I feel like the three liberal theories about black bloc–that they are entirely white dudes who are just partaking in some fun, that they are ‘outside agitators’ (another way of saying they’re white guys) that they are actually undercover police/right wingers–combines to make a single statement, that there’s no way that people could actually be angry, not poor people anyways, there’s no way that people from an area could feel alienated by their economic system, there’s no legitimate way they could be lashing out

i think one of the big problems with Discourse on sexuality is how many people have accepted that the hypersexuality they see in media or hear reported about–they’ve accepted it as fact, when in reality it’s there to get viewers, sell papers, and keep you invested.

so many people, not just asexuals, appear to believe that the “normal” or “dominant” sexuality is a straight sexuality with a high sex drive and it’s so far from true and accepting this as normal is so damaging. it’s not true for all women and it’s not true for all men. it IS true for some people and that’s fine! but there are as many straight people who haven’t kissed or had sex by 25 or 30 as there are lgbt people with the same experience.

There are teenagers having sex because they want to get it over with who feel no sexual desire and there are teenagers who desperately wish they knew how to initiate a fulfilling sexual relationship but hold out until their 20s or later.
there are a A LOT of men who have foreskin issues that keep them from having sex! There are people who think that crushes and sexual desire only look like what’s on the CW and that therefore anything more low key means they’re abnormal. There are people who’ve never met anyone they feel attracted to and then they leave their homes and experience a vastly more diverse new setting and sometimes they do find people they’re attracted to and the ways they experience attraction aren’t what they thought and it’s different and intimacy is different and more grotesque and funny than what they expected and maybe they never feel attraction again or maybe they do.

and this is all so western centric anyway, so very very late 20th century western centric, this idea people have of a normal sexuality. masturbation wasn’t normal until recently. most straight people can’t imagine any other kind of physical pleasure than the canned in'n'out sex. individual sexuality is always fluid and changing (even if it stays within the same basic attraction to ____ sphere) and levels of desire are always changing and dependent on so many factors and just the idea that some people on the internet have decided to take a recent media construct as “normal” and then define themselves against it and against all the “sexuals” who supposedly adhere to it and can’t think about anything but sex and only value sexual relationships–

i mean thats not real. it’s not good thinking, it’s not useful (except maybe to individual people specifically applying it to themselves) and it is in fact damaging. like you should know that there are thee asexual people out there but you should also know that what you’re defining yourself against isn’t real and that there are millions of people who don’t come close to what’s being set up as “normal” and if you don’t see yourself in that normal it doesn’t mean ANYTHING. it doesn’t mean anything at all except that you don’t see yourself reflected in a particular image created to make money. literally there are as many ways to feel about sex as there are people in this world and while some people feel it in a way that gives them institutional power over others, there STILL are so many others and you can do whatever you want with that but i hope that t feels liberating.

My feelings towards OUAT after the HEC have changed completely...

I don’t know if other rumbellers experienced this same feeling but after the Con I feel….liberated. I don’t care about what A&E and the rest of OUAT writes do with the show anymore. Not one bit. I don’t know how to explain it but I feel like now Rumple and Belle belong more to its fans than to the writers. Both the actors and rumbellers understand these characters in a more profound way that the writers even have. And no matter what the writers do, they will never take those characters and that relationship away from us. 
Bobby and Em friendship will transcend this show and we will see them again together in another project. I can’t express how ready and eager I am to see Bobby working in another project where he can shine as the talented actor he is. 

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he changes his username because he wants to be taken more seriously and then he goes and does THAT why is he like this leela i'm unstanning his account looks so ugly ew

on the one hand it’s horrific but on another i think it’s v smart–he’s lowkey quelling everyone’s fears/misinterpretations of this “rebrand.” he doesn’t want us to be taking him more seriously or treating him differently. he’s still sarcastic and irreverent and King of Memes and all the other things that his audience loves him for and i think the current icon/layout are to remind people of that in an indirect way. and i also think he feels liberated rn to do whatever the fuck he wants with his “branding” and he’s sort of forcing himself to take himself less seriously than he does. which all seems very healthy to me :) 


Please excuse the fact that I haven’t had a shape up in weeks. Today was my first post op appointment and I finally got to see what my chest looks like without the drains and and (most of) the bandages of. There are no words to express how I feel. I’m sure you can see the joy in my eyes. I’ve waited so long for this moment. Spent countless hours on YouTube and instagram looking at all of the folks who have gone through this step before desperately wishing I could be in their shoes and now my moment finally came. I’m overjoyed with my results I think my chest looks great. 2017 just keeps coming with the blessings. Shoutouts to Dr. Rockmore! He did an amazing job. Thank you to everyone who has checked up on me it means so much. This body has been a prison for so long and the only word to describe how I feel now is liberated. I have things to look forward to now. And if you would’ve told me that I could feel this sense of joy 12 years ago I wouldn’t have believed you. Anyway here’s to 2017 and shirtless summers and lots of douchey instagram pics. ☺️🎉🍾 #wepoppinthebiggestbottles

