Shoutout to all the students who don’t fit into their field’s academic box. Science students who enjoy humanities classes, engineers who don’t love math, artists who like science and math, social scientists who like their statistics classes, people with different learning styles than are common in their field, and everybody who likes the classes everyone else hates and vice versa.


i.) Be liberated. Feel free to do whatever you need to do to be okay. Soak yourself in warm water and bubbles or take a night out under the stars. Get cozy with a couple of beers if that’s your thing. Walk around your house naked (if you live alone or with people who you can be naked around). Eat enough gummy worms to make your seven year old self sick. Feel free. Free enough to act without judgement, free enough to exist in your space where nobody else can tell you what to do.

ii.) Remember that humans are at least 50% mistake. Nobody walks through life gracefully, it’s more of a stumbling journey. Forgive yourself for the little things and for that which you can’t, believe that they have made you a different person. You are not the things you have done, no matter how heavy they have made you feel.

iii.) Treat yourself with what you can. I don’t mean flood your free time with luxury, but reward yourself with even the smallest of gifts. A piece of bread that costs exactly what you have in change, a pair of socks that makes you laugh, a beautiful set of earrings no matter how fake they are (I really doubt anyone notices from a glance). 

iv.) Reach out for help when you need it. Existing is a difficult thing to do, and we cannot do it alone. You are not a burden, or a task, or an anchor holding anyone down. You are not invincible or infinite, there are no stone walls in your chest to protect you. Fall back on others, scrape your knees, let the universe win this one. Because you’ll get back up. And you don’t have to do it by yourself.

v.) Do your best. That’s really all you can ever ask of yourself. Work your hardest and don’t look back. Will your limbs to get up in the morning, and try to get your brain to rest when it’s supposed to. Put the most you can into what you do– and I’m not saying it’s gotta be 110% all of the time, but drive yourself to do what you can. If life’s gonna be a bitch, you gotta make the most of it and take it all back. 

vi.) Take care of yourself. Whether it be in mental health days or retail therapy or vent sessions over whiskey, do it. Let yourself be vulnerable enough for you to feel the wounds on your body and know that you can tend to them. Don’t put anything before your health or wellbeing because nothing should stand in your way of feeling like you’re worth the care. Love yourself enough to worry about it. Mend your scars before throwing yourself out there again. Because you’ll conquer whatever it is you need to, so long as you make it through this okay.
—  Lessons in self-love
  • Gays:We just think our love is as valid as anyone else's
  • Liberals:Cool guys. Let's get you married.
  • Transgendered:I am not physically the person I feel I should be.
  • Liberals:Awesome. You should do whatever you like with your own body to find happiness.
  • Women:We're being raped, paid less, and I guess our nipples are more insulting then male nipples?
  • Liberals:Well, none of that is cool. We're here to support you!
  • Black People:We're being racially profiled, shot for minor crimes, and shoved into prisons simply based on our skin color.
  • Liberals:None of that is cool. You have our support.
  • Immigrants:Yes, we came here illegally, but we're escaping our countries full of violence, human trafficking, and drug lords. Can we just take your undesired jobs and raise our kids in peace to be hard-working Americans?
  • Liberals:Oh man. That sucks. Hell yeah you can. Welcome to America
  • Conservatives:NO!
  • Conservatives:No no no NO NO NO!!!
  • Liberals:Whoa there, these are normal human beings facing obstacles because of how they were born--
  • Conservatives:DON'T CALL ME RACIST
  • Conservatives:YOU'RE INTOLERANT
  • Conservatives:DON'T TRY AND PERSECUTE ME
  • Liberals:....
Some days I feel liberal. Other days - conservative. Most days I simply try to follow the Jesus who upsets both ideologies.
—  Kurt Willems

If you haven’t seen this short film Break Free by Ruby Rose yet, you must! It’s about gender roles, trans, and what it is like to have an identity that deviates from the status quo.

Cutting my hair and donating it had been one of the best decisions I made. It feels so liberating. It’s a loud “This is who I am and I don’t give a fuck what you think” without having to say anything at all… and I fucking love it!

Slowly but surely I’m removing you from my life. Or at least the short list of people who’s words I cared for.

I haven’t messaged you first in a while, or called. And I’m feeling liberated.

I’ve noticed myself withdrawing, I wonder if so have you…

—  Diary Of A Heartbreak, Day 273
To the future (an after VVV24 story) by Toumei

未来へ(VVV24話後の話)by 透栖

Following the end of episode 24, a story long after.

To some extent, there are depictions of L-elf’s old age and death (life span).

Tagged as 腐 (BL) but it I don’t think it goes that far. However, I am on the HaruEru group (エルエルフ厨な) and HaruEru is HaruEru.

When I’m calm enough to talk about it, I think I want to write something such as my episode 24 comments on the caption.

Posted and translated with the artist’s permission. Please show your appreciation by going to the artist’s page over at Pixiv and rating their works~

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defining the f word: why we need to be radical with feminism | read | i-D
Feminist Current’s Meghan Murphy articulates why we need to be absolute in articulating feminism, linguistically, culturally and ideologically.

Feminism hasn’t escaped a neoliberal, consumerist culture that offers self-help books and positive mantras as a solution to social problems and presents individual “choice” as the epitome of freedom. What was once a class struggle - a fight for women’s collective rights and towards an end to the oppressive system of patriarchy - and certainly a political one, became a hashtag, a selfie, a backdrop, a selling-point, a buzzword. Anyone could say, “Yes! I’m a feminist!” and be applauded, without really understanding what that should mean.

It’s no coincidence that a term directly associated with women has become depoliticised, coopted, and associated with personal empowerment. Women have always been the target of the self-help industry and “empowerment” is a vague enough term that it could be (and has) been embraced by industries that couldn’t care less about fighting systemic oppression, in part because they profit directly from said oppression.


It’s this mainstreaming and popularisation of feminism - something that many women might have hoped would become a reality one day - that has eroded it. If feminism can be anything and anyone can be feminist, does it mean anything at all? Without a real, radical definition and without collective, agreed upon goals, it’s no surprise that men like Hugh Hefner have claimed to be “feminist before there was such a thing as feminism”. It’s no surprise that posing nude in a corporate-run beauty magazine or incorporating pole dancing into a Grammy performance is now presented to young women as empowering or radical. It’s no surprise that the ability to be both “political” and a “sex symbol” is seen as a real feminist achievement. Despite what we’ve been told, we can’t have our cake and eat it too. If we want change, we have to fight for it. And that means more than doing whatever makes us “feel good” in the moment.