You know you’re doing something right when Diane Warren is in studio with you, helping on your new album. Not gonna lie, I might be fangirling a little bit right now.

not gonna lie I fangirled when Tay hung w Emma Watson the first other day bc ahh I’d do anything to sit down and discuss feminism w them both over coffee lol!

Not gonna lie, I often start chanting “ONE OF US ONE OF US” at my computer screen when I can tell I’m about to successfully drag someone into a new fandom.

fabulous-phantomhive asked:

how was comic con? you two looked fantastic


i now know how famous guys feel when they get attacked by groups of fangirls.

(i thought i looked pretty bad im not gonna lie like i don’t know why they loved me)

anonymous asked:

Awwww haha thanks, so are you. Im fangirling a bit not gonna lie

i’m flattered haha *-*


Moodboard meme ; 
         send me your url and i’ll post 3-5 6 icons that sum up my muse’s feelings on yours.
aquafinajbxyura ;      yura —- “I’m a Yura fangirl, not even gonna lie,” she grinned.


aspathetic asked:

Well that's still cool that she noticed you! :) I'm just glad I've seen her earlier because her tickets are starting to get pricier now and what not.

Yeah it was still pretty cool, I fangirled a little bit not gonna lie. 😂 And ugh I know don’t remind me, concert tickets are ridiculously expensive.