not right, that i COULD if i just found the right person. it feels like i'm missing something. lonely. just...without. (1/2)

(2/2) i considered the possibility of a qpr, but even that is a bit of a squick depending on the day. want… but can’t. this is more a confession than anything–(therapy isn’t an option for me right now, and i’m too private and afraid of reactions i might get from even very close friends and family; “just wait, you’ll find someone one day”)– so thank you for having this space for someone to just pop in and talk for a minute. <3

Hi anon,

I’m happy you were strong enough to come confess! I know it can be  struggle for some, and I know for some people it’s not exactly a happy realization at first. And that’s okay! I believe it’s very possible for you to come at peace with it.

Best of luck in your journey, anon!

- Mod V

Okay so I had lost my muse a bit, but I’m back to rping and I want to apologize to all of my partners. Sorry if I left you in limbo and for taking a billion years to reply. If you’re interested in continuing the plots, just like this post or message me. I’m interested in all of my plots, but I don’t want to make people do something that they don’t want to do.

I’m tagging everyone that comes to mind right now, if I miss anyone, it is not my intentions and feel free to poke me.

I will be getting to all replies this weekend, and will make sure I reply quicker.

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Again, I think I have everyone, and if I’m missing anyone, please let me know because it’s midnight here and my brain may be half working.

Oh and I’m up for new plots if anyone is interested.

how can you even try to make a bird love you like do they really get trained to rest on your hand or something or even recognize you and how do you call them, do they know if what you’re saying is actually their name and it tells them to notice you badly same goes with fishes like dude how how how but ive had a fish once and i think it recognized me or it just gets irritated when i tap the aquarium everytime i fed it and this is the fish that died because i overfed him i was proud that he looked healthy but he wasn’t he really got so plump but then i was like i’m still gonna feed it cos i dont want it to die like the fish i got before him and i miss having a pet i need one oh lemme rephrase that i want one because needing something or someone to make you feel happy is a big red no-nose reindeer all you have to do is find it in yow ass

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When do you think Rocky knew Dylan want coming back? I have mine own cat and sometimes wonder if I were to die when he would realize cause he gets fussy if I'm late getting home from school. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

It’s not a stupid question. I think our pets can sense when something is amiss. Your cat misses you when you are gone longer than expected, so I can imagine he would feel your indefinite absence. When my grandpa died, our cat would frequently go to the places he sat &, maybe I read too much into it, but it seemed like she looked around for him alot. When my boyfriend passed away, the cat (one of the only cats he ever liked) sat out in front of the house (something he hadn’t done in a while or since) when we came by in the funeral line (the cemetary was on the hill across from our house). I thought it was kinda like a “tip of the hat” to him; idk. 

I’m sure Rocky missed Dylan. It may have took him a little while to realize Dylan wasn’t coming back, or, he may have known in some way right from the start. I’ve heard people say animals have a “sixth sense” like that, & even that maybe they can see things we don’t; idk. Sue said Rocky’s health had been declining as he was getting old, & that she’d took him to vet right after Dylan’s passing, so I’m not sure how much longer Rocky himself lasted after Dylan :-(

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Confession I haven't told anyone but I need to get this off my chest: when I was younger, I was stupid. A couple of years ago I was desperate for this boys (let's just call him C) attention but I knew he didn't like me, so I made up this fake profile. I strung him along, made him fall for me, made him think I was real. Then, I met this other guy, E. We talked through that profile and I liked him so much, and I screwed him over. I shouldn't have done that, and I've always regretted it. (1/2)

(2/2) I was hoping that when we got older we could meet up or something and I could explain it to him. He was such a sweet guy and didn’t deserve the crap I put him through. But I’ll never get that chance. He died almost two weeks ago. I miss him. I regret ever fucking him over and I feel guilty for doing it. Okay. Thank you for listening to my crap. I hope you have a good day.

I’m really grateful and proud you decided to share that with me. Look, I obviously can’t begin to imagine how you’re feeling but you shouldn’t put yourself through the ringer for your past. Everyone has done stupid things in their past. I have done many. I think that fact that you weren’t using the profiles to be intentionally malicious but to get to know people and have always regretted using them is a testament to you. Catfishing obviously isn’t fantastic but knowing that you were in the wrong is the only thing you can do as you move forward. Since you will remember the things you’ve done, it’s obviously going to play on your mind. You won’t just forget about it. Again, you had the intent on explaining yourself so that’s a good thing. You cared about him enough to tell him the truth when you could. You obviously didn’t have any control over his death and you shouldn’t hold it against yourself. If you think it might help, maybe write him a message with an explanation and send it to him if his account is still active. It might just help with getting a bit of closure. Wishing you all the best xx