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✨JUST BREATHE✨ I feel so liberated standing on the edge of the earth, breathing in the ocean air, and listening to the waves crash against the shore 🌊 Here, I am truly reminded of just how beautiful and powerful this earth is. I feel truly grounded and connected to this earth. I am reminded of just how small I am (and all my worries are) in comparison 🌎 Life is too short, remember to breathe, and take it in✌🏼 Ps. I’ve got a HAWAII house tour video, AND a new WHAT I EAT video live on my channel! Have a look! Latest vid link is in my bio ☺️

Just because Trump has been passing a lot of garbage recently, here’s a prayer I feel applicable:

Lord of liberation, God of all people, you who desire the best for all, grant unto us peace and all that is good. You who hear the cry of the poor, help our brothers and sisters in need. You the divine physician, heal the sick among us. You who love all unconditionally, welcome and affirm all oppressed for who they are. You the one true king, convert our wretched society torn apart by corruption. You stand always with the marginalized, may we be right there beside you raising our voices in demand for justice. May we be enlivened by your Spirit to create a world anew, a world where all is well in You. In your benevolence may this be so. Amen.

Oh my gods, what a wild ride. So I went outside for a walk after dinner, the weather was cloudy but fine. Ahead of me was bright and crystal clear. Then I turn around and it’s pitch black–It was all so sudden. In a few moments the wind was picking up rapidly and it howled with such intensity. Then it hailed so hard and everything went dark. The wind was almost knocking me over as I ran. I couldn’t see a thing. Ice was hitting my face and boy, did it hurt. To make things even more intense, a flash of white appeared and thunder boomed! 

Gosh–I barely made it home. 

Is it wrong to think of the experience as exciting? Is this what Skyrim feels like? Any minute I felt like a Frost Dragon would appear, literally. 

Here is what I know
the door slammed shut so hard on minorities that it shook my bones to the core
and caused the foundation of our home to crumble
the cries of refugees keep me up at night
gun shots ring in my ears one senseless murder after another
and we are struggling to fight for basic human rights
after over 200 years of calling ourselves a democracy

Here is what I know
I shouldn’t be afraid to tell people that I love her
I shouldn’t flinch when they hurl the word “sin” at me like it’s a 80 mph fastball
I shouldn’t only feel liberated once a year at pride
my stomach shouldn’t drop at the thought of explaining
to my parents that I want to marry her

Here is what I know
pulse should refer to a heartbeat and not the heartache I feel
when I think about the 49 people killed in the only place they felt safe
pulse is now the pounding in my brain when media outlets
refuse to use the words “hate crime”
pulse is the blood collectively running through our veins
yet only the minorities seem to be shedding these days

Here is what I know
my idea of peace should consist of more than just tolerance
peace is blueberry pancakes with her at 6am in the refuge of our apartment
for nothing bad can happen to us if the sun hasn’t risen yet
but we deserve more
I want to be able to tell her I love her through
cliche metaphors about the ocean and stars
but I am too busy trying to convince her that the world is not trying to hurt us
I am so happy we are surviving
but we deserve to be living

—  Peace Redefined // A.N.A

I went from crocheting one project with gossamer spiderweb and a hook like a sewing needle to another project with yarn thick as bungee cord and a hook like an expo marker, I feel so liberated, so productive, so free, I could boot up a five minute nail tutorial on YouTube and finish three blankets before it was done

Alex’s Speech

-          ALEX: I can’t its classified.

-          MAGGIE: C’mon Alex, we’re friends. We can talk about…

-          ALEX: No Maggie. We’re not friends.

-          MAGGIE: Aw, okay. I’m lost. What happened?

-          ALEX: We hung out. We got close. Then you called me out for liking you and I had the guts to admit. Yes. It’s true. And you told me that my feelings were real and I deserved to be happy. And so, I thought you meant that I deserved to be happy with you.

-          MAGGIE: Alex. I…

-          ALEX: No no, I’m not done. Because then, you convinced me to come out to my sister and I did. Because I was sure of one thing, and that was my feelings for you. Initially, I was terrified but ultimately I was proud to come out because it wasn’t just some concept. It was about my feelings for this amazing woman. But now, I don’t feel liberated or like I’m on some great journey. All I feel is pain because you don’t want me.

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Hood bar.

Last night I went out. I had a great time.
I can’t wait until I don’t care what anyone thinks of me so I can feel liberated for real.

I danced and smiled but while I danced I couldn’t help but wondered if the women who watched, laughed and talked with there friends if they where looking,laughing and talking about me.

I know some of it is my insecurities but I know how ratchet girls are though to.(don’t fight me on this, I’ve seen it first hand for years so stoppitt) Doesn’t matter how cute you look or pretty you look or how nice you are they always talk shit about plus size girls (unless you they home girl). But fuck it I’m happy I didn’t let anyones facial expressions stop my chunky self from shaking my ass. I love to dance and laughing. I’m an old lady at heart so when old club/house music comes on it’s like I have to go 2 step lol . .

Anyway I got drunk,had a bomb ass steak and danced my ass off. And I looked cute as fuck lol but I did though ..