man there’s a part of me that feels dumb and pathetic for getting so heavily invested in a ship (again) but like

lately I’ve been just feeling like shit with regards to my art and writing, and McHanzo’s really kicked me into gear and gotten me creating regularly again; I’m writing more than I have in months and more consistently than I have in probably years

it’s a nice feeling and I’m weirdly grateful to this part of the Overwatch community for not only giving me this, but being so supportive of what I’ve put out so far and anticipating what I make next

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hey it’s Jasmine and I’m nearing my two year anniversary for this blog ??and i hit 3k?? so I made a follow forever because it seems what people do. so basically thanks for following me and I am completely and deeply in love with every single blog I listed .also thanks if you didn’t unfollow me from my url change from memecorpse cuz loads did but what can ya do. I don’t wanna sound soppy but the blogs I follow really cultivate a wonderful and funny environment for me to escape from the world for a bit so thanks for making this hellsite bearable - under the cut are some very lovely blogs that I think everyone should follow

also special shoutout to the loves of my life @memespov and @sapphicvevo both of whom have kept me sane and made me laugh and cry way too hard ;i genuinely don’t know what I would do without you god bles

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okokok so lets talk about a rare ot3-that-shouldnt-be-rare: will/caspar/joe ok bc these three practically lived together in late 2014 when will stayed over their house a lot they deserve some headcanons of their ~life together~

  • ok so will is rlly smart ya know and so joe and casp always ask him questions, like the two of them will be talking together and bring up some fact that theyre not really sure about and their heads turn in wills direction at the same time and they both call out “will! what is…” and at first will’s happy to answer bc it makes him feel all intelligent but after a while he’s like “im not fucKin gOOgle guys look it UP”
  • will pretty much lives on their couch but he falls asleep on joes bed sometimes
  • actually all 3 of them fall asleep on joes bed sometimes, with caspar in the middle, and once caspar tries to spoon joe in the middle of night and joe pushes him off and grumbles “go spoon will or something” and so caspar does. will lets him. 
  • (sometimes they end up all tangled up together tho. even joe. he discovers that both caspar and will have soft arms)
  • will and caspar watch documentaries together and then talk about it for the rest of the day (and they always try to tell joe about it and joes interested for like the first 10 minutes but they just go on and on and he gives up on listening and calls them nerds before leaving to take a nap)
  • tbh joe and caspar probably forget that will is there sometimes, or they think hes gone home when he really hasnt. so sometimes they go out for lunch or something and when they get back wills like,, “you guys went out on a ‘date’??? without me???” and theyre like “dude wtf are u still doing here”
  • will is always taking photos of joe and caspar and usually the photos are all arty and hq and professional and Typical Will Photos but sometimes theyre just taken on his iphone and are kinda blurry pics of caspar laughing or joe pulling a face or the two of them doing something stupid together and he never deletes them
  • theyre always watching movies together so their conversations with each other are 80% movie references 
  • (which means that when they hang out with oli he has no idea what theyre talking about. they find it hilarious)
  • also this is more jill but once in a livestream joe was convinced that will would be able to open a jar that he and caspar couldnt open so im like?? did will open jars for joe often?? did they cook together and whenever joe struggled to open things he handed them to will silently, all pouty and grumpy bc he doesnt like to feel ‘weak’, while will grinned bc he thinks hes cute?? im gonna say yes

my sloppy thoughts under the cut. I haven’t posted thoughts for a while but I think I was just so upset that I couldn’t help it. Do excuse… said sloppy quality. Just a warning: if you have a question about me and p3arlros3 please read the “About me” section of my page, and if that isn’t a satisfying answer, then i guess you can pm me but honestly the answer probably wont be that much different. Also this post really has nothing to do with p3arlros3 but when I mention it every now and then I get a question about it so I’m just being preemptive here. Anyway, continues under the cut:

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Buckle up folks this is gonna be a big one

Alright so i just did something that im pretty proud of and was stressing about for quite a while so now im gonna do it on here too.

That thing, my friends, is coming out as trans to my parents.

This is probably not a surprise to those of you who have looked at my bio recently, what with the two names and any pronouns part, but hey now its official.

To save yall the effort of going onto my blog to check, im going by Julie now and would like she/her pronouns. If you forget and mess it up i dont mind but itd make me very happy to be called those!

Ok im done ramblin about gender, have a nice day!


The Red Queen and the Black Queen from my dream. I drew the third one too but its in my actual physical sketchbook so…

This dream was fucked up so like if you decided to read the dream diary, you have been warned (I left out some stuff that happened also but it’s still really really long)

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So anyway im gonna make a blog (probably after i finish my summer courses) where i just reblog discourse post with these images

//I can’t find my costume make up and my facepaint is old and gross and I also couldn’t find my fine brush to do fine lines bUT FUCK IT JOTARO IS WORST JOJO THOUGH

aa reminder !!

Please tag fishes and sharks !! Jellyfishes and such are ok but I would really love it if you at least tag pictures of big fishes and sharks !! No hate for them I love them I just cant see them without freaking out so ahh I would really appreciate it !!