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First Impression: HOLY SHIT WE HAVE THE SAME NAME COOL (probably spelled differently but who cares) Second Impression: Holy SHIT she's Polexia Aphrodite. I love your work so much. Kinda fangirling a little, not gonna lie.

WHAT. And thank you!

When I joined tumblr, I was like “Am I really going to be Polexia Aphrodite here, too? A screen name I picked when I was 13 years old, based on Almost Famous, a movie I’m mostly ambivalent towards?” And then I was like, “NO. I’m going to be something DIFFERENT!” and I chose a screen name based on an egg dish that I don’t actually like. Welp.

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So..I was at the show in LA that Yahoo streamed. I was front row barrier on the left side and it was an absolute blast. Yesterday I watched the livestream footage someone uploaded on youtube and found the moment during Bother where Corey smiled and winked at me. I’m going to cherish these screenshots. Not gonna lie I fangirled on the inside just a liiiiiittle bit… 

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I saw you reblogged our BTS project and, not gonna lie, I fangirled a little bit. Are you going to submit something~?

Hopefully I do. I’ve told myself before I was gonna do a few of these but never did so I just need to take time to put effort into it

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Impression when I 1st "met" you: I thought you were highly regarded in the fandom & you became someone I looked up to when starting off. Impression now: I mean this in a completely non-creepy way - more of the same except I think I like you even more because we're pretty much on the same wavelength. Not gonna lie - I fangirled hard when you followed me on tumblr lol. Plus you live a few towns over from my hometown so... ya, you're awesome :-) enjoy the car ride (& pls don't think I'm creepy lol)

CREEPY??? Not even! This just made me bounce in my seat. So sweet! I don’t have gifs on my phone but imagine a nice attack hug gif here!! This is awesome, thank you!! 😘😘

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Text: I just put my phone on shuffle haha. But it's funny to watch everyone sing Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, and of course some girl named Zendaya ;)

text; That’s good stuff too. Like I fangirl'ed a little when I met Sam Smith, not gonna lie. Ay, I’ve heard ‘bout this girl, she’s pretty dope. 😏

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not even gonna lie. i legit fangirled when you followed. your one of me faaves.♡

OMFG, i screamed!!! you’re so cute aldfjalsdjflajsdfsasjdflajsdf. ;—; i’ll follow you forever bae. 

Ran into @cigneutron while helping @villainouslair with swag at the con. He was super awesome about taking pictures. Not gonna lie, I fangirled really hard. You guys should go check out his stuff! It’s super rad.
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