Friday Flu Five
  1. I swear I can jinx myself in the worst ways sometimes. Like looking back at old weights (like, say, when I met my most recent ex-girlfriend the first time) and then realizing “oh yeah, that was after the last time I had the flu. Something good did come from missing Christmas,” I thought Thursday morning. I felt a bit queasy at the time, but hopped in the car to head to work. Kept feeling warmer on the drive in and my stomach grew less happy. I made it about half an hour at work before telling folks I had to go home, and throwing up at the office bathroom for the first time ever at this job.
  2. The good news, such as it is? It’s not full-on flu like I had a few years back. Fever, but not 103+, delirious, curling into a ball wishing for death fever. And 36 hours later I can keep food down. Not doing anything this weekend though.
  3. Other important stomach flu lesson learned: don’t think “maybe it’s food poisoning, let me take activated charcoal” unless you want to barf activated charcoal. I do not recommend it, and it is not fun to clean.
  4. The worst of it was some of the slowest time’s ever moved for me, probably because even lying on the floor not moving didn’t help. I was just veering from chills to feeling too warm and a ridiculous rate (or at least it felt like it). Oh, and I had to resist the urge to just say fuck it and go to the doctor, because my job switched insurance providers, and the new coverage cards haven’t arrived yet, so I’d have to pay out of pocket the full amount, and they’d reimburse me later. Fever-addled though I was, I didn’t want to risk having to tell someone in early April “I can pay rent as soon as I get reimbursed for my medical expenses.”
  5. So, if by chance you’re a Congressional Democrat reading this, I’ll spell it out: employers hate how much they have to pay to insure their employees. Employees, especially anyone working freelance, doesn’t want the “freedom” to shop for coverage that’s frequently lousy. All we want is to go to a doctor when we feel like shit without fear that we’ll have to forego food or a roof over our heads paying for said visit. So introduce a single payer bill now, OK?

so, given my struggle with many muses and my lack of activity due to life and work-related stuff, i think i may do a multimuse of characters i miss but don’t feel a solo blog is something i could handle right now. 

this is the list — and there is a possibility of me moving sarah or even @narikei over there, but i kinda like them having their own homes. and i have been thinking about bringing back @iatsugan and @kugutsuno, but they may just end up on my multi. along with some other characters, i don’t even know, we’ll see. but please like this post if you’d be interested in writing with me on my multi should i make it, so i can gauge it a bit better!


I bought a chair! And @v-for-venusaur got me a Valentine’s Day cactus!

A week ago or so I bought a chair during a stressful day because I’ve been wanting a chair to go in this spot for a while. I really love it and now I feel like art on the walls is the only thing missing in my place. I love how every few months I can add something and make my space feel more and more like home!

As for the cactus, Molly and I have a tradition of buying each other hard-to-kill plants, usually as a Valentine’s Day gift but often not sent on time. This year she added it to her cart but forgot to actually buy it for a month, which made me laugh so hard I cried. It’s a precious glass cactus that I can’t kill and I love it so much!

Happy Friday, y'all! Go make someone cry with how much you love them.

i already made some quick textposts but here’s a quick list of what i caught during baekhyun’s live ig story thing (let me know if i missed something!!):

  • baekhyun said he ate lots of good food today 💕😭 
  • baekhyun really looked so tired and sleepy and was yawning and in bed and stuff during the whole broadcast and was acting like it was 2 am but it was 2 pm soihfeowijefoiwjefwe
  • his mother changed his sheets/bedspread to pink lmfao (i’m assuming he’s at his parent’s house ant not the dorms)
  • myongryong’s legs hurt bc he’s been running around a lot and welsh corgis’ legs hurt very easily apparently so he has to take him to a hospital soon :(
  • there are baekhyun posters put up all around his room that fans gave him and im crying
  • someone asked him to speak in english in the comments and he got a little embarrassed and said ‘hi my name is baekhyun’ he’s so cute
  • and he also read a comment that said ‘good english’ and laughed (i’m unsure if the comment was in english sounding korean or actual english though)
  • he put his face so close to the camera to read comments and it was so cute im ded also he covered his face a lot w/ the blankets and looked super comfy im 💕💘💗💟💓💖
  • after showing his room really quickly he giggled a little (i d*e) and he was like ‘it’s really clean huh??’ (as in his room) he’s so neat and organized wow
  • Twice: *doesn't change the female pronouns when they cover songs by boy bands although the majority of female artists do*
  • Chaeyoung: *watched Carol (a lesbian movie)and wrote a defense for it, cut her hair short to be like Kristen Steward, likes being called oppa, hyung, and boyfriend*
  • Nayeon: *wanted to use rainbow lights to set the mood in their dorm bedroom, got matching rainbow nails with Blackpink's Jennie*
  • Jeongyeon, Momo, and Jihyo: *watched Yuru Yuri, a yuri anime*
  • Momo: *is Twice's mom and dad along with Jeongyeon aka Twice's married couple, danced a couple dance with Mina for the theme This Love, called Mina her gf multiple times, bragged about the Mimo kiss for days*
  • Mina: *likes it when Nayeon rolls over to her bed, cooked just for Momo, was flushed over the Mimo kiss for days*
  • Sana: *calls Eunha her gf, kisses Dahyun 24/7, gets all the girls numbers, was upset her chances for getting a gf weren't higher, said she pays more attention to girls while watching tv, etc. etc.*