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They probably shouldn’t have been partying with the knowledge that they had a flight in the morning but it was the band’s first night off since the two years they’d hit stardom and it was better to be at a friends party than being cooped up in their hotel rooms. The Eagles had spent a few months in London where they kept busy trying to record their third album. Be that as it may, the production of the album wasn’t in their favor and they decided that after tonight they’d head back to America to find something new before tour started up again in a few short weeks. They should’ve been figuring out who they were going to get to produce their album, since Glyn Johns had failed them, and who they’d be able to do sound for their upcoming tour that was right around the corner. But, they didn’t want to waste the night on business and chose to go to a friends party as farewell to the UK.

Glenn was in the kitchen with a half empty beer in one hand, leaned against the counter as he helped himself to a turkey sandwich. He was a little drunk but not enough to forget what he was doing in the morning. He knew he had to watch the drinks, not wanting too bad of a hangover. He had a clear view of the living room and watched the party from a far, switching off from eating the sandwich to taking a large gulp of his beer. He watched as people seemed to surround the other Eagles as if they were something new and shiny; like some type of attraction. Other than being hungry, the attention from the small crowd was the reason he was in the kitchen. It was easier to enjoy himself without people asking him a ton of questions. Being in the kitchen also meant it was easier to listen to the music that was playing in the background.

Taking another bite of the sandwich, that was only a few bites from finished, he looked over at a young women as she made her way into the kitchen. He could only assume she was looking for more alcohol. It was a party after all. “There’s some beer in the fridge. Harder stuffs in the cabinet.” He spoke as if this was his own home. Glenn then gave her a small buzzed grin before continuing to eat